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Found 83 results

  1. Here's Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi on the Organ. A meme song that some of you must have been itching for this to be covered on an organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Enthusiast Fan] Mareldmon590 [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  2. Is there any memes that you just cannot stand, or memes that never get old? In my opinion I've never gotten over the "this is sparta meme," and still like it. However, at the same time I hate that dancing storm trooper one, just wrong.
  3. Better late than never, made popular recently from the Coffin Dance meme and as many others covering this song, here is Astronomia by Vicetone and Tony Igy on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  4. FIRST THING I MUST SAY NOW I AM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANY ONE HERE. This is mainly targeted for people to laugh at themselves or what their parents have done. If you ever find anything very offensive here please let me know, or if need be report the post to a moderator. I'm sorry if i am offending any one. Something strange has been happening. Lately i noticed my Mom has been using more modern terms for things, like slang words, but it wasn't until today that i decided something. Today, when i crossed my eyes, she described it as "derping." THIS BLEW MY MIND RIGHT HERE. My mom is using INTERNET phrases. She even called my Dad a troll the other day. At first i thought she was just being silly now she seems to be serious. She is legitimately saying these things out of humour and interest. Perhaps its finally safe to come out of the brony shadow and reveal my love for MLP. PERHAPS SHE WON'T BE SURPRISED. For all i know she browses memebase or reddit while i'm at school. I DONT EVEN KNOW. It would be pretty awesome if she turned out to be a pegasister. What kind of things have your parents done that made you laugh or simply blew your mind?
  5. I need a few things from you. 1.What is your strategy for entry 2.Who are you going with 3.What happens when you are there 4.How are you leaving. 5.What are you doing after. My post/example. Going to use my Legend of Zelda Flute for the twister to port me safely in with John Mcclane, stuff the aliens in my Fallout 76 canvas bags, and fly away in a spaceship. Then I am going to set the Aliens free but one comes back to be my friend n play videogames all day n help me sneak away from the FBI.
  6. I decided to create this meme compilation based on a funny moment from the Season 9 Premiere. This was uploaded to my Main Channel, JonnySel Productions. Enjoy.
  7. Here's a fun one, make a meme of any users here, like a friend, peers ects. It's does not have to be a user above you. This not to insult anyone but rather for fun and laughs. Have fun!
  8. Lets post here some paused moments of episodes that looks funny! also edit if you want (Image retired from the clip: "Friends Are Always There For You")
  10. I made this thread so we can share our knowledge on memes but mainly meme apps. Share any meme apps to where you can literally create any meme! This includes meme apps that can... Photoshop Add multiple captions use any picture and so on! Oh and don’t forget to add in web comic apps my dudes! (ps the web comic apps is where you create them,not read some crappy manga junk) (pps! If this is the wrong site to post this thread,feel free to move it moderators,admins,etc!)
  11. K m8 wuts ur favorite meme? a meme can b anything. let us discus owr fav memes here m8. Le RuLeZ Swear words allowed,just no F**K or God****. memes can b mildly offensive no nazis or swastikas unless its actually making fun of the nazis,proving murica is superior to them deep fried memes allowed dankness allowed spicy memes allowed no religious memes,that’s for another thread no rage comics video memes allowed have fun and get rekt my fav meme is all of them but my most fav is 1967 spoderman,trump,political memes,and infinity war memes i won’t post infinity war memes m8
  12. Ok if any of the ponies were memes,which memes do you think would suit any of the ponies? this includes the bad guys(Discord,Nightmare Moon,etc),the changlings,background ponies. have fun! Le rulez no perverted comments no raging no arguing trolling is allowed Ill start,i think that Rarity is the “Like a Sir” Meme
  13. I haven't posted any of my artwork here in sooooooo long.... What an odd feeling this is... Anyway, yeah this is a drawing... of Rarity... as a Queen... so... there's that... ++++++Q&A++++++ Q: Why is it in black, white, and gray? A: Because I'm too lazy to color it. Q: Why did you make it into a meme? A: Because I can and when I get bored I make memes and do stupid stuff. Don't you? Q: Will you ever color it and take out the meme? A: Probably, if enough ppl want me to but, ppl never like my style anyway. Its "creepy"... or... so they say. Hell! I might even put it into a Forum Banner at some point! Q: Can I ask one more question? A: GG no re kthxbai
  14. Anyone find the Flash Sentry stole your waifu sub meme annoying? It's not even funny or witty, it's just plain annoying and stupid. One, as far as I know women/females (at least from a more logical universe in the multiverse) are not Robots. They aren't going to just dump who they love for this random guy. Two, if waifus and multiverse exists, then everyone in the entire multiverse has stolen your waifu. Including even Doctor Zoidberg and the robot Bender. Which also means there's many universes where he/she or it hasn't stolen your wife. Now, I hope that clears some of this stuff up.
  15. I'm so sorry i couldn't help myself I'll start (Staff, this is just a joke, if you don't like it by all means take it down.) Until yesterday i did not know Narwhals existed. I thought they were extinct.
  16. Our fandom has produced a ton of memes, and some of them are really weird. What brony memes are the weirdest in your opinion? For me, it’s probably Rarity fighting a giant crab. I’ve never quite understood why this is a thing.
  17. Salt Bae, such a unique sensual meme. And I made it epic, as usual Watch my version here <3
  18. Parappa the Rapper tries body building in this hit for the whole family. Just make sure you don't fall for the smooth voiced bloke.
  19. I figured we might take a break from waiting a month for a dead meme to pop up, and instead talk about something that has been seriously bugging me as a "brony", not specifically about these forums but a large quantity I'm going to be honest, although I love the general community of this fandom, such as Mike and WoodenToaster, I often feel as if, as time has gone on, respect and general acceptance among people here is based on an elitist criteria, specifically with the arts. Dumbed down, what I'm trying to say is that I see very few people being praised or noticed for work other than visual fanart or music (although music is certainly put off a bit), and I seem to be noticing a small amount of favoritism with involvement amongst the community, based on one's skill in these fields. Granted though, these are just my personal opinions, and could just be the delusions of an outcast. Alongside this, I am constantly bothered with the PC culture amongst the fandom in general (alot of it's here, but...let's not blame anyone inparticular). Everyone is either too child-like and unwilling to speak in a slightly mature basis, stubbornly following self-set guidelines (To be honest, there are actually admins here that do this) , before you get your keyboards crusty though, let me explain what I mean by this. I am not referring to banning someone for inappropriate behaviour, I respect that there is a certain level that things need to be at, but the actual definition of what is acceptable and where is often vague, and in some cases, in threads that are completely fine with an arrangement, admins will swoop in and remove those people's post, not just one, all of them within that thread. It seems odd to me that this would be done, instead of say, just putting a certain rating on something in order to avoid certain people seeing certain things. Then again, this server belongs to you blokes, and if I want a "perfect" forum, I should probably just go and run one myself, because we all know how easy it is to run a forum. Regardless, to break the mood, have a picture of a hot Australian bloke at the beach.
  20. using System;class Derp{ static int Main(string[] args) { try { if(true) { Exception ex = new Exception("DERP"); /* Look at this .NET, that I just found! When I say go, be ready to throw! Go! */ throw ex; } ... } catch (Exception) { //Ugh, lets try something else... return -1; } return 0; }} Pointless, but kind of a fun idea. I like it more than "Let it throw."
  21. A friend talked me into starting an H.P. Lovecraft dank meme page on Facebook; we both contribute to the page. Here's one of the latest and most stupidest memes: And said friend started up their own ridiculous but necessary Zelda / Link dank meme page. Here's one of their posts: If you're on Facebook and even remotely interested in Lovecraft or Zelda or dank memes, you might see something you like.
  22. I continued making these vids. x ) Watch till the end.
  23. Hello everypony! I was trying to come up with meme ideas until I found the infamous "ghost meme" where he goes "Can you tell me your name" and something funny happens and he screams bloody murder. So I put "my name's twilight" with a ghostly twilight in the scene! Hope you enjoy! I upload daily so feel free to subscribe to my youtube, or add me as a friend! I'm starting to really enjoy video editing! Programs used: Magix Music Maker (Twilight Reverb/Echo) Adobe Photoshop (Ghostly Twilight Picture) Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing)