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Found 2 results

  1. WIP A Perfect Pair - Gone but not forgotten I'm including both of these characters together since they are indeed the perfect pair. I'm a hopeless romantic who was lucky enough to live a great romance and this couple is hooves down the greatest depiction of romantic love in FiM. This is as close to a holy grail OTP that the show can ever hope to achieve. Their story is as epic as the anticipation of finally seeing them depicted as characters, fully realized. The writers did not disappoint when crafting their love story. Many of us have waited years for this moment. I hope this topic will stand as a way to showcase them as a couple and also individually. A thread to remember them by in a sense. "A moment in our lives, a lifetime in our hearts."
  2. I was lucky enough to have a certain cat for 16 years of my life. For a cat, I would personally say that she was the most amazing cat you would have ever met. A couple days after the Christmas season, my cat passed away. Since then, her passing has been such a quiet topic that I didn't want to ever talk about, but I feel as if I should properly give her a goodbye. Penny was her name. I had Penny for as long as I can remember. I've actually had Penny as my cat only a little bit after I was born. So in a way, we grew up together. Penny was such a pretty cat. I don't exactly know what species she was, but I can describe her as white with black and brown spots. She was amazingly skinny, and was a stunningly healthy cat. It was probably the reason why she lived so long. Penny was such a quiet and nice cat too. She wasn't one for games but more of a lap cat. I remember when I would get up for school, she would claw at my hair like a scratching post. It hurt, but I let her anyways. Something about the way she pulled on my hair (combined with my tiredness) just felt strangely nice. Penny loved everyone. If you were new to the house (and didn't have dogs) she would love to sit on your lap the moment you sat down. She wasn't a bother to anyone. She would just sit there and sleep. And it was nice. I remember the way she would curl up on my lap when I would play computer games. She always seemed so peaceful. Penny actually had her tail cut off. Yeah, she hurt her tail really badly and had to get it removed. She lived without it though. She seemed perfectly fine. She had good balance even after she had lost her tail. I remember a time when we got a pizza delivered to our house. My dad was talking to the pizza delivery guy and he noticed Penny close to the door. He made a comment about how he had never seen a cat without a tail, and my dad laughed. We became so use to seeing her without a tail, we didn't think about how other people would find it strange. Penny loved to give us her treats. She was often an outdoor cat, but we were never worried. We had a big backyard, and Penny loved it. We were never worried when Penny got outside, she would always return at night. Sometimes with a treat for us. She loved to show off the new dead mouse she captured. Sometimes, she would even surprise us with a bird! How she ever caught those birds, I will never know. It's sad to think that I'm going to have to live the rest of my life without Penny. It almost feels weird and lonely. I knew I could always find that cat and give her the love that I rally had for her. There'll never be another cat like her. But with all life, when one ends, we must move on. There's no point in hanging in the past. I've just got to accept that my cat is in a better place now, and I've got to move on. So to you, Penny, I'm so thankful for the joy and love you brought to me in my childhood. I hope that I'll be able to see you again at some point. But for now, I'll just live my life the way you would want me to. Thank you Penny, for being there for me. I appreciate all pf you who have read this the whole way through. I really feel better now.