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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 11 results

  1. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    How Are You With Needles?

    Are you afraid of needles? How are you with getting blood drawn and recieving injections? I am personally a huge baby when it comes to this. I sometimes faint whilst getting blood taken, which is referred to as vasovagal syncope. However, when i’m drawing blood on animals, i’m fine
  2. When i used to be a kid, between the ages 3-7 i was going to my pediatrician alot of times because i was always sick with something, especially during winter. I was pretty much getting used to it and i was always fascinated with the instruments that the doctor had (especially the stethoscope) and he always gave some sweets at the end. Only thing i didn't like was getting a shot, but even that i got used to. What about you guys? Did you liked going to the doctor, did you not, or something inbetween?
  3. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    Have You Ever Had To Call 911?

    Have you ever had to dial 911 or 999? (Or whatever you emergency number is). I've only had to call 911 once.I was 14 and a man kept asking me to get into his car. He offered "A good time and ice cream". I ran off and dialed 911.
  4. Mesme Rize

    Why i will never be a Doctor IRL

    So, as probably many of you have noticed by now, is that my hypnotizing Lamia OC, is also a Doctor. He is a Doctor, because i also wanted him to be like a productive pony instead of just being a normal hypnotizing lamiapone like other lamiapones are and he is a doctor because i myself have an interest in Medicine and even owning a stethoscope, which is like the symbol for a modern Doctor. But there have also been some people who asked me "Mesme, why don't become a Doctor? You obviously have a knowledge in this kinda field and you would probably do good." Well, it's true that i have a certain knowledge in that field and i have learned how to make steth checkups, there are just alot of things that you have to take into consideration. First of all, becoming a Doctor takes years of hard studying and you have to sacrifice alot of your private time to achieve this goal. The thing is, i don't really like the thought of sacrificing this time and i feel like this would at somepoint lead to a breakdown by me, because the studying becomes way too much and i don't want to lose my friends because of it. The other thing is, even if i do become a Doctor, it's not going to be an easy Job/Life. I thought to maybe be a cardiologist or maybe a pediatrician. Cardiologist, because the heart interests me the most and pediatrician because i can imagine working with kids could be fulfilling. But what if i have a very ill patient, whose life is on the line? As a cardiologist, you face that alot, because the heart is the most important organ and deadly sick children would be even harder, because it would probably break my heart way too much and i would just feel incredibly helpless that i can't prevent it. Basically, while it could be fun in theory, i think it would eat me up after awhile because i just care too much for these people. Hope i didn't put you guys down too much, but i felt like i had to say this.
  5. So I love reading interesting scientific & technological journals and actually find a lot of interesting stuff often times. I came across this a couple of days ago and decided I would drop a link and get some opinions and thoughts on the following if for no other reason it is as much morbid as it is fascinating. Also, I felt this was more of normal discussion material and not intense debate material so I placed it here. If mods and admins feel it would be better in the debate pit or if the thread goes in some direction I am not expecting, please feel free to relocate it there. Thanks. Human head transplants So the worlds first possible human head transplant. Possibly the beginning for a new age in modern medicine. If you consider, there are so many things that could be solved here if this not only goes through, but is successful... it is rather intriguing to think about. People suffering from permanent injuries, amputations and paralysis, physical disabilities and deformities and possibly even different types of diseases and malignancies could all become treatable in the right circumstances. And this opens the door for more advanced methods in transplant technology which will both further our knowledge in the field of human medicine, and allow us to improve upon it leading to more lives saved and transformed. Of course it does open up the question about ethics and morality.... but I think as long as people know what they are getting into, and the proper donor paperwork is filled out and the donors wishes are being taken care of, this is not really as much an issue as I have seen some say. Of course it does bring up where suitable headless bodies will be acquired from and if successful exactly who the person will be now. After all it would be two different people on record, becoming one person.... how will they be identified going forward? What do you think? Is this too much of playing with God and delving into the realm of Frankenstein? Or is it the future of medicine and surgery and just another hurdle to face in our desire to repair the human body? Would you be willing to donate your body to such a procedure if something unthinkable happened to you, or have your head placed upon a new body if something caused your old body to be of no use to you anymore?
  6. Hello, i am Dr. Messsssme. I cure all of your sicknesssssses, from little knee scrapesssssss, very annoying flusssssss, or if you jussssssst come for a routine checkup. Come to me and you get a Lollipop at the end. So yeah, i also have some interest in Medicine, so Mesme also is a Doctor from time to time. Thank you to Crecious for this wonderful pic.
  7. Heart Beat

    Know of any good schools?

    Hi! I'm an incoming junior in highschool, and I'm really interested in biology, and language.... that's beside the point kinda xD. I'm planning on going into pre med in college. I know the basics i think... i'm taking classes that coincide with what i want to do, and i'm currently working on getting my EMT, I'm also going to shadow my uncle (who is a pediatric surgeon) in Korea during winter break (at least.. that's the plan). Since junior year is coming, im supposed to decide on several colleges... yay?.... I'm thinking University of Iowa, or UCSD... Do any of you know good schools that have a good medical program? Or just, good schools in general XD Thanks for your time
  8. DoubleRainbow_Dash

    Nurse Redheart Fan Club

    There's a place that many people forget about when they watch this show, the medical field. So I dedicate this fan club to Nurse Redheart, that one medical pony everyone forgets about. Show her some love and post down below! ((General Fan Club rules apply))
  9. Something that passed my mind today for a little while. One of the many medical cures I have wished for is that I hope some time soon we can find a natural cure for hearing loss. Especially for those who have had their hearing deteriorate over the years. Two other things that come to mind are memory loss & cancer. Here's hoping that some time soon they can find medical treatment for these things. If you have any other wishes for certain medical advances/cures for the future what would those be?
  10. EDITED! yeah after all of this work it is time to show you the portrait of the first 5 members of the code 3 bronies we are EMTs, paramedics, firefighter, cops, whatever does a service for the community (red cross fuck yeah), so without other words here, in order Twisted Shadow: German Mountain rescue squad member Doc. Volt: Italian red cross EMT, disaster relief and civil protection voluntieer Firestorm: American EMT (almost paramedic) Meirno: Full time firefighter Neon Fire: future police officer many others are in the group but are not portraied here.. if you are one of who falls in this categories, or you do something for the public service, contact us to join the group!
  11. Eating too much sugar can eat away at your brainpower, according to US scientists who published a study Tuesday showing how a steady diet of high-fructose corn syrup sapped lab rats' memories. http-~~-//