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Found 5 results

  1. I was thinking back to my days as a kid when I took karate classes at the local mall. I was influenced to do it by my being a fan of Power Rangers and Street Fighter. I really had fun with it and made it to blue belt. The school was very well structured, and the instructors were very good. It had classes based on belt level. I didn't partake in the tournaments. I did it just for fun. Although I never made it to black belt, I'm pretty proud of how I did there. Have you ever taken karate or any other martial arts? If so, what were some of your experiences doing it?
  2. I have this fic that's been cloying at the inside of my head for a long time now. I've come back and forth to it, it got me started on writing to begin with. Now, my protagonist is meant to travel across Equestria and look for the small bits of lore that refer to philosophical or ideological fighting systems. Hard to do in a world where magic solves most dangerous problems and violence at all rarely comes up in their history. My question is, would it make more sense for this quest to be undertaken by an earth pony, or pegasus? It seems like a comparatively small change but part of it comes from having already written a lot of scenes with the assumption that the hero is a pegasus and only reconsidered later it might make sense for him to be an earth pony. Here's a little this or that. Pegasus: -Flying adds new and cool dimensions to fighting. -Wings are another set of limbs to use. -Very specifically warrior and athletic cultural traditions. Earth pony: -Strong and athletic. -Folksier traditions lend them to the kind of mastery through repetition frameworks of Kung Fu and really all martial arts. -The Mighty Helm show they too have a distinct warrior culture of their own. One that prominently features weapons. Pegasi have a lot of physical possibility but not much spiritual rooting, while earth ponies have more limited instruments but lend themselves to the ideas a little better. Adding on to this is that there's a subtle soldier vs. warrior angle between the two. Or to put it more accurately, soldier vs. guardian. Pegasi descended from an explicitly Roman-esque society of warriors and conquerors, where the Mighty Helm were more like a chivalric order. It also comes into how they treat conflict. Pegasi are more naturally competitive and looking for a challenge where earth ponies tend to be a little more laid back and only throw down if their homes or families are threatened. Again, that latter viewpoint is very martial arts code of always seeking to avoid a fight rather than go looking for one. So yeah, I'm kind of torn on this. What do you guys think?
  3. Best 80's parody movie ever.
  4. Anyone practice any kind of martial arts? I'm not sure if there is a topic like this already, but i figure I'd go ahead and make this one. Could be any kind. Karate, Boxing, Wrestling, Krav Maga, whatever. I practice freestyle nunchaku and bojitsu. I would hardly qualify myself as battle ready, its mostly exercise for me. I find it funny that I hit myself less with nunchaku than that broom handle I use.
  5. Chapter 1 What I could see... honestly, it was likely something from a -really- bad low budget film. Worse than the lake monster horror flicks, or the 'romantic comedy' that used the exact same plot line as five others. I'd learned about the different religions with their gods and goddesses in school, how most of them had certain things they represented or duties they carried out. Of course, I hadn't really taken those things to heart. I mean, sure, they were interesting. But the super natural was something I left to the kids who played computer MMO's and spent hours arguing over whether Thor's hammer could be lifted by another person. Somehow, the universe had conspired to put the de-facto god of cheesy under budget films in front of me. Or was I the one put in front of him? It was better not to think about it. I could already taste copper and the last thing I needed was for my brain to explode. How did I know that would happen? Hell if I know. I guess some of those nerd debates I had listened to rubbed off a little on me. So... I mentioned that he was the God of Shoddy Films. Describing him other than that is hard, mostly because he... or was it a she, kept changing shape. Somehow I got the idea that gender didn't really matter in this case. But if you -have- to imagine it, think of this. Its humanoid. That's probably the only consistent thing about it. It was a god -for- humans, so it had to look vaguely human. At least, that's how I thought of it. Now you've likely seen poorly made horror films before. Take the most poorly acted and ridiculous monster or psycho killer you can summon and through that in there. All of the different 'good' and 'bad' guy stereotypes are mixed in too, as well as their opposites in the female genre. Every bit of hastily applied make-up, rickety monster suit, and half hearted fight scene is shoved in with all the rest. If somehow you could mold that all into one physical form, I'd be interested to see it. This... 'god' however, couldn't seem to get the hang of it. It constantly kept bickering with itself. Not verbally so much as what it looked like. One leg could look like an Elvis Presley impersonator, the sequins and wide pants, the who shi-bang. That look would try to assert itself on the other leg, which looked like the traditional lake monster. The combination was utterly devoid of any common sense. Then the monster leg would throw off the influence of the Elvis leg and counter-attack, all the while fending off the stomache area which was currently the domain of a pot-bellied dark skinned drug dealer. That was essentially how the entire body went about its business, constantly fighting itself in a vain attempt to look like -something- rather than everything. By now you're probably wondering what in sam hell I'm telling you all of this for. That would be a good question, one I don't know the answer to. Are you inside my head? Am I giving a story? Or did any of this ever occur? Gah, sheibe, I can taste copper again. Guess I'd better keep talking before a cranium implosion occurs. Now, I wasn't the only person here. I didn't really count the Movie God as a person though. More like a creepy imitation of a person. There were some other random schmucks like me, who looked like they'd been pulled off the street or from their sleep (which was what had happened to me). That reminded me that I was only in my boxers, not like it made things any stranger though. Then there were the -other- people. 'Other' covered a large amount of verbal territory. Basically it equated to what an average middle class citizen would describe as 'What the frig is that?' I kid you not, there were a couple of characters from the Mortal Kombat series, sitting next to some obscure super hero I'd never heard about. I could tell he was a super hero from the tights and color scheme. There were also some wizards and the like, some of whom were arguing over whose fault it was that they were all here. I spotted Ares, the Greek God of War, sitting next to Mars, his Roman counterpart. That was really weird. I knew there was two of them, but my eyes kept telling me there was only one. They were sitting next to the Movie God on old fold out metal chairs, looking bored out of their minds. There were also werewolves, vampires, ghosts, giants, aliens from other galaxies, and basically everything you could think of. What disturbed me the most were the animated and cartoon characters. I had been really into Scoobie-Doo, Tom and Jerry, and Dexter's Laboratory as a kid. Animation and Cartoons had been a part of my life as far back into the past as I could remember, which was a show called 'Blue's Clues' when I was just past being a newborn. Well, here they all were arrayed before me. Clearly everyone and everything around me knew what was going on, except for me and the other regular humans. Most beings of each type had grouped together, bird of a feather fly together and all that. So, somehow me and the other humans had ended up nearby each other as well. It was pretty clear none of -us- knew where we were, who anybody else was, or how we even got here. Things went on like this for a couple of minutes, with us clustered together and scared witless. Sure, there was plenty of cool stuff to see here, but I was so overloaded with all the new things going on that my brain had shut down for its own safety. Then something came flying out of the air and hit me in the face, knocking me to the ground. Now my brain -had- to start working, else I'd likely be dead, trampled without being noticed. I opened my eyes again, which had been shut tight in the hopes that it would all go away. My first thought pretty much summed up what I saw. 'Pink? What the fu-' Then I was in motion again, being clenched between four limbs and rolled around on the ground like some odd child's game. You'd probably think 'why didn't you resist?' But my brain was already working over time just to make sure that all my body parts were still intact and attached, leaving me little processing power to actually move. I could hear someone or something laughing at the top of... her lungs. Her? Didn't sound like any woman or girl I'd ever met-ohshit! Something, not physical but no less real than my own body, was hauling me off the ground and through the air. The giggling was only getting louder and all I could see was still pink. I think at this point I went insane, or possibly blacked out. Either way, next thing I remember seeing was... more pink. But it wasn't the same pink as before. It was a light shade, softer... more gentle? The frigging giggle was gone... wait. No, it wasn't; but it was being muffled somehow. Something was sitting on top of my chest, making it harder to breath than I would have liked. But nothing else was happening at the moment, so I tried to collect my senses and figure out what was happening. Apparently fate didn't like that answer, so things started to happen again. The pink moved out of the way of my vision. Great... now I could see purple. -Such- a massive improvement. Whatever was sitting on my chest got heavier, then lighter than it was originally. I could hear something really loud going on. It sort of sounded like an announcement over an intercom. But like the blasted giggling it was muffled, so I couldn't make out what was being said. I'm -pretty- sure I started to cry after this. I'm not ashamed to say it, though whether it actually happened or not is sort of vague. If I did, it really would be understandable. The mind is only able to handle so much before it breaks. Thankfully I wasn't quite there yet, but I was pretty close. Only -now- did the universe give mercy, apparently satisfied that I was sufficiently subdued. I -know- I fell asleep a this point, because when my eyes opened again I was somewhere else. That and I felt -a lot- better. Its that feeling you get after a good long rest that concluded a lot of sleepless hours and effort. Regardless of the fact that I hadn't actually done anything yet, it was relieving. I was laying in a bed, not my own, and staring at someone's ceiling. It was pretty typical, a neutral color that wasn't too much of anything. A standard ceiling fan and light combo hung in the middle. I couldn't move, but why that was would be made clear in a moment. I managed to move my head a little bit. I saw Pink. It's almost certain that I freaked out and did something rash, because next thing I knew I was face first into the floor and -boy- did I hurt almost everywhere. Something was standing on top of my back, saying something or another. The ringing in my head made it indiscernable due to the heavy hit I had just gotten. Just as my hearing returned to normal, the pressure on my back lifted. At that point I made the seemingly wise decision to remain mostly still, only moving my head enough to look around. The room was still there, but from the floor's perspective this time. I could see the wall and the bed I'd been sleeping on. It appeared to be of decent quality. I was more interested in the Pink though. I swear by everything truthful, it was loud, it was boisterous, and over all it was Pink. It reminded me of a toy horse my sister had when she was a toddler. That toy had creeped me out. But the... I guess it was a pony, in front of me was different. It was... more warm, inviting. The kind of thing even a grizzled war veteran would want to hug and cuddle. Right this moment the pony was crouched down, looking me in the eyes with its own. They were as big as soup bowls, or maybe pizzas. Yeah, more like large size pizzas. A bit of her poofy mane was dangling in front of her head, tickling my nose. I don't think its physically possible, but it had a grin wider than my head. I'm not sure why I did it, but I stuck my tongue out and licked her nose. As best as I can remember, I was thinking 'is this thing made of candy?' Apparently she wasn't, but it got her moving again. In less than a second flat I was in what I think equates to a full body hug when one does not possess hands or feet. Things stopped happening for a minute, so I was able to relax a little bit. This hug... it was nice, comforting. It was like a body pillow was holding you back and nuzzling you. This went on for... perhaps two minutes, before I was let go again. At this point I realized I had been hugging back. I managed to sit up and lean my back against the bed, looking at the pink pony. It appeared she didn't have the capacity to sit still, because she was already off doing something else, chasing her tail this time. She was talking, but I couldn't understand her. By now, the sheer oddity of a pink equine that -talked- was not as shocking as one might expect. My mind just accepted it and stowed it away for examination later, maybe never. I climbed back up onto the bed and laid down, my head hurting pretty bad. I was about to drift off to sleep, but then the -others- showed up.