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Found 10 results

  1. Carbon Maestro

    Mens Fashion Discussion

    What do you think looks good fashion-wise? Is it strange to talk about this? I hope it's not, given the amount of underdressed men out there. I'm going to discuss what I wear for Casual, Business Casual, and Formal clothes. I'm not really a T-Shirt, Polo, or a V-neck person, but I do wear Henleys. I personally wear solid color Henleys, no logos because then it looks bad. I think it looks great after hitting the gym (which I do very often) Yes it's for looks and I like it (That's not me though) Polos belong to the more business casual or golfers, and I don't really wear these at all. Actually now when I think about it all I have are Henleys. For business casual I wear button-down collarless shirts. There's the long sleeve stuff for interviews but there's also the 3/4 sleeves that I wear like these just for everyday use: I find this Korean website to always carry the clothes that I enjoy, just be sure measure yourself before buying And for formalwear I just think that TheLeesShop formalwear is awesome: Heck yeah! I don't know if this warrants enough of a discussion, but as you can tell I do like the slimwear casual, business casual, and formal-wear. Weird enough, I like shopping at places like H&M for the cheap casual Henleys or the occasional online purchase at that Korean store for the mid-upper formal tier clothes. Like the spirit of Rarity, I'm interested to see what clothes do you think looks good. Discuss.
  2. Go visit this webpage and you will understand why every man should be a feminist. Girls and women need to understand that their body is their body, and no one has a right to do what ever they want with it.
  3. I honestly don't think that men face sexism and double standards like how women do. If they do, then why don't they complain about it like how woman do?
  4. Hi all! I see there's no basketball thread here so figured I would start one. So, do you guys watch the NBA (and/or WNBA or NCAA)? If yes, I would love for us to talk about it. Here's a list of my NBA favourites and QA's: 1) Who's your favourite current NBA player? And why? 2) What's your current favourite NBA team? 3) Who's you favourite NBA legends? 3.5) Who's your favourite NBA rookie? 4) Do you play basketball? and what's your physical stats and shirt number (if any)? 5) What playstyle do you prefer? 6) What is your best play as of now (if any)? 7) Do you plan on going for NBA draft? Thought I'd post these awesome NBA moments (Paul George is sick! He's MVPing this season.) Yeah we're talkin about practice (lots of it!)
  5. After watching this from Think Tank, I couldn't agree more (which means I fully I agree with their thoughts). However, I would like to know what you guys think about this. I'm talking to both genders (male and female). Do you think it's ok for guys to cry? Please be thoughtful and don't make your answers too shallow (if possible). Because this question can be answered in many ways.
  6. ~Rule 63~ Lyeco

    Guys we made it!

  7. Doctor XFizzle

    Ladder Theory of M-F Interactions

    Let's see if we can have a mature discussion about male-female interaction in hopes of gaining a clearer, if not better, insight on how these interactions work. One hotly-debated theory (at least within my circle of friends) is called the "Ladder Theory" This is the site for it if you want to read it on your own. I've summarized it below to the best of my ability from memory. If anyone is knowledgeable in this theory and wants to explain it better, please don't hesitate to do so."][/url] Basically, men and women have their own ladders of how they rate the opposite sex. Men just have one ladder and they rank women based on how much they want to have sex with them down to just being friends. A woman's rank on a man's ladder can move in any direction at any time. Women have 2 ladders, one for how much they desire to have sex with a guy and one for just being friends with a guy. When a woman meets a man for the first couple times, the man is ranked on the sex ladder first. At any time, the guy can be moved over to the friends-only ladder and CANNOT be returned back to the sex ladder ever (or in VERY rare cases). Once on the friends-only ladder, then a guy can be moved up or down based on the strength of the friendship. That's the basic gist of it. Oh and there's something about number ratings that are tied into that too (like "woah, she's hot, she's definitely a 10"). Guys' threshold for the sex-friend cutoff is lower than women's, like for example a 4.8 for guys -> women compared to 7.9 women -> men IMO, I don't necessarily agree with it or advocate it, but I can understand where it's coming from. I'm interested to read what you think even if you have/have not heard of this before.
  8. When I look at how the media represents women, be it in advertisements, or movies, or in games, I see the same thing: Be thinner! Be longer! Be hotter! Have bigger breasts! Have smaller waists! As a guy, I can only hear what effects this has on the female audience. It shocks me, but those images on the screen are supposed to entertain or seduce me. And I was wondering what everyone else thought of the medias' representation of women, and how we can change it.
  9. ScootsthePirate

    RainBow Dash hoodies

    Is it possible to find a rainbowdash hoodie like this one; In a mens size? If so where could i find such a thing?
  10. Nanodrive

    For the male fans

    ok so i cant stress this enough that i know its a "girls" show and what not and that it is targeted toward so. Thus making there marketing platform around girly things. But by any chance is there anything within MLP franchise that the male populous of MLP fans can take salus in that "hey, i can go out there and buy that, and no get any odd looks!" ex: zecora marking as a tatto, no one would know the diff. from that compaired to any other tribal tat. and thos who would, are non other then mlp fans! anyone know of any other things within reason? (and for the "who cares what others think" speal, im doing this for those who still haven't embraced the "who cares" that comes with accepting yourself as a mlp fan.) who knows maby with this thread some things will come up that will allow it to be more open to the public then what it stands ^^