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Found 12 results

  1. I feel like I still do not know much about other bronies in the fandom, because I feel like I missed out on a huge part of the fandom, first, not getting to known MLP conventions like BronyCon, Galacon, BABSCon, Everfree Northwest, Crystal Mountain Pony Con, and Ponyville Ciderfest. Two of these cons have already closed down, BronyCon being a hard hit for me as going there was one of my dreams.(although that dream will remain a dream not come true) The other thing is that I have not been to much MLP fan meetups. (save for Project SEAPonyCon) Because of this, I haven’t really talked with many bronies in person. The third thing is, I can’t really accept commissions. Most of the commissions on DA and the rest of the fandom usually cost from $50 USD to $2000 USD, something which I can’t afford, since my place’s currency is slightly lower than the USD. Because of these problems, I feel like I’m still alone in the MLP world, and that texting online here is the only sort of communication I have with the outside world in the USA. Which makes me kinda feel alone at times. What about you people? Have any of you gone through this before? Let me know, because, I never really talked to any known people in the fandom, besides Tridashie and Yudhaikeledai. (I met them in SEAPonyCon, they were awesome guys, actually thought they were American xD)
  2. Say I wanted to start a meet-up group. How would I do it? Especially considering that the last meet-up group in my city disbanded about a year ago, before I ever had a chance to attend. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
  3. November 14th is Brony Meet-up day! Ok, so I've been thinking about making this happen for awhile now, so here it is! Brony Meet-up day (BMUD for short) is a day for making friends. On BMUD, go out to a mall, beach, Cafe, or wherever, and wear pony merch, carry around a sign, etc, and start a Brony Meet-up! Outgoing (when it comes to telling people you're a Brony)? Make a sign and wear pony merch. Not-so-outgoing? Look for the Bronies with signs or merch and go talk to them! I really hope this works, I've been wanting to meet some Bronies in my community for so long. Please, spread the word to make this happen!!
  4. Hey guys, just curious, have you noticed any particular part of the country (or world, for that matter) where there tends to be a large number of us Bronies? I was just curious, seeing as I'll be looking for a new place to live in a couple years and it'd be nice to have the opportunity to do some pony stuff IRL. Just FYI, I'm NOT making this too heavy of a deciding factor as to where I move, just one of the minor considerations I'm thinking about.
  5. It usually suggested that you involve: 1. Muffins (eat, share) 2. Delivery (give out gifts/cards/stickers, mail letters/postcards, something mailmare related) I've also seen people say you should: 3. Make "derpy eyes" in photographs (as best you can) 4. Wear grey/yellow 5. Photograph or carry around Derpy toys Me: Last year I printed out Derpy related line-art and had a coloring day scheduled with a friend, but they got sick and had to cancel. So I colored them by myself. Plus, I only like chocolate muffins, and I'm allergic to chocolate. Any easy-to-make, tasty, oatmeal / cinnamon type muffin recipe suggestions? (not blueberry or poppy seed, yuck!) There's a page on Facebook for sharing your Derpy Day photos too - the original FB page shared by Equestria Daily was dropped (I talked to the guy), but there's one called "Derpy Day (March 1st)". It's not super active - but it's more active than an other FB pages I looked at (a year or so ago). I think Feb 29th should be Derpy day - and March 1st could be the "observed" Derpy Day!
  6. Hey, everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. We've got a few announcements to make, and it's our hope that you'll find them useful. Drug Discussion Some of you might remember an old announcement back in March, which covered the basics of drug policy: It's worth revisiting this policy so we can address concerns that came up in recent times. As always, illegal substances are prohibited outside of an academic context, but you are allowed to joke about it (within reason; don't break other rules, and don't glorify or otherwise encourage their use). You can also seek help in life advice, but if you're struggling with drug-related problems, you should seek professional help. Legal substances like alcohol and tobacco are allowed, but be sure you don't do anything that encourages underage drinking and smoking. The same applies to electronic cigarettes. By legal and illegal, we're talking from a general North American (which is where the site is hosted, and where the majority of our members are from) standpoint. For example, it doesn't matter if weed is legal in some states; for the sake of consistency, consider it banned under our rules. As a general rule of thumb, you can treat illegal drugs as you would piracy: discuss it in an academic context, but don't glorify them, encourage them, or otherwise promote their use. Shortened URLs If you've ever seen links like tinyurl,, and, you've seen short URLs. While helpful at times, they can, have, and will be used for malicious purposes. In the past few months alone, they've been used to link to screamers, viruses, and other harmful content. On a site that allows you to set custom text for a hyperlink, like so, there's really no need for shortened URLs. One thing I'll readily acknowledge is that you don't have this option in statuses. Regardless, it simply isn't worth the risk. Don't use short links. If you see a short link, don't click on it immediately. Instead, use a URL lengthening service like LongURL to see where it takes you. If you see one on MLP Forums, please report it. The one exception to this rule: shortened URLs that redirect only to one (reputable) site. These include (YouTube) and (deviantART). Easier Ban/Suspension Disputes A common problem with bans and suspensions is that many are unaware of how to dispute a ban or suspension. While the dispute email address has always been public, it's not in an easily-accessible area. Now, if you're banned, you'll be provided with the email address. The staff are fallible, and disputes are an important part of ensuring that the system is fair. Meetup Forum The Meetup Map thread was useful, but it had a problem: it was too big, and your post tended to get buried by a dozen or more others. To help make life easier for people looking for fellow bronies, there is now a dedicated meetup forum. Prefixes for Life Advice and Equestria Girls You may have noticed some changes to various boards on this site. Life Advice now mandates the use of topic prefixes, which serve to define each thread's purpose. To make this possible, you can now choose from four different categories: Brony Advice, Giving Advice, Seeking Advice, and Vent. Hopefully, these names are clear enough to explain themselves, but for the sake of completeness, I'll go over them: Brony Advice: Same as it was originally. If your topic is specific to being a brony, then use this prefix. Giving Advice: If you want to provide life suggestions, tips, and other advice to your fellow members, you can use this prefix to help people find it. Seeking Advice: Probably the most commonly used prefix. If you're looking for non-brony advice, this is the prefix for you. Vent: Feeling sad? Frustrated? Need a virtual pillow to punch? The Vent prefix is for you. Remember, you can make however many vent threads you'd like, and you can reuse the same vent thread. The Equestria Girls forum also has a new prefix. In order to help differentiate EqG1 threads from Rainbow Rocks threads, you can now label RR threads accordingly. Miscellaneous Staff now have role indicators underneath their badges. It's our hope that these will help you find the assistance you need Gender options have been updated. Transgender males and females now have the appropriate male and female symbols Additional contact fields are now available. You can now link to your Twitter and FIMFiction profiles The last survey-related emails have been sent. Finally, we have something fun in store for you guys in the coming weeks. Expect an announcement on that in a few days! As always, if you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, or suggestions, be sure to leave your thoughts down below!
  7. Is anyone else going to Buck in August? If you have already been last year or plan to go this year, tell me what it's like or what you hope for this year!
  8. *NOTE:* I am BRAND spanking new, so PLEASE forgive me if this thread has not been posted in its proper location!! Hi My name is Cassie. I am 23 years old and I have been a fan of MLP for roughly 16 months. I. LOVE. MLP MUSIC!!!!!! Last year ('13), when I went to BronyCon, I was surprised and EXTREMELY pleased to hear us Bronies singing these songs in unison :3 Then, I had a thought: What if I were to organize a smallish group of local (sorry, non MD-ers D:) people who were actually to PRACTICE some A CAPELLA ARRANGEMENTS of pony songs BEFORE the con and then wander around, performing for people!! If you are interested in helping me to organize this in time for BRONYCON '14 (fun! fun! fun! fun!): -Please email me directly at (that's Y O U R S O P H ) -Please be a half-decent singer (Beyonce pipes not req'd, just a general idea of where notes should be and the ability to sing your own part even over other dissonant/harmonizing parts) -Please LOVE MLP -Please live in MARYLAND and be able to get to practice (in Columbia) on time every week/biweek/whatever we decide -Please be at least 11!! -Please understand that this is a somewhat serious excursion which will REQUIRE PRACTICE. Please understand and be willing to repeat, change, hone, and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE our songs! I don't want to hear any whining (or whinnying) at practice -Please be willing to vote on issues which may arise while understanding that I as the creator of the group have final deciding power -Please be financially able to attend BronyCon I'd like to have BOYS AND GIRLS of ALL VOICE PARTS, ALL AGES welcome so long as your mom or your dad or SOMEpony can give you a ride to practices! When you email me, please include as much of this information as possible: -Your name (first only is fine) -Your age and sex -When did you get into MLP? -What is your level of interest in this project on a scale from 1-10? -How often would you like to have practice? Choose one ~Once a week ~Twice a month ~Once a month -How reliably will you be able to attend practice on a scale of 1-10? -What is your voice part (if you know it)? If you don't, would you describe your voice as high, middle, low, or flexible? -Are there any songs not on my list that you would like to do? -What special skills could you give to the group (reading music, arranging music ,picking out notes by ear, baking so sweet and tasty cupcakes and bringing them with you to practice etc.) I'm looking for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 or so, so I hope the level of general interest is higher than I'm worried it might be ^^;; here is a tentative list of songs: -Winter Wrap Up -The Best Night Ever -Smile Song -Hearts Strong as Horses -A True True Friend -The Perfect Stallion -Helping Twilight Win The Crown (I know, shut up!) Alright, so, I guess that's it.... let the emails flood in XD
  9. I am a member at WMSTR, otherwise known as the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion, or Rollag Threshing Show, that is held near Fargo ND. It is a VERY large show (over 200 acres in use) and they get well over 10,000 visitors during the show. The show is held every Labor Day Weekend. I want to ask you all, are there any of you that go to this show, or have gone to this show with friends and/or family? Have any of you gone to other shows regarding antique tractors, farm machinery, and life in the days of our ancestors (such as Civil War Reenactments and Rendezvous)? I am posting this topic for three reasons: -for fellow bronies who enjoy these historical shows to talk about our experiences. -to attract bronies who are curious enough to want to attend a show this summer or in the near future -to have a potential brony meetup at Rollag, or other large shows...This is my main intent with this topic, because I know people have meetups at malls and such, but how cool would it be to have a meetup at a historical show? Here is the WMSTR's Website :
  10. So I was wondering if anyone knew if there is going to be Some sort of meetup for the new Mlp tcg? near sandy springs ga or atlanta.
  11. made by the ottawa bronies and me
  12. here is are meet up and here it is on eqd they miss spelled ottawa tho lol