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Found 2 results

  1. Title: Rock Solid FriendshipAir Date: April 29, 2017 Written by: Nick ConfaloneSynopsis: When Pinkie Pie learns that Maud might move to Ponyville, she does everything she can to make sure her sister sees that it has more to offer than just rocks.Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  2. Ok, I won't touch on all what took front and center in this episode, because too many people have already shared their opinions on BonBon & Lyra, Derpy & Doctor Hooves, Vinyl Scratch & Octavia, Cranky & Matilda, the Beiber and the pandering...I mean, Bee-bear and Panda-wing, the Lebowski ponies....and I'd rather not throw about a repetitive perspective or opinion on what's already been covered (and I suggest those who post try to avoid doing the same). So keeping things fresh (I hope), I want to address a number of things about the 100th episode that I feel no one's touched on yet. Starting with the untapped “wrongs” of “Slice of Life”. The Secondary Mane 6 of backgoround ponies aside, let's look at Spike. Yes. Spike. Ok....Is anyone else somewhat offended by Spike being shown as a background pony? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that he showed up in the 100th episode at all. But the episode itself was geared more towards what background ponies do when the Mane 6 (or the CMC) aren't on screen, so it feels like the writers are saying that Spike is more or less a background pony. The writers have said, at some point, that they don't quite know what to DO with Spike, before the 100th episode aired, so slipping him into the episode that was meant for background ponies seems a bit insulting for the most well-developed, most complex character in the show. This feels very wrong to me......but.......hopefully the Staff will prove me wrong in “Princess Spike”, next week. But in the meantime, share your thoughts on Spike being in this 100th episode, and what it implies. Next, there's the “what's to come”, as far as potential future episodes that take what “Slice of Life” gave, with certain characters, and continuing to build on that. One of the greatest moments for me (and from what I've seen, many others), was Gummy being there, and his in-depth monolog on the philosophical thoughts he had about the pony world. This. Is. A. Goldmine. And I certainly hope to see this touched on in an episode, down the line. After seeing Gummy's true character, along with Big Mac's, through the IDW comics (specifically, “The Art of Gazebo repair”, and “) I think putting these two in an episode together would be mind-blowing. Perhaps just a 22-minute long philosophical internal monologue between them, when Pinkie asks Big Mac to gator-sit Gummy, one day. I can see Maude being all deep and philosophical, too, with Big Mac (these two also need an episode together). Come to think of it, perhaps that's precisely why Pinkie keeps Gummy around- she knows about Gummy's deep internal monologues, and perhaps relates that character trait to her sister, who she loves just as much as Gummy. Would you want an episode of Gummy & Big Mac/ Big Mac & Maude/ or all three, where viewers are subject to the internal monologing and telepathic philosophical debates between the two (or three)? Lastly, the “Slice of Life” episode was a milestone and, I feel, exploded open the gates for mountains of new fanworks that the community will undoubtedly capitalize on. Secret agent Sweetie Drops will get Tumblr “Ask” pages, and “Mare In Black” parodies in the forms of music, fanfic, fanart, animation; maybe the musicians of the community will start doing more Dubstep/ Classical pieces inspired by the confirmation of Vinyl and Octavia being “roommates” (personally, I hold to my headcanon that that was a music studio, rather than their house, and that those two live in completely different towns, Vinyl living with her big brother in Ponyville, and Octavia living in Canterlot) But again- trying to put the secondary Mane 6 aside, since we know we'll undoubtedly get all forms of future fan-content from them, are there any ponies/ non-pony characters you feel aren't as worked with, in fanworks, and do you think there should be more done with them? Do you think there WILL be more done with them, now that the 100th episode slaps us in the face that there's more characters than just the mane 6, Princesses, CMC, Spike, and secondary 6? Personally, I could get down with seeing fans do more with Steven Magnet and poor Amethyst Star, first and foremost. Davenport, I don't think showed up in the “Slice of Life” episode, but I kinda want to see more done with him, Hugh Jelly, and Long Play (Vinyl's Brother from IDW comics), too.