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Found 10 results

  1. So, initially I wanted to create an Europa Universalis thread to discuss about the game, until I realized that it would be a bit more exciting to talk about all of Paradox's games in general (not to mention there isn't a thread about it yet, as far as I know ((If there is, please let me know below!)). Are there any Paradox Grand Strategy players here? If so, what's your playstyle? How did you get into the games? What was the craziest, best, or even worst game you've had? What are your favorite, or least desirable aspects of Paradox's games (apart from its DLC, we all know it's pretty horrid). Go ahead, don't be shy about posting how big, or small your blob is Basically, I started out by a friend buying me Europa Universalis 4 once it was on sale last year on Steam. I understood the game rather quickly, and was able to play the Ottoman Empire... sort of successfully! x3 Just recently I got Hearts of Iron 4 (never played HOI 3 or any previous installment). I didn't understand most of it, but I can't wait until I do, it really looks just as fun as EU4 does! (Still haven't gotten Stellaris, I'll get back to you on that >.<) And now, for an obligatory blob picture(s)
  2. I would like a list of specific values (in various topics: economic, personal behaviour, treatment of others, relationships, family) from medieval-era Europe, as I would like to "make accurate" the medieval fantasy setting I might be writing about. Can you list any?
  3. OK I am a HUGE fan of high fantasy anything. Be it video games, books, movies, TV shows, short stories, art work or anything else. So I decided to start this thread so people can share all their favorite High Fantasy media. Now if you don't know what high fantasy is this is the wikipedia description. "High fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy fiction, defined either by its setting in an imaginary world or by the epic stature of itscharacters, themes and plot. Quintessential works of high fantasy, such as The Lord of the Rings, Malazan Book of the Fallen, andThe Wheel of Time, have both of these attributes. High fantasy exists on one side of a spectrum, opposite low fantasy or urban fantasy, which are set in more realistic worlds. Some works, such as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant,The Mortal Instruments, and The Neverending Story, concern characters that travel between realistic and imaginary settings, and are thus difficult to classify on this spectrum. High fantasy is often classified as epic fantasy; although the two subgenres are extremely similar, the latter usually contains a wider range of main characters." ​Now the way I define High fantasy is any medieval fantasy story of epic proportions set in a non real world. So while Narnia, for example, is medieval fantasy it has very real link to the real world and therefore is not high fantasy. Examples of high fantasy are, Lord of the rings, Game of Thrones, The Inheritance series, Skyrim and the whole elder scrolls franchise, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and The Name of the Wind just to name a few. For those of you who don't know The genre of high fantasy, also known as epic fantasy, was created by author of the Lord of the rings, J.R.R. Tolkien with his creation of Middle Earth, Beriland. He is a personal Hero of mine for this reason and many others. So please everypony feel free to recommend books, movies, and Tv shows, discus media, Post art or music, and generally talk about high Fantasy. I do have to ask that we stay on topic and post ONLY about high fantasy. While books like Harry Potter, and Narnia are very good they are not high fantasy and therefore don't belong in this thread. If you are unsure about something PM me first and I will let you know if it fits the Genre. So lets get talking!
  4. The Mount & Blade Discussion Thread! Ah, here we go, a thread made for the discussion of all Mount & Blade games. My second time making a thread like this, but anyways! For those who don't know what Mount & Blade is, well, I suggest you look it up (I'm not so great at explaining things myself). I quite enjoy playing Mount & Blade: Warband, in fact according to Steam, I've about 200 hours played! For the most part though, I tend to mess around with mods, rather than the vanilla game itself, In fact I am, at the moment, playing the 1257 Anno Domini mod. Pretty fun if you ask me, although enlisting as a soldier in another lord's army can be a bit annoying at times, especially during sieges, which is why I've left my army with the intent of starting my own kingdom! It'll probably be a while until I can even consider besieging a castle or town, but the time will come eventually ... the time will come ... But anyways, feel free to discuss and ... stuff!
  5. Goodness me, this was old writing... I may update sometime, but there'll be nothing here for now.
  6. Rainbow Dash, the powerful mare bearing the Element of Harmony, through an unfortunate and unknown turn of events, finds herself in an entirely different world. But it's not a different world, only...a different time. She finds herself over a thousand years in the past, thrust into a prophecy unknown to her, into a war with the demons of Tartarus, and the weight of a world lays quivering weakly in her hooves.
  7. In all honesty I prefer the Renaissance world. I don't know if it's because I'm just a hardcore fan of history (for some weird reason lol) or if it's because that's when explorations began and new things began to emerge. Although I wouldn't like to live there since of all the things back then, but I am mesmerized about it How bout you?
  8. Hello everypony! Me and two other of my friends on ROBLOX made a joint story about our family, 'The Vahlok's Platoon.' It's a prestigious group of the Empire of Tamriel's best swordfighters, and apparently, writers. (I know we aren't the best writers in Equestria but there aren't many good writers in the Empire of Tamriel x.x) Anyway, I'd be pleased if you read it. There is a bit of blood and death and stuff, but hey. This is the absolute LEAST amount of blood/gore you'll see in my stories. Anyway, here it is. Hope you all enjoy it, and if you can, please leave constructive criticism! We are relatively new writers and slightly confused. Prologue Back in the days before modern Equestria, and even BEFORE the days where the species were separated, times were even darker. Instead of arguing and bickering about helping each other, each species didn’t help each other at all. They actually were at war. The Imperial Pegasi, The Unicorn Thalmor, and the Stormcloak Earth Ponies all waged bloody war on each other with no hold out. The Stormcloaks owned a lot of Equestrian land, the Thalmor owned Canterlot and the Canterlot Castle, and the Imperial Pegasi owned Cloudsdale and a section of modern Fillydelphia. Commander Hurricane’s great grandfather, Dathuran, was the current leader of the Imperial Pegasi. Although the Earth Ponies owned much land and many troops, the Pegasi were faster and stronger. A prestigious mix of Unicorns and Pegasi, the Vahlok’s Platoon was one of the most honoured positions in the Pegasus Empire. Only the best of the best were chosen, and only the best of the best who proved themselves got through. The family, however, were almost born with sheer skill and courage, though that does not make them invincible... As the blade drove through Peyt's lower throat, everything grew darker and silent to her, like her vision and hearing were taking a break from their day-to-day job they do. It must be so hard, working for all hours of the night and day, inspecting their surroundings, making sure nothing is there that could bring harm. The assassin twisted his blade, worsening the wound and grinding cold steel against Peyt's spine. A cold chill shivered through her body as her spinal cord was cut and the pain was taken away. As the cold-blooded killer pulled the steel shortsword from Peyt's neck, the General fell to the ground on her back. The world faded, and her hearing was like the ear-ringing sound of tinnitus, only amplified three-fold. The warmth of her blood beneath her head was, at some extent, welcoming. There was no pain. No feeling. Peyt thought death was going to be terrifying, violent and rough. Yet it was peaceful. She had never felt such peace in her life before. She was free to prance through Sovngarde. She was ended of the stress of being a General. The stress of helping to lead an army 1,000 strong. The stress of just being her. As she lie there on the cold ground, she cracked a smile and closed her eyes. She was gone. She was free. Chapter I The Assault General Kroniid Vahlok cursed silently, and ordered a soldier to get him ready for travel. It was a long day, traveling across Equestria. Only yesterday had he heard of Peyt's demise. Following that, he was told by a Thalmor Courier that one of their own unicorns had done it. The unicorn Heroimine had ordered the assassination of Peyt. He rode day and night, hour upon hour, toward the Thalmor territory to which Heroimine was hiding. He took no breaks, he was going to kill the unicorn no matter if he died along with her. He was going to avenge his daughter. Upon arrival, he caught glimpse of seven Thalmor. Two of them being Poisoncrow and Heroimine. Five unicorn guards were stationed on a wall with their elven bows. "Too easy," muttered Vahlok as he crouched down. He moved through the bushes quietly, making sure not to step on so much as a twig. He readied his bow, and an arrow flew into one of the unicorns chestplates. The other four were startled, looking in all directions. Another arrow flew into a unicorn’s hoof. The unicorn staggered back, and was struck down by yet another arrow. Two of the unicorn guards remained, then one. Though this unicorn finally caught sight of Vahlok, and shot an arrow. The arrow cut Vahlok across his front leg, and he winced at the pain. He readied the last of his arrows and shot. The unicorn fell limp. He ran stealthily through the gates, and looked around. "There are no more Thalmor but Heroimine and Poisoncrow..." he muttered silently. Vahlok drew his sword, and began to pace behind the unicorns. Poisoncrow had looked back, and was startled when he saw Vahlok charging with a sword. Heroimine did not see Vahlok, however. She was cut down by the sword. Vahlok had his vengeance, or did he? "Heroimine!" Poisoncrow screamed, his face covered in Heroimine's blood. "Kroniid, how could you?" Poisoncrow had hissed. "This unicorn had the order to assassinate my daughter, and justice has been delivered." "Oh, you old fool! I am the one who ordered the assassination!" Vahlok was startled at this, but he soon began the charge. Though just before his sword made contact, Poisoncrow had vanished in a thick cloud. Vahlok cursed, and stepped back to the gates. Once he was ready, he galloped off to the Imperial Palace. Chapter II Vengeance When Vahlok had arrived at the palace, he stormed to each of the Imperials. He ordered them in a straight line, and picked out the few who were in his Platoon. The rest were to head off to guard Augustan Hold. "Crusaders! We have a mission now. It was not Heroimine who had assassinated Peyt, it was Poisoncrow all along!" The Imperials gasped, then asked questions. "But what shall we do, General?" One had asked. "We will assault them, of course. Show them what the cry of vengeance does to one poor soul." So each of the Imperials marched behind Vahlok, and together they headed off to Poisoncrow's domain. Soon they had arrived, and they each saw familiar figures. Old friends, they were. Kendov was among the crowd. "Ah, General Kroniid Sah Vahlok," Poisoncrow started, "To what do I owe the pleasure?" "You murdered my daughter Poisoncrow, and it is time for you to pay for it!" Vahlok screamed, his family and Platoon behind him all yelled things like, "FOR PEYT!" or "FOR THE PLATOON!" They began the attack. Imperials and Thalmor alike fell to the ground, and Vahlok had managed to sneak behind enemy lines along with his family. When they entered in from a gap in the walls, they saw Poison manning a siege weapon. "Gildanian, I need you to create a diversion." Vahlok had asked. "Yes, Father!" Gildanian rushed off and stood in front of the weapon. "Hey, Poisoncrow! Over here!" Gildanian yelled, and as quick as a cheetah, leaped out of the way just as a large arrow from the siege engine whizzed where he was standing. Vahlok had been behind Poisoncrow the whole time, tapped his shoulder, and let him have the time to turn around. "Wait, wha-" Were Poisoncrow's last words. His bloody body fell to the ground, Vahlok's sword sticking all the way through. He had yelled, "VICTORY FOR THE PLATOON! FOR PEYT!" and they executed the last of the Thalmor. After the long eventful day, they all traveled back to the Academy for a quick break, then to train some more. Chapter III The Break of Dawn Once they had arrived at the Academy, had a refreshment, and went to the sword fighting arena, this bright light had appeared. It blinded many Imperials, but Vahlok only seemed to stare. The purple, circular light, hovering 2 inches off the ground, showed an image of a tall, skinny, and black figure. As Vahlok stared into the eyes of the figure, he muttered, "Peyt..." Then the light disappeared, and the figure was still standing there. "PEYT!!" Vahlok had rushed forward, scanned the pony in front of him, and reassured himself. "IT'S YOU! YOU'RE ALIVE!" The family gathered around Peyt, and began to cheer. And so here we are now. Poisoncrow was dead, along with the elf Heroimine. Peyt is back. The cries of happiness. General Vahlok didn't think it could get any better. Vahlok left the room to the others, and walked alone to his quarters. There he picked up his helmet, a black, metallic-like stone, carved with intricate designs. He placed it on his head, and covered his head with a cowl. He adorned some black robes to hide his armor, and set out on foot. He told no one what he was going to do, only nodded at a few Imperials trotting by. He walked through the grass of Ponyville, snowy mountains of Canterlot, the clouds of Cloudsdale, until he arrived to a small Thalmor embassy. He pushed open the door, unicorns pulled out their gleaming swords and pointed them at him. "Who are you?" One of them shouted. "I know it was a decoy. Where is Poisoncrow." Vahlok demanded as the unicorns glanced at each other blankly, then turned back. "Poisoncrow's ali-" One of the unicorns started, but was cut-off. "Tell me. Or I will behead this unicorn!" Vahlok yanked at the nearest unicorn's mane, and pulled her towards him. "Tell me!" Vahlok raised his sword to the unicorn's throat. "Where is Poison?" One of the unicorns shouted. "We don't know! We have nothing to do with this!" But Vahlok didn't care, he brought the sword closer. "Don't think I won't do it, I have no pity for your kind." A unicorn, young, maybe in his 20's, ratted out the location. "He's hiding in Skyrim!" Vahlok then released the unicorn, and stormed out the door. He heard the elves beating the young one behind him. Chapter IV A New Day Arises Back through Cloudsdale, back to Canterlot, Vahlok set course once more. He trotted through the grass and snow of Ponyville, and asked the locals if they had seen a unicorn wandering around. One was able to tell him, and he set off for the destination. He arrived at a small hut, roughly 10 feet in width. He burst down the doors. Vahlok aimed his sword around, and caught glimpse of an old, shadowy figure. The figure took off his cowl and stared at Vahlok blankly. "Poisoncrow.." Vahlok muttered, but kept Poison cornered. He saw another figure move, and it was Kendov. Poison grabbed a nearby dagger and slashed at Vahlok. "Who are you? How have you found me?" Poison started. Vahlok removed his cowl, and ebony helmet. "Vahlok.." Poison darted for the nearest sword, and then made contact with Vahlok’s. They exchanged blows for what seemed like an hour. Finally, Poison landed a blow on Vahlok's chest, but made no damage. "What?" Poison said in disbelief as he stared at the black-robed warrior in front of him. Slowly, Vahlok removed the robes and dropped them to the floor. Poison stared blankly at Vahlok. "Nice new set of armor. That will make a great decoration on my wall." Poison sliced at Vahlok, but he parried. Vahlok dealt a blow on Poison's left shoulder, then spun around to damage his right. Poisoncrow dropped his sword, gasping for breathe. Kendov stared at his comrade. "You've won, Vahlok..." Poison started, but was cut-off. Kendov's sword stuck out of Poison's throat. Kendov plucked the sword out, and kicked the body away. He stormed outside, and galloped for the mountains. "Kendov, wait!" Vahlok shouted, but couldn't keep up. Chapter V The Start of a New Era Vahlok returned to the academy to find his family waiting with worry. "Where were you?" His wife, Rikke Faal Sos Vahlok, demanded. "Business. Personal business." He trotted back to his quarters, and placed the head of Poisoncrow on his wall. He thought all day about Kendov, where had he gone? Was he okay? He gathered a few members of his family. Gildanian, Clavicus, Peyt, and Krolit. They set off to find Kendov, in the mountains of Skyrim. They galloped, day and night, to the Throat of the World. They asked questions, but knew there could be no answer. But they saw one of the Greybeards point, and there, was Kendov. "Fus ro dah!" They heard him shout. Kendov looked back, and saw the Imperials gathered. He looked shocked, stepped back, and almost ran away. Vahlok grabbed his robes, and pulled him back. "What was that?" Vahlok demanded from Kendov. "Im.." Kendov looked away, but Vahlok forced his head back. "I'm dragonborn..." Vahlok stepped back, furious, but confused. All of the dragons were dead now. Vahlok looked around, Gildanian had only nodded, Peyt seemed to be playing with her sword again, Krolit poofing a fireball, and Clavicus just standing, as usual. Vahlok stared at Kendov. "You're lying." As he said this, Peyt had done something horrible. She stabbed Krolit in the back, killing him. She sliced at Clavicus, but he parried. Vahlok rushed at Peyt, but was cut across his front leg. "Ha Ha! You fools, I was never the Peyt you all know! The Peyt you know is dead!" Chapter VI Through Krolit's Eyes (Takes place during Peyt’s coma) My life drained out of me. The sword slashed my heart... I was dying and there was nothing I could do. I felt my legs go numb. I forgot everything and stared up at the sky of the Throat of the World. Life... had ended. I woke up feeling dirt under my body. I was in afterlife, or more correctly Magnus' Afterlife since I worshipped that particular god. I get up feeling weary and look around. I come to terms that I am Aetherius. "Seems, you are awake, Krolit." says a voice behind me. I immediately turn around and find myself looking at a tall stallion, which was glowing a white color. "I am dead, or so it seems. What happened to the fight on the mountains?" I ask. "All will be answered in due time, mortal." "Let it be known that you have been maimed by an alternative personality of Peyt." he says solemnly. "How d-" I ask, suddenly stopping. "Now since you have been quite faithful to me, and I need a... servant, in Nirn. You have two choices. Stay here dead, and learn all knowledge of the universe. Or enter the Nirn, and resume your spot with the living. You will be forced to do favors of mine for your living life." he says, sighing. "Which do you choose. Knowledge, or life? The foundations of Aurbis has already bended upon allowing your dead spirit to be here, so choose fast." I think for a couple of seconds and then reply: "I choose life because knowledge will come eventually." I say slowly. "Your choice, mortal." The world spirals into darkness. The world suddenly emerges, as if a veil of darkness has been swept aside. I feel my mortal body being reformed on the spot it was stabbed straight through. I look around and see my brothers, Alexia and Kroniid sitting on the ground weeping. For they had lost Peyt’s alternate personality in the thick blizzard, and I in death. That's when Alexia happens to hear my gasp as I draw in air once more. She stares at me, and the blood being taken back into my body. I sit straight up and start to look around. "You're alive..." gasps Alexia. "It's a long story." I start. "But we have a real problem. Peyt has taken on a substitute personality." I stay standing up. “Father... He went to get real Peyt, and...” Alexia stops to wipe away a tear. “Father was killed there. I brought back Peyt, but she’s badly wounded. She needs help.” I stare at the ground for what seemed like eternity. My father, dead? I shook it out of my head. Father is dead, and that is final, but Peyt is still alive, though not for long. She can still be saved. "Even, though I just came back from the dead I am willing to carry Peyt off the mountain. Before she becomes conscious again." I reach down and pick up Peyt noticing the blood covering her body. Alexia beckoned to the rest of the Vahloks', and we set off in silence. A Week Later... Peyt had not woken up from the drama on the mountain and was still in an induced coma. When we had first set out for this place I had to bound a cut on her flank, which we had no clue how it got there. The path was uncertain ahead, but one thing was certain that we have to get her out of this coma. We decided to head out to the closest temple of Stendarr to drive out this curse. Only one problem with all of this. The fact I am a werewolf. But we still were set on the course this was the only thing to do. Chapter VII A World of Awakening Horror "HELP!" screamed Peyt within her head. "NO!" The world spun black as voices continued to spin around in her head. "KROLIT! GET UP!" The voices began to drown out, and a white circle was visible in the center of her eyesight. "Get up..." Peyt awoke to freezing cold winds and an aching neck, still not coordinated enough to finalize an answer to where she actually was. Her hoof was wrapped loosely around a steel blade, cut, dented and bloody, yet she was unsure of it was hers or if someone else owned it. She began to gain feeling, and the blur covering her vision was gone. As she turned her head, she was greeted by a horrific sight. Augustan was burning to the ground, and the blood of herself and her fellow Imperials covered the pure white snow. She couldn't get up, she didn't have nearly enough strength to do something as strenuous as that at this point. She could only watch as the fortress become engulfed in the inferno. As Peyt continued to attempt to get up, she spotted a silhouette deep in the blizzard. It only watched as she finally got up and turned towards it. It wore a sinister black cape, and now that her vision was completely rehabilitated, it became apparent that it was female. "W-who are y-you," she shivered. "Answer m-me!" The silhouette began to trot forward, across the broken stone bridge that connected both sides of the canyon. It stopped at the other side, and pulled out a... something. But wait. Peyt knew what this was. This was a revolver. This was an instrument of death. She'd used it before. She was going to die. The silhouette pulled the trigger, and Peyt fell to the ground. Peyt's vision rattled again, and the voices flooded her thoughts. "KROLIT!" "The Peyt you knew is dead!" "Help..." Peyt's eyes opened to a figure with straight, jet black hair and sinister red eyes against a dark, bloody background. It glared at her with a disturbing closed-mouth grin. "Good morning, Peyt Vahlok." The brown-haired Legate just stared at the girl in front of her. "Shy, then? Well, I am your alternate personality." Peyt's eyes widened as the words left the mouth of her 'alternate personality.' "What do you want?!" muttered Peyt angrily as she glared at her. "I want the location of the Vahlok family's hideout." "Never!" declared the purple-caped Vahlok as she tried to attack her, only to find out her hooves were chained to the wall. "Enough." scowled her alternate personality as she drew a dagger. She slashed at Peyt's upper leg, creating a large gash. Peyt winced at this, but quickly regained her composure. "I killed your brother, and Alexia is here in captivity as well. You might as well just give up the position," said the alternate personality, spinning her dagger around her hoof rather quickly. Peyt stared at her alternate personality, mouth agape. "KROLIT-" "AGH!" Peyt yelped as her black-haired copy jabbed the dagger in her flank. "You're going to talk or I am going to make you, Peyt." The Vahlok glanced impatiently at her alternate personality. "You plan to make me talk by cutting me?" She said with a smile, ignoring the searing pain emanating from the gaping slash in her flank. She wanted to grasp her wound, but the chains hanging her from the roof suspended her from movement. The gash near her plot continued to take in fresh air, urging Peyt to just want to cover it more. Still, it was to no avail. "No," corrected the alternate personality as she held up half a lemon."I plan to make you talk with this." Alexia could hear loud screams from down the hall. She wished she could cover her ears, But the leather straps attached to the rusty chain-link hanging from the roof prevented it. How deafening the ear-rattling yells were. How bone shattering they were. How familiar they were... Chapter VIII The Torture Room of Peyt "AAUUUGGHH!" Peyt screamed as her alternate personality squeezed lemon juice over her wounds. She had never felt such pain in her life, not ever. Her urine was all over the floor by now, and her leg was covered in shiny red liquid. "TALK!" "NO!" Her alternate personality squeezed again, causing Peyt to squeal even louder. Her flank stung horribly, and her mouth tasted of dried blood and frothed saliva. Still, she did not spit it out. Not even a hint. She'd rather take this on forever than giving away her family's position, but at this point she would probably find out on her own, due to the 'army' she had been blabbering about not twenty minutes ago. Peyt looked up at the sinister red eyes of her alternate personality with teary eyes, filled with agony. Then, the brown haired Vahlok lowered her brow and tried to look as angry as possible. "I'm not gonna tell you-" The alternate personality squeezed yet again. "AHHH!-OUGH--" Peyt's scream was interrupted by a stream of vomit followed by a hacking cough. She began to drift away, into a black blur of some sort. She'd lost too much hydration in too many ways. Her vision was being overrun by images of her life. Her entire lifetime was flashing before her very eyes. She- Peyt's eyes widened as she gritted her teeth to sight she saw. A syringe stuck out of her chest, labeled 'ADRENALINE.' "There WILL be no relief, Vahlok." The alternate personality pulled out the adrenaline shot and went to pick up her dagger again. She picked it up from the tool table, and spun it around in her hoof. "Nice dagger, huh?" she asked Peyt rhetorically. "Huh?" she repeated. "Sigh, still not cooperating. I guess this will teach you to appreciate it more..." The demonic alternate shoved the dagger into Peyt's lower abdomen and twisted the blade hard. Peyt vomited blood, getting silky red mess all over her alternate personalities arm. "Quite the mess-maker, hmm? I can fix that." The alternate personality reached for another lemon half. "Goodnight, Peyt." she announced. "Goodnight, you- AHHHHHHHH!" Peyt fell limp, the shake of the chains and armour rattled through the building. Alexia needed to get out of these chains. Fast. But how? She began to remember Gildanian giving her a pair of his hidden blades. She then started to formulate a plan... Chapter IX The Joining of Two Factions Kroniid and the family, Gildanian and Clavicus, looked solemnly at the trail of fire and blood covering the path which Peyt's alternate personality took during her escape. The family traveled back to the palace, to speak with the Emperor. "Yes, Legate Vahlok?" Emperor Dathuran asked as they trotted into the throne room. "Sire', Peyt has been taken over by some out-worldly personality. She has already killed Krolit, and we must find her before she does something... horrid." At that moment a courier ran in, shouting for Kroniid. "Legate Vahlok! Legate Vahlok! Alexia has been captured by Peyt!" Kroniid's jaw dropped, he stared at the heavens, shouting in his mind at the gods. "Where is she?!" Vahlok demanded. The courier showed him a map, and Vahlok nodded. The Emperor looked at the map as well, then concluded the crisis. "Vahlok, travel at once to the Palace of Kings in Windhelm. Move it! And go alone, we don't want to risk any more Vahloks then we must." Kroniid nodded to his family and departed. The Imperial Palace was averagely close to the Palace of Kings, so it was not a huge journey. Kroniid arrived at Windhelm, and the Stormcloak guards shouted to open the gates. "The Stormcloaks have retaken Windhelm, and why are they letting me in?" Kroniid muttered and continued forward. He paced to the Palace of Kings, where the High King's housecarl greeted him. The housecarl opened the doors and allowed Kroniid entry. Rahvin Stormcloak was upon his throne, and his voice boomed through the grand hall. "Welcome to my palace, old friend. Someone is here to see you." When he said that a tall, dark figure with black hair, and a very devilish grin trotted out from behind Rahvin. "Hello, Kroniid. Looking for someone?" Peyt’s alternate personality asked as two bodies chained behind her kept yanking at the leather straps. They were the real Peyt and Alexia. Peyt was coughing blood and both were screaming “HELP!” Kroniid hissed at the alternate personality, and rushed her with his sword. Rahvin swung his sword and hit Kroniid across the chest halfway there. He fell to the ground. "Hahaha! You've fallen for my trap, Kroniid. How gullible of you..." Kroniid looked at Peyt and Alexia, and released a tear from his eyes. "I failed you." He thought. Kroniid was kept imprisoned for weeks, tortured by the alternate personality. But one day Rahvin stepped in, and made a promise that made Kroniid smile. "Kroniid, I'm sorry. I was such a fool to believe that monster!" "It's fine, Rahvin. Just get me out of here." "I can't." "Why not?" "She will kill me the moment she finds you're missing." "Then-" "But there is one thing I can do," Rahvin started, "I can kill you now, and put you out of your own misery." Kroniid thought on this for a while. "Do it." He demanded. Rahvin raised his axe, and chopped off Kroniid's head. Chapter X Judgement Has Been Delivered At this point, lights exploded everywhere. There were an assortment of them, Kroniid's personalities were spreading. His Strict, Smart, Funny, Immature, and Stupid personalities all spreaded throughout Nirn. However Kroniid did not die, his soul itself was sent to the future, and brought back through only one way. The future was, different. There were several factions, more worlds to be discovered. He found the Wonderbolts, The Solar Empire, The Royal Guards, and plenty others not heard of. They focused off of higher technology than early Equestria. Kroniid stared at the blank space ahead of him, aboard the UNSC The Light of Dawn, awaiting his return to Equestria, peacefully and painlessly. Kroniid was free for once in his life. Or his afterlife... Chapter XI Cutthroat Peyt and Alexia watched in horror as Kroniid accepted Rahvin's offer, to kill him and end his misery. Tears streamed from the girls' eyes as the deed was done. Peyt's vision still blurred and flowed, like waves of nothingness. Pictures of her and her father ran through her mind. She began to black out, slowly but surely. As she coughed up a last bit of blood, she passed out from blood loss. Alexia continued to shake her chains, trying to get one of the links to hit the button to activate her hidden blades. Crying hadn't made it any easier. Rattling of chains filled the room as a tear left Rahvin's eye and he slowly walked away from his dead friend. Finally, the button clicked and the blade unsheathed from Alexia's hoof and into the leather, cutting it almost instantly. Alexia quickly used her left blade to cut the other leather strap, then ran to get Peyt. "Sis!" she yelled. "SIS!" Alexia cut Peyt's straps, caught the purple-cloaked Legate and sheathed her hidden blade. The blackness of Peyt's vision slowly faded away, back into an uncomfortable blur. The sound of the blood dripping from her mouth echoed throughout her ear, spiraling in her mind. The black-haired Vahlok continued to try and get her sister to snap out of it. "Sis, don't die on me now! WAKE UP!" Peyt's vision returned to normal as her sister yelled. "Al... Alexia...?" she said through a mouthful of blood. ""I... can't feel my leg." Peyt slowly looked down to the mess of her left leg. A gash as well as a stabbing wound in her flank. Peyt quickly looked away and turned her head back to her father. "Dad..." she sobbed. Tears began to run down her cheeks. Alexia walked along with her arm wrapped around Peyt to support her, taking her away from her dead father. Peyt suddenly began to feel very weak. Her legs shook in exhaustion, and eventually she passed out in Alexia's hooves. Blackness consumed Peyt's world. Infinite nothingness taking over her eyesight. The dark unknown closing in. Eventually, a yellow-white flash took over her vision for a split second, and she began to wake up. She was alone in her room, bandages covering her entire flank and part of her abdomen. A bloody washcloth and a bucket sat on the left side of her bed. She sat up in her bed and looked around. A light sizzling noise and some distant chatter filled her ears. Peyt tried to get up, only to be interrupted by a sharp pain in her abdomen. She ignored it, and stood up, her left leg almost failing, causing her to wobble. Peyt slowly trotted into the main room of the home in the Vahlok Isles, only to be greeted by the sputtering of oil as bacon fried on a pan above the fire. Krolit greeted Peyt as he continued to cook the bacon slices. Alexia and Gildanian were talking over in the corner of the main room, only to notice that Peyt had woken up. "Good morning, Peyt." greeted Alexia and Gildanian in unison. "Good morning..." responded Peyt. "What happened? How long was I out?" The entire room went completely silent, everyone looked at each other and looked back. "A week." answered Krolit as he finished the bacon. Peyt shrugged, she'd been out for longer. She still remembered when that Earth Pony cut her stomach. She was out for 2 whole months back then. Peyt shook that, along with all other irrelevant thoughts, out of her head, and continued with her questions. "What happened?" The room yet again went silent, but the tear that left Alexia's eye said that something was wrong. "Peyt... Dad, he... he's gone, Peyt." Alexia gulped down her sadness. Krolit and Gildanian both lowered their heads. Peyt, as well, lowered her head. Two tears left her eyes as she sniffled. "Why couldn't I have done something..." she asked herself. "WHY!" Chapter XII The Return of Hope Krolit brought his hoof down to the table, holding his head with the other. "AAAAGHHH!" He screamed, Peyt, Alexia, and Gildanian knelt beside him, asking questions. "The voices! Make them stop!" The family looked at each other, then back at Krolit. "What’s wrong, Krolit?" Peyt finally asked. "What are the voices saying?" Krolit stopped screaming, and stood up. "They said... Gildanian, you must go to the Mages College in Winterhold, NOW! That is what the voices said!" Krolit watched as Gildanian left. It was snowing outside, and Gildanian walked through Cloudsdale, and re-entered in to Ponyville. He looked in the direction of the Throat of the World, remembering the horrid event that happened there. He looked down, then continued sloshing through the snow. He reached Winterhold and decided to run towards the College. He never looked behind him, he hated this place as much as he hated the alternate personality. He walked up the paths to the center of the College, in time to see the statue of a mage split in half, a bright light gleaming through each crack. The statue fell apart, and the light filled up the night. Gildanian almost made a break for it, but made the decision to stay where he was. Whatever it was, he would fight it. But it was not a creature, but a tall stallion. Gildanian glanced at it, then screamed, "DAD!" Kroniid stepped off the statue's post, and looked at Gildanian. "I am not your father, Gildanian. But I carry a message for you." "Bu-" "No buts, I'm not your father." "Now, let's begin, shall we? Your father is not dead, Gildanian. He is simply, divided, into different personalities. Like Peyt, but several more and much more complex. His personalities, his Strict, Smart, Funny, Immature, and Stupid personalities, are all spread apart. I am his Strict." Gildanian looked around, then continued to listen. "Your father was sent into the future, and strange it is. But there is a way for him to return." "You must find each of his personalities, join them together, and a portal will open, to which he will step out and finish the joining. They are spreaded through all of Equestria." "So, all I have to do, is find his personalities?" "And sacrifice two of them, yes." "Do you know their locations?" "No." "Then how do I find them?" "Time will tell, Gildanian. For now you have me, one part of his personality." Gildanian stared at the part-father in front of him, then said, "Then I guess I will have to show you to the others and explain." "Yes, you do."
  9. Hello everypony! Me and two other of my friends on ROBLOX made a joint story about our family, 'The Vahlok's Platoon.' It's a prestigious group of the Empire of Tamriel's best swordfighters, and apparently, writers. (I know we aren't the best writers in Equestria but there aren't many good writers in the Empire of Tamriel x.x) Anyway, I'd be pleased if you read it. There is a bit of blood and death and stuff, but hey. This is the absolute LEAST amount of blood/gore you'll see in my stories. Anyway, here it is. Hope you all enjoy it, and if you can, please leave constructive criticism! We are relatively new writers and slightly confused.
  10. Chapter 1: The City of Dracondor “Captain! Prepare your men, and ready your sorcerers for battle. These troublesome dragons have defied our will long enough!” Qaltric bellowed. Qaltric was the general of the Menkaranian army. His armor forged from emerald-green dragon scales glistened under the morning dew. The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon adding to the brilliance of the shimmer. His sword swung freely as he paced in front of his men. “Yes sir!” Qaltric then ordered, “I’m going into the city. I want all of your best men, and your strongest sorcerer to accompany me into Dracondor.” “Yes sir,” he replied and left to find the men that Qaltric requested. He returned after only a few minutes with many heavily armored men and a one of his finest sorcerers. Beads of water rolled down the breast plates of their plated armor from the chilled morning air with longswords tucked at their sides. The Sorcerer wore plate armor along with a sorcerer’s robe both blood red in color. “These are my best men. They will serve you well sir.” “All right then. Men, we’re going in,” He confirmed turning to his captain, “if we are not back by dawn surround the city and invade it from all sides. That should help spread out the dragons.” Qaltric along with his men entered Dracondor from the south through the main gate. The gate itself was carved out of a solid wall of marble that he assumed wrapped around the city. When the general and his men entered the city, what they found struck them with awe. The streets were paved with white marble and where outlined in sidewalks paved with rubies and emeralds. Many of the buildings that had been established for what few humans and elves lived in the city had been crafted with gems of various types. Diamonds, topazes sapphires, citrines, and many other natural gems that could be found engraved along its outer wall. The number of dragons that he found residing in the city had also caught him off guard. He had known that this was a dragon-based city, but he was not expecting quite this many to be gathered in one place. From what he could see, nearly ninety percent of the city’s population was dragons. As Qaltric and his guards walked into the city, they took notes on their sizes to use for later should what he was planning backfire. If they had to end up fighting these dragons, it would be valuable information. Not only to know how many they would be fighting, but also how large the majority of them were. The sizes of the dragons ranged greatly. The smallest of the dragon races were the Pseudo Dragons. These dragons more often than not were no larger than a small cat. The Wyrms however, of the larger race of dragons, Qaltric estimated to be about eight to ten times the size of himself. Most of the female dragons in the city were wary of Qaltric and his men. It was nearing the end of the breeding season for them and many of them would be expecting eggs to hatch in the near future. The larger more aggressive of the females had steam blowing from their nostrils in warning not to come near. Qaltric decided to approach one of the less-aggressive dragons that were nearby. From the roundness in its scales, he was able to conclude that it was a female from his teachings. He moved over to her slowly and proclaimed, “I am not sure if you can understand me, but I mean you or your younglings no harm.” A burst of flame landed about a foot away from Qaltric, “How dare you insult my intelligence! We dragons can read, speak, and write fluently in every language in Worloch! I am as insulted by your ignorance, as I am you foul presence here! If you do not intend to harm us, why the hell do you have weapons at you side and what the hell are you doing in our city?” The dragon voiced in a deep, pure tone that was unmistakably female. The voice sounded almost human. The anger in her though, gave her voice a slight rasp. “We are armed for our own protection. We are not foolish enough to enter a dragon city without methods of which to defend ourselves. We do not intend on attacking dragons. That would be suicide. We will, however, fight to survive it we are attacked. The reason that we are here is to speak with your lord about a possible alliance. The reason that I approached you was so that I could ask for directions to the palace, I am sorry for doubting your intelligence as well. I knew that dragons were intelligent creatures. I was unsure though, if you dragons understood our language, or if you all had your own.” The snow-white dragon eyed them with one of her wide white eyes, and said, “Humans, I thought the ones here were bad. Just keep following the main street to the center of the city. You will not be able to miss the palace. And for your information, we do have our own language as well, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only one we speak,” The dragon added in a snickering tone. “Thank you for your help,” Qaltric told her. “Don’t mention it, but I have some advice for you, do what needs to be done, and get out of our city as soon as possible. As you have noticed, we do not take too kindly to outsiders. Especially outsiders who bear weapons upon entering,” She warned them. Qaltric nodded to the female and started to lead the group down the center of the streets of marble. The sidewalks of gems that were next to the streets continued on as far as they could see into the city. After about twenty minutes of walking, the group of men finally made it to the center of the city “That blasted dragon gave us the wrong directions! There is no palace here…” One of the men commented behind Qaltric. “Look again,” Said Qaltric. The men turned their attention to the black mountain in front of them. The longer that the men looked at it, the more they came to realize that the black mountain in front of them was the palace! There gaze was taken to the veins of gold, silver, bronze, diamond, ruby, and emerald that ran up the side of a wall that was made from black marble. In front of them were to sets of stairways. One stairway was built for dragons, which because of their ability fly, looked to be in perfect condition. The smaller stairs on the right, however, were a bit worn from the use of humans. As they got ready to enter the path of stairs, two dragons, both wearing armor, landed in their path. One of the dragons was a very pale blue, while the other dragon was deep red in color. The blue dragon addressed the soldiers asking, “And just where do you people think you’re going?” “We wish to speak with your lord if he is available,” Qaltric replied. “Really, and what makes you think that he cares about what you outsiders have to say?” The red dragon replied with a deep raspy voice. “Are you dragons always this rude to travelers? If so, I am surprised that this place is still here. I would have though war would have destroyed it by now.” “Watch yourself human! May I remind you, that in this city, you people are not on the top of the food-chain!” The red dragon said menacingly. Then he snickered, “Why do you wish to speak with him?” “We are soldiers sent from the Empire of Menkarane. We have been sent here to try to attempt to form a peace. Though the only thing I’ve found here is reason for the opposite,” Qaltric told him. “You are treading some very dangerous ground general,” The blue dragon told them. Then he added, “Enter at your own risk. Your safety is not guaranteed. Our meeting chamber is at the end of the main hallway. Melocnr will be with you in a few minutes. His son Zil’caron will also be present for this meeting as well. He is heir to his throne and will need to hear the information you bring. I suggest you show them more respect than what you have shown us!” The Blue dragon told them. “You have shown us no reason to respect either of you.” Qaltric told them. “The facts that we are dragons, and could kill you and your men with ease, should give you reason enough to respect us.” The blue dragon told them. “But no matter, you will respect our lord and his son. Failure to do so will result in the deaths of you and your followers!” he added as they flew off to inform Melocnr of his guests. Qaltric and his men continued towards the Palace doors, climbing the endless path of stairs. The main doors were, like the rest of the palace were carved out of black marble with a portrait of an exhilarating gold dragon embedded into it. While they were waiting for the doors to open, Qaltric just stared at the beauty of the city. He had been too many cities like this, but nothing could compare to the layout of this city. He turned when one of his men tapped him on the shoulder signaling the doors had opened. Qaltric’s breath was taken from him when he and his men entered the palace. The marble made an elegant transition from black to white. All along the hallway and ceiling were portraits of dragons varying in sizes. All of them were rich and vibrant in color. The men then exited the hallway. The found themselves walking into an open chamber. Qaltric stared at the ceiling above them. They could not tell how tall it was, nor how it could support itself. They were able to make out some sort of portrait that was fired into it. It consisted of an exhilarating blue dragon in a graceful flight. It was not long until an enormous gold dragon, and a significantly smaller black dragon greeted them. The black dragon caught the group’s attention first. This was partially due to its lack of size. He was barely twice as tall as Qaltric, but the vibrant colors of the dragon that left them in awe. The dragon was primarily black, and was very glossy. A thin band of gold outlined every one of his scales, and the veins in his wings. This also included the one on the tail edge of the wing. Qaltric eyed the gold colored spikes that ran down the dragon’s back. They started out small at both the tip of his tail and the back of his head. They grew in length from both sides reaching their longest in the middle of his back. The most stunning feature of this dragon was his eyes. In most dragons, the eye color usually matched the primary color of the dragon’s scales. However, for this dragon, his eyes took the golden color of his spikes. The gold dragon was just as impressive. The sheer size of the dragon was enough to intimidate even the best or warriors. He was about five to six times larger than the black and gold dragon, and his scales shined in the light like a thousand bars of pure gold. He did not have spikes on the back of his neck though as the black and gold dragon did. Instead, he had three spikes growing out of his skull, two on the side, and one out of the back of his skull. He finally stopped in front of the men, and addressed them, “Greetings General. My name is Melocnr, and this is my son, Zil’caron. My guards have informed me that you wished a meeting with me.” He said with a deep thundering voice. Unlike the red dragon’s voice though, his had a pure tone. “Yes, we have, and please forgive us if we do not address you or your son properly, for we are ignorant in the ways of dragons,” Qaltric told them. The ground beneath Qaltric and his men shook as Zil’caron laughed at his statement and replied, “You need not worry about that. You can just use our names.” Zil’caron’s voice was just as intimidating as his father has been, but took a lighter tone. Qaltric then gathered up his courage and said, “Thank you Zil’caron. Now we need to address the true nature of this meeting. My name is General Qaltric, and I am the leader of Menkaranian army. Zurcon, ruler of the Empire of Menkarane, has sent me here to attempt to gain the alliance of the city.” “Really?” Melocnr asked moving into a more comfortable laying position. “While I could see what Menkarane could gain from such an alliance, what would benefit would it be to us but to drag us into a war that we wish not to partake in?” “We would be able to provide you with the political information, and information regarding a current trading spike.” “Any information that we wish to obtain is gathered by out sentries. If we wish to know what is going on in one of your cities or one of the cities in Celtrien, then we’ll just send a scout to retrieve it,” Zil’caron replied. “We also have no real use for trade either. After all, we are dragons, it’s not like we can use many of the items that humans and other races have to offer,” Melocnr added. “Spices maybe?” “We rarely cook our food…” “Exotic beverages?” “In order for us to even have a taste the amount of mead it would take would kill a human…” “I understand,” Qaltric replied while mumbling aloud, “I’m running out of options here. I cannot offer them protection because they could very easily protect themselves. They’ve already turned down food enhan…” Just then, one of the sentries flew into the meeting chamber and whispered something into Melocnr’s ear. “Tell me general, why exactly are you here?” “What do you mean?” “You’re so called negotiations where shaky, as if they weren’t even planed but made up on the spot, along with the self mumbling about what to do next” “We are here for peace.” “Really? That is why armored men that bear your insignias are savaging the forest just outside the city? “Yes, they are. In times like these though, we could not afford to take chances. Our men have already been ordered to attack the city if we don’t return.” Qaltric replied. “For our protection, you didn’t think that we were going to come in here unprotected did you?” “Then why are they trying to surround the city? If it was as simple as you say, shouldn’t the entire army waited at the gates?” “They’ve been ordered to attack the city at dawn should we fail to return.” “So there is something else going on here. Otherwise, why be afraid of not making it out of the city alive? Do we dragons seem that cruel as to have no respect for others?” “You wish to come into the city, try to negotiate peace, but still order an army to attack us?” Zil’caron asked with a deep growl in his voice. His body was shaking from uncontrollable tremors, and he was already lowering his body for an attack. “That is not an act of peace,” he growled with his voice gaining a slight rasp. Qaltric reasoned that the dragon had figured out the true intentions of this meeting, and decided to tell them the truth. “I don’t like what I’m about to tell you any more than you are going to, but my orders were not to attempt a peace.” Qaltric told them. “Your orders were to attack us directly weren’t they?” Melocnr stated. “Yes, they were, but neither I nor my men liked the idea of fighting dragons, let alone killing them. Therefore, we decided to enter the city to see if we could avoid battle. In addition, the only way we could do that was if we could convince you dragons to side with the Empire of Menkarane. I have defied my orders by coming in here, and if our proposal is unacceptable, I will have no choice but to attack your city, for I will not defy another order. I am sorry,” Qaltric said. Zil’caron let out a vicious roar, and started to lunge at Qaltric. “Zil’caron! Control yourself!” Melocnr told him. There will be a time for violence later, I fear. Let us not rush ourselves into it sooner than we have to. He waited for his son to reply, and turned to Qaltric. “You listen, and you listen well general. We dragons have never supported either empire in this meaningless war that you engage in. This includes The Menkaranian Empire, and we will not be forced into an alliance we do not like. These rash actions have pushed us to the breaking point, and you have ten minutes to get out of my city before I give the all clear for my dragons to kill you all on site. I suggest that you hurry.” The large gold dragon then turned and exited the chamber starting the count down to their death while Zil’caron stood his ground. The bared teeth on the side of his maw, and the deep heavy growling made it very clear he would make haste with his father’s decree. The men bolted through the hallway leading to the main doors of the palace. When the doors open, they found two medium-sized violet dragons: one male and one female, standing in front of them that looked like they were already prepared to kill him. “Get moving.” The male dragon commanded sinisterly “What do we do now?” asked one of the guards as he pointed to the two dragons. Qaltric responded, “We run, and get the hell out of here as soon as possible, and ready ourselves for a vicious bloody battle…” It wasn’t long until Qaltric heard the roar from the gold dragon, and almost instantly dragons began attacking the small group. The mage was the first one to get taken out, and they were only about half way out of the city. The alleys were the only place that the dragons could not fit and Qaltric used this to his advantage, and two of his other men were caught trying to follow him. Within seconds of him reaching the alley, the rest of his men that had been caught in the streets where being dismembered. He used this distraction to navigate through the alley keeping close to the main street to see the gate. By doing this he managed to attracted the attention of a few of the other humans that had been alerted to their plot, and they gave chase. Qaltric quickly ducked into a side alley and waited for the first one to get close. With a quick, step and lunge his blade turned crimson as it protruded out of the back of the first human that approached him, and shoved him off the blade. He noticed another assailant was charging towards him, and used his own momentum against him shoving the butt of his sword into his stomach and in one fluid motion spun around and decapitated him. Seeing that his path was now clear again, he bolted for the gate. One of the guards at the gate noticed him and moved to cut him off. Thinking quickly, he used the slick marble to his advantage and slid on his armor under the dragon, and took off behind him into the wooded area where they would not fit. Qaltric finally managed to get back to his men just before duck, and found his captain, “Ready the men,” he started taking a deep breath, “We attack at dawn,” he ordered tugging his armor back in place. The captain hesitated for a moment as the realization set in that war was imminent. Once he did, he responded, “Yes sir,” and executed his orders. *** In the meantime, Melocnr, and Zil’caron were discussing their own plan of action in Dracondor trying to figure out how to fight to sorcerers the best. “I can’t believe that Zurcon would resort to such treachery on us. We have naught to do with him, and he plans to attack us!” Zil’caron said. “I know, I thought that he would have more respect for us than that considering that he used to be a rider,” He told him sighing, “But… one never can predict the movements of people like him. He’s been this way ever since the split of the empires when its leader was killed five years ago,” Melocnr replied as Zil’caron’s sister Shunaria, and soul mate Silvera flew into the room. “Hello Silvera did you and Shunaria enjoy your hunt?” Zil’caron asked them. “Yes we did,” Shunaria replied. Shunaria was a vibrant blue dragon, and was about two months younger than Zil’caron who was nearly ten years old. Like her father, she did not have any spikes, and her eyes the most brilliant sapphire blue there could be. “I managed to catch a few larica,” She told them. “And I snagged a Celcarion lion.” Silvera added. Silvera was a stunning pure silver dragon, and roughly the same age as Zil’caron. Her scales shined like thousands of mirrors. She too had spikes running down her back like Zil’caron, and like Zil’caron, her eyes did not match the color of her body. Her eyes took on an icy-blue color creating one of the most beautiful dragons in the city. As dragons do not practice marriage, she took Zil’caron as her soul mate about six months ago, and the bond formed between them is stronger than any human marriage could be. Silvera then said to Zil’caron, “Zil, I heard you and your father talking about some kind of battle getting ready to occur when we flew in, is this true?” “Yes, I’m afraid it is. The Empire of Menkarane has organized an army to attack us.” Zil’caron told her. “But why, what did we ever do to them?” “They tried to force us into an alliance that we don’t want. They said that unless we gave in, which would have never happened, they would consider us enemies of the empire. They would then have no choice but to attack. The kicker in the decision was they already had an army here waiting to attack. You do not go to a peace offering with an armada. That will never get you anywhere,” Melocnr told her. “Now that you mention it,” Shunaria started, “I remember earlier today on my way out seeing a large group of humans around the outside of the city spreading around on my way back to meet Sil.” Just then, one of the guards flew in interrupting the meeting, and said, “Sir Melocnr! We have just found a dead dragon outside of the city! It appears to have been slain through arcane methods!” Zil’caron let out a vicious roar that rang even though the outer-walls of the city. “Damn it! I knew that we should not have let them leave the city. I have always hated sorcerer, and now I hate them even more. Those bastards always cause us the most problems!” Zil’caron said. “I know, but if we can spread them out, then we could pick them off one at a time. I know that they plan to surround the city that much I could tell. I kind of sneaked a peek at his mind,” Melocnr informed. “That means that the sorcerers will already be wide spread, this should make it easier to fight them, but it makes it all the more dangerous as well, for with the sorcerers spread out, it makes it easier for them to catch us off guard while we are fighting another sorcerer.” “Yes, but know the question is who should attack first?” Zil’caron asked. “That is simple, since we were the neutral nation, they should attack first. With them doing so, it will show that we didn’t instigate anything, and will make it easier to gain allies against them in the future,” Melocnr responded. “Yeah Zil, doesn’t take an elder to figure that out,” Silvera joked with him moving up next to him. The night continued while the dragons discussed their plan of attack one thing they knew for certain, if at any point they felt like the city was lost, they would destroy it, and retreat to one of the other dragon cities. They were not going to let others bask in their glory. “They could attack at anytime, we should alert the inhabitants of the city so they can prepare themselves, then get some rest while we can,” Zil’caron said. “Agreed, I’ll take care of the announcement, you three get some rest,” Melocnr said as he told every person in the city with his mind about the possibility of the attack so that the opposing army could not here. “Are you kidding? Sleep is not an option right now!” Zil’caron told him. “Not until we figure out what is going on!”