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Found 72 results

  1. Hey all. This is the Maud Pie Fan Club. So whether you want to talk about Maud: Or her pet rock Boulder: Or maybe her wide range of emotions: You can do that here. So yay. Anyway, for serious talk, I think Maud was definitely a one-of-a-kind secondary character. I think she really expressed herself a lot for how little she actually did- she's a pony who knows who she is what she wants to do; be around rocks. She's probably the best rocktologist(er, petrologist, I think) Equestria has ever seen. She really loves her sister, Pinkie Pie. She's Maud!
  2. Title: The Gift Of Maud Pie Air Date: April 2, 2016 Written by: Mike and Will Fox Synopsis: Rarity and Pinkie Pie are in Manehattan looking for an ideal location for Rarity's new store and searching for the perfect gift for Pinkie Pie's sister. ​ Looks like we will be treated to a rare outing with these two characters. Also, more Maud possibly?
  3. "Alright everypony, listen up, the name's Limestone Pie and don't forget it! Lately business has been slow on the rock farm, and Pinkie said doing one of these 'AMA' things would help get our name out there. Personally I don't buy it, but I'm willing to try anything at this point. So ask your questions I guess, me and my sisters will answer what you got." "But because I'm in charge you should ask me the most questions! Just keep 'em short, I got work to get back to - ain't that right Marble?" "Mhmm!" -------------- Welcome to the Pie Family thread, where you may feel free to ask questions of any of the sisters at your leisure! Have fun with it, but be sure to oblige by a couple ground rules if you'd be so kind Keep questions safe and within site rules Be mindful not to ask repeat questions Don't spam I look forward to your questions!
  4. Note: Expanded my thoughts from here and here. Being Starlight's first episode of Season 9 and from a prior synopsis, one could guess a low-stakes episode, magic-oriented, or possible repeat of a Every Little Thing She Does. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Magic's involved, but it wasn't central to the story. With her friends off for Spring Break, she's running the school now until they return, and she needs something to organize her time in school while also not being in office. Casting an alert curse on a bracelet was convenient and made sense: Once they need her help, she'll be right there. Unfortunately, she didn't foresee what was to come. Her schedule just before Spring Break became so hectic that she not only got many ponies lined up, but Silverstream came over several times for very small problems related to an unnamed project. And to make matters worse, Starlight was unable to help Trixie gather the right objects for Maud and Mud’s spring solstice party the next morning (with Sunburst invited, too) and Trixie had to prepare it all by herself. The episode spends a good amount of time gradually building tension, starting with the innocent(ly funny expressions by Trixie) and ending with the stressful. Some examples include: Trixie casually drinking tea and eating sandwiches as Starlight juggles between her office and the picnic. Starlight helping her students while trying (and failing ) to hide her nerves. As Trixie reminds her of the errands, Starlight stays conspicuously silent as she looks around and taps her hooves. As Ocellus deals with her identity crisis, Starlight tries to solve it while rushing through. Starlight leaving the store once her bracelet buzzes, accidentally dropping the streamers she plans to buy. After Starlight realizes she missed out on everything and failed to keep her promises, she crouched and smacked her muzzle on the ground. Suddenly, her bracelet rang again. During this first third of the story, a lot of great faces were animated to accentuate the stress building up amongst themselves and each other, like their eyes increasing size, Trixie's sneers, Smolder's smirk, and Starlight's anguish. The dialogue was also top-notch, adding to both the humor and drama. Additionally, despite being Starlight-centric, Haber doesn't write Trixie in the wrong for expecting her to keep her promise, too. Yes, Starlight was justified to not keep 'em, even though she tried her hardest to keep up. Being in charge of the school for now, she's responsible for their safety and guidance if need be. To her, rejecting any help could mean missing out on something truly important to solve and letting Twilight et al down. Nevertheless, Haber doesn't let Trxie's feelings go or feel marginalized, spending good time airing her frustrations and then confronting her after taking care of the party arrangements. So when Silverstream asked for help one more time, the moment when Starlight turned her away and took off her bracelet until the Break ends made sense and didn't feel rushed through. So when Terramar alerted her that Silverstream vanished and then called her out for turning her away (Thanks, Trixie ), could you blame her feeling terrible for the whole thing? By closing the school early, she believed she could've solved an actual problem rather than any nerve-wracking nitpick from earlier. After realizing that she was in the Everfree Forest to likely research cockatrices, the tension climbed hundredfold and added further uncertainty for Starlight. Early in the open, Starlight explained how becoming a counselor allowed her to use her "checkered past" to get to others' shoes and aid them below the surface. The guilt she felt from seasons ago disappeared. But that guilt returned and only increased as the episode and danger progressed. Even after they all realized SS was safe and sound, that guilt never went away. The communication between the rest of her friends also felt very complete with plenty of humor. Some of the best moments were as follows: The anime-like blood vessels ready to burst and SG's shock really sell the joke and immediately show how even he gets on her nerves. Trixie standing up for Starlight to Terramar and eventually accepting partial blame for her disappearance. After Terramar criticized Starlight's party for not being "perfect," everyone, including Maud, glared crossly at him, shutting him up. In acts of desperation, Starlight looked in even the most unconventional places, such as inside Pinkie's party cannon and on a crowded bookshelf. Moments like these show both the panic creeping from within and the guilt that she already possesses. This little exchange: In the final two acts alone, there was plenty of flirting between them in comparison to Maud Couple from last year. Mud's little smile after Maud's reply feels genuine and shows appreciation for each other. The lesson has some similarities with Zeppelin, but they’re not the same. In Zeppelin, it’s about how it’s not selfish to have time with yourself. Here, it’s about not getting bogged down with a very stressful job to spend quality time with others. It’s a really good lesson. There are two problems. When Starlight and the others made it inside the open ruins of the sisters’ castle, they assumed the cockatrices won’t fly in and only surround. One big problem. Cockatrices can fly high, and they got too close to a flock of migrating ones by watching them from a cliff above. What if the provoked cockatrices decide to fly over the walls or through the old windows? They were just as vulnerable inside the ruins as out, yet the episode lowers the stakes a bit here and assumes they’re safe until they walk out. It was really dumb of everyone to gather and breathe there. At the very end, Silverstream admits to Starlight that her advice didn't amount to anything in the long run. First off, the joke wasn't funny. Secondly, it all but made Starlight's stress over "not doing her job" pointless and marginalizes the moral, as SS's visits didn't factor at all into the conclusion of her Spring Break project. Had Trixie not interrupt, Starlight would've completely lost her temper and given her the riot act. That said, it’s really good, and given the fact that Starlight’s takeover of the school may be inevitable, she really needed this episode. Good work, Haber!
  5. It seems Pinkie's parents are very good people and they raised four great daughters as well. But I keep thinking, Pinkie has been quite depressed as a filly. And only by the luck of magical outside influence, she became Pinkie. It seems like Pinkie didn't had a chance or even an idea of being herself in that environment, and that environment was created by her parents (No talking, no smiling). Of course Pinkie could have turned out to be like Maud and Maud is one of the most awesome ponies of Equestria, but isn't it the parent's duty to raise a child for them to become what they truly are and give the opportunity for them to choose? What if Maud was like Pinkie Pie but only became Maud just because of the environment of the dull and harsh farm around her? What if the only reason Maud likes and knows so much about rocks are because she grew up having nothing but rocks around her? What if the reason she doesn't talk or laugh that much is just because her parents? How much is herself? I'm conflicted. Even they were very accepting of her when the party happened, but they didn't even know about it before. Do you think Pinkie Pie's parents are responsible for her unhappiness as a filly? Is it inevitable in some degrees for the parents to not see it beyond the reality they are in? In what circumstances that the parents have to give up free choices for the children? (It was an uncommon concept in the old days) How necessary are non-productive entertainment and hobbies for children? Are children doomed to inherit the flaws of the environment created by the parents? What if the rock farm was too harsh that they had do work extra hard to make a living? This isn't just an MLP question (the issue would be diluted if it was debunked by the trivia from the show), this is a more broad question about raising children. What do you think?
  6. During the song in the season 8 premiere "School of Friendship" there is a part where the book is levitating but Twilight's horn is not lit and in the season 8 finale there is a pink stream of magic going into Pinkie. Is pinkie levitating the book? Does one of her parents have a kind of genetic disease that keep the horn from growing out but still exists, Marble and Limestone might be earth ponies but having Maud and Pinkie will explain "some" of their abilities with Maud's super speed and strength from "Maud Pie", and Pinkie's ability to teleport in "Party of One" and "A Friend in Deed", and being able to keep up with Rainbow Dash by using a speed spell in "Party of One". P.S. Please don't say that this was just an animation error in the first picture, i know it is, unless the writers go back to this in season 9.
  7. This evening I drew Maud Pie and Boulder. They rock! - Image Attachment Cleanup Deletion -
  8. Note: Over the last few weeks, some content originally leaked (e.g., the Student Six's names) have been officially revealed, and chances are more will, too. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) Title: The Maud Couple Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): March 31st at 11:30am Writer: Nick Confalone Summary: "Pinkie Pie's super-best-friend-sister bond is challenged when Maud gets a boyfriend that Pinkie can't stand." DailyMotion:
  9. This is just an educated guess as to where Starlight’s character development is going and to what her group of friends should be called.
  10. First off, some minor corrections to the last image I had; I forgot Sunburst's glasses, so not much has changed. Images are spoilerized because S8E23 spoilers. Now, bear this image in mind because there are four more images related to the previous image and they're all connected. Note: previously, I was making a single image and then drawing a companion image that conveys a message that is the opposite of the original. Now, I'm drawing an entire web of interconnected images that are all related to each other somehow, and the goal is to convey a story based on the entire set of images (or a subset) instead of each image conveying its own message or story. (The one I have in mind is that Pinkie Pie turned herself into a kirin at either the worst or best possible time and now she's stuck that way for a while, while Glimmy's still bummed out that she broke her kite, but bringing in the Sunburst laundry pic makes it look like Pinkie is pretending to be a kirin in Sunburst's laundry room; bonus points if you can come up with a different story.) 1: Remember that Glimmy pic I drew? I connected it back. 2. This is my art contest entry for October: Kirin Pie. (I checked and kirinification has become a recurring theme this month; I don't mind at all but let's just say that after some poking around, some kirinifications work too well while others require very little context/backstory if at all.) 3. Oops. 4. Guess it's a good thing that all my images are connected because I could use this for another ongoing event; I had something like this in mind for a while, but had no good idea of what to use for a background. I'll leave this one open for interpretation. Fun fact: this is also a reimplementation of an even older image I had... BONUS IMAGE (featuring four of the young/student six):
  11. I generally avoid posting here because of how I never get any feedback, but I want to see if this is any different. I'd highly appreciate verbal feedback, not just a brohoof by itself. (Title idea based off a suggestion by my brother)
  12. HEY, EVERYPONY!!!!!!!! Welcome to my super awesome totally PINKIE-TASTIC "Ask a Pony" topic! I know I've already got a couple here in the forums, but I figured I'd make one for all of my amazing sisters and I! So, if you've got any burning questions for one of us, feel free to ask them. *squee* What Pinkie said. Mmhm. DON'T TOUCH HOLD--oh wait, hi, everypony. I'm a bit busy here on the rock farm, but I'll try to answer questions when I can.
  13. Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! It's the penultimate episode of Season 7 folks (considering the upcoming season finale is, as we would expect, a two-parter), and given how those have gone throughout the show's tenure, I think it's safe to say that most of us were very much anticipating this one. Let's rundown how penultimate episodes in previous seasons have gone as a quick recap: in Season 1 we were graced with "Party of One," easily Pinkie Pie's best episode of that season and still one of the funniest episodes of the show in general; in Season 2 we got the awfulness that was "MMMystery on the Friendship Express," a bitter pill to swallow considering the season as a whole was so outstanding, but quickly forgotten as well given how the season finale turned out; Season 3 saw "Games Ponies Play" as the penultimate episode, a fun little romp in the Crystal Empire that saw the Mane 6 having to help Cadance and Shining Armor get the Crystal Empire to win the privilege of hosting the Equestria Games (it was also a bit odd in that it was kind of the second part of a semi-two-parter episode in that the previous episode, a Spike-centric one, was tied into the events of the following episode); Season 4 saw a follow-up to the previous season's penultimate episode in "Equestria Games," which featured, what else, but the Equestria Games themselves, an event that had been built up starting at the end of Season 3 and throughout Season 4 as well, so while the episode itself might not have featured as much content from the games as we would have liked to see, it was very interesting seeing the payoff of so much build up; Season 5 had probably the greatest penultimate episode of the show to date in "The Mane Attraction," featuring one of the greatest songs the show has ever had and a very stirring, emotional episode as well about Applejack helping her old friend, Countess Coloratura, find her way again; and Season 6 had a fairly fun slice of life episode in "Top Bolt" as its penultimate episode, which was basically just another Cutie Mark Map episode. As we can see, penultimate episodes of the show's seasons (with the exception of the terrible "MMMystery on the Friendship Express") tend to turn out one of two ways: (1) they turn out as gems like "Party of One" or "The Mane Attraction," or (2) they're simply very fun slice-of-life episodes that may try some interesting things, like "Games Ponies Play" or "Equestria Games," but often just function as nice, quiet set up for the season finale, like "Top Bolt." So what did Season 7's "Uncommon Bond" turn out to be? Interestingly enough, it was mostly the latter, and I think some people were surprised by that. Sunburst hadn't appeared in a major role in the show since his first debut in Season 6 (not counting Starlight's flashback about him in the previous season's finale) and given their close history together, I think many of us were expecting a more, shall we say, impactful episode. Now that's not to say that the episode as is disappointed, far from it, in fact I very much enjoyed what we got. It was just a far slower and quieter episode in its execution, smaller in its scope, than I was expecting, but again, for what we got I don't believe that's a bad thing. Let's take a look at just why that is, without further ado, this is "Uncommon Bond"! As should become quickly apparent in this review, bobthedalek had a BLAST with this episode So the heart of this episode is definitely Starlight Glimmer, very fittingly I might add, and if there's anything in the episode that could be described as powerful, it's definitely her. Starlight has a very emotional performance, one which very much unfolds in the background of the episode, interestingly enough. She's hoping that she and Sunburst have a splendid trip together since he's visiting her in Ponyville for, more or less, the first time (at least for an extensive trip) and that they'll be able to reconnect the exact same way they used to as foals. That in particular is key here, and it's at the heart of Starlight's insecurities in the episode. As I've said before, Starlight is different from Twilight when it comes to making friends in a very big way; whereas Twilight is very comfortable with a large group of friends (and being the center that keeps it all together in the case of her and her closest friends), Starlight in contrast is someone who prizes each individual friendship for what it is for her, and each of her friends are not part of some close-knit group, but largely connected simply by their friendship to her. This is why things get awkward between her and Sunburst, because really, the last time they were truly close in their friendship with each other on a consistent basis was as foals, so most of Starlight's memories of Sunburst are from spending time together at each other's houses playing board games and dabbling a little with magic. Now, obviously Starlight has grown immensely as a character and overcome a lot of her old insecurities when it came to making and maintaining friendships since the end of Season 5, but it makes sense that her realization as to how different she and Sunburst have become over the years as they grew apart would panic her just a bit. It's her oldest friendship, and one which so many of her greatest mistakes and decisions stemmed from after Sunburst grew apart from her and she didn't feel like she had anyone else to turn to or rely on. Seeing the very ponies she's befriended in her time in Ponyville getting along more easily with Sunburst than she was (outside of when they got to play Dragon Pit together earlier in the episode) had to be dismaying for Starlight, and probably at the least convinced her that she was a bad friend to Sunburst, or at worst, that maybe they weren't really that close any more. It's an interestingly mature lesson for such a quiet slice-of-life episode, that being that over the years, we may grow very different from our friends, especially our earliest friendships, and to some extent that can be scary because it may seem like you can no longer recapture the magic of the friendship you two shared in your younger days. The episode's solution to such a conundrum is surprisingly simple, with it being a simple, quiet reminder that just because you and an old friend may grow very different from each other over the years, that doesn't mean that you two can't still be friends with one another or very close. As long as you find ways to enjoy each other's company, even if it's different than it was when you were younger, you'll both be fine, and you may even learn to appreciate the ways in which you are different from each other now. The key is simply to find a way to make the friendship work, not simply have it be the exact same as it has always been. That can be scary because old memories of how friendships used to be can be among the best one may have, and it's tempting to want to recapture that exact same experience, but it's not very realistic, especially as friends grow older or even closer. I have friendships on this site itself that used to largely be simply about me having a fun time with other fellow bronies, but these friendships have since grown to a point where both friends, myself and others, confide in each other our fears, insecurities, worries about our lives and the future, and what we're struggling with and how we can help each other as friends. These are not always fun topics or conversations, but they are fulfilling things to share with other friends, and our willingness to confide in each other make for very meaningful moments in our friendships and are testament to just how close we have become. For Starlight to learn that here, even in a little, quiet way, with Sunburst was great to see, and even though it may not be her best episode of the season, it was definitely an invaluable lesson for her to learn and a treat getting to see her learn it. That and, let's be honest, Starlight in a dragon costume looked BUCKING ADORABLE!!! Sunburst, for his part, was... a mixed bag, if I'm being honest. I don't think it was so much him as the type of episode he was in. While the lesson in this episode was great, we've seen this type of episode in cartoons before: the "this old friend of mine gets along better with my current friends than he does with me" episode. The difference between this episode and others like it is in the intent; other episodes like this one often paint the old friend as a douche for how they've changed, or are about the main character learning to appreciate their current friends more and moving on from their old friend, realizing they're not as close as they used to be. That was not the case here, as Sunburst was not an antagonist nor did he and Starlight end their friendship. The purpose of the episode was for them to find a way to reinforce their friendship. The problem is getting to that resolution, no matter how good it is, can be annoying, namely in that it required Sunburst to be unaware of the fact that the way he was behaving was hurting Starlight. He may have been having a great time in Ponyville, but considering it was Starlight who invited him in the first, who was the whole reason he was there in the first place, he should have been more attentive to how she was doing and realized she often didn't have much of anything to do in many of his activities. Yes, she tried to put on a good face for him, but even he asked early on if she really had enjoyed his antiquing all that much. The other problem with how easily he got along with Twilight, Trixie, AND Maud is that it came close to making him come off as Gary Stu-ish in some respects; I can buy that he and Twilight would share a hobby as dorky as antiquing, and even Sunburst being into geology isn't too unbelievable (though I'm not sure at what point he would have gotten into it considering his studies have always revolved around magic), but him being into parlor trick magic like Trixie too, that seemed a bit much. I get they needed him to befriend all three of these ponies in order to make the episode work, but it just seemed far fetched that he'd share all these interests with all three. Starlight may share connections with all three as well, but they're far more personal ones which makes them easier to believe. So overall, Sunburst's ease with finding so many things in common with so many of Starlight's friends, combined with his lack of awareness about what was troubling Starlight as the episode unfolded, made him frustrating to watch at times. Still, on the whole it's not like he had ill intent or anything. He was on vacation after all, and even though Starlight was his host, that didn't mean he just had to do everything with her. Sunburst didn't seem to be worried about their friendship at all until he realized what she had, that they really might not have much in common these days (though why they didn't dabble more in having fun with magic I have no idea considering we know they did this as foals, they both love studying and practicing magic, and they even had fun at first when Starlight did it with him later in the episode, at least until she upset him), so for all he knew she was having fun just like he was. And the solution he came up with to make Starlight feel better about where they stood was quite cute and heartwarming, not to mention he actually had some pretty fun scenes with Twilight and Trixie especially (his scene with Maud when he befriended her was a tad annoying, but again, mostly because his interest in geology came out of bucking nowhere). He even had some rather funny scenes throughout the whole episode, such as when Starlight wakes him up wayyyyyy early in the morning and I swear it looks like he looked down at himself in embarrassment because he realized he had morning wood. I know, I know, he's just embarrassed that she walked in on him naked in bed (same as Fluttershy way back in Season 2 with Rainbow Dash), but c'mon, it's so easy to think that's what he was embarrassed about! Overall, while he was quite frustrating at many points in the episode (mostly in order to make the story work), Sunburst was on the whole quite likable, had a nice return, and, if the ending of the episode (a bit of a cliffhanger/set up for the season finale) is anything to go by, should hopefully be playing a larger role in the show going forward, which would be nice. Our supporting cast here was essentially the rest of Starlight's closest friends, Twilight Sparkle, Trixie Lulamoon, and Maud Pie, and like Sunburst, while they were fine on the whole, because of what this episode's storyline demanded, they were frustrating at times. Twilight was probably more frustrating than the others since, if I'm being perfectly honest, she's got the most going for her in her life, and on top of that she's Starlight's mentor, so it kinda felt like she should have been most aware of any of the three as to how close Starlight feels to Sunburst and how important she would have considered spending time with him. But instead she merrily geeks out with him about antiquing which, while cute, she should have realized Starlight wasn't enjoying. Her reaction to playing Dragon Pit was, admittedly, adorable. Trixie and Maud, to their credit, had never met Sunburst before and didn't know how important Starlight considered this trip, so them making connections with him were just pleasant surprises for them that they ran with, but like I said, for Twilight to not consider that Starlight wouldn't be thrilled with her and Sunburst antiquing for hours on end while she was stuck there as basically a third wheel, bored out of her mind, was just a bit disappointing to see from her. Overall, however, all three were quite fun to watch for the most part. Twilight had her cute scene playing Dragon Pit with the two of them (seeing her geek out at her dragon falling was too adorable), Trixie and Sunburst bonding was pretty hilarious (not to mention she had some fun bits of continuity from earlier in the season, like seeing her, once again, turn something into a tea cup, and struggling to but managing to help carry Sunburst's luggage at the end of a the episode, a clear sign that her magic is improving), and Maud was, well, Maud, she's always a blast when she shows up. I quite enjoyed them all for the most part, even when they were making the conflict in the episode worse (unknowingly), and it was pretty cool seeing all of Starlight's closest friends come together for her at the end. Trixie, I... I think you may have a teacup problem. Like, for real. The animation, it's not really worth commenting on. I mean it wasn't bad, but there weren't any particularly ambitious set pieces. The same goes for the music seeing as there were no new songs (not surprising). The most interesting bit of world building was that spell Starlight came up with which apparently created a projection of Starlight and Sunburst's childhood homes but ALSO seemed to actually regress them in age; it was most disappointing that we didn't get to seem them as foals for a longer time because I was interested as to whether or not their emotional state was actually effected by their age. Starlight clearly had the same level of magic so it seems it didn't affect their physical capabilities (outside of how big they were, of course) but again, some of their reactions seemed a tad more adolescent, namely the way Sunburst had an outburst toward her and how Starlight teared up afterwards. That was really interesting to consider and, again, we unfortunately didn't get many answers since they weren't foals for very long. Also, holy shit was Starlight adorable as a filly!!! So what are we left with? Well, despite the issues I pointed out with the supporting cast to some extent, especially with Sunburst, I really wasn't that bothered by them. I mean, the most annoying thing about the behavior I had a problem with is that it was there strictly to make the plot happen, but at the same time it's not unbelievable (as we've seen in this show multiple times) that well-meaning individuals would make mistakes that, compounded, would really hurt a friend of theirs, and I always commend the show for not pretending that even its biggest characters are Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Those issues aside, this was a very quietly mature episode with a just as subdued lesson, but one which was very smart and mature as well. I appreciate when the show goes out of its way to show smaller behavior having a large impact on someone; this certainly wasn't an instance of Starlight unnecessarily "sweating the small stuff," but rather a nice highlight of just how important little things in life, like sharing a vacation with a friend and spending some quality time with them, can be, especially when things don't go the way you wanted and you're even left questioning the friendship itself. The set up for the season finale was very appreciated as well (not even the first time we've seen a book teased as a plot device for the season finale *cough cough* Season 3 *cough*), and I'm looking forward to seeing how Sunburst gets himself involved in it this week as well. All in all, for a quieter and more subdued penultimate episode, this was a very solid one and a nice, final starring appearance for Starlight Glimmer this season. Can't wait for the season finale to the most exceptional season of MLP in a long time, and I know the rest of ya'll can't either! I'll see ya'll this weekend everypony, until next time, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* What's the only thing that might possibly be cuter than filly Starlight? THIS!!!
  14. So, the complete Season 3 is finally being released on October 9, and two DVDs containing Season 4 episodes are coming out in October 2017 and January 2018. I think it'll be interesting to see if every episode of the show will be rated a U over here. I think episodes such as Somepony To Watch Over Me and Twilight's Kingdom could possibly end up a PG. We'll see...
  15. Here is the selected chapter to the stories of Maud Pie. Rocky Mistake Another day in Bouldertown and by now, Maud Pie has gotten to know Sedimentary and the two have gotten close to each other. The day after they met up again, Maud Pie wanted to tell Sedimentary something. “Well,” Sedimentary said, “What do you have today, my special?” “Please don’t call me that,” Maud Pie said. “Sorry,” Sedimentary said, “Maud Pie?” “Well,” Maud Pie said, “Before I met you, I’ve helped another couple. And they said I can listen to their new song today.” “Oh,” Sedimentary said, “Well, I’d like to hear it with you, Maud Pie.” “You’re welcome to,” Maud Pie said, “Let’s meet up with them.” “Ok,” Sedimentary said. Meanwhile, nearby Bouldertown, there were two unicorns who were digging up some treasure on a hillside. Of course, they were the Flim Flam Brothers. “I’ve heard there is a lot of silver and gold!” said Flam. “We should find all of them immediately,” Flim said. “Well, let’s keep digging!” Flam said as they both continued digging. But what they will dig up instead is trouble. “Hey, look,” Flam said, “I’ve found this!” “What is it, brother?” Flim asked and he walked over to where his brother is. “Oh, it’s just a book,” Flim said, “A dirty old book.” Then the two turned to a certain page in the old book. “Look at this, it has a spell,” Flam said and they recite the spell in the page. What the Flim Flam brothers didn’t know, is that when they were reciting the spell in the book, both of their horns glowed and a bunch of rocks started to float nearby. The two brothers were completely oblivious to this. After they were done looking at the book, the resumed digging for buried treasure. Meanwhile, Maud Pie met up with Musica Journey and Ricky with her new boyfriend, Sedimentary outside of Bouldertown. “Hello,” Musica Journey said, “Maud Pie.” “Nice to see you again, Maud Pie,” Ricky said, “And I see you’ve got yourself a new friend.” “Yes,” Maud Pie said, “Ricky, Musica Journey, I’d like you to meet my special some pony.” “She means boyfriend,” Sedimentary said, “Which I am that.” “Sedimentary,” Maud Pie said, “My boyfriend.” “Pleased to meet you, Sedimentary,” Musica Journey said. “Me too,” Ricky said. “It’s nice to see that you have friends,” Sedimentary said. “And one day,” Maud Pie said, “I’ll take you to Ponyville.” “That will be interesting,” Ricky said. “I know,” Sedimentary said. But then, they heard a shaking sound. “What’s that?” Ricky asked. “Earthquake?” Musica Journey asked. “We’re not near any fault lines,” Sedimentary said. “It actually stomping sounds,” Maud Pie said, “Boulder, hang on.” That is when a large creature jumped in front of the ponies. This creature is made out of rocks and clay. “What is that?” Ricky asked. The rock monster gave off a dumb sounding roar. “Maud Pie?” Musica Journey said. “Oh no,” Maud Pie said, “That is a golem. A monstrous creature made out of rock and clay.” The golem prepared to slam a boulder onto the four ponies. “Get out of the way!” Sedimentary shouted and they dodged the boulder strike. “We need to do something about this thing,” Ricky said. “We can’t let this thing into Bouldertown,” Maud Pie said as the golem roared again. “Well,” Sedimentary said, “It not intelligent, so we can do something about it.” “I think we can trick it,” Maud Pie suggested, “Boulder, stay out of sight!” “Well, then I know this big old rock pie doesn’t have a brain,” Sedimentary said. “Ok, Musica Journey said, “I may not be an active fighter, but I’ll give it my best shot!” “Right!” Maud Pie said, “Now everypony, go!” And the four ponies charged towards the golem. “We can do this!” Sedimentary said, “Even if we’re not unicorns or Pegasus!” The golem tried to stomp on both Maud Pie and Sedimentary, but missed. “It’s working,” Maud Pie said. “You missed up, wide load!” Sedimentary shouted at the golem. “Now we charge!” Ricky said and he and Musica Journey tackled the giant rock monster, sending it crashing to the ground. “Try that again, captain monkey butt!” Ricky shouted. “Oh my,” Musica Journey said. But then, the golem got back up and started throwing boulder everywhere. “This had gone far enough!” Maud Pie shouted. “The monster, known as the Golem,” Ricky said, “Is going berserk.” “Wait a minute,” Maud Pie said, “That golem’s body joints.” “What?” Ricky said, “They let the golem move freely.” “And they’re made out of clay,” Maud Pie said. “You’re right,” Musica Journey and Sedimentary said, “Then let’s force it into a river.” “And there is one nearby,” Maud Pie said. She is right. “Ready to turn this brainless boulder into dust?” Ricky asked. “Yes!” the other ponies agreed. “Now let’s stop this mess!” Ricky shouted and once again, the four ponies tackled at the golem. The golem became so distracted that it ended up near the river. “Keep going!” Maud Pie said as the earth ponies continued to tackle the golem. Soon, the golem started to break apart. “We’re getting there,” Sedimentary said. “Let’s jump to conclusion,” Ricky said. With the golem distracted, the four ponies pushed the golem into the river. Already being weakened, the golem broke apart in the rushing waters. “The clay that connected it is dissolving,” Sedimentary said, “Maud Pei, you are a great pony!” “Thank you,” Maud Pie said. Then the ponies hear a loud bang from the river. “Must have been black equestrian magic,” Musica Journey said. “Yes,” Maud Pie agreed, “It’s now over.” “We’ve done it together!” Ricky shouted. “We’ve done it together!” Musica Journey said. “Yes,” Maud Pie agreed, “Boulder, you can come out now.” And she took her pet rock out. “Wow,” Musica Journey said, “We really did it.” “That is what working together is all about,” Sedimentary said. “So,” Ricky said, “Shall we listen to our new song? As a reward?” “Yes,” Maud Pie said, “Please. My boyfriend would love to hear it.” “Yes,” Sedimentary said. And so, the four friends returned to Bouldertown to listen to the new song. Meanwhile, the Flim Flam brothers were oblivious to what had happened as they continued digging for treasure. “There’s got to be some gold here,” Flam said, “I can sense it.” “Me to, brother of mine!” Flim said. Hours later, the Flim Flam brothers had found nothing. “I think we’ve missed a spot,” Flam said. But before Flim could reply, a large block of iron had been dropped onto the two. Princess Luna was flying up above at the time. She dropped the object onto the two unicorns. “Let’s just say that you’ve found yourself some pig iron,” Princess Luna said before flying off.
  16. Praise the day chopped sperm tail medley was invented as a dish. Let's see what my opinions were on this episode when it first aired: ........Well, I've not written such thrilling, well-thought out reviews with my classic stamp of comedy since "Simple Ways". Let's dive into "Maud Pie". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this episode begins with all the ponies arriving at Pinkie Pie's....................anonymous building I don't think we've ever seen before...............where she implores them to taste test a bunch of rock candy that she's forged for the arrival of her sister, presumably the titular character of this episode, Super Mario. After the "Skip Intro" button makes me wanna fuck a a good way...we learn that the candy is not only for Maud, but also for the rest of them so that they can all make rock candy necklaces together. I remember when I met my good friend Ted Bundy near the lava pits of Dis, and we made friendship necklaces. They were eyeball necklaces, but friendship necklaces nonetheless. Therefore, I can sympathize with the premise. Pinkie Pie assumes that she, her sister, and her friends will all become the best-est of best-ish friends, and proceeds to pick Maud up from the train station while the other five nigglets set up a picnic for the lot. Everyone's quite nervous to hit it off with Maud for Pinkie Pie's sake, but when Maud finally arrives...slowly walking over the hilly brush...the ponies learn that she's basically a monotonous bore to contrast with Pinkie Pie. And we fucking love it, don't we folks? "This rock is the exact size and shape of my last kidney stone." When the other five ponies try to make conversation with Maud Pie, we learn that Maud's behavior is liken to that of someone with a severe case of......oh, how do I put this in the most politically correct terms.............Assburger's Sydrome. This makes for some great comedic moments coupled with the dull delivery of her lines and the way the animators tackle her facial expressions, like when she says that the game of Camouflage is "like Hide and Seek but way more intense", they lift up her eyelids to accentuate the extensive "way", but in a very sloth-like manner to the point where they don't even bulge like you would expect. This episode is full of halfway anti-jokes like that, and we fucking love it, don't we folks? So after a fruitless game of Camouflage, Pinkie Pie takes Maud back to her house to try the rock candy they're going to use to engage in incestuous intercourse make their friendship necklaces. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND here's the problem with this episode. Pinkie Pie's insistence that her friends become best friends with her sister when they lot of them clearly have nothing in common is ridiculous. You can't force anyone to be friends with someone else, especially when their interests so obviously divide to great distances. This concept is pushed to more ridiculous and plot-crippling extremes in season five, but this is the first time chronologically in the show that I'm noticing it. Therefore, the five dumbcocks deduce that the best course of actions is for each of them to try to befriend Maud one at a time rather than all at once. First up is Rarity, where Maud insists on crafting a scarf out of a dishtowel. Ahahah......heh..............*ahem*...................................... Maud and Pinkie Pie while watching the ever-thrilling film adaption of "Fifty Shades of Grey". Next is Fluttershy, where Maud dismisses interest in animals in favor of rocks. Aha..........................................................*coughs blood*. Y'know, I remember finding this episode absolutely hilarious because of Maud's dull delivery. What happened? I clearly didn't outgrow deadpan humor. Kyle Eschen videos still make me jizz blue slurry. Even the more recent "The Gift of Maud Pie" episode made me laugh a lot harder than this one currently is. Err.....I mean........Maud Pie, don't we...fucking love it, folks? Well, let's see. The episode isn't over. Even "The Maud of Gift Pie" didn't have me completely rolling on the floor until the end of the second act. This is only the first half. Let's continue with the Maudening of the friends. At Twilight's, Maud recites a poem about rocks: "Rock. You are a rock. Grey, you are grey. Like a rock, which you are, rock...................I've written thousands". Meh, that joke was pretty good. With Applejack, we see Maud peeling apples by completely obliterating them with rocks. Okay, that was also pretty good. Finally, with Rainbow Dash, we see her and Maud participating in a rock-throwing contest. When Rainbow Dash manages to throw a moderately-sized rock across the pond, Maud shows her up by throwing a rock way over the hills of Ponyville, where it lands off in the horizon, causing a massive explosion that sends ripples through the air and blows almost the entire pond on to Rainbow Dash. ...Ah, there we go, I actually laughed. About fucking time. Remember when we used to drop those on Japan? That was fun. Back at Pinkie Pie's, once everyone's realized that they don't have anything worth sharing with Maud, they finally break down and admit to Pinkie Pie that it may be impossible for them and her sister to become friends. Finally, someone fucking says something. This obviously disappoints Pinkie Pie, but if I'm perfectly honest, I couldn't give less than one rat's molten ass. Pinkie Pie has gone full retard if she thought she could force people to become friends with each other. I feel like she learned this before, though, about not trying to force friendships. Oh wait, she DID. In "A Friend in Deed", when she tried to get Cranky Doodle Donkey to be her friend. If she learns this same lesson by the end of it all, we can add this to the list of season four rehash morals. Well, let's see if I'll be brushing my teeth with cyanide juice tonight. After Pinkie Pie's fit of disappointment in not being able to bring everyone closer together, she decides on one super-activity that will bring everyone closer together. An obstacle/puzzle course called "PinkieRainbowRariTwiAppleFlutterMaudSuperCaliFragilisticExpiAliDociousMegaUltraQuasigenderFuckazoidTicktardNigerianAIDS-SandwichKikeDoodlePantsFunTime". This insane course of epic proportions includes an applesauce tunnel for Applejack, glitter fabric for Rarity, running through books for Twilight, "critter time" for Fluttershy (yikes), a cupcake dome for Pinkie Pie, a rockslide for Maud, and it all being a race is for Rainbow Dash. The other stuff is all represented by the word "gay" written on a big billboard. I smell a vomit coming on. The others show concern for the safety of participating in this clusterfuck of fuck-all, so Pinkie Pie demonstrates how each task is done. Except, when she gets her leg caught in the rock slide and the whole thing starts to fall apart, Maud super-runs to the rescue and basically digs the biggest boulder in the rockslide into dust with her own hooves........sorry, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? This insane ability of Maud's comes out of left field without the slightest of explanation other than "duhhhhhhh sister love lul sing me a Frozen song". After that clusterfuck, Maud basically says "this is bullshit, I don't have anything in common with these ponies, screw you guys, I'm going home". Just when you wish that was the end of the episode, Twilight deduces that they all have one special thing in common with Maud that only the closest of friends could share...........their love for Pinkie Pie? Ah yes, of course. You see, if you're best friends with ya nigga, and yo nigga has a brother who's very close to ye nigga but he's a serial killing rape murderer, that makes you super ultra best friends with that person because you both love yi nigga a lot. BULL. TOTAL BULL. And of course, when Maud is asked if she agrees with this sentiment, she breaks into emotional whimsy and spouts out.............."Sure". ....................................................................Alright, that made me laugh pretty hard, especially given the ridiculousness of the "resolve" up to that point. In the end, Maud receives all the many friendship candy necklaces, and puts them all in a box with all the other necklaces Pinkie Pie's made. As Maud explains, she doesn't like candy. "Heathen. Away with your head. Put her in the chamber with the hounds where she can rot in a thousand days of the torturous removal of the flesh from her bones. Candy reigns supreme says the Princess of Friendship!" And so concludes "Maud Pie"..............................................wait a minute, what the fuck was the moral of that? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looks like yet another polarizing episode. "Maud Pie" has some good comedy in it, though a lot of it is rather hit or miss compared to future Maud appearances. This aspect surprised me given how much I remember liking Maud. And I do, as a character, she is quite the antithesis of this show's colorful cast of smiley fucks. Her dynamic with Pinkie Pie, especially that scene on the train where they share just one-on-one dialogue, is certainly interesting. It's just that I guess I expected to laugh more like I've done with Maud before, and that just didn't happen this time. Maybe that's for the better, because it allowed me to see this episode's somewhat flawed storytelling. Now, granted, there's nothing wrong with the pacing or anything wrong with the way the story is told, it's just these key elements that drive me up the wall: the premise and the moral. Pinkie Pie trying to force her friends to become best friends with her sister is a stupid premise because 1) It's a goal that becomes rather annoying and grating after a while given we know these ponies aren't getting along, and 2) because Pinkie Pie learned not to force friendships before. I'm being a little lenient on how many points this flaw deducts, though, because there's admittedly one thing that makes this episode different from the likes of "A Friend in Deed". In that episode, Pinkie Pie was trying to force a friendship between herself and a stranger. Here, she's trying to force a friendship between two parties that she knows very personally and assumed would get along well. I can believe that Pinkie Pie would want her friends to become friends with a relative because I can believe someone would want this in real life. Usually, though, people in real life realize when it's not gonna happen, which brings me to the moral, or lack thereof. What the hell is this episode trying to teach? That if you and a stranger have a mutual friend or otherwise strong bond with the same person, you should accept that stranger as your own friend despite whether or not you two get along? Maybe that would work when you two have to share time with the mutual friend, but not when trying to click on a one-on-one basis. This episode, to my memory, is the first of a handful of episodes moving forward, both in this season and most prominently in the next, where we see our characters trying to push off friendship as an abide-by-or-die practice. It only gets worse from here. So, what about this episode? Were the flaws of the storytelling matched or outweighed by Maud's characterization or her dynamic with Pinkie Pie? I think they both share equal footing, honestly. The positives in this episode are just as valid as the negatives. I think I'll give "Maud Pie" a 6/10 overall. And...yeah...Maud isn't quite awesome just yet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All I want for Christmas is a Pakistani pair of boob legs.
  17. With Starlight sharing an episode with Trixie, and another with Maud, that's two unicorns and one earth pony so far! She just needs another earth pony and two pegasi, and she can make her own Alternate Mane Six! Got any guesses on who the other three members might be? I really have the feeling Lightning Dust is gonna be one of the pegasi! Even though Discord and Thorax were part of Starlight's team to rescue Equestria's royalty and heroes, I consider Discord more of a friend of Fluttershy than anyone else's, and Thorax being more of a friend of Spike than anyone else, so I don't think those two are gonna be part of Starlight's Mane Six. Maybe those two can be saved for Spike's Mane Six filled with non-ponies (unless Big Mac is part of it). So what do you think of Starlight getting her own Mane Six group, and who do you think might be the other three members?
  18. Welcome Bronies, I have finished my neweste review right now. Enjoy my work if you want to. Thanks for watching.
  19. Ahhhhhhhhhh, good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." First of all, my apologies for not getting this review posted yesterday, I was feeling tired and under the weather by the time I was able to write it so it just wasn't happening last night. That said, I am glad I waited and rewatched the episode, because I now feel much better equipped to review this one than after my initial watch of it. Let's not waste anymore time dawdling about and dive right into "Rock Solid Friendship"!!! So this review will largely be broken down by character analysis because I believe you can best review it by analyzing the three main characters in it, Pinkie Pie, Maud Pie, and Starlight Glimmer. So to begin, let us start with Pinkie... in this instance, a bit of an elephant in the room. It brings me no pleasure to write this, but upon watching this episode twice I have to say that this was the worst that Pinkie Pie has been written in the show since "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" back in Season 2. Those of you who know me will recall that that is to this day my least favorite episode of the show, so yeah, this does not bode well. The good news is that this episode on the whole is MUCH better than that one, namely because, unlike in that episode, the majority of the characters here are not vapid idiots, completely inconsiderate, or just plain OOC. The bad news is that Pinkie is, and when Pinkie is written badly, she is written BADLY. Pinkie Pie when written as a stereotype of herself is unbearable, and it feels insulting to the character, like the writers have forgotten that, despite being as hyper and energetic as she is, this is a character who has grown so much since the show began. The perplexing news is that really she was only written terribly for the middle 11 minutes of this episode; she's actually alright in the first 5 minutes when the conflict is getting set up and the last 5 minutes when it's getting resolved, it's only when she's creating the conflict that she is horrible. This somewhat makes sense since the biggest reason she was written so badly was simply so that a conflict would exist in the first place (much like in "MMMystery on the Friendship Express") and it is not excusable here anymore than it was there, in fact, even less so since this is Season 7 Pinkie. Not only should she be mature enough by this point not to cause such a bad conflict, it just doesn't make sense for her character on a number of different levels. First, Pinkie Pie has never considered herself to be a "friendship expert," so why does she here? I could see Twilight having that problem, but Pinkie embodied the Element of Laughter from the start, NOT Friendship. She's the fun expert, all things party and social gatherings and get-togethers and jamborees, that is her schtick! Heck, just last week we even saw how this has been a part of how she's grown more mature; she's really got stuff that she's into down to a science at this point, like that list of every pony in Ponyville's favorite desserts, and that just makes sense for a character like her, she should be on top of stuff like that in an over-the-top way that somehow makes sense for her. I don't even care if you use the excuse that this is because it involved her sister, because that brings up yet another reason why her behavior here doesn't make any sense. When has Pinkie ever felt such distrust toward Maud? From the first episode that Maud was introduced, Pinkie has done nothing but adore her and seems to have complete respect for her! If anything else, Pinkie was probably the least aware of anypony else that there was anything unusual about Maud's behavior; she always loved Maud for who she is and never showed the slightest inkling that she understood that others wouldn't get her. Heck, what about what Starlight and Maud were doing together even made Pinkie think they weren't getting along??? THEY WERE FLYING KITES TOGETHER WHEN PINKIE STARTED FREAKING OUT FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! On top of that, she is Maud's YOUNGER sister! We know that Limestone is the oldest of the Pie sisters, followed by Maud, and that Marble and Pinkie are twins, so why in Equestria would Pinkie belittle her older sister like that by being so clingy, protective, and doing just the most boneheaded, obvious behavior in the name of making a friendship work out that could only lead to running it into the ground?! Heck, this type of behavior seems more suited for Applejack than Pinkie Pie, we've seen her go to over-the-top lengths for her family tons of times, especially being protective a ton to Apple Bloom. Again, I don't care if the stakes were that Maud might move to Ponyville, because Pinkie has never even shown that she misses her family so much that she'd do anything for any of them to live by her. I mean, I'm not surprised she was thrilled by the idea, but at the same time, I cannot justify any of Pinkie's behavior in the middle of this episode just because she really, really, really wanted Maud to move by her. So many forced jokes (Lyra is a rock, really Pinkie??? Even when you're losing it I can't believe you'd seriously try something so stupid), so many boneheaded attempts at forcing a friendship to happen, and most of all, an inexcusable and unbelievable lack of faith in her own sister knowing when she'd found a friend, or even being capable of finding one. I get the set-up, I get Pinkie wanting Maud to move by her. And to be fair, the second Starlight pointed out her problem to her (hilariously, I might add) Pinkie realized her errors and resolved to fix them. But that doesn't excuse that a conflict existed when it shouldn't have, and this conflict was very, very, very painfully forced to the detriment of Pinkie. It is especially painful at this point in the show when any of the Mane 6 are written badly in the name of forcing a conflict because it just feels like they are being regressed and infantilized in the name of making a conflict work, especially when supporting characters like Maud and Starlight are involved who DO know FAR less about friendship than the Mane 6 do. Pinkie should have been able to make a healthy contribution to Maud finding a friend, heck, SHE DID when she encouraged Maud to hang out with Starlight, but then for whatever reason the writers decided that she needed to have a hundred brain farts just so a lesson could be learned. It was bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and I did not like it at all. Pinkie Pie, I'm sorry, but you get an F here, or rather, the writers who botched you do. If you want to see Pinkie Pie losing it in a way that is believable for her character, there are far better episodes to watch that have just that, like "Party of One." Good Pinkie Bad, bad, BAD Pinkie! Very bad!!! Like... just don't... at all... please. Anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd... exhaleeeeeeeeeeeeeee. OK, rant over!!! Did you have fun everypony? Cause I sure did! OK, now that that is out of the way, onto the good parts of the episode. Because yes, unlike the irredeemable "MMMystery on the Friendship Express," this was a good episode all around. Not great, but good, and that is largely because the primary plot point, that being Maud finding herself a friend outside of her family, was executed quite nicely (outside of anything involving Pinkie Pie). First of all, it was pretty awesome and hilarious seeing Maud, oh I'm sorry, Maudalina Daisy Pie (which is amazing) getting her "rocktorate" that opening scene was just gold from start to finish, plus it's just damn cool that a kid's show would acknowledge the existence of doctorates as part of its canon and show a character actually earn one. But on top of that, Maud probably developed here more than she ever has as a character, and I liked that a lot. Really, it was necessary in order for her character to remain endearing at all, because just maintaining the status quo with her would be unbearable. Some of her bits at the beginning were confusing, like I have no idea how she wasn't slightly impressed by Twilight's Castle, even if it was just to be a joke. But all in all, the idea that she'd never found a pony who got her outside of her family was a good one and made sense (though I will ask how the Mane 6 don't qualify as friends for her? I mean, they seem to enjoy her, and they may not entirely get her, but they certainly seem to appreciate her for who she is, it's not like they just tolerate her, I mean, heck, Rarity was thrilled to see Maud and not just because she could help her find a gem!). Best of all, her interactions with Starlight were just plain fun, they had a very solid rapport with each other (I have some issues with some of it but I'll bring that up in Starlight's section). It was especially fun getting more of a glimpse of Maud's sense of humor, as well as insight into why she likes rocks so much while still coming to grips with the fact that rocks aren't enough for her, even if she does love them. I was happy that she's essentially living in Ponyville after this episode, and in a pretty cool new setting too, that underground cavern looked pretty snazzy (and hey, no rent, she basically got herself free real estate, unless of course she did have to buy the land, I wonder if that's the case, I mean, she clearly had to get it registered as a new address, we saw a mailbox there and everything). So even if Pinkie Pie was written so stupidly so as to make Maud look like the more mature of the two (which she was), that doesn't mean that Maud wasn't executed well, she was, very much so. Hopefully we'll get to see more of her around Ponyville now, cause when she and Pinkie have good rapport, they are awesome together. Finally, we come to Starlight, who was pretty solid as well. I have a few issues, but mostly with just some of the ideas surrounding her presence, not her execution here. First, that flashback connecting Starlight to Maud was as hilarious as it was deliciously evil; I have some problem with the idea that Maud wouldn't be concerned with pointing some pony to an object that could enslave others, BUT the execution was so good and snappy as a joke that I couldn't help but love it for what it was! As I said before, she and Maud have great rapport together and were very fun to see being friends with one another. It didn't feel like Starlight and Trixie do, where those two are clearly BFFs and Starlight very often has something to teach Trixie about friendship, this felt more like just a, ya know, friendship, where two individuals are just happy to share some interests with each other and spend some time together now and then. I like that because sometimes that's all a friendship is, just digging someone's company now and then, and I can also see that being the type of friendship Maud would desire. Although I don't exactly get why both of them said they didn't want to talk about feelings with each other when that's kind of exactly what they did when Maud explained to Starlight why she likes rocks, giving her insight into her own struggles with ponies, but whatever. The bigger issue I had with Starlight's presence was the episode never really explained WHY Starlight gets Maud. And really, why does she? Why does she get Maud and the other Mane 6 supposedly don't? As I said, I'm not quite sure why Maud doesn't even consider the Mane 6 to be friends. Does she think they just like her because she's Pinkie's sister? And again, what about Starlight makes her qualified to get Maud more than others? Sure they've both struggled with making friends, but for totally different reasons. Starlight just felt alone after Sunburst left her when they were younger, she never felt like ponies were judgmental about her. She has even today a fairly grounded and even-keeled personality, and I don't even get why she thought that liking kites was some kind of weird thing she should largely keep to herself (don't get me wrong, that bit with the kites was hilarious and I loved learning that it's something she really likes, but I still don't get why she acted like it was some big secret, I mean, they're kites, sure not everyone is into them but nobody thinks you're weird for liking kites, they're just bucking kites!!!). But overall, Starlight was fine here and had some great chemistry with Maud. I don't want the show to start having her befriend every major supporting character outside of the Mane 6, because I don't want her to develop her own Mane 6 and don't want the show to send some kind of message that "Starlight is better at some kinds of friendships than the Mane 6 are, because... reasons," but this one I can dig because it felt different from a lot of the other friendships Starlight has made. Overall, despite a few nitpicky issues, I really liked seeing little ol' Glim Glam here, and hopefully we get to see more of her, Maud, and their kites in the future! Oh, also, I completely agree with Starlight, jalapeno-red velvet-omelet-cupcakes sound terribly disgusting, c'mon Pinkie, what're you even thinking??? These two, I totally dig these two A few extra notes to wrap things up. What was up with that Rarity scene? Like, all of it. What was up with it? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did Rarity freak out when Maud told her that all of the gems there were common gems? I figure Rarity might know more about gems by this point than even Maud, and it seems like in Equestria that gems grow almost as common as apples, so it seems like a ton of gems would be common. I mean, she couldn't bedazzle the s*** out of so many dresses if they weren't. On top of that, there were so many gems in that cave that how could they not be common??? I mean, it was literally covered in gems ground to ceiling, there's no way they could be anything but common! I don't know, this is a nitpicky point, but it bugged me, because if gems were supposedly rare, it seems like Rarity would rather sell them then go to the trouble of putting so many on dresses. But in this world, I've never gotten that impression about gems, heck, Rarity's not even the only one who puts them on dresses, that's how common they seem to be in Equestria, so I have no idea why she was on the verge of tears when Maud told her that, even if it was for laughs. Confusing scene overall and in the end it had no major impact on the episode. The bit with Lyra and Bon Bon, while obnoxiously stupid as far as Pinkie Pie's contribution goes, was pretty hilarious on their end. Lyra's terrified face was too funny and she just seemed so confused by what was going on (although oddly accepting of the idea that she was supposed to be a... rock, but hey, I guess that's just how scared ponies get of angry Pinkie), and Bon Bon looked so terribly annoyed at Pinkie (plus I'm not surprised that she wasn't taking any of her s*** either, I mean, she was a monster-hunting secret agent at one point). The return to Ghastly Gorge and seeing the Quarray Eels make another appearance were both cool callbacks to Season 2, though I refuse to believe that Maud wasn't aware they were there when she was looking into moving there, she's too smart not to have thought of that. "Find your own mint pony, ya pink menace!" Finally, most importantly of all, DERPY HOOVES, BEST PONY FOREVER AND GREATEST GEM THIS SHOW HAS GIVEN US TO DATE, made her first appearance of Season 7, and it was most enjoyable indeed! She first showed up when Maud and Starlight were in the market, just walking around, but then she had her own little bit when Pinkie Pie threw a pizza at her and she gleefully chased after it (hey, at least she got a free pizza out of Pinkie Pie's stupidity, that's more than most ponies can say in this episode about what they got from Pinkie's OOC behavior)! I look forward to seeing more of best pony this season, and cannot wait for Derpy's next appearance. I apologize for all of these upcoming pics but I just had to post this as a sequence... Ha ha, best pony has pizza and you do not, BE JEALOUS, FEEL ENVY!!! Overall, this was the first episode of Season 7 that, for me, was just good. It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, maybe it wasn't even very good, but it was solidly just good, and given how bad Pinkie was here, it really should be commended for even being that good. I did care about what was happening, I liked what ended up happening, and ultimately something was accomplished, Maud has a friend and lives adjacent to Ponyville, good stuff overall, even if the road there wasn't entirely smooth. That's all I've got for you this time folks, until next time everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* HOLY S***, BUCK YES!!!
  20. Starlight and Maud were the highlights here, without question. After really bad performances in Every Little Thing and To Where, this is Starlight's third consecutive good appearance, and her growth continues. Trixie's and Starlight's friendship's very energetic, but Starlight's and Maud's friendship is very casual. You can tell she's grown a lot since she first arrived in Ponyville one-plus season ago. More self-assuring than before. Maud was really good, too. One of her better performances of the show. Her anti-humor was dry when it needed to be, but sincere and serious when it needed to be, too. Maud isn't nor should be merely a vessel for dry humor. She should be more than that to round out her character and not make her one-note. Their bond was fantastic. Something about Maud Pie the episode that clicks poorly is how much the RM5 tried to get acquainted to Maud, but never do, and try to force a resolution out of it. There was never any genuine growth nor understanding between Maud and the others. When Maud is with a ReMane character, there's some sort of friction. There was a little bit of friction to start here, too, but what this episode does right in comparison to the S4 episode is how the between Maud and Starlight evolves over the course. They have something in common, and, no, it's not the kite. It's how Starlight and Maud not only listen to each other, but understand each other, too. They can imagine the other's point of view — see in each other's shoes. Maud's reasoning for being so close with rocks is very personal, which the show didn't do until today. I'm not sure why it's the case. For a show writer's point of view, could be because Maud's passion for rocks is mostly gag-centric. But for a canonical point of view, it implies that Maud will only do it to those who can relate to her, which Starlight shows. That said, this episode could've done more to help Maud get better acquainted. Remember, she only became friends with one Ponyville resident. Ponyville's a pretty big village with all sorts of personalities. There are a lot of characters that she can acquaint and have something in common if you can arrange the time. Unfortunately, RSF doesn't delve into that, and it leaves Maud's transition into Ponyville only half-full. Pinkie's obnoxiousness is understandable. In the beginning, she's super-excited because her sister officially became a doctor, which is very difficult to do. And it's understandable why she butted into Maud's business when trying to explore Ponyville and bonding with others in Ponyville. Nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact how nosy and obnoxious she is. Sure, she may not be completely observant, she's still very sensitive and should understand how Maud needs time to adjust to Ponyville. She should remember how butting into other people's business caused a great deal of problems: Look no further than A Friend in Deed. Rather than try to force a friendship, let it build. Yes, the lessons are different, but the secondary theme remains. Furthermore, her actions suggest that Pinkie doesn't completely trust Maud, even though they're supposedly very close. It's like the episode doesn't completely understand Pinkie. This semi-break of continuity hurts Pinkie's character and bogs down the episode. The moral itself — "There's no one true way into making friends — is fine. However, this episode feels like there could be an entirely different moral with maybe a more direct theme. Remember the theme of this episode: Maud is trying to decide which place to move to, the Ghastly Gorge or Ponyville. But there's also a side-theme of Pinkie trying to convince her to move to Ponyville over the Ghastly Gorge. Perhaps the theme of the episode could be only trying to convince Maud to move. But rather than Pinkie getting in the way, she just watches from afar and hopes everything moves swimmingly. Use Pinkie's growth over the seasons, her instinct, and trust of Maud to help forge friendships and influence her decision to relocate to Ponyville. Is it good? No. But is it bad? No. It's above-average.
  21. HEEEEY-- So I'm currently getting started on my animatics for Hamilton and here are my character reference sheets. They are rough but this is how the frames are going to be drawn in the videos as well. Keep an eye out for it being released on YouTube as soon as I can manage. Previews and shorts will be coming and all that. What do you think of my cast, fellow Hamilton fans?? Alexander Hamilton: Twilight Sparkle Angelica Schuyler: Maud Pie Eliza Schuyler: Pinkie Pie Aaron Burr: Applejack Maria Reynolds: Rarity I know these characters aren't all of them, but these are the ones I'm mainly going to be doing the animatics about. Your opinions?
  22. There's something about the concept of sharing traditions that drives me to think how wonderful differences are. We don't see the world on the same way; each one of us have our motivations, experiences and dreams to accomplish. We want to share our own perspective with the world, and also want to see what others have to offer. That's one of the bases of fandoms, expand what we think we know and learn about different ways to see one particular thing. To make it work, we have to learn how to listen, and try to understand why other person thinks differently than you, and be grateful that this idea can be not only spoken, but heard. Season 5 episode "Heartbreakers" portraits this idea wonderfully. It's not perfect, but goes well with the standards of the show. I enjoy seeing Pinkie Pie and Applejack interact like the knew each other for years. I mean, like a childhood best friend. It's heartwarming, and anyone with that one friend can relate. The are almost opposites in personality sometimes, but also share a lot in common, particularly the silly sense of humor. If you want Pinkie to be your best friend, just go along with that. The pies are also unique and interesting. The 4 sisters are three extremes and a neutral centerpoint in the spectrum of emotions. Limestone is anger, Marble is timidness, Pinkie is joy, and Maud is... Maud. It's a clever way to make a character. I'd love to see them around on season 7. A family related episode is always welcome to my list of personal favourites. Bring me the Pie and the Maud, gud sir. Twitter! deviantArt!
  23. Now please bear with me everypony. I'm not trying to offend anypony who's a big fan of Maud Pie. I think from a storyline perspective Maud Pie does provide some funny bits with her stoic contrast with the hyper Pinkie. I'm only trying to explain this from within the context of the show. and the opinions expressed here don't necessarily reflect that of me, but possibly the other 5 members of the Mane 6: Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. It's become pretty obvious to see that the other Mane 5 try very hard to get along with everypony, but as we have seen, whenever Pinkie Pie includes her "wonderful" sister Maud on any adventures with her friends, trying to find common ground with Maud Pie is a complete chore! As seen in "The Gift of Maud Pie", Rarity tries everything that she can to help find a gift outside of the realm of rocks that would please her and in the scene in the marketplace, Rarity just shows Maud a bunch of interesting gifts and the ONLY thing that she is interested in is A SIDEWALK CRACK!!!!!! And upon hearing this, Rarity nearly blows a gasket at her, she even tells Pinkie that Maud is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. Now I understand that Maud isn't trying to be mean or anything, her stoic approach and her obsession with rocks are all a part of her personality. But Maud Pie needs to be considerate and appreciate what Rarity tried to do to make her happy. But Pinkie Pie isn't off the hook either. Pinkie has the tendency to, for lack of a better term, "overglorify" Maud, and force her upon her friends, saying how "wonderful", and "fantastic" Maud is. Now I understand that Pinkie Pie doesn't pull her punches when it comes to expressing her love for both her friends AND family, especially Maud. After all Maud is, believe it or not, Pinkie Pie's own flesh (if you can call it that) and blood. And from a storyline perspective, it does make a relatively shocking plot twist for Pinkie to have a monotone, flat, stoic, rock loving sister (as well as the rest of her family), as opposed to the more predictable approach of the Pie family all having personalities that mirror that of Richard Simmons. And as we have clearly seen, Maud Pie truly loves Pinkie. But Pinkie needs to understand and realize that Maud just doesn't mesh well with the other Mane 5 as friends. It's a fact of life. Yet I believe this also plays to a certain character trait of Pinkie: She's too optimistic and naive about situations like these. I somehow have a gut feeling that one of the other Mane 5 is going to eventually be pushed to the limit by Maud Pie's frustratingly boring behavior, and Pinkie just grinning and hugging her sister saying how great she is, that I can just imagine possibly either Rarity or Rainbow Dash just losing it and shouting at Pinkie Pie: "PINKIE! MAUD IS A FRUSTRATING BORE!!!!!!!" ...or something of like that. Now I know that would probably make Pinkie's mane and tale deflate back into Pinkamena. But I just hope that she would be understanding about it and next time in the future whenever Maud is about to join her along with any of the other Mane 5 on an adventure, Pinkie would be serious for a second and give a heads up to the others saying: "I know that Maud does come across as a bit bland to the rest of you and everypony else. But please try to show some patience, Maud is my sister and I love her with all my heart, and she loves me just as much. So Please? Okey Dokey Lokey!" Do you think that Maud's antics might drive anypony to a possible breaking point? If one were to put Pinkie Pie on the spot about her sister (or family)'s stoic characteristics as opposed to her own, what do you think she might answer? Once again, This is from a perspective from within the context of the story. I personally have no problems with Maud Pie as a character, and I hope I haven't offended anypony. Thoughts?
  24. This is a video and stuff so there's that
  25. Hello, I would like to share this new video I have made! It's a PMV with a song "And All That Could Have Been" from Nine Inch Nails. It took me like 2/3 weeks to make or so, I hope you will like the video. Thank you for clicking on this thread and stuff!