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Found 63 results

  1. Back in high school, I legit wore a Fluttershy t-shirt around, and didn't think twice about it. Wish I had the same lack of care today as I did back then. *sigh* It's hard to be yourself when you're afraid of being labeled as weird.
  2. I own a couple weird things such as a few inflatable dolphins, a donut toilet seat, brightly colored pants and a few silly looking hats that I sometimes wear to celebrations. What about any of you? Do you have any strange or silly items with you? I also may or may not buy this for myself.
  3. Maybe it's overkill to make a whole thread on this, but I am so excited about this that I want it to get visibility. I recently bought the Wonderbolts Academy Handbook, and it is amazing. This book is, in my opinion, the single best piece of MLP merch that Hasbro ever created. It speaks volumes about the quality of this franchise that they would take so much time and effort to create such a detailed book about such a specific little bit of the pony universe. The book maintains in-universe context at all times, as if the academy is real. They are great about maintaining pony-speak by using terms such as "sportsponyship". There's so much fun and detailed information about the academy. It makes it feel very real and genuine. To make it more fun, it was written as though it was the actual copy owned by Rainbow Dash. It's full of hoof-written notes in the margins by Rainbow, which is such a nice touch, and makes it extra special. There are so many great surprises, such as Rainbow's personal academy journal, and many others that I won't spoil. The best part, and the reason I think it's the best merch Hasbro has ever made, is the fact that the information and lessons in this book go so much farther than just being a fun read. The book is broken up into lessons on how to succeed and excel at the academy, and it is abundantly clear that the writers wanted these lessons to be much more than just an entertaining bit of pony fun. The lessons are incredibly valuable, and kids can learn a lot from them. Hell, adults can learn a lot. There is so much value to take away from this book that can help anyone at any age in any aspect of their lives. I was impressed and inspired by the quality of the lessons and writing. I think that every child should read this book, whether they have any interest in Pony or not. I cannot recommend this book enough. Do yourself a favor and buy it right now. (Hasbro is not sponsoring this post. ) This is an absolute must-have for any fan. I only have one quibble. They made one little mistake--it should have been called "The Wonderbolts Academy Hoofbook."
  4. Hi everypony, I was wondering what different forms of MLP merchandise everypony has been enjoying lately? Unlike many I actually love how the new brushable ponies look, even better than before! What do you guys think?
  5. Is there anything MLP related that you wear and/or bring with you places that people always seem to like but have NO IDEA that it's MLP related? A couple years back I found this Discord key chain of him in the Stained glass windows in the season 2 premier. I bought a couple for my car keys. People always seem to like it and want to look at it. So far only a couple of people actually asked what it's from, and luckily my response of "It's a character from a cartoon" has been sufficient enough of an answer. So is there any thing MLP related you guys have that random people seem to like a lot?
  6. Let me start off by saying that I have nothing wrong with Rainbow Dash and as a matter of fact I own socks and a shirt that have RD on it! I just have noticed that when I go shopping for pony merchandise, from mainstream stores, it seems like she dominates the adult clothing market. From shirts, to jackets, socks and jewelry, I have found it difficult to find any other mane six character in adult sizing. Now Etsy has a nice selection though, because they're handmade the prices are a bit high, but even then pickings are slim for other characters. Why do you think she seemingly dominates the adult market? Also have you found it as difficult as I have to find plus size, adult pony merch? Am I asking for the moon? Are you finding other mane six clothing and accessories somewhere that I haven't looked? Please share if so!
  7. What does it take for a merch to become a collector's item? And what pieces of pony merch have reached the status of a collector's item and for what reason?
  8. Sooo... Most of the G4 brushables are just standing still in this very static and somewhat boring pose (with a few exceptions of the princesses, the shine bright and glamour glow ponies)... And let's be honest, they look pretty bland compared to the G1, G2 and G3 brushables that came in variety of poses, including some really dynamic ones. Back then we had ponies rearing, pacing, bending over, trotting, flying, even sitting. And even the old standing ponies looked slightly more interesting than the standard brushables we get these days. Personally, I prefer dynamic poses for my pony figures. I liked the dynamic ones as a kid because they were fun to play with... And I still like them now, because they'd look cool on a pony figure display. That's why my favourite line of pony merch are the MightyFine figures. (I also love the 2011 Happy Meal figures for the very same reason, don't judge me ) So guys, what type of pose do you prefer for your pony figures? [i had to edit this post a million times because it keeps saving with a chunk of text missing... What's going on?]
  9. THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE. I have now officially invested myself into the vast world of Equestria and all they hold. Yeah, probably. Anyway, the day has finally come to celebrate my very first anniversary of belonging to this wonderful fandom. It's been quite a journey with a few ups and downs, but nothing too noteworthy (yeah right. Read my blog ) But anyway, for those very, very few avid readers who actually spend their time to read my blog would know that it's my anniversary today. Exactly one year today, I snuck out of my home and (potentially) risked my life in order to buy an Applejack Plush. (Happiness with a price, I suppose) Ever since, I've been slowly gathering toys, watching the show, and wishing upon the BronyCon star in hopes that next year will be my arrival. Since my first few days, I've written over 300 pages of fanfiction dedicated to the show, bought over 200 dollars of merchandise, and watched approximately four weeks of MLP and fan-content. Has it been quite a ride? You bet. Is it far from done? You betcha'. What will make this feature special? As I always do, I'll tell you a story. A story of how I came to be who I am now. About a year and a week before today, I was a FNAFer. Cringe all you want, but that was who I was, and who I thought I was going to be for the next three years. I'd heard about the movie and thought my registration would live on until then. Unfortunately, it didn't. On August 24th, 2015, I and everyone else who had bought FNaF4, received a messaged from the developer, Scott Cawthon. To skip the boring details (I'll link it on the bottom), the message stated that the theorists, who I was, weren't doing a good enough job. He said that for some reason, we were all too slow and he was disappointed. After that, I was just stunned. Confused and unsure what to do, I left the fandom. I never looked at he or his games the same way again. For someone who's been met with failure in the past, he of all people should've known not to insult the fanbase. Now looking back, I know I probably took it a little harshly, but I didn't really care. It was OVER. I was depressed for a good month. I didn't have anything to think about, so I just resorted to contemplating alternative life-choices and surfing Youtube. Finally, it's four weeks before October, and I was starting to think about my birthday. I knew this was going to be my worst birthday yet; everything was terrible. While surfing Youtube, I managed to find a video titled, "Top Ten My Little Pony Facts" made by, who is now called, "Lemino". It was an old video and I knew very, very little about MLP. I only knew about G3 from when I was but a toddler. I watched it and after a while, my youtube suggestions started going crazy with MLP suggestions. I didn't watch them all, but I did make a choice. Being very interested in the mental developments of the Mind and how certain material can change the way a person thinks, I gave myself a promise (which I've broken). The promise was that I'd watch the series until I came across Derpy (or The Last Roundup episode). So, I combed Youtube and managed to find a full Season 1 back-to-back episode viewing. I was thrilled. I watched the entire season in a good two days; I found it shockingly good. After finishing The Last Roundup, I paused my player and looked around the room, thinking to myself if I really wanted to cross this bridge. I figured it'd be for research; thus, I continued until I ran short of episodes (my season compilation was missing everything after "Over A Barrel"). I grew frantic and finally found a site where I could download them all in a low 480p for quick transfer. After a good two weeks, I finished Season Three and grew tempted to buy merch. I've seen people around here calling it, "The Brony Craze", or "The Brony-itis". Whatever it was, I caught it really fast; I was unsure of what I wanted to do. It was a threshold that I knew was a one-way road. If I did indeed buy something, there would be no going back from where I was. At that same time I discovered the charm in Applejack; I dubbed her my favorite pony and was excited to see there was a plushie of her at one of the local shops. That's pretty much it. I joined the fandom out of a name of science and never left. I guess I got caught in the hype and didn't care to leave. I ended up buying that Applejack and finished watching the series. After that, I personally declared myself a brony. I told my parents a month later, both of which accepted it. I began writing my own additions to the series, and not long after, I joined a steam group and changed my profile pic to an Applejack. It took a lot to get out, but I think it was the right choice. If people judge, let them be; let them hate, but words will always be stronger than actions. So, now that I've told my story, how will I celebrate this epic achievement? Well, today I stopped by the library and noticed a copy of G3 MLP sitting on the shelves of the movie section. Let's just say I've got one helluva good night ahead of me. Oh, don't worry. You'll hear all about it on Tuesday (potentially Monday for time-zones) Well, that's all folks! I'll see you on the flip side! Links and an extra photo are down below. -RealityPublishing FNaF ANNOUNCEMENT LINK:
  10. Anyone knows if there is any merch like shirts in Serbia? xD
  11. Just a silly question. Do you wear any pony product in public??????? In the past weeks i began to buy some buttons for my bagpack (Didnt wear them because i wasnt that confident about my brony condition xDD After i joined the forums i began to wear them) I also planning on buying a shirt
  12. I personally by most of my ponies at Target or online. I bough my first ponies at Safeway. I was really desperate to get something to get the ball rolling.
  13. My Little Pony is known for having a wide variety of unique characters. From kind earth ponies, to smart unicorns, from competitive pegasi, to regal princesses. However some of them don't really have merch for themselves. I want to know which characters do you want to get a toy version of. Now I am talking about the brushable ones with accessories, not the mini-figs or Vinyl statues. For me, I would love to see toys based on: Discord. He would have great sound effects and look great. Maybe he could even be in a deluxe pack that comes with the Smooze! King Sombra. This would be awesome. He could have cool light-up features and sounds. I dare Hasbro to make an Evil Crystal Empire playset for him. Pinkie Pie's family. We have Pinkie and Maud, but how about the other Pies? I would love them on my shelf. Big McIntosh and Granny Smith. YOU: You want a Big Mac doll? ME: Eeyup. Whoa Nelly: Because potatoes. Cheese Sandwich: Seriously Hasbro, this guy is hilarious! You gotta make him. YOU GOTTA MA- Tirek: Same reasons as King Sombra. He's powerful, he's also powerful and he's really powerful. Did I mention he's powerful? And finally... Gummy's Torture Chamber! Comes with Gummy, a Pinkie Pie dummy for him to use, and a bunch of devices that are painful :comeatus: Also I want a Dr. Whooves. So what do you guys really wanna see?
  14. So by no means am I new to the fandom. Regardless, I have little pony stuff. I have a Fluttershy poster from a con, Luna sticker, Celestia sticker, a shirt, and SINGLE booster from the ccg. 2 of the 5 are from friends. Only reason I own things I bought is because my mom thought I was joking. So anyway I can't buy pony stuff because my sister told my mom every brony is a clopper/pedophile. My mom is known to beleive everything she hears and/or sees. So my mom gets REEEEEEALLY mad when I try to buy pony merch. CCG, tees, vinyls, you name it. TL;DR: Mom hates bronies. WANT MERCH! HELP!
  15. BUCK Announces Peter New, Nicole Martel, Merch and More! It’s two and a half months until BUCK 2016, and there’s so much still to do! So to kick things off, we’re thrilled to announce that the best member of the Apple family Peter New will be attending BUCK in April! As well as Big Macintosh, Peter has a huge list of credits under his belt - including ‘Ian Vashti’ in Gundam00, and ‘Lunk’ in Powerpuff GirlsZ as well as many side-roles in movies, and TV shows. Peter is well known for bringing the party to all the conventions he attends interacting with attendees and guests alike - but as well as bringing his personality, he’ll also be bringing his knowledge of acting and writing to our main stage in a special VIP workshop to tell you about his methods and his inspirations - so don’t miss it! Keeping the theme of guests going, it’s with a note of disappointment that we announce that Daniel Ingram has informed us that he will be unable to attend BUCK this year due to a busy schedule with upcoming projects at DHX. Although it pains us to lose Daniel’s input from BUCK 2016, we will be making up the gap with additional guests - keep your eye out for more announcements! On a happier note - one of those new guests is Nicole Martel, layout designer for a host of popular children’s cartoons including Friendship is Magic and Transformers Rescue Bots. Nicole is responsible for the iconic composition we see in My Little Pony, setting up camera angles, props, and backgrounds to bring the viewer into the scene and draw their focus to the right places. A hugely underrated role in production, we’ve invited Nicole to present a workshop at BUCK on what she does and how we see her work hidden in every scene of our favourite shows. Lots of you joined us in November for the BUCK LDN Season 5 Finale meetup. Held at the excellent Red Herring pub (over two levels) we had karaoke, vendors, fun and the all-important Pub Quiz. We’ve just posted up the photos on our Facebook page, so go check those out! As an aside, we will be hosting a Pony Pub Quiz at BUCK too! Our community guests will be joining us as we hire out an entire Frankie & Benny’s to host it. You can join us by visiting our tickets page and grabbing a Guest Buffet ticket. NEW ONLINE MERCH STORE This year you can pre-order your merch from our new online BUCK store and pick it up at the convention from our friendly merch team at the Official BUCK stand. Our design team have been burning the midnight oil to bring you some excellent swag. Our collectible limited edition challenge coin has returned this year with a new design. The quicker you order one the lower the laser-inscribed number will be. We also have a brand new product for 2016: Wall scrolls. A modern take on the popular japanese anime wall-hangings; ours features Dark Britty and the Tea Fighters. We’ve got some amazing t-shirt designs (and a special 20% Cooler one you can pick up in the ticket store), posters, badges and more. There’s even an SSC glow in the dark plectrum for the musicians out there! But wait… there’s more! CHECK OUT OUR VENDORS We know that you all love to get some unique gifts and goodies at BUCK. This year we have some outstanding vendors coming along with a wide range of products and wares that will be available in our Vendor Hall. From plushies to art prints, ceramics to figurines, accessories to embroidery and lots lots more! You should totally check out our BUCK 2016 Vendors Page on our website and look at all the mini-profiles for our current vendors, and we’ll be adding more as we go along! One of our vendors is even doing a workshop on the amazing Charity Quilt. These quilts have so far raised over £18,000 for charities. Jillah will be looking at the different styles, techniques and skills in some of the panels for this year’s quilt which will be auctioned in Europe at GalaCon; the first time outside the USA. CREATE YOUR OWN WORKSHOPS & PERFORMANCES Ever wanted to do a workshop? This year you can! Our Community Workshop spots are 45 minute sessions dedicated to sharing the talents, skills and interests of our community members. If you think you have a great idea for one, all you have to do is email us with an outline of the idea, and answer a few questions on our google form. You can find more information about how to apply in our news post about it. A bit more musically inclined? We’re also looking for applicants to perform a set on our Cadence Stage: the community musicians stage we started in 2014. Not only will you get to perform in front of a live audience, but we’ll record your set and send you the footage after the con. Simply send us an example of your performance, along with some relevant information about you, your group or band to our Music Manager whose details can be found on the Cadence Stage page. We’re particularly after things with a fun performance factor that are a bit out of the box. Speaking of out of the box… we welcome ‘Out the Box TV’ to perform live at BUCK. With a focus on adrenaline, wackiness and totally out there crazy stunts, you’re sure to see some real fun around the convention. We’ll see you all soon! BUCK Towers
  16. Look who popped through the fourth wall and took up residence in my apartment! We watched the new episode together today. Very excited to finally get my very own Pinkie, and the Beanie Baby version was both an excellent financial deal and very cuddle-able. Pinkie: " Ohmygosh, I'm so excited, I've never been this excited before, well, except earlier this morning when you saw me on the discount rack at Vintage Stock and took me up to the cashier and I went *GASP* and then you let me sit on your dashboard all the way home, but really what could top that?!" Seriously, this has been the best day in a long while.
  17. Do you unbox your boxed pony merch, or do you prefer to leave it as it is? I used to tear into my merch as soon as I got it, but recently I've started to leave things in their boxes. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because that way it preserves their value, and personally, something about just throwing away a box feels wrong... That being said, there are times when I just want to rip a package open because its contents look so good... grr! :okiedokielokie:
  18. I personally just call it "Pony Merch" but I've hear of other bronies calling them "toys", "pony figs" or just straight up "ponies", but want to know what people other than me call them!
  19. Have you ever come across pony merchandise in the most unexpected of places, or by chance? I came across the first MLP merchandise I ever purchased whilst on vacation. I went to a large shopping area, which was annoyingly crowded, but I managed to spot myself a Pinkie Pie plush in one of the stores! I bought it right away! I'd hardly expected to find anything that I might have liked to buy based on my many fandoms there, but I was hoping to... And I was lucky!
  20. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, but I really want your guys opinion on what merch you would like to see more of? I really wanna make some new MLP merch, but there's so much out there - I would like to know what kind of things you guys want! I was thinking something clothing related, maybe hats/fedoras/shoes, but I would love to hear everyone's valjable opinions
  21. So, I went out tonight fully intending to buy my first bit of merch, a Lyra Heartstrings Funko figurine. But when I arrived, I found that she had already been sold and all they had left were Spitfires :'(. Nothing against Spitfire, but I'm not paying $12 for a Funko of her. I was so bummed, I needed to do something to cheer myself up. A Peanut Butter Oreo Shake just about does the trick. Thank Celestia that Sonic has all it's shakes 1/2 off after 9 p.m. (No, this was not a Sonic commercial. Yes, I fully realize how stupid this blog post is, but it would have been awkwardly wordy as a status update.)
  22. Hi, Does anypony know what set these Series 3 mystery foil puzzle cards come from? And where can I buy them? They seem to be very rare on eBay, sometimes going for $30+. I would love to get this puzzle set sometime, but don't want to pay that much money so soon. I am hoping I could get it at Hot Topic or somewhere else. Does it come as a "Binder Set" or does it come by chance, like 1 card per 30 packs? 'Cause if it comes in the latter, I would just rather buy them on eBay for more. (If it is any help, I live just outside of Portland, Oregon.) These are the cards I'm looking for (images from eBay): Thanks everypony! /) I really want to get these! -Edit:- P.S. Also, does the "Rainbow Power" foil puzzle set come in a binder or individually? This here:
  23. Hey there everyone/pony! I just went to my first convention, Geekquinox, with one of my friends! I went as the 10th doctor (I wasn't the only one, either. there were 3 10th doctors and about 4 11th doctors.), here's a picture of it! I might be going tomorrow as well, but I'm not sure yet. Anyways, I also brought some money to buy stuff there, like this pillow! And also, I bought my first ever mlp related thing! I hid it when I got home to avoid my parents seeing it, as I only want a few of my friends knowing I'm a brony, so here it is! I wanted a rainbow dash pin, but they only had Derpy, Twilight, Rarity and Applejack, so Derpy it was! (Maybe it's destiny, and the doctor and derpy are met to be together!)
  24. Hey everypony! So, I have been hunting all around the internet for female apparel that is pony-related for women like me. There are tons of girl MLP clothes, but that just doesn't work for the well-endowed masses. Man shirts can come in sizes that are less predictable and have other issues (like sleeves being too big, etc.) For those of us who are bigger in all meanings of the word, the occasional "junior's" leggings and tees just don't come in sizes allowing enough for height or weight. The best resource I've found has been Etsy. There are some really talented creators there who sell some custom things. However, nothing is officially licensed, and it can be hard to find something specific that you'd want. Have any other ponysisters found a good shop?