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Found 11 results

  1. So SpaceX is looking to beat out NASA and their plans to send humans to Mars by the 2030's. SpaceX vs. NASA I find this very interesting. The space race challenge used to be a conflict just between nations, but now independent companies have been getting involved with many different ideas on the future of space travel and our place within it all. And although lofty, the idea that a company like Space X could possibly beat out NASA by 10 years or more on putting human feet on the red planet is pretty fascinating. Do you see it as possible? How about their vision of thousands or even millions of people heading off to colonize Martian cities? In a few more years many of us may have children signing up for such an endeavor and within a few short years after that, we may have grandchildren sending us computer messages from stations on Mars. It is a pretty exciting thing to consider. Where do you see us as a species by let's say 2050 when it comes to space, space travel and our place in the solar system?
  2. What would be good names for colonies on Mars?
  3. What songs and music would suit planet Mars?
  4. I've been following about on SpaceX's progress to a proper mission to start a planned trip and possible colony. They make a prediction as early as 2022! Incredible! I do surely hope that humanity will be able to begin proper space travel within our solar system within our lifetimes! And from the progress so far with their re-entry and landing boosters it looks promising. Though the cost at first flight is a bit... yeah. $10 mil is... well it is what it is. But I do understand as to why. The first of its type ever. Civillians heading to a one way colonization plan. And perhaps over the years as their success continues and the colony plans go well perhaps the cost will be reduced even to more affordable levels. What's your opinion on the topic? Like space travel? Excited for Mars? SPACE SHIP!??
  5. I don't know about any of you but when it comes to this type of stuff... I will geek out about it... Is that a word?. Get excited i mean basically. If you haven't heard then not so long ago they discovered "Flowing" water on Mars and now are planning to send people as soon as possible to check it out including tons of probes. The reason I'm so excited about this is because it might mean life is on Mars. It most likely would be micro-organisms but that's still life on another planet meaning aliens!!. I want to know what you think on the matter and if your as excited as i am
  6. This is not the best quality due too " Skerp " but 18+ ONLY!
  7. <---------- check it out
  8. First off, I need to say that I can't believe there isn't already a topic about this. Okay, so I was in the bus last Thursday and I heard about this on the radio. Apparently, sometime in 2025, they want to send people to colonize Mars, before having even set foot on it. The thing though, is that it'll only be a one way flight, meaning they're supposed to live there and not return. Here is the site where they explain it all: I'm a bit skeptic about it, to be honest. One would think that we'd try to colonize the moon before trying Mars, no? After all, we didn't do it yet and it's way closer to us than Mars. Second, we can't know for sure what Mars is all about because we didn't send anyone there yet. Yes, we had pictures and sent ''things'' (sorry, I can't find how it's called in English :\ ) to know what is was like up close and all that, but no one living ever went there. Sending people there to not return seems like sending them to their death (they did volunteer, but still...). I don't think colonizing Mars is really a bad idea, but maybe it's a bit too soon to do it. Anyway, what is your opinion on this?
  9. Ok, I don't know many of you have heard, but there is a company that is a taking in requests for people to go to mars. Sounds cool, right? You will be the first human on Earth. But there is one catch. Once you go there, you can never return to Earth. If you decide to send in an application and is chosen to go, you will get training and will leave in 2022. Now, I am wondering how many of you guys would go and wouldn't go. I don't think I would want to go. I would miss Earth and it's people too much. Also, I don't think there are ponies on Mars. Tell me what you think below and vote above.
  10. So, who here is a fan of learning about space exploration? credit For the past few months, I've been talking with some other engineering students and we've been designing a Mars-use spacesuit. I started the endeavor working on a setting for a big future fanfic project of mine. Anyways, I LOVE space exploration and designing things, and ponies (especially Twilight Sparkle), so using my freaky knowledge of aerospace engineering and ponies, I made this. Copypasta from the Deviantart description: " Whelp, I've been working on this for a very, very, very long time. It explains what it is. It's for my Marspony tumblr, and the setting of a big fanfic project I'm starting on. The setting is a few decades after the end of season 3. Several subsidized companies have began colonization efforts on Mars. A pony pays for a ticket, and gets to go to Mars on a 2+ year trip. Thousands have gone already, and many have stayed. Want to go to Mars? The ticket's about the equivalent of ~$300,000 USD. It's definitely not cheap, but not impossible for mid-upper class ponies, either! But for safety, you have to take a series of courses and some training with the crew you'll fly out with. That's what this is! See how it mentions things like: "see 'Water Cycle'"? Those things will be illustrated (Cycles, Using the DCM, and Procedures, respectively) in parts 2, 3, and 4. Plans may change though. Maybe I'l even add a "Review Quiz" for part 5. This is, after all, an instructional guide I'm basing the course largely off of what SCUBA divers train in (I'm a certified SCUBA diver! ). Anyways, so it's technically a WIP. Please go ahead and mention any issues you find with it! Please comment below! " Edit! Whoops. Been working on it so long I forgot I was using someone else's vector! Credit: He's marked it as "you may use as long as credited"
  11. In short, a non-profit Dutch organization known as Mars One Received over a thousand "volunteer" emails pertaining to a one way trip to Mars. Funding for such an endeavor is expected in the form of donations and my personal favorite "and by creating a reality show-style 'media event' around the training and selection of its astronauts." Sauce Provided this actually happens, this would accelerate a human mission to Mars by at least 7 years (last figure I had from NASA was 2030). As this is still in its infancy, not really much is known. However with an expected launch year of 2023, I'd say they have plenty of time provided funding is a non issue. I for one, am stoked.