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Found 50 results

  1. GET STICK BUGGED LOL is my favourite one so far
  2. Is there any memes that you just cannot stand, or memes that never get old? In my opinion I've never gotten over the "this is sparta meme," and still like it. However, at the same time I hate that dancing storm trooper one, just wrong.
  3. I was watching a video on the Ideas channel or some such on Youtube (I'm afraid I can't link right now as I'm writing this on my phone) which proposed the idea that perhaps memes can help us reach a point where culture is essentially self replicating; a cultural singularity, if you will, where culture begets more culture - similar to how a technological singularity is where tech become advanced enough to improve and replicate itself. However, me and my good friend were discussing how memes have a degenerative effect on the brain as they prevent us from expressing ourselves properly as we resort to using an easy, well-known phrase such as "forever alone" to express our feelings without much thought. Please, discuss. Edit: Here is said video:
  4. So basically post your favourite mlp memes here. Mine is this What about yours
  5. Welcome to Discord Graphic Design, please enjoy the memes. A bit of forum history for ya'll noobs who only joined in the time since early 2015. Back in the days of the early empire, a bright-eyed sectional moderator named (for the sake of keeping privacy we'll refer to him as '=Cleotic Mimcard=') had the bright idea to create a chart of alignments for the most active of the forum's daily staff. And so, working alongside the Octavia's Hall moderator at the time, the two made a chart for the ages that detailed the various kind of magical horses that ran the empire - from the mighty alicorns to the modest of fillies. *Le Click Me* I wonder how many names you can recognize~ Well, it's 2018, and since bringing things back is such a hit media idea, we decided it was high-time to make an updated list. This time, our dear friend =Cleotic Mimcard= needed no help in creating such a chart. Sure, he's no artist, but one can accomplish quite a lot with a lot of patience and a copy of 'Graphic Design for Dummies'. *Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More Click?* And now for some boring disclaimers! 1: Neither chart lists all staff members on the forum. Only staff notably active in the daily staff chats (then Skype, now Discord), and/or display daily forum activity are chosen. If one doesn't regularly show up to work, how can they expect to be included in spontaneous after-work shenanigans? 2: No, the quotes are not real. But Jeric and I like to think they're pretty accurate. Love you, Passion. 3: Vector insert credits: 'Discord as the Mad Hatter' by CloudyGlow 'Discoshy Pillows' by TimeyMarey007 'Blue Flu Discord Lamp' by punzil504 'Pinkie's Friend, Madame LeFlour' by Vectorshy 4: Mentions, seeing as I don't trust people to find this on their own I'm a caring friend and love making things easier for people~ @LadyMercury, @PathfinderCS, @Dark Horse, @Jeric, @Artemis, @Derplight Sperkle, @Lightwing, @Passion, @Randimaxis, @Venomous, @Trix or Treat?, @Ganondorf8, @TwilySparky, @Quinch, @Clod, @Mesme Rize Ah, do you hear that, lads? The rightful king of the Lounge has returned~
  6. I decided to create this meme compilation based on a funny moment from the Season 9 Premiere. This was uploaded to my Main Channel, JonnySel Productions. Enjoy.
  7. DISCLAIMER: THIS THREAD IS MADE TO BASICALLY PRANK JERIC, SO IF YOU LOVE HIM, STAY HERE AND WATCH HIM BEING SILLY To start this, I shall explain. What is To Jeric? To Jeric is to be silly, rational, responsable, and a wide variety of things. This thread's target is to make memes about our favourite Button's Mom lover, Jeric. Whenever is with this templates, given by me, or with your own pics, Jeric deserves to be a meme. <3 Disclaimer: Jeric is property of MLPForums, and any use of his name without rights can earn you at least 3 permabans.
  8. This quite obvious but just in case I’ll explain. You have to post a meme that you and others can realate to. Just dont post perverted memes,racist memes,or offensive memes. Have fun! ill start.
  9. Ok, memes are funny and great, and are used very frequently; however, I hate that some memes are being used in an area that should not have them. I hate to be the hater, but someone needs to address this issue before it becomes very problematic, and that person might as well be me. Remember, this post is just a suggestion that I have, nothing more. The problem: I have already seen plenty reactions of "I see", "Number one", and “teacup” and I can already tell that abuse is on its way if not already here. The reaction system already feels like a meme in and of itself when it's supposed to represent how someone feels. Seriously, how could one possibly feel like they are "teacup" about the post, or "I ‘I see’ this post". It's very odd, and I don't normally use those reactions because I don't take them seriously and they don't fit in most of the time, yet others do it anyways. It just makes the post less serious and more of a meme and funny than anything, unless you ignore the reaction system. Putting memes into the reaction system provides any forum user unrestricted access to memes and encourages them as well. Doing this makes the memes appear frequently and makes them more annoying. Who wouldn't press the "I see" button? It makes us laugh, so why not? My point is, it's too tempting to not consider pressing a meme reaction button, unless the topic is something very serious like something about death or pain. Problems that could arise and maybe are arising from this: Let me list the consequences of placing a meme in the reaction system. First, you eventually kill the meme due to abuse and constant exposure to it in most topics. Second, it's hard to express your feelings when the reaction system has memes and is becoming a meme itself because of it. Third, it's hard to understand how people feel about your post and what their reaction to it is when there are meme reactions. Fourth, it's annoying for memes to pop up everywhere, especially dead memes, not saying that any current reaction meme here is dead. Fifth, there are memes that some people dislike anyways, but having them on a forum reaction system is even more annoying. My solutions: Here are the solutions I propose. (1) One could make a forum section/subsection that holds all the meme topics and posts located and take out all the memes from the reaction system and place them there. (2) Move the reaction system memes into the emoji system instead, though I wouldn’t prefer this solution since the memes are still there. (3) Erase the memes from every system altogether. Posts and comments can have memes, just not the reaction system and emoji system, or so forth. One last thing I wanted to say. I actually don’t care about there being memes in the reaction system, and I personally find them to be somewhat funny. To be honest, if they left I just might miss them a slight bit. Also, I'm fine with temporary meme reactions, the ones I'm referring throughout to this post are those that are permanent. The reason I posted this is because I speculated that these permanent meme reactions could become annoying and could lead to a few problems, since meme abuse is a common crime on the internet these days. Apologies if I offended anyone. Disclaimers: I know the “Number one” reaction is temporary, and I also know there are other reactions in the reaction system that aren’t memes and that actually show how one feels about a post.
  10. "A city where you can get a happy ending, but only if you pay a little extra." Yep, sometimes you gotta dish out a little to gain a little. It's the hard truth that has been prevalent all throughout history. However, some in particular find themselves in the prime position to... assist you in this endeavour. To lessen the burden by relieving you of one's 'coin'. You see where I'm getting at yet? Well, the chances are that if you've never played Skyrim (despite Todd Howard's best attempts), or indeed any Elder Scrolls game, you are now regarding this post with confusion and/or suspicion. Is this the long suspected announcement that MLP Forums has gone full-on corporate? Are we now to start charging you for profile space? Will we limit your monthly posting allotment to a subscription package? Are new emotes to be made available only via loot boxes!? ...Or perhaps you just want me to shut up and get on with the obvious announcement. In truth; there was once a member of MLPF Staff by the name of "Khajiit". Perhaps to avoid the all too frequent distrust and discrimination against his feline species, however, Khajiit stepped away from his position and returned to the warm sands of Elsweyr, where he could at least operate his totally-legitimate Skooma business without the constant eye of judgemental ponies. However, times have changed, and the Skooma business isn't what it once was. Khajiit has since turned a new leaf and gone legit-legit, even changing his working name to @Passion to show that he is, erm... very passionate about his new line of coin-generating ventures! And what is this new venture, you may ask? Okay, in all seriousness, @Passion's new... passion is for art. Specifically, for the art found in Octavia's Hall, where he will now be based as a Sectional Moderator for the team. I'm always glad to see old faces returning, but we are all supremely confident in Passion's abilities both from his previous experience and 'passion' to help OH grow as a whole into the future! I have no doubt that OH has gained a valuable new stalwart. ...Just remember to keep your thieving Khajiit hands to yourself in there. Best of luck, @Passion, and welcome to the team.
  11. Basically, post a comedic image, and write what it would mean if it was on the butt of a pony somewhere in Equestria. It doesn't have to fit into the category of "cursed image" but try to use original images and not memes made over images. Check the spoiler for examples. I don't have any good ideas rn, so I'm going to pass on starting it. Here's a meme you can start with though:
  12. I haven’t really seen anywhere to post memes so I decided to make a place. Post your favorite and best memes here!
  13. POST YOUR BEST MEMES HERE but please do try to keep it within the forum rules...Thank you ILL KICK IT OFF
  14. It's been forever since I posted again and I want a different title to my thread than "Art Dump".
  15. I think I need help kill me
  16. Guest

    Rate and post MLP memes

    So this game is simple. You rate the meme above you, and post one yourself. It has to be from the brony community, so it has to be an MLP related one. 20% cooler is the one most of you know, for example. If many people contribute to this it can help me with my new project thingy. Have fun:D
  17. I've been thinking about it recently... Bronies have made a great amount of high quality memes for people to enjoy. In 2017, where the maymay community is very popular, I think we should really get most if not all good memes that the brony fandom has ever made and turn it into a list with SHORT but SATISFYING explanations. You see, coming in the fandom myself back in 2013 myself, turned out I had lots of stuff missed that I'm finding daily. Basically, I think we should really make a full brony meme list for the fandom to enjoy. It gives a good sense of history and can make people laugh and stuff. It's good. If there is anything like this out there on the net, be sure to link it to me. If not, I think it would be the best for every user here to write all the mlp memes they know, so that we'll atleast have a rough list. Then I might end up turning those answers into one big list of memes with their origins and explanations and stuff. Anyways, let me know what y'all think about this.
  18. Welcome to the Meme Game! Wanna know how this works? Well here's how it works: The goal is to create a comment thread based on memes for as long as possible. Simply post a meme that's either a comment or reaction to the post above. Gifs count as memes, by the way. The only rule is to not post anything that is controversial, racist, or anything that might cause people getting triggered. Also, its ok if the topic suddenly changes. It makes it a bit more interesting. So let's get it going! I'll start off:
  19. Ah, verbose memes. Certainly one of the greatest memes out there. It can be applied to pretty much anything, and it's always entertaining to just sit there and read/listen to all the things that the meme has to say for such a simple statement. The verbose memes take a statement much more complicated, using fancy words and breaking the words down into a description of what they mean while also making sense within the now verbose statements. I'm not quite sure why there hasn't been a verbose meme forum game yet, so I'll make one here. Example: User 1: Fluttershy is best pony User 2: An equine of a very insignificant size that is in my possession of the XX chromosome, a personality of which her comfort zone does not involve a very large amount of communicating verbally using sufficient volume or meeting new equines of the same or different races of the fictional group of individuals, known as the equines that do not express magic with wings or horns, but rather their hooves, the equines that host a pair of wings and (in most cases) have the ability to fly and have the magic to set hoof on water vapor that has evaporated into the atmosphere as if they were objects in which its molecules were of a high density, and equines that host a horn located in the forehead area and express their magic via the given organ, is the highest ranked equine out of the given amount of individuals in the 2010 TV-Y children's show aired on the Hub and then eventually aired on Discovery Family, nicknamed "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," in my opinion as a homosapien of the XX/XY chromosome currently tapping at buttons that contain letters of the English alphabet while looking at a large, rectangular object that produces different colors, causing there to be shapes of several things, such as letters of the English alphabet. Go! Mine diamonds yes
  20. A friend talked me into starting an H.P. Lovecraft dank meme page on Facebook; we both contribute to the page. Here's one of the latest and most stupidest memes: And said friend started up their own ridiculous but necessary Zelda / Link dank meme page. Here's one of their posts: If you're on Facebook and even remotely interested in Lovecraft or Zelda or dank memes, you might see something you like.
  21. Im sorta a connoisseur of memes and i would just like to know what does the mlp forums got doesn't matter what kind of meme just your best ones have fun
  22. This is Jill Bottingham, brand new OC.
  23. My name's Shifta, and this is my blog of inactiveness. I do crappy pixel art, and spread chronic depression wherever I go, so yay... Anyway, take a look, might be something good here.
  24. Title says it all. And I'll start DOGE I CHOOSE YOU!