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Found 31 results

  1. I used the search function and could not find any threads like this so if there is one already I'm sorry. Back on topic, exactly as the title of the thread says. What is your hair and eye colour? I have blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. I feel like I should be a surfer. XD Now it's your turn. What is your hair and eye colour?
  2. Ask anything you want if the question is good ill answer properly, but ask a silly question and well have fun
  3. I don't know if this has been asked yet, but, eh. I don't understand that some of the bronys say that Dr. Hooves and Derpy are married or in a romance. Derpy's official name hasn't even been answered (at least I think so). They could be brother and sister or something. According to google, Derpy "Hooves" is a fan name. So, not like I have any problems with some Bronys say Derpy and Dr are in romance, but still, I don't get where the idea came for that, or just don't get it at all.
  4. It took a loooonnnggg time to write this one, I was sick for the most of the time, and I just got a new video game, But, I finally got this finished. Yaaaaaaay!!!! Back to the story. Eclipse read a book about dark spells. She yawned. Everyday seemed to be boring, reading scrolls, tomes, and books seemed to be the only thing she COULD do. Then she spotted a guard, who seemed to be out of the mind control spell. Her horn felt.. strange at the sight of the guard. She could sense the magic inside of him, then a huge grin appeared on her face. Eclipse walked right into the guard's sight. The guard nearly jumped at the sight of the filly, but relaxed once he saw Eclipse. "Who are you little one?" He asked with a calm tone. But she only grinned, then the guard began to lift, trapped in Eclipse's grasp. The guard was shocked that a mere filly could do such a spell, but then he felt he was getting weaker, and tried. Then he saw a stream of light coming off him, and heading into the filly's horn. His eye sight faded, and his heart raced. "What are you doing?!" He managed to say "Who are you?!" Eclipse laughed, then the guard dropped out of her magical spell. Eclipse had taken his energy, his sight, his crystal pony magic. She felt stronger, then looked at the guard, who was laying on the ground unable to move. "I am your worse nightmare." She said with a devilish grin. "You were strong, but now I am stronger!" She said with a bit of a laugh. The guard felt like he was giving away, then fell into the unknown world. Eclipse soon took magic from potions, keeping her powers a secret. Her horn normally wanted to take Sombra's magic, but she avoided it at all costs. Eclipse was reading a tome one day, then her horn sensed a great power, but not from just one pony, two. She rushed to a window, then saw two alicorns flying towards the castle. Eclipse gasped, Alicorns were the most powerful ponies, and they were heading towards her. She smiled, she would become the most powerful pony with both of their magic. She rushed up stairs and joined her father, who was waiting for them. "Let's show them that this is OUR kingdom." He said to Eclipse. She nodded, then sat near her father. Then with a loud CRASH, the two alicorns busted into the throne room.
  5. Sorry guys that Part 1 was short, I promise Part 3 will be much longer, and I tried my best to make this longer too. Anyways, back to where we left off. Sombra coughed out some of the smoke, then looked around for his crystal filly. "No... No!!" He searched harder, "No!" He kept telling himself. Perhaps he had gotten his too hopes up, but his filly, was nowhere to be seen. "Soommbraa" his ears went up at the voice. "Sooombrraa" it came again, the voice sounded like a young mare, but who would dare to enter his castle? His horn lit up "Who dares enter my castle?" Sombra snarled. Then he heard laugher, "You're so funny!" The strange voice repiled. "Show yourself!" Sombra called out again. Then he saw a pony flash right by him, then disappeared into the wary shadows. He got down into a crouch, and stared at the shadows, ready for an attack. But then the pony caught him off-guard, and leaped onto him, tackling him down to the ground. The attacker felt heavy as boulders, and has smooth as crystal. He stared up at his attacker, then he realized, his attacker was... hugging him? It wasn't even a full grown pony, it was a filly, then he noticed the horn on the filly's head was like his, curved with a red tip. He sat up, and got his filly off him. She looked at him, her eyes looked like his, only then didn't have the purple smoke. "You need a name." Sombra said, "do you have one?" The filly rolled her eyes, and Sombra knew what she was thinking. "Oh." He said, "well you're getting one." "What about... Sombra Jr?" The filly shook her head. "What about.. Darkness?" The filly shook her head like really dude? "Ugh, what about Eclipse?" The filly shot right up and nodded "Eclipse! Eclipse!" She said, jumping around in the room, smiling. "Eclipse it is then." He said, "Now let's go and greet the crystal slaves before they head out to go mining." Eclipse followed Sombra through the walkways that led down. They walked out of the castle, and looked at the crystal slaves, gloomy as the usual. "Every slave, listen up!" He yelled at the slaves, then they stopped moving in a line onwards to the mines. "This shall be your next ruler, when I retire." He said, the slaves giving no reaction. "What did I just say?!?! It's quite rude when you don't stomp your hooves!!" He snapped, then all of the slaves began stomping. Eclipse looked at the slaves, they were tried and beat, it must had been a long time since they rest. I'm glad I'm not one of them, Eclipse thought to herself, trying not to image what they were going through everyday, endless working. Sombra turned away from his slaves, then looked at Eclipse. "C'mon, it's time you begin studying."
  6. So, I kept asking myself, what if Sombra really had a filly of his own? I DID wrote this fan-fiction before the Season 4 finale, So honestly, don't complain about the villian's powers. This is just going to be parts due to its mid long story, and I want to leave you guys at a hanging part till the next part comes out. Now, time to begin the story. Before the mane six were born, before nightmare moon was banished, a terrible evil was created to threaten all of pony kind... Sombra watched his crystal slaves going down into the mine. He had a huge grin at this sight. But the days were lonely ruling the empire, Sombra wanted some pony to talk to, some pony to teach, some pony to rule along side him. He sat on his cold dark throne, thinking. His head was like a hive of bees, carrying one thought to the next. Then an idea popped into his head, then he got off his throne, and headed towards the middle of the room. With a flash of light, Sombra's horn lit up with magic. Crystals began growing off the room's dark crystal floor, the growing crystals matched Sombra's dark pelt. Most of the spell was weaking Sombra as he was casting the spell. He finally got to the mane and tail. He made the mane and the tail dark as the night sky. He stepped back, and looked at his filly. It was missing something, then Sombra remembered. His horn lit up again, and on the filly's forehead grew a curved horn like Sombra's, and at the tip, sharp red rubys. His filly was finished, all he needed to do, was make it alive. Then, magical beams whirled around the stone filly, making it fly off the ground. Then a huge light shined at Sombra, and he covered his eyes with a hoof. Finally, when things were seeable, he looked and saw that his filly, was gone.
  7. So a little while ago I drew a few Pokemon. I figured rather than keep creating threads, I'd just shove them all here. My last attempt at a drawing thread was a disappointment, but what the hay, I might try getting back into whatever this is. These are ordered by date Previously posted: Not previously posted Normally I would add a short comment to each one, but today is not that day! Comments and critiques welcome. I won't take harsh critique personally, in fact I think it is the best way to improve; I'm new to this and perfectly aware that they look like garbage.
  8. Yin and a spectral Hei. I was originally going to go for a more wispy, ghost-like look for Hei, but I got lazy at the end and ended up settling for a half-arsed translucent look. Yin's hair was fun, it took a few tries to make it not make 80s hair look small, but I think it turned out. Feel free to tell me it sucks, just try to be semi-specific. Anyway, thank's for stoppin' in, see y'all again.
  9. Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free My love for Firefly was recently reawakened (though it never truly slept), and while listening to the theme song, inspiration hit. The characters translate to 'Serenity', which is why I chose Fluttershy for this one. The shading was lazy, and I feel like I messed up the mane and tail, but can't figure out specifically how (yet). I would like to hear your comments and critiques, thanks for stopping by. Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take Flutters from me
  10. A never ending war between self hatred and self acceptance continues on.. Hope you all enjoyed it for what it's worth, which probably isn't much. The focus is the music itself and not me by the way.
  11. Have you guys ever played this game? It's so addicting! This game is a 10/10 in my book. Android: LINK iOS: LINK My high scores in the game Screenshot
  12. I kinda wondered this, considering most of us are afraid of these eight legged creatures. We could put them outside....but coming from somebody who attempted to harm a spider not too long ago. >.< I mean, it could've been poisonous for all I know. I feel bad about killing it, I always tell a spider "I'm sorry" before squashing it. u-u Yes, I feel remorse for a freaky spider... Is killing a spider basically murder, since we are taking it's life? Or is it necessary to ease our discomfort and possible safety?
  13. I lied. It's an Eevee :3 This is my fourth Pokemon drawing (Samurott, Pikachu, Sylveon, Eevee). It looks wrong, but I am pleased (at least for now) with how it turned out. I'm open to feedback and critiques, and as always, thanks for stopping by.
  14. Here it is, Frith's third Pokemon drawing: Sylveon. First Samurott, then Pikachu, next is most likely Eevee, though I may change my mind. Better than my last two, but still lacking. As usual, feedback, critiques, and advice are welcome, thank you for checking this out.
  15. Pika Pii :3 This is just a quick (15 min.) doodle of Pikachu done on scrap paper. It's not great, but it did turn out better than expected. Anyway, I'd like to hear your feedback and critiques. Thanks for checking this out.
  16. I had the idea for this one when I saw the following picture Cloudchaser? I didn't know you were an Apple... I'm actually just here for the apple pie... It's admittedly sub-par, but I hope you like it. Criticisms appreciated (don't hold back, I want to know where I screwed up).
  17. I have not drawn in quite a while, so I decided to force myself to do something. I wanted to go beyond ponies, hoping variety and a challenge would help fix my problem. Here is the result: This is embarrassing to admit, but I haven't played the newer generations, so I don't recognize a good chunk of them. Whatever this is, it is clearly an awesome Pokemon. Did a little shading, cleaned up some of my lines. It's still pretty bad, but at least it is better. And I finally checked the name, which is Samurott (most of you probably knew that...), which sounds oddly like the Japanese word for "awesome incarnate".
  18. Yeah, I've never drawn a cat before and I can kinda see why (I think I'll just stick to drawing ponies) xD I was about to give up halfway through it. My brother likes cats and Rainbow Dash so I figured "why not combine them?" Well, it didn't turn out quite as I wanted it, but he still loved it so whatevz x3 Sort of scribbled the colors on, I was tired of working on it
  19. Not much to say. Need to work on the wings, but I pretty much drew them in a hurry so whatevz. Plus other stuff such as the legs and muzzle, be sure to work on those sometime this weekend. Made this for my brother since Rainbow Dash is his favorite. /)^3^(\
  20. hello everyone, welcome to my show called "Ask British Spy!" I guess if you want to you can ask me any questions that you wanted (by the looks of the topic area this thread will die in half and hour)
  21. I sat staring at my wall last night and my brain decided that it wanted to write the introduction to a fanfic... I let it. I just would like someone or some people to pre-read the intro and tell me if I should continue the rest of the story. Some Pre-reader warning, the entire story is written in a way that makes it seem like it will fall into the gutter, but it is actually all just build up to a punch line/plot twist at the end or midway through. Mind you I came up with this idea past midnight, but I did edit it in the morning so that the grammar and spelling isn't horrifying. Seriously though, I can't stress the fact that this is NOT a clop fic, it just...seems like one...yeah. So did anyone actually read it? I'm just wondering cause I have gotten zero feedback/comments/insults and I really want to know whether or not I should continue this intro into a full story.
  22. See, I can draw humans/timelords! Sorta. Maybe. Not really. This looked a lot better when I was not drawing it. That's when things went downhill.
  23. This is an Applejack wallpaper. I don't know which vector works better in the image as a whole so I'll let you decide. Oh and Criticism is appreciated.
  24. I drew this is five seconds. Not gonna color it because it'll look even crummier. Drawing ponies isn't a regular thing for me. Usually it's just doodles on my Econ quizzes.
  25. These are somewhat old pictures that I thought I'd post because they weren't doing anything in my drawer. Yes, I know I screwed up the back scale-ly things. Got around to coloring this today, but I don't know, the color kind of messes it up, I thinks. Not show style, but I'm not trying to be.