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Found 4 results

  1. Ask me anything!
  2. So I decided to draw my OC thingy...This is how she was originally supposed to look. I tried creating her on GeneralZoi's generator but it didn't have the hair, so on my signature she looks different. But this drawing is the original Midnight Melody. Critiques welcome (wow, now I'm gonna recieve critiques instead of give them!) EDIT: If some of you think that the legs are too long, well, they're supposed to be like that...Midnight is a tall pony
  3. Race: Unicorn Age: 17 Personality: In associations with Violet Spiral and Valorie Prowl, Serene has been a very close friend, being the mother figure of the group. Often very tactful amongst other ponies around her, she is quick witted, cool, calm and collected. Talent: Harnessing her Unicorn gifts around her taste for music, she's capable of channeling the flow of wind, utilizing it to achieve means of playing multiple wind related instruments at the same time. She isn't very good with percussion instruments, but instead, enjoys the arrhythmic flow of sound through string, wind, and pianos. An educator and student alike, Serene is well versed in singing legato like tunes, and dancing, while still striving her best In hopes of performing alongside some of her most admired musicians someday, like Octavia, Symphony, Concerto, Harpo Parish Nadermane, and most of all, Frederic Horseshoepin, whom she's been very fond of. Her "Triple Time" Cutie mark is represented by three grace notes above regular notes on a triple metre fashion. Will cover more of her in her Character Database.