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Found 44 results

  1. Showcasing the game to new folks, meeting other developers, learning from their experiences, making friends, and dancing my legs off. That's the TL;DR of my Orlando Overdrive experience this past weekend. Battle Gem Ponies had a booth right in the middle of the indie game hallway leading to the bar & dance floor of The Geek Easy. Turns out the whole brony thing wasn't a passing fad, and lots of people still smile when they see marshmallow horses with super powers. Check out this week's devlog to see how the indie showcase went. 👾 -
  2. So, most of the voice cast with the exception of Ashleigh Ball are extremely responsive to fans on Twitter and other social media websites. I've been lucky enough to get a favourite from Tabitha St. Germain and Peter New when I wished them a happy birthday (got a reply to a question from the former, too!!!). Anyway, on the subject of birthdays, I've noticed that a lot of fans often tweet the voice cast asking something like "It's my 22nd birthday today, could I get a happy birthday from Fluttershy/Celestia/Spike?" A lot of the time they reply and the fans are very grateful, even if they don't always say please :/ I was thinking of doing this but then I thought isn't it a little rude or attention-seeking (the voice cast honestly don't seem to mind - Andrea Libman and Nicole Oliver in particular are very nice about it but I dunno it feels wrong :/).
  3. Hey everypony! I didn’t see that this was already made but I’m wondering if anyone in my area, Orlando, FL, specifically near Disney, will be going to opening day of the movie? Where, when, if you’re dressing up (bounding or cosplay) and if you want to meet up! I’d love to meet up with fellow bronies and pegasisters and I’m thinking about dressing as Rarity or Celestia. Feel free to post your area to see if people will be near you to meet up as well!
  4. Bronycon 2017! Use this thread to discuss the Convention! This Includes things like Introducing yourself, organising Carpool, and rooming arrangments! and meetups! Poniverse at Bronycon 2017! Apple Dash, Feld0, Mercury and Pepper will be leading the expedition to BronyCon this year, which will likely be an informal promoting trip, as well as Enjoying the Convention. The team will be lugging some Poniverse T-Shirts and Stickers along, so if you're in the area you might be able to meet the gang! and pick up some goodies Yes, Dear Forum Goer, I did. The gang will be hauling a small selection of Poniverse T-Shirts and Stickers to the con, to hand out to Poniverse Staff, Friends and people we think could benefit from a little bit of Poniverse in their lives. Now, we don't have that much to hand out, but if you plan on attending the Con, please do fill out the form to see if we can get you a shirt. Due to Time Constraints and other things out of our control, Poniverse doesn't have an "Offical" presence at the con this year in terms of Booth's or Panels. But, Some Members of the Poniverse Gang will be participating in other Bronycon panels and events depending on how the final schedule works out. Even if you aren't attending the Con this year, I'm sure you'll be able to catch the VOD's uploaded after the event. This Space will be updated with Final Panel Arrangements If you're hitting any conventions during 2017/2018, we might be going informally (depending on the Convention's size and who else is going) or if we can get an official presence at the Convention! We plan to coordinate with our Partners and other Cons over the next 18 months, to see if we can have a presence to promote and share our platform with the community! If you plan on Attending Bronycon this year, we'd love to meet up! Even if you plan on attending the Conference informally as just a guest, please do fill the form out: Please Fill out the form as soon as possible!
  5. I had the space and just spoke to Simon and we will hosting a Poniverse meetup on Friday, after the Poniverse panel if that panel ends up on Friday. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend!
  6. I was wondering if anyone would like to meet up and hang out at Fillycon! I will most likely only be attending on Saturday and I'd like to try and find more bronies that live in my area! If you would like to pm me here or on the thread feel free too! I have a skype and a skype group for anyone interested in friending me and joining!
  7. Pony fans have a variety of reasons for why they continue to enjoy pony, with the songs among the most common, but barring conventions many find themselves at a loss for vocally sharing their love of the musical splendor of FiM and all the spin-offs it's inspired. Well, look no further darlings; if you're in the New England area, then the New England Bronytones would absolutely love to make your acquaintance. The New England Bronytones are a group of individuals dedicated to practicing and performing official songs from the show and the movies, with a focus on perfecting those songs with existing group harmonies while modifying those without into harmonic ensemble numbers. As of now, the group has only practiced one song ("Find the Music in You") comfortably enough to perform on a moment's notice, having clocked in around seven or eight solid Sunday practice sessions prior to a few "spontaneous" attempts at Bronycon 2015. Admittedly, our planning wasn't as on-point as it could have been, to include missing the (barely advertised) cut off point for the otherwise-ideal Open Mic event, but even so our efforts were not completely unappreciated and despite varying levels of talent and all-around low-levels of experience, we still view our proto-debut as something of a small success. Unfortunately, though the dream of improved harmony continues to be near to our hearts, a few of our members (including myself, quite sadly) may/will be moving away very shortly, leaving some newfound silence where once there was song. Un-unfortunately, that's where you come in! We found ourselves perhaps over-crowded for roles, with the notable exception of soprano, during "Find the Music in You," but future endeavors should prove much friendlier for larger ensembles, including the current focus song/mashup "Winter Wrap Up/True True Friend." One of our most dedicated members has been hard at work piecing together the sheet music for us to practice with (on this song and many, many more), and even if you can't necessarily read sheet music we have plenty of ways of soloing out your chosen part(s) so that you can tune your voice to it. With nearly an entire year before the next Bronycon, there is an ample amount of time to add and perfect a few more songs to the Bronytones repertoire, and perhaps even enough time to throw some simple-yet-swanky choreography into the mix as well! We have so generated so many interesting ideas in the few months we've been together, from individual song mashup/remixes to a giant seven-or-eight song continuous medley designed to dazzle...but the only way it'll all come together is with your help! The only things we ask from those interested in joining are the following: that you have (at a minimum) enough confidence to sing in front of fellow bronies, that you are committed to practicing and improving, and that you are not so completely tone-deaf that you cannot be trained to at least match a pitch within your range. We are hardly spectacular ourselves (yet), as we began our group in the same manner of welcoming all-comers, and therefore possess a varying range of ability (none of us can be considered even close to professional). That said, time spent paying attention to the notes, working on enunciation, improving vocal range, and learning the sound dynamics of the music has markedly improved the group's sound. If you absolutely adore the concept, but still don't think you can manage what we require for singers, we still encourage you to at least show up to see if you might bring something to the table in terms of arrangements, AV wizardry, costuming, and/or choreography. We're a pretty friendly group, which I suppose rates a "duh, bronies," but even so we try to go the extra mile to make newcomers feel like they can make a positive impact our efforts; plus we try to add some fun social elements to our break times so that it's not all just business. As far as when we get together, practices are currently every weekend on Sundays, with the next currently-scheduled-one on for August 30th, but this is naturally a difficult schedule for many and we are discussing shifting towards a more bi-weekly routine. As mentioned, though I'm the founder of this group and one of the most practiced/enthusiastic regarding singing, I'm also most definitely going to be leaving the area before September ends. In the spirit of keeping the music alive, I started the official Meetup page for the group and as you can see I intend on promoting it wherever there might be interest so as to bolster the ranks and get the name out there. Additionally, I have left some sound gear with the members, including a dual-amp/mixer combo, a 7-unit wireless mic set, a Bluetooth/optical/USB soundbar set, and a Scarlett music conversion tool for PC mixing...we haven't made extensive use of it so far, but with new members comes new ideas for how best to improve and showcase our sound, so I'm sure someone will find it all handy. ...this may have been a bit hasty on my part, as I do intend on starting a new chapter in this musical endeavor wherever I end up next, but perhaps the competition will end up needing the assistance to prevail over my next edition? A friendly challenge, as it were. Y'know, it actually came as something of a shock to me, when I finally got the ball rolling on this idea, that there didn't seem to be much in the way of dedicated MLP singing groups up in the Northeast; the only counterpart I've really seen so far are the SoCal Ponytones out on the West Coast. We would love to rival their numbers someday soon, as well as their number of fulfilled performances, but we can only do that with improved levels of membership, participation, and effort. So please, if any of this sounds awesome (how could it not?), hit up the Meetup group. You may end up being the practiced powerhouse who takes the group to the next level, or the excited newcomer with a chance to finally strut your singing stuff; whatever the case, the New England Bronytones are waiting with open arms. "You're gonna' fiiiiiiiiiind you've got the music, got the music, got the music in YOU!"
  8. Hey, me and my friend have been wanting to play d&d 5e, with me as the DM. I would rather only have 3 players, but i can work for more if needed. Ill be using the website roll20 to play, so all you really need is a laptop and a mic. If you do not know how to make a character i can help you make one over vchat. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of d&d, we will just walk you through it if your new. To organize stuff, we will just be making a skype group, so if you want to join, send me a FR to my skype, dittofunny, and tell me you want to play. Please though, if you want to join, make sure that you are available almost every session. We will figure out what time and day every week once we get all of our people. Thanks! EDIT: We have 1 more player now. That makes 1 DM and 2 players.
  9. I have been on this forum for about a month and I think I should bring into light a story from my past that has a big influence on my life and a whole highschool. The year was 2013, I was new to the whole brony I was a total closet brony...with that I barley talked to anybody..I kept to myself and didn't have any thought of how this fandom would forever change my life in this year and the next. As my Senior year of Highschool started I had just entered my final year of highschool with a broken heart and only like two friends...but I knew this year was going to be diffrent. See at this point in my life the fact I loved ponies was a total secret...I was afraid if anybody found out I would be shunned by everyone...that all changed after I met two guys in my class who noticed I was listening to pony music. They approched me and started talking to me telling me they were bronies as well. Oh Celestia I felt amazing I finally had two new friends that were bronies. Every day we would meet up at lunch and talk about ponies, then I brought up the idea of...hey why don't we go to a con? XD After I made that idea, we spent the whole week on my laptop at school reasearching prices for hotel,travel,and the cons around us. We ended up choosing Everfree Northwest. As we planned we faced a problem tho.....there were only 3 of us...and we were just highschoolers with no jobs..or we almost gave up. amazing idea popped up in my head, "Lets make a club!" I shouted to my two friends. Then so it was our quest started to find and unite the bronies of our highschool, and also find a teacher who would sponser a club like this. A month passed, as we rounded up 13 other bronies giving us a total of 16 members to sign to make this club offical, we only needed one more thing the teacher. Thankfully one teacher he was new..became our savior as we asked him to help us make this into a club he automaticly jumped on board :3. Everything was set in place, the members, the Teacher, and a good meaning so the school board would say yes. That meaning was friendship and how friendships and working together can get stuff done. Then of January of 2014 came The Thurston Herd was an offical club :3 and I was their founder/president. This was our logo. As the first months of our club passed we already started rasing money for our con, doing clean-up jobs or taking in cans and doing can drives. Everything was beautiful. As my school's Anti-Bullying week started, sadly also the case of Michael Morones had sprung up and was known throughout the community. The School staff had no plans for an Anti-Bullying week so they gave that duty to My club and I. You see in my 4 years of highschool I never had to face being bullied I mean some comments were said to me because I was Asian...but nothing too bad just that I knew Kung-Fu and stuff...anyways so this caused me not to really know what to do. As I read about the Michael Morones story I soon got the idea of we should put out a good message to stop bullying and also raise money for anti-bullying organizations. We soon had the ability to post a bunch of posters around my school that went against bullying (and yes they had ponies. ( I should add that My school's mascot actually was...a colt...XD so having ponies around the school was acutaly pretty was just this time it was My little ponies. XD) This is one of he posters we put around the school. and how we raised money. We ended up rasing about $120 On the final day of the Anti-bullying week I had the sole duty as leader to give a speech in front of the whole school...a 30 min speech...on anti-bullying. (I should add here...that I hated speaking in front of large crowds....and this was a whole highschool staff and all 700 students...) I went up there bit the bullet and gave an amazing speech about how I was a brony and what a brony was and what our club stood for and went on against bullying. After I was done..I was expecting to get either boo's or hate for liking ponies...but instead I got cheers from everyone as I ended my speech teaching my whole school how to Bro-hoof XD After that day I became my school's pony king, and our club was the most popular on campus. XD But I mean not everyone agreeded with the Herd or how we saw things...and I did get negative comments and hate from some people. I would never argue or yell back I would just smile. Then I graduated with the title of Princess under my belt...(and yes I am a guy...) XDD I had left my legacy at that highschool in one year I mean in one year I became a whole diffrent person. So this is why Ponies have effected my life forever. As the summer after highschool came, I went up Everfree Northwest 2014 me, my two first brony friends and my Herd as we walked into our first con, I smiled as feeling of acomplishment filled my heart. The con taught me a lot about being a brony, It also helped me find my special talent in our community, and that is getting selfies. I was given the name Selfie Pony by other bronies as I took 200 selfies at the con x333 <3. I will remember that con forever. Epiloge: Sadly, after I left the Thurston Herd....the president that took my place after I left Ressigned after a month and the new leader kinda..drove my legacy into the ground. Today, The Thurston Herd is sadly dead....but our message will always be a part of that highschool. And in my old club's ashes we ended up making something new, I am now the President of a new meet-up group named The Iron Herd, and we are the only Meet-up group in my town. We already plan on going to Everfree again, and go on many adventures. So that is my story, I hope yall enjoyed I just felt my story should be brought into light. Also Thank you for reading my long story.
  10. It usually suggested that you involve: 1. Muffins (eat, share) 2. Delivery (give out gifts/cards/stickers, mail letters/postcards, something mailmare related) I've also seen people say you should: 3. Make "derpy eyes" in photographs (as best you can) 4. Wear grey/yellow 5. Photograph or carry around Derpy toys Me: Last year I printed out Derpy related line-art and had a coloring day scheduled with a friend, but they got sick and had to cancel. So I colored them by myself. Plus, I only like chocolate muffins, and I'm allergic to chocolate. Any easy-to-make, tasty, oatmeal / cinnamon type muffin recipe suggestions? (not blueberry or poppy seed, yuck!) There's a page on Facebook for sharing your Derpy Day photos too - the original FB page shared by Equestria Daily was dropped (I talked to the guy), but there's one called "Derpy Day (March 1st)". It's not super active - but it's more active than an other FB pages I looked at (a year or so ago). I think Feb 29th should be Derpy day - and March 1st could be the "observed" Derpy Day!
  11. Hello my fellow MLP fans! I´m creating this thread and is proud to announce the first, ever brony meetup IN A GAME! Yes it is actually true, science have come that far so we can take a normal usb cable and plug it in to our... Okay now I´m just joking with you all. But I have got my hands on the second best thing,it´s called ANARCHY ARCADE. It´s a game where you spawn in a room and can post all kind of stuff including Youtube-linked wide screens. So I thought it would be cool to have the first ever gaming meetup online thingy (catchy sloganXD). I was not alone with the idea, intact another person on here(don´t remember your name,sorry) posted a thread about the game in the media section called: Anarchy Arcade. (or something like that) PRACTICAL INFO: WHEN: TOMORROW! (10/10 2014) TIME: 20:30, The server is open as soon as i got everything fixed.(I´m from Sweden so I live timezone, UTC+01:00. Just so you know:) WHERE: In the game Anarchy Arcade,Go on multiplayer, search on MLP meetup.(no password,so don´t ask) WHAT WILL BE SHOWN: That´s a surprise! (MOAhahahahah)(I´ll take suggestions if you have any) POST YOUR ART ON THE WALLS: (everything from PMV`S to pure ARTWORK): Do you have any artwork you want to show to every pony? Good, i´ll need lot´z of that so just send a pm or post here, an URL link to where I can find it and I´ll cover the rest. HOW TO GET THE GAME (maybe the most simple, yet the most important task) Go on steam or get if you don´t have it already. Search for anarchy arcade in the search section. Download it, no worry´s it´s free so no paying or whatever. Start the game and go on multiplayer and look for the section where you can search for Multiplayer-servers, type "MLP meetup" in to the search box and BAZINGA! your in.(no password needed so just ignore if you see that kind of box.) MY NAME ON STEAM IS: "gamestudiox" if that would be necessary TIP: It´s more fun if you have a mic so we can talk with everyone but that´s no most,You can use chat box to. IF THERE´S ANY PROBLEM AT ALL PM ME OR EMAIL ME AND WE WILL FIGURE IT OUT! /) (PS. I did´t know If I should post this in the "media section" in "everfree forest" or here so just tell me if i did wrong okay Oh and one last thing, keep in your head that this is still my first time doing this, using this game to host a meetup. So maybe there will be some problems but I´ll hope will figure them out. (I have tested the game before,it´s steady,but you know how it is,that Murphy´s law dude get me some times). TIME TO PARTY!!/)/)/) (IMAGE MADE BY Ketcham1009 FROM deviantart.COM)
  12. With BronyCAN just four months away, time to see who among us is going to be there and perhaps say hi for real. I am going. My badge name will be the same as my Forum handle and I'll have my excuse daughter with me as well being a fangirl, so I should be pretty obvious.
  13. Cloudsdale Con is a Brony convention that is being planned for Colorado! Please get the word out to bronies everywhere, and we also are in need of donations, so refer to this link: also, for more info, refer to this link: SPREAD THE WORD!!!
  14. Lately I've been feeling rather lonely, the forums have helped but I was thinking of going to a brony meetup. Sadly there are none nearby so I thought of making one. That's where I need your help because personally I have no idea where to start, how do get the word out, what activities (if any) should be planned, I need a bit of advice here guys.
  15. ottawa bronies if there are any of you on this forum give me a shout we should talk some time
  16. so, i was just wondering if there was any bronies around the picayune, MS - slidell, LA area. iv been feeling like a loner bronie since i moved away from my little brother. havnt found anyone in the area that is in to this fandom. never really thought about finding any in the past as i always had my brother to share it with, but like i said. i no longer live with him so iv been feeling like a loner bronie. if anyone is reading this please reply thx! Few ways you can contact me: xbox live: xX Dr Oreos Xx email: twitter: RetroGamerGeek ~brohoof
  17. Hey there. This thread is simply a thread for the discussion of Jagex's RuneScape. I still play it. Been a Scape-r since about 2006. I joined during Halloween time with my primary acc't in 2007, thus giving me the Grim Reaper hood. We could manage a forums RS meetup and go around and start a pony convoy. And let me just set the mood. This is STILL my favorite RS song. When they re-did it in the new update, I almost teared up with nostalgia.
  18. Alright then, first of all who is going to come? If we have enough people we should probably meet-up like we did last May. Are you Cosplaying? if so, what as? Also, what day(s) are you going? I've heard it's quieter in the October convention but I'll be going Saturday and Sunday and I hope as many as you guys that can come, will come. \/ Reply below \/
  19. There is a MLP con coming to Japan. We have a japan meet up group that will be attending. Info on the con and the meet up group is below. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  20. So, there is a Midlands street pass meet up for people to come play 3DS games, wondering if anyone on here lives anywhere near notts and would like to come and play and then maybe also have a chat about MLP? Saturday, October 5, 2013 Our second StreetPass East Midlands meet. Venue is the Mezz Bar upstairs at the Broadway I would also like to ask if anyone has ever done anything like this before! I've never been to a 3ds meet up but I can't wait !
  21. Howdy everypony it's YoshiDash again with new photos. This time Finnish bronies had small meetup with bowling. there where only 4 of us, but it was worth it! we had bowling for 2 hours and. .after that we get some coffe and muffins. we started talking what bronies usually talk, after 1 hour we take a walk and our meetup ended 2 hours after. I'm the pony who looks like going army XD
  22. I'm looking for some bronies to hang out with in the Virginia Beach. Is there anyone out there who would want to meetup and hang? You can message me or reply here!
  23. are there any ponies heading to the mcm expo in london this weekend? if so i'd love to meet up with you! i'll be there on saturday only and we can orgainise a meeting place when someponies reply
  24. To the San Francisco Bronies I've been thinking.. I've never been to a con all because of one reason. LO-CA-TION Anyone else in the SF thought.. "Man i had the chance to go to *insert con name here*" ? How about.. "We should totally organize a San Francisco Brony Con or something." So I posted this for us to discuss about the matter.. If possible. PEACE .. and harmony :3
  25. I don't actually know many bronies in real life. This is mainly due to fact I live in a small village in the UK, so the chances of running into another fan is pretty slim. Meeting two in one day as I did on Sunday is very rare. The only bronies I know include my friend who introduced me to the fandom and his girlfriend. So imagine my surprise when I get on a train to London to go meetup with another friend when this guy around my age sits down next to me and asks about the cover of my Nexus 7 case. The case says "This Tablet Just Got 20% Cooler" and he immediately asks if I'm a fan of the show. I told him that I was and we ended up discussing various different things. I recommended that he come over to forums which he showed some interest in and then we speculated about season 4 for a while. Overall it was a good conversation, if the guy was a little bit too enthusiastic and nerdy about it. So by this time the train is getting really full and I was pretty tired anyway so I politely asked if we could carry the conversation on a later date and that if he ever used the forums he could contact me there. However the guy would just not shut up about it. Now normally I don't get embarrassed but considering he was talking pretty loud to me and the trains now getting full, he's attracting a lot of attention to us. It was quite uncomfortable because he was just spouting random fandom stuff at me, to point where it was getting really irritating and I was tempted just to get off the train. It was a shame as well because it started off really well but he turned out to be one of those people who just can't leave things alone. So yeah that was a shame. Fortunately on the journey home I had a much better experience. This was much later in the day as well so there were less people on the train. So again I pull out my tablet to keep myself entertained on the tube and this girl sits next to me and asks about the case. Immediately I thought "again?!" but the conversation was a much better one and a lot less geeky so we had a chance to talk about other stuff. Again I referred her to the forum and she seemed legitimately interested in it. She was pretty cool and a lot less obnoxious about the fandom, something which I feel is a quality lacking on some bronies. So overall my first RBE (yes that is what I'm calling them!) was interesting and it turns out that there are other fans where I live, seeing as the girl got off at my home station. I'm not alone!