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Found 14 results

  1. Mast. Equestos/Gigas

    Avatar Above Meets You In Person, Reaction?

    Ok, like the titles says there. The avatar above you meets you in person. How will you react and feel towards it? Will you try to make friends with the avatar or bitter enemies? With that said lets start!
  2. @@Fractured This roleplay will be between myself playing Golden Dawn and Fractured, who will be playing as Diamond Tiara. The two having met previously in another roleplay and now meeting again here in Ponyville, as the pegasus has come to visit the small town. Much time has past, and this little filly has grown quite a bit. Not only from her encounter of Golden while he was on duty at the Canterlot Castle when the filly went off on her own to meet with Princess Celestia, but also from Diamond finally confronting her mother and becoming friends with the very filly she used to bully. How much has change, and will the two be able to have time to catch up after so long? Will the Golden even recognize the filly who he had formed something of a bond with the chance meeting in Canterlot, and will Diamond be glad to see the royal guard who had treated her so well? More, perhaps had even helped her much like Princess Celestia had when speaking with her.
  3. Electric_Charge

    Which country do you live in ?

    Okay , it is just curiosity : You live in North / South America ? Or Europe ?
  4. Roleplay If one wishes to speak with Princess Celestia, she is open for meetings at the palace. The royal throne is almost always, though mattering if it is day or night changes who a pony can meet. Whenever Princess Celestia is in, you may have your pony request an audience with the princess and she will speak with you for a time. Questions or requests, or merely that of your pony wishing to meet and speak with the diarch of the sun. Celestia is more then willing to offer her time and spend some time with her subjects.
  5. EquestrianScholar

    [Canterlot] Meetings At The Throne Room

    Princess Celestia @@Flying Ace, For as long as Princess Celestia could remember since she had and her sister had been crowned, they had served their subjects and been there to listen. That is where she was today, in the throneroom preparing for th tone her subjects could enter and speak with her. Most days this was a joy, though other days it could become tedious if. Yet no matter how bored or frustrated she was Celestia showed her subjects a warm smile and her attention. Today the princess had some additional stress from paper work, meetings with dignitaries and nobles, all this being where things got a bit more tedious. Yet sh would not allow this to effect her day. Turning to a guard at the door and says, "Please open the doors and allow the first to enter". The guard bows to the princess and does so. ((I don't always have confidence starting a roleplay, I hope this will do))
  6. * A Red Telephone Booth lands next to the center of PonyVille, a light brown Alicorn comes out with the new Daring Doo Noval. But a few ponies come over to see who it is, what he's got in books.* Drawing: -reading Daring Doo and The Golden Feathers- Let's get started reading this new book I got after the adventure with Daring. -goes to a bench and reads quietly- * few Daring Doo fans come over and look at the new novel noticing that I am on the front cover with Daring and they gasp* Drawing: -looks up at the ponies that are now staring at me-
  7. There are many stories about this form of situation. Would you like to come up with one from your own? (Bonus question: Human 2P wants Pony Pinkie's Party Cannon. Will the human enviously try to steal it? Will fights break out between the two partygoers?)
  8. For example, the Mane Six accidentally show up at a 6-year-old's birthday party. They look around, and see images of themselves everywhere. In front of them are a bunch of little girls, all screaming happily at the sight of these equines. What happens next, if these characters were to think as how they typically were in the show, if they were to BE in this scenario?
  9. Hello! So, I'm a ginger and today I was curious to see how many other gingers there are on the Forums. I thought that if I created this thread I could see how many other Gingers there are, and we could talk and get to know each other and help each other if we need it. Also create an army to take over the forums and enslave Feld0 and rule with a red and freckly iron fist. I know that there is not that many, so feel free to type a question for the gingers here even if you're not one if your curious about something (ex. opinion on South Park). ~RD4
  10. CutenessOverload

    Meeting- could someone help me?

    well, here's a sitrep: im in germany, munich for couple of months. i found out that there will be brony meeting, i would really like to attend, but i never was at one. what should i take? what do they look like, what bronies do there? do i have to pay for it? help will be appreciated
  11. So i have been playing DayZ for about 6 months now and haven't learned much about co-op DayZ. So i thought about making a thread where we can discuss meetups in DayZ and make our camps and such, i don't wanna see any server forum links tho. And aswell i thought that you can post about your funniest and best experiences in DayZ.
  12. Rain Dance

    Meeting Friends Topic

    This topic is all about making friends. This is the topic where you just chat and have fun with other people. I mean don't you new Blank Flanks wanna have someone to chat with all days on MLP Forums?
  13. It's Time for the Quarterly Results Meeting...or is it. Bad meeting number 42: Sleep time, party time, and Brony's get bored. Hey, reminds me of a college lecture! Pinkie Pie is clearly responsible for the party supplies -I apologize if this is a re-post.
  14. Colon Leftbracket

    Gaming Anyone Want a Ponies' Game Night?

    I'm seeing if any Pony is interested in setting up some kind of organized MLP Forums Ponies Game Night. It could be an event that happens weekly/biweekly/monthly etc. That multiple Ponies get together on whatever online game is decided (obviously one that a large number of Ponies have). This would probably require some form of staff (like 3 ponies is good) to organize these Game Nights. We could play any game that a large number of Ponies can play such as Minecraft, Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Counter Strike, etc. It could be in private matches or even in a matchmaking party. The basic gist of it would be first we would decide a date that most ponies who want involved can deal with, then we'd decide a game that most ponies want to play, and then we take into account the maximum number of ponies applicable to that game and start a sign up thread (I'm guessing first come first serve unless some ponies hog up the spots and some ponies get left out). After the game night we then discuss our experience, what went great, what went wrong etc. And then start it again next week or month or whatever. I'm guessing easy PC games like Minecraft or TF2 would be the easiest (TF2 is free on Steam!) (I would need help since I'm a novice when it comes to setting up private servers on pc games like Minecraft.) Thoughts? Ideas? Please share. Make sure to post what games you would like to play and what platform and what times your available to play. EDIT: Also if you wish to you could post your username for what game platform you use though there is the official thread for that here: