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Found 15 results

  1. Should the titles of some of the songs I listen to raise concerns for my mental health? Getting Away With Murder Animal I Have Become Monster The Nobodies Master of Puppets Basket Case Hate Me Last Resort Psycho & Crazy Train to name a few.
  2. Is there anyone out there with mental health issues? I mean more like anxiety, depression etc... it doesn't just have to be autism, but I won't disregard anyone for posting about this either. I just don't want to make this thread a repeat of the autistic thread. Also, if there's already a thread about this, feel free to redirect me there. ^^ As for myself... aside from my autism, I have very severe anxiety. It's often so bad that it disables me from doing most things. A lot of medical pros tell me it's due to my anxiety, which is a little stupid. They don't really understand how hard it is or how bad it can get. I've also self-harmed before. I've been clean for several months now, and I'm very proud of myself for this!
  3. The way I cope with depression is by distracting myself with other things like video games. Also, exercise is another effective way that helps me cope with depression.
  4. When I'm having a ton of anxiety, I try thinking relaxing and calming thoughts and I do deep breathing techniques - that's how I cope.
  5. How has it affected you? How much depression have you endured? As for me, I've only had one major experience with depression, and I'm still going through it right now. It started 2 years ago at the beginning of 2018, and it got really bad. It got better though when I took counseling and anti-depressants. As of now it still lingers, and I'm continuing with counseling and anti-depressants.
  6. Probably not a bad idea to start listing the key points I walk out with from the visits to my psychiatrist. At first I thought my issues were mood swings and general negativity. Turns out that may be moderate depression stemming from high anxiety. So together, we're figuring out ways to cope. First session was last week. My problem: Thinking I'm a failure and that i'm inferior to everypony else. Solution: Look a bit more objectively. Many will always be better than you, but someone, many people even, will be worse. You do stand above those people. And look where you're at. You're breathing. You still have a job. No accidents or screw ups happened. You made it home alright. Nothing bad happened. That was last week. This week was dealing w/ stressors involving people and the past. I hate being yelled at and talked down to. I feel inadequate, like a failure, like a looser, like a child. Or I get very pissy and aggressive. Regardless of how that turns out, the situation still sticks in my mind, and it replays over and over again, thinking about what they said. But that's giving those people more power over you then they deserve. More weight to their opinions./ While you're thinking about them talking down to you, they're at home, watching TV, drinking a beer, not giving a damn about you at all. You're doing their dirty work for them. So while not totally accurate, thinking of yourself as better than them, above them, beyond them. Holier than thou attitude, except not so extreme. They are no longer worth your thoughts, cause you are not worth theirs. So pay them no heed. More so, if somepony has yelled at you, especially if they're in a position of power or authority, do not take it personally. Yes, there is that chance it may have been your fault. But, there's just as big a chance that it's on them as well. It's their choice that they're yelling at you. There are other, arguably better ways to address you and what's wrong. So in a way, it's their fault too. Again, do not take it personally. And all this correlates to my problem of letting things go, wondering what could have been, how could I have dealt with that better, what should I have done, how things should've gone, etc. Stop those thoughts. Stop them, right now. All they do is waste you energy and send you down a spiral of depression and negativity. My psychiatrist put it a good way: "If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, then you're pissing on the present." Or if you've watched Kung Fu Panda: "The past is history while the future is a mystery. Right now is a gift. That's why we call it the present." Worrying about the past does not change it. Worrying about the future doesn't give you the outcome you want, and you'll never see it cause it hasn't happened yet. focus on the here and now and get what you want done, done. You'll be better off for it. These are my issues. Hopefully this will help you through yours. I'll post again from the psych ward next week.
  7. I've just gotten back from my new therapist, I haven't had a therapist since I was 16; I feel amazing. At first I was feeling scared and worried that new job opportunities and people would think I'm crazy or scary but after talking to my therapist she cleared everything up. It's absolutely OK to admit that you have depression or feeling scared/anxious, crying and letting it out felt so amazing. What do you guys think? Do you think therapy is good for anytime you're emotionally upset, or should you be like me and wait till it's almost unbearable then go in? I feel like I should of done this a lot sooner. Also discuss how medical and insurance should offer more options when it comes to getting personal health, some insurance companies refuse to help you with getting proper health, even if it's mental or drug/alcohol abuse. Personally I think it's bullshit, you should be able to say "I need help, I need someone to talk to!" and go get that help without any hassle.
  8. In this blog entry I wanted to discuss what DPD is, and what a developmental delay means. These are both things I have a live around and cope with, and I wanted to write a post about them to help people better understand me or gain some insight into why I am the way I am, etc. I hope you’ll keep an open mind while reading this, and perhaps learn something new! What is DPD?: DPD stands for “Dependent personality disorder”. This disorder makes it so that a person is more likely to encourage or need someone else to make their life decision’s for them, they need a person to be their “dependent”, the person who makes their decisions and sort of cares for them similar to how one might care for a child (in my case at least), they often are unable to argue with or make any sort of demands from this person out of fear of losing them considering they feel they need their dependent to survive, they feel very anxious and helpless when left alone because they feel they are unable to care for themselves, they are generally very passive and self-defeating. Essentially, it is a disorder that gives one an intense pathological fear that they will die if left alone, and they need someone to take care of and make important choices for them. For me, this person is my fiance. He has no problem with and even seems to enjoy being able to handle my money for me, make important decisions for me, talk to authority figures for me and generally hold my hand and allow me to feel relaxed in knowing that I will not die of neglect because I have someone to care for me. What is a developmental delay?: This term generally refers to a child who is not physically or mentally where they should be in comparison to other children, however I did not have this problem since childhood it began after the abuse I suffered in my early teens. Though it is more attached to my PTSD, I still call it this because it essentially functions the same way. A lot of people mistake me for far, far younger than my physical age. On a forum I use regularly which requires one to be 18 to join, originally I had an account when I was 18 and I was banned because I look young. I am 20 years old now and still appear around 12, I cannot help the way I look and I am not ashamed of it, so I wish people would stop treating me unfairly or unkindly because of it. As far as emotional and mental maturity, I am very much prone to enjoy childish things. I love my little pony, lady lovelylocks, rainbow brite and other childrens programs. I love going to Disney world and allowing myself to be as a child, and my room is full of toys from furreal friends to expensive dolls. My family, my true friends and my fiance all accept and love me regardless and do not think me any less of a person because of it. These are things that effect me every day, they effect how I preform in college or at work (I’m soon to be on disability, however), they effect how I think and behave and feel and how I live my life. They are not things I will ever be able to run away from, but they are things I can learn to work with/around, and with the understanding of the people around me I can come to have a beautiful life regardless of these things. I want to explain these things because I want, more than anything else in life, for people to understand and be tolerant towards people like me, and the mentally ill in general. I want “Different” to stop meaning “Bad”. Thank you for reading.
  9. Thought I'd write a quick blog just to explain things, just in case anyone wants to know. I am depressed. I have been so for years, before I was ever here. I had taken the depression, and hidden it from myself, from the world at large. The happy, silly me was basically a lie, so I could avoid the depression. Will I ever go back to that? I don't know. Various things, including job seeking pressure caused my lifelong insomnia to get worse, which caused the wall holding back the depression to shatter. I plan to see a doctor about it, whether or not I'll actually find the motivation to do so is another matter. What will happen then... I don't know. I don't know if I'll get better, or if I'll get worse. One thing I do know is that I am not going to commit suicide. I've nearly done it before, not going down that route again. I will remain alive, however miserable I feel. So until I get better, if I do, thank you for putting up with me. Q
  10. Before I start with this entry, I hope you have been acquainted with the first part of my "coping with anxiety" series. In my first blog, I talked about writing down your fears on a piece of paper or on your laptop's notepad and reflecting on them. So many people like me face anxiety every day, and I began this blog series to help fellow bronies cope with being scared about many different, important matters in their lives. Now I move forward to the second piece of advice I have: Talking about your problems. First off, it's easy to keep your problems to yourself, whether about work, love, or even family. Once again, I'll give you some examples from my life. The first spoiler is related to work. The second spoiler is related to friendship/love. Fear is often brought about by many different conditions. One of the most common I've felt and heard is the assumption that I'm the only one facing this problem and that people, especially my friends, think that I'm stupid or emotionally weak if I get anxious about the littlest things. In reality, a lot more people are anxious about these "little things" because we find them so important. That's where your true friends come in. True friends will really come around and understand your plight. They're people who you can talk freely to about the things you are most worried about. They try their best not to place their prejudices and negativity against your issue and instead empathize with what you're facing. I'm very blessed to have my share of friends who I can talk to about my issues, many of which are on MLPF. It was my friends and family who helped me speak calmly to my supervisor about the mistake I made. We went over the protocol again and made sure I got it right the next time. We also managed to discuss more topics together and come up with more directions for my research project. As for women, it took a lot of searching, but I feel as though I finally found the right women friends for my life. I also had lots of people tell me about the best type of women in my life, and how I'm a very unique person. It helped me see why most women didn't fit well with me and how there's so many toxic people in my life I shouldn't even bother thinking about . Nevertheless, I still get anxious when I want to become closer friends with women, but I started realizing that the best women will love me for me. Hmmm... maybe one of them will turn out to grow with me the rest of my life . But that discussion's for another day and another time. One last thing: Don't bother trying to get advice from Yahoo Answers . I tried that a few times with girl issues, and my gosh was I more confused about what to do than ever. That's why I suggested talking to friends instead, or people who know how to give good advice . Even older people are a good choice because they have so many more life experiences. I had my piano teacher give me love advice after he noticed me sighing about life in general.
  11. Hi everyone. I just wanted to show you guys a way to help cope with your anxiety. On the first spoiler, I write down how I typically feel whenever I feel very anxious. Just an hour ago, I felt very anxious about many things that were happening to me in my life recently. I then decided... why not write down all that I was thinking... why I felt so nervous... You will see all that at the spoiler. ------------------------------------------------------------- Did you read the first spoiler? Now, take a look here. I got through all the struggles I talked about with the help of many people, and prayer. While I was writing down all the things I struggled with on my first spoiler, I was reminded of all the positive things my friends said. There was indeed hope within my anxiety. I know many of you don't see it where you are, but for any of you struggling with anxiety, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Find people to talk to about your problems. Don't be shy to say them. Perhaps they will be of much assistance. I openly admit that I still struggle with anxiety. It's not easy to just move on from anxiety with the snap of your fingers. I know how hard it is. I face anxiety every day. I guess it comes from what my supervisor said" You're a very self-conscious person!" . That reminded me of Fluttershy . For all you self-conscious people, it's good to be aware of what you're doing. But don't do it to the point you lose perspective of all the good things you are ! True friends will see your positive traits and lift you up for it! One last thing. Always try writing out your thoughts like I just did. It helps you get a feel on what you're thinking so that when you read it again after a few days or even hours, that you will realize that reality is much different from what your mind believed... I hope this helped in anyway possible for you anxious folks. I don't have much free time to post something like this, but like I said before. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. "Researchers say they have discovered a chemical alteration in a single human gene linked to stress reactions that, if confirmed in larger studies, could give doctors a simple blood test to reliably predict a person’s risk of attempting suicide." - Science Daily, July 30th, 2014
  13. A fan fic that charts what happens before and after Pinkie Pie takes her own life due to struggling with depression. Most of it focuses on Rainbow Dash and how she copes with the death of her friend. It's quite brutal and not for the faint hearted.
  14. So I was reading another thread earlier, which caused me to start analyzing Pinkie Pie's personality and behavior. I thought about the way she interacts with other ponies and how she's just a little bit different from everpony else. For a while, I've had this theory that Pinkie might have some sort of mental condition that would cause her to act so crazy all the time, and today it finally hit me as I realized these things: Pinkie Pie is a very sweet and loving individual who never seems to have any hatred at all. She has an exceptionally good memory and almost never forgets even the most trivial facts that she's learned about her friends. (The best example of this trait is show in the episode "A Friend in Deed," in which Pinkie remembers the birthdays of everypony in town and also chats with them about things going on in their lives.) She gets obsessive other things. Whenever Pinkie gets an idea in her head, it takes a lot of convincing to change her mind (if it needs changing, that is), as shown in episodes such as "Bridle Gossip," "Swarm of the Century," and "Luna Eclipsed." She isn't always that great at interpreting other ponies' feelings accurately and sometimes does seemingly mean or rude things without realizing it. Her entire state of mind is different from everypony else's. She doesn't seem to grasp what others consider the social norms, and she sees and knows things that other ponies never realize. my conclusion: Pinkie Pie is autistic. No, that is definitely not an insult; don't even think so for a minute. I know lots of people who have autism, and they are all delightful people. Pinkie Pie is even my favourite pony (though not for that reason), and I like the idea that she might represent this group of often badly misunderstood people. It would certainly explain why her friends put up with her nonsense so much (if they were good friends, they would be understanding of her condition and accept her as she is), but it would also show that a person's mental state shouldn't affect her ability to make friends and be loved. I shared this theory with an autistic friend of mine just now, and he agreed and gave it his "Austistic Approval stamp", although he admitted that he had never thought of it that way before. lawl What I want to know is what do you bronies think of this? Is Pinkie Pie autistic? Do you think the creators of the show intended for her to be portrayed this way? Would they be willing to accept it if brought to their attention? Do you think it's a good idea to have autistic ponies in the show, or at least to vaguely reference the idea of autism? Why or why not? Whatever you post, please do not say anything rude about people with autism, okay?
  15. Hello! This is the self promotion forum, right? This piece of fan fiction is about Twilight Sparkle, who has developed obsessive compulsive disorder a couple years after becoming a princess. Her life is as normal as one could expect it to be, until she realizes there is a gap in her schedule. The story includes a twist ending I'm quite proud of. This is my first attempt at a mildly creepy story as well as a one-shot. It would be awesome if you guys could check it out, rate it, and leave a comment. It all really helps out. PS: It's like 1200 words so I don't think It would take that much time out of your day. The story can be found here: Happy reading!