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Found 14 results

  1. In other words, (for the sake of argument) let's say they decide, that enough teasing of this ship has happened, and they want to go and make this ship a reality, how do you see them approaching it? In other words, if you were on the writing staff, and you were tasked with the job of coming up and writing a story for episode that finally made Rarity x Spike (Sparity) official , how would you go about it? Let's hear what you have to say on the matter.
  2. Well, looks like meghan will be the one dishing out the information about S8! I guess she might be taking more of a hand on the show again once the movie's over with?
  3. Iunno about all of you, but season 4 was almost the perfect season in the show! Why? Cause it has a really intense story that connects some of the episodes, all the characters recieved a fair share of development, and all they all had a fair share of episodes too. Yes, there were a few bumps here and there - I know alot of you didn't enjoy episodes like Somepony to Watch Over Me, or Trade Ya. But I believe there was a perfect balance to everything in the show, and even for a kid's show, it had the best overall story any of the seasons could have! All the writers and developers should be thanked for that, but also Meghan for being an amazing leader through it all! Seasons 5, 6, and 7 were all amazing in their own way! Season 5 had the awesome premiere and a ton of fandom nods! Season 6 fixed Spike and Fluttershy, made great use of Trixie, and brought a new perspective to dragons, griffons, and changelings alike! And finally, season 7 has other fan-panderings and amazing development for all the characters (so far)! But none of that can beat season 4 in my book! Those other seasons had alot of story flaws, an unbalance of character episodes and development, and the Mane Six and the princesses seemed way too helpless at times, and characters were way too OOC alot. Season 4 wasn't perfect either, but it had a balance of things, and an awesome theme to the main arc! Seasons 5-7, they're good, but they're not connected to the main arc of the show. Since the movie was in production during this time, the main MLP story seemed to have a sudden halt to the main storyline. Seasons 1-4, they're Twilight's arc; seasons 5-7 are Starlight's arc; and when season 8 starts, it's going to start a new era, a new mission for Twilight and the main cast! When that time comes, I would be honored if Meghan were to continue where she left off in season 4, and perhaps to start wrapping things up for the series. Give proper conclusions to all the main cast and supporting characters, so the series can end with a bang in season 9 or 10, whichever!
  4. So, meghan recently tweeted this and explicitly tagged it as NOT the MLP movie. So, what do you think it refers to? Guardians of harmony? G5? Or do you think she's talking about something COMPLETELY different than MLP since she's now over all Hasbro girls projects?
  5. Does Meghan McCarthy have any Season 6 episode written by credit? I'm just curious to know since Meghan McCarthy is my all time favorite writer (Excluding Lauren Faust), because she never wrote an episode since Season 4 finale. Btw, my all time favorite episode in the series is Twilight's Kingdom
  6. Occasionally when an idea doesn't fit into any fanfic or anything I might intend to produce but seems decent enough that I don't think it should go to waste I will post it here for general use so that someone else may use it if they find a relevant inspiration for its use. One idea that could be funny would be to have Pinkie affected by a reverse-entropy spell or something that causes her to bounce twice as high each time. Then maybe Twilight would have to calculate which bounce is going to send her off into space and have her bounce at the right angle so that she bounces into a geo-stable orbit around the planet..
  7. I know what some of you might be thinking. This is another "no criticism allowed" Thread, right? No, i have no intentions of doing that. This is about something else entirely. Everytime i go around the fandom after the episode aired, i see thousands of Reviews popping up from Random people and everyone has a certain style of reviewing each episode. While some, if not most of these reviews are well thought out, some of them seem very bad, maybe even down right mean towards the writers. For example. A review of an episode should never get personal towards the writers. You should never say they're stupid, or worse, they should quit their Job instantly. I think that Spike at your Service was the worst episode ever and that Merriweather Williams is the worst writer of the MLP Staff. However, that dosen't mean she is a bad writer overall. She made some great episodes for Spongebob, which proves that she has skill. You shouldn't jump the gun and say to a person, that she has to quit a Job. A Job that might feed her Family and pays the Bills. Yes, we have to criticize the Writers for what they do, or else we will get one Rainbow Falls after another. But we also have to defend the writers from stuff like this, because in my eyes, that's not right. What do you think? Do you agree, or should we actually criticize the Writers as harshly as possible?
  8. So we all know Now that Meghan McCarthy has became the Head of Storytelling for the company's Girl brands at Hasbro Studios. But the question is: Is she still gonna be the showrunner on this show and be able to write more upcoming episodes, right?
  9. *McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations without regard for evidence, and is not the actual attribute of Senator McCarthy being discussed here. It was chosen for the pun.* By now, most of us have seen the season five animatic preview. For those of you who haven't, here's the EQ Daily link: A beautiful piece of art it ain't, but it's certainly on its way. No sound effects, storyboard stills, placeholder cutiemarks... Or are they placeholders? There's definitely something strange with the ponies in that village, what with the stepford smiling and all, but what if those cutiemarks are a signal of something sinister, or, rather, something that Hasbro wants us to think is sinister. What if those empty smiles and equal signs are related. What if those ponies in that village... ARE COMMUNISTS! Okay, probably not, but you have to admit, with the evidence given it doesn't seem too far fetched. No cutiemarks means no special talents; That means no specialized jobs. Smiles enforced by the state because disagreement is prohibited. Mere speculation? Yes, and for all we know the equal signs may be placeholders. After all, the last time a show attached to Lauren Faust spoke out on Communism, The episode never aired in the US. The PowerPuff Girls Episode "See me, Feel me, Gnomey" was a musical rock opera episode that pitted the ideals of america against a magical socialist woodland sprite, causing so much controversy Cartoon Network never aired it. Could Meghan be daring to accomplish what Lauren failed at? Perhaps, but that's just a theory A Game Theory! What are your thoughts? Is Miss McCarthy a commie-hating tyrant? Could she be an unpatriotic pinko and take the episode in the other direction? Should we all reject capitalism and socialism in favor of GLORIOUS CHAOS? Tell me! TELL ME NOW!
  10. A lot of bronies have been discussing the constant cliff-hanger endings we've been getting in the new season, and whether or not they'll come back in later episodes or how relevant they are to the story. The box in the Tree of Harmony, the Pony of Shadows, the disappearing comic book, the Flutterbat fang, and now the threads (maybe?). I remembered earlier today that Meghan McCarthy (I think it was Meghan...) had tweeted that season 4 would have a full-season-long story arc. So far, it seems that only the first 3 episodes really connect at all (the opening of Power Ponies sort of does but the episode as a whole doesn't really). But what if all these cliff-hangers are gonna turn out to be connected to the search for the keys? We're 8 episodes into the season and this is the only thing I can see that suggests a story arc. Anyone agree? Disagree? How could it work?
  11. So, this thread is me forming a headcanon from various of the spoilers we have received regarding season 4, including the Twitter Q&A with Meghan McCarthy from earlier today. To start, here are the tidbitys we know: 1) In S4, a pony will give Pinkie a run for her partying money. 2) Vinyl Scratch may potentially have a singing role. And from today's Q&A. Now, where does this leave us? Welll, Vinyl Scratch is into parties as well, providing music for various celebrations. Pinkie and Vinyl also seem to know each other, based on how comfortable they were next to each other at the end of Canterlot Wedding Part 2. There is potential for a plot where they have some kind of dispute about who throws better parties of the two, and thus begins a kind of battle royale of the party animals. The rumour that Vinyl may have a singing role means that, if true, she will be a major character in at least one episode, as minor characters never get a whole song to themselves. Songs always contribute to the storyline and character development. A song would inadvertently mean that Vinyl would come out of the background. And the third, and most telling, could only refer to a couple of characters. It can't be Derpy, because her name is already canon. Octavia wouldn't be it either, because she is called Octavia on official merch. The only possibilities are Dr. Whooves and Vinyl Scratch, and I think Dr. Whooves has a canon name anyway (Time Turner). But all official Vinyl Scratch merch calls her DJ PON-3. She doesn't yet have her true name shown in any official sources. And also, we need to note the use of the phrase "fan favorite." Dr. Whooves isn't really a fan favorite. He is mostly an aside, as Derpy's coltfriend. Vinyl, however, has plenty of fan love in her own right, and she is undoubtedly a favorite, second in popularity only to Derpy Hooves. So, my headcanon is that the Pinkie party problem episode will be the one to feature the background pony, and that background pony will be Vinyl Scratch. The two will have a stink about who throws better parties, and get into a huge war of confetti, cupcakes, and wubs. This will also feature Vinyl's singing role, where she tries to show the power of wubtastic music! In the end, somepony notices the two fighting and recognises both of their party skills. This pony will want them to work together to throw one EPIC party. The two will be forced to make up, in order to make the party work. The lesson can be something along the lines of learning to not care about who's better, but instead focus on working together to achieve even greater goals. I just hope that they get somepony with a voice that is, at the very least, somewhat similar to Nowacking's. So, what do you guys think? Could this be what the clues point to? Is it a cool idea for how the episode could work? How do you folks put these hints together? Let meh know! And SEASON FOUR IS ON THE WAY!
  12. Pretty self explanatory! This is a tribute to my favorite writer of MLP that I have worked on for quite some time. If you'd like to see the lyrics or more general info, please check the video description on Youtube!
  13. So ever since Summer BronyCon 2012, I've been getting an appreciation for the writers of the show. Particularly Meghan McCarthy. I mean cmon, The Canterlot Wedding? Party of One? Lesson Zero? She has my appreciation! I know this isn't exactly "ponyfiying" but I believe this woman deserves a song! (I mean, I REALLY like her mane!) Now I wrote this song in the Summer and it's just been sitting in my files for awhile. This is when I saw that the writers were rather unappreciated (at the time). I'd like to cover it, but I've never had anyone else look at it. Meaning I have no idea if my lyrics look appropriate for a tribute. So, I'd like some help! Do the lyrics seem to be over-praising? Does it flow ok? Does it seem over dramatic? I'm an amateur at song writing, so please bear with me. The original song/lyrics are: "Mrs. Robinson" By Simon and Garfunkel. Ms. McCarthy And here’s to you, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Bronies loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) Stay gold and bright, Miss McCar-ar-thy Don’t you lose that pony flair today (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) We'd like to show our gratitude to our leading writer We think it’s our turn to help you smile Look around you and you’ll see excitement in our eyes Cause’ we’re waiting for your magic to arrive And here’s to you, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Bronies loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) Stay gold and bright, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Don’t you lose that pony flair today (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) Twily seemed to snap a bit when she missed her report. Cutiemark Crusaders mess with romance Pinkie kinda lost it, with no parties and no friends Come to Canterlot and see that Love’s In Bloom Scoot Scoot-aloo, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Bronies loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) Stay gold and bright, Miss McCar-ar-thy Don’t you lose that pony flair today (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) Writing new adventures to come every ponies way Working on a deadline, can’t be late Make ‘em crazy, make ‘em sad Don’t matter what you do Everypony’s rootin’ out for you Another long, season’s come and gone The fandom holds it’s memory so true (Woo, woo, woo) We wait for you, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Jolt us all and take our breath away (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey)