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Found 6 results

  1. Taken down for improvments, Will update here So, after about 8-10hrs, I finished this... I would call this "melodic dubstep", however it is a rather broad term and some will disagree, but Anyway, take a listen and let me know what you think (I really need to improve on the mixing in vocals...) There is a free download at both sites if you reaaaally want it, I don't really think its that great though.
  2. My first official remix under the project Kode, which I present to all who view with absolute satisfaction, but I would still love your feedback! With your help, the journey I am taking can be an amazing one!
  3. Hey guys! So, I guess this is my next step in my journey. Although not fully certain I'm feeling 100% about it, it was still a lot of fun to produce, and that's all that matters! This track was my entry in a particular contest involving's Breaking EDM room, which means I don't plan on advertising this as much considering its placement. Please support this track if you enjoyed! I very much want my journey to lead me somewhere amazing, and it can with your help!
  4. A little melodic drumstep song I wrote a couple days ago.
  5. I fully and completely expect to have this thread all to myself. I seriously doubt that too many folks on this forum are quite so fanatical about this stuff as I am. Don't get me wrong, I listen to a ton of music, but Trailer Music is definitely my "guilty pleasure". It is like cotton candy to my sense of hearing. I love how the best tracks in this genre play with your ears, convincing your brain that everything that is currently going on is far more epic than, perhaps, it truly is. If you don't know what trailer music is, then you've come to the right place. Trailer music is, literally, the music that you hear in a lot of movie trailers. Generally, this music is either commissioned or purchased from a library of tunes. The purpose of trailer music is to entice you, to make you think that the movie in the trailer is the single most amazing thing that you're ever going to see. To make this happen, this music tends to be dramatic, heavy-hitting and just plain epic. Don't just take my word for it. Have some brief articles.Trailer Music: A look at the overlooked Movie trailer music: it's not what you think So, yeah... Let's talk trailer music in this thread... My favorite, I mean my all time favorite album in this genre is definitely Invincible by Two Steps from Hell. It's hard to argue with sounds like this: My favorite among the more unconventional albums is Thomas Bergersen's . Sooo... Am I all alone out there? Anyone else like this stuff? D:
  6. A song I made while thinking about Vinyl Scratch. It features several quotes from My Little Pony and has three distinct parts; one extremely bass heavy, one leaning toward electro swing, and one melodic and slow. The image in the video was done by Cloud Chaser, on this forum. Go check out Cloud Chaser, by the way; cool stuff Lastly, the song is free to download; follow the link in the YouTube description. I hope you like it!