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Found 11 results

  1. Well, topic name says it all. Share and/or talk about your love for meat here. Optionally provide a picture of what you like eating/have eaten/are currently eating. Top foodzors: Kebab/kebabplate, preferably with hot sauce and jalapeños. Pizza. Ham, meatballs, salami, chicken, beef. All of it is AWESOME. Steak. Medium-done to deep fried. Yummy. Sliced pork. Healthy, tasty and goes very well as meat for tacos. Hamburgers. Fries optional. Kebabplate with kajenne pepper and a Cola at San Marino's. <3
  2. So while we haven't really seen obvious consumption of meat, do we know for sure if ponies eat meat or not? About the only evidence I know of, both for and against, are the following. In "A Bird in the Hoof", the sandwich next to Applejack has what appears to be meat in it. In "Over a Barrel", a line in Pinkie's song is "Both our diets, I should mention Are completely vegetarian" In "A Canterlot Wedding Pt: 1", Rainbow Dash is eating a sandwich that has what appears to be meat in it (look very closely between the tomatoes and the cheese). The 'hot dogs' in the show seem to be only roasted carrots. Ponies have been shown to catch fish (this one could just be for sport). Applejack keeps pigs, but for what reason? Keeping them for fertilizer seems rather inefficient, especially since there's waste from the cows that could be used. They can throw up and eat things like chocolate, which already says they have a digestive system much closer to a pony's, rather than that of a real horse. Now that's not to say that they don't eat vegetables and fruits more than meat, as I would assume they still have a heightened taste for plant foods. Also, the first two pieces of evidence are from Season 1, which was a bit rough-running on continuity. Interestingly enough, "A Bird in the Hoof" is the episode immediately after "Over a Barrel", so the line of Pinkie Pie's would have already been said, yet a piece of meat was put in anyways. But, that in mind, what do you guys think? Is there more proof that they eat meat but we just don't often see it, or is there more proof that they are are herbivores (or at the very least, vegetarian omnivores)? I'm kind of curious on this, since I'm not sure whether to publish a fanfic with several instances of ponies eating meat (ham, bacon, beef stroganoff), or just change them to other things.
  3. It is shown that ponies don't eat meat in the show, making the use of a meat industry pointless. It makes sense at first, but there is one problem. There has to be some kind of meat industry or source as many ponies have pets, some which are consumers of meat. Unless they made them vegetarians in the show, I don't see how pets like Opalescence or Gummy would live without it. They never shown them eat things like that, but they must somehow. What do you guys think?
  4. I thought about asking who would be the most/least likely to eat meat but that would be a bit too obvious. We know Fluttershy would never do that because even the thought of it would traumatize her and Rainbow Dash would probably be open to it because as a former friend of Gilda she has probably witnessed her eating meat a few times and may have even tried it herself out of curiosity. I think the most likely to eat meat aside from Rainbow Dash would be Twilight Sparkle due to her natural curiosity, all she would need is one book on meat to spark that she may have some reservations but if her curiosity is strong enough she may be able to overcome them. Rarity would probably be the least likely to eat meat aside from Fluttershy because she would judge it as undignified and unladylike in addition to being horrified at the idea of eating another living creature.
  5. Would the act of eating ponies cause them to fear us? Would it make them absolutely terrified of the sight of humans? Since our soldiers randomly attack villages across Equestria during our invasion and every village we capture we eat half of the population. What would you say these ponies reactions to it be? Nightmare Moon? Princess Celestia? Fluttershy? Other? (what pony you want)
  6. Where would you personally recommend the best place to take Twilight for a burger? You know, since Equestria Girls she loves burgers and bacon. None of those vegetarian heyburgers, she's wants a big, greasy, meaty, beef burger made by humans. None of that low fat stuff, extra fattening cheese and of course bacon and other delicious things to be put into a burger. A burger fit for a princess. A burger that may make her fall in love with you. XD A burger that would make even Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress proud.
  7. Yeah, I know I'm Malaysian, but today (and tomorrow) will be about one of my favorite festivals: "Jani" (Yah-nyee) is a Latvian festival occuring around June 23-24, where the Latvians go to the countryside to dance around bonfires, eat lots of meat and cheese, and drink loads of beer. There's also lots of singing during this festival. Latvians love singing. Oh, and don't that men with the name "John" will have a wear a huge wreath on their heads! So, for all of you non-Latvians (including Americans), how do you celebrate Midsummer/Summer Sun Festival?
  8. Would you miss meat as a Human In Equestria (somehow teleported there), blah blah blah! I would miss meat, another small thing I would miss is the Internet. If I were to be allowed to hunt and kill a non sapient creature I guess I could get meat, but I think Fluttershy and few other Ponies would get angry at me. Or perhaps find a restaurant/steakhouse owned by a griffon, seen that happen in a few fan fictions.