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Found 10 results

  1. So this is actually a bit odd to be writing now since I just got finished taking a swallow tablet to prevent myself from catching the flu hopefully. However before then i'll be honest that i've never swallowed any tablets or pills before, and really i only swallowed the one i did after stuffing it in ice cream and accidentally chewing it in two.(that thing tastes disgusting.. ) I've never taken any actual pills though, and before i swallowed the tablet less then 24 hours ago i had never swallowed any medicine. Normally i just take liquids or chew-able tablets. I don't know why exactly, but i just felt like my throat doesn't wanna open when i try to swallowed tablets, or medicine of any kind really. Maybe i just lack practice, but anyways. I can't be the only one who has or had trouble taking swallow pills and tablets before, can i? I'm not even sure if i could take a pill if i had to, i might just choke on it, or it'd never go down. I know i'll have to get use to it eventually as most medicine is that way, but i find it kinda difficult personally, its actually a bit embarrassing in a way. I may be making progress to taking swallow medicine, but anyways.. Enough rambling. I just want to get to the point and ask the simple question in the title of whether anybody else has had trouble taking swallow tablets or pills? I feel like the majority hasn't, but i'd hope i'm not alone here ;p, or i'll feel kinda awkward.(Don't make me feel awkward and alone . ) Ahem. yeah that's about it, so feel free to begin discussing and stuff, Have a good day y'all!
  2. Doctor Mesme, a Snakepony that is obsessed with health and medical science, likes to dwell in jungle areas. He overreacts even at the littlest things, such as a simple sneeze or cough. He enjoys conversation about medical science and other relating stuff. HP: 80 ATK: 30 (Attacks with blue attacks, because if the "patient" is not still, it will cause pain.) DEF: 55 Battle: Doctor Mesme attacks with syringes and Stethoscopes, and other medical/health items. He uses green attacks, which are lollipops. (This attack happens if you let him inspect you, and he will reward you for being a good patient.) Opening Battle Dialogue: [Doctor Mesme slithers forth.] ACT: Check: Doctor Mesme - ATK: 15, DEF: 55. His Stethoscope makes him look very legit. Cough: [You cough. Doctor Mesme is freaking out.] Sit Still: [You sit still. Doctor Mesme examines you.] Sit Still (Again): [Doctor Mesme rewards you for being a good patient!] (Allows Sparing) Talk About Health: [Doctor Mesme seems delighted in the conversation.] Yeah, just a silly thing i thought up.
  3. Hello everyone. The Doctor issssss in. Tell the good Doctor anything. Ask about myself, about any sickness, about my job or if you need a diagnosisssss. Anything isssss okay. Come near. The good Doctor won't hurt you.
  4. It seems like a conception that has been only object of sci-fi is close to be put to the test. During December 2017, an ambitious procedure with the objective of transfering a human head to another body will take place for the very first time in the medical records of mankind. This on itself is baffling, apalling even. Because in the hypothetical case of a medical success many questions may arise. Has science gone too far? How will religions react when faced to such an unbelievable event? Are we truly playing God with each step we take? And what is truly a human individual? Are we a complete being with a body and mind, or nothing more but a encephalon that could be connected with any organism and still be considered like said individual? Any opinions on the matter, it being the surgery on itself or what could transpire afterwards a supposed 'success'? Source:
  5. This is seriously cool, could save lives and improve the quality of life of millions if perfected.
  6. "Researchers say they have discovered a chemical alteration in a single human gene linked to stress reactions that, if confirmed in larger studies, could give doctors a simple blood test to reliably predict a person’s risk of attempting suicide." - Science Daily, July 30th, 2014
  7. I have a serious case of tonsilitis. It's so hard-core, I've been prescribed an equally hard-core anti-biotic (Clarithromycin 250mg) after penicillin did nothing to combat it. It all seemed fine, until I looked at the list of side-effects: Rashes Breathing difficulties and facial swelling Severe diarrhoea with blood and/or mucus Mouth, lip and skin ulcers Stomach problems (vomiting, pain, indigestion) Pins and needles Headache Joint pain Muscle pain or loss of muscle tissue Inflammation of the tounge or mouth Discolouration of the tounge or mouth Thrush (should be fine here) Changes in sense of taste and smell Tooth discolouration Dizziness Difficulty sleeping Ringing in the ears of hearing loss Liver problems (eg. hepatitis and jaundice) How lovely. Now for the possible mental side-effects! Anxiety Confusion Loss of bearings Hallucination Change in sense of reality Panicking BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! TAKE CLARITHROMYCIN TODAY AND GET A SHOT AT THE RARE EFFECTS Fainting as a result of low blood sugar Kidney problems (eg.protein in urine or kidney faillure) Pancreas inflammation Convulsions Reduction of white blood cells in the body which increase chances of infection (like HIV) Reduction in blood platlet levels which increases the risk of brusing and bleeding (like haemophilia) Even better, there's two "super rare" side-effects: Inflammation of the eye Changes in heart rhythm
  8. Hi MLP friends!!! this is a serious shout out.. this is for all cancer patients members or not. Lets join together and come up with ideas to cure this disease.. either from links, foods, remedies,... my birthday happens to fall in the Breast cancer awareness month.. October 20. I cut my ponytail to help kids with no hair with this type of disease or etc. at locks of love .com or org. If any of you have 11 inches or longer ponytail.. please donate your ponytail to them also.. I personally feel great that I made a childs day. It gives up a rush I think. If you did.. can you take a foto of you before and after with your ponytail possibly?? If any of you live in the South Fort Myers area.. and your birthday is in October.. lets create a huge birthday party some how.. Whose with me???? Also.. back to what I was asking above with ideas as well...
  9. Ever since we realized we could die, we've tried to stop death. Our search has been fruitless (and I myself hope it to remain that way), but along the way, we've found countless ways to make life better while we have it, and to extend it so we can enjoy it as long as possible. In recent years, this has become incredibly apparent, with new discoveries being made every day. Both myself and countless others are fascinated and inspired by such things. As such, I'd like to bring these discoveries to light to others. I'm making this thread as a place to spread knowledge of and discuss the most recent developments in medicine, as to truly respect and admire these discoveries. I myself have found four to get the discussion started, and anyone with anything else of note can feel free to add them on here as to bring light to them as well. 1: Organs Off the Presses. A man recently had an operation on his skull. It had been seriously damaged, to the point that simply fitting the shards back together would have been impractical. So, they went with something different: they used a 3-D printer to make a skull plate out of a high-strength and body friendly polymer. Using this technology, they were able to replace 75% of this man's skull with a synthetic skull in the same shape as what he had before. Refine this technology, and we may end up being able to print off even internal organs, eliminating the need for donors, as well as the possibility of tissue rejection. 2: A New Meaning to "Spray-on Abs" Serious burns have been a problem for a long time. Until recently, the only option for healing was to graft skin from other parts of the body. Recently, however, scientists have developed a way to rapidly culture skin cells, and combine them with certain other biological agents (such as anti-clot factors) to create what can be applied to affected areas as basically "spray-on skin." The culture has proven successful in healing skin ulcers and the like in fractions of the time it would take for a graft to heal the same wound. 3: Selectively Deadly Toxins Venom is highly dangerous. Scorpion venom is no exception. However, a certain chemical found in the venom (the synthetic version is called T-601) has a rather helpful effect if isolated: it tags brain tumor cells, and brain tumor cells exclusively. It discolors the cancerous tumor tissue, allowing surgeons to more easily distinguish cancerous brain tumor cells from the regular healthy cells, allowing for more effective and reliable removal. And given how fragile the brain is, this is an infinitely helpful tool in the battle against cancer. 4: A True Replacement One area of medicine that never ceases to amaze is prosthetics. From the early days of muscular hooks to more modern metallic analogues, the field has advanced very greatly. However, the one of the most important improvements is coming from John's Hopkins University: a cybernetic arm that is controlled by thought. Electrodes are placed on the brain in the parts that control arm and hand movement, which send signals to a transmitter placed elsewhere in the body. The transmitter then sends the signals to the arm, which moves just like (and just as easily as) a human arm. What makes this truly astonishing, however, is another ability of this system. The arm itself contains electrodes and sensors that pick up environmental data that gets sent back to the transmitter. From there, it goes to electrodes placed in the areas of the brain where that area's sensory information is normally processed, basically, allowing the user the "feel" with their new arm These should be enough to get some discussion started. And again, feel free to share anything you guys come across; this thread IS meant to appreciate modern medical developments, after all. Here's hoping to more lifesaving medicine that has yet to be discovered!
  10. Does anyone have any weird diseases/disorders/conditions that they'd like to share? I have this: (Type I)