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Found 9 results

  1. Haven't been having the greatest day today, and felt like something light-hearted. I'm trying to make and maintain some actual friendships on here since I'm still fairly new to the mlp community!
  2. Hello! Welcome to my game, on another website, there was this game called 'would you marry the user above you?' So I thought, why not have it here? C: Simple, how to play: Just say.. Yes No Maybe Depends -Or anything else that suits you- Well let's start with me!
  3. Directions: You put I would marry:, and then put the ponies name of which you would marry. Simple.
  4. So, I don't know if all y'all peeps out there heard, but apparently Andrea Libman got married today. Which, means that Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are married too, since she voices them. Opinions? Speak now or forever hold your peace!
  5. Any gen, any species, whatever gender: 1. Which MLP character would you marry? Who would pop the question? 2. Where would you two honeymoon? It can be a real world location or a location in Equestria. 3. Do you see children in your future? I will answer the first question: And here's a lovely pic that @GXPBlast showed me: Perhaps this is self-flattery (and it is), but Rainbow is a nontraditional gal... She might be the one to propose. And obviously I'd accept, straight away. Assuming, of course, I could speak through the blubbering I'd likely be doing. Were my tongue tied, I would simply nod violently.
  6. I PG'd it up a bit xD. If "kill" is too harsh, just pretend I said "never have anything to do with ever again." Rendering the pony "dead" to you. Pick a pony, anypony, to assign to each. The Mane 6 are of course permitted, background ponies are permitted, characters regardless of gender are permitted, etc. Annnnd it goooes like this: Marry: This one's easy - Rainbow Dash is my waifu, after all. *Cuddle* (perfectly innocent): Well, it'd be awkward if I cuddled with one of RD's close friends before marrying her... Maybe... Mrs. Cake LOL. Because I've actually no real desire to cuddle with her, and afterwards I could just tell RD, "It meant NOTHING! It was a mistake; you're the only one I want to cuddle with now." Kill (or permanently shun): Possibly Snails lol. He just annoys the fudge out of me. I can't imagine the other ponies really minding all that much. Your turn?
  7. Would you marry Zoidberg or a Pony? Zoidberg is Humanoid and pretty looking... Plus those cartoon MLP FIM Ponies are not as cute as Zoidberg. Plus you get to live in his dumpster and eat garbage.
  8. *from another forum* Okay guys...Let's play some good ol' fashioned Marry/Snog/Kill. Basically you pick out three real or fake characters (Marriland members, Celebrities, Superheroes, Cupcakes...Anything goes!) And the person that posts next must pick which one they would..You know: Marry, Snog, or Kill Example: Person 1: Batman, Superman, Aquaman Person 2: Marry: Batman Snog: Superman Kill: Aquaman May, Dawn, or Misty? Person 3:...And so on and so forth... OK. Q, Snips, or Pen Stroke?
  9. The Game is Simple.The above Post will give you 3 Charecters which you can Kiss one marry one and kill one.The one you kill must be Replaced for thebottom one to answer which one would kiss marry and kill..Must be Mainly Pony Charecters.Okay First Kiss,Marry Kill Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, The great and Powerful Trixie