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Found 203 results

  1. I've noticed a lot of threads being made solely to show off new merchandise, so from now on, if you want to show off something you you just bought, please post it here instead of making a new thread. This also includes any merchandise you recived as gift. Here's what I just bought today. These are the only new toys my Walmart has right now. I'm planning on going to Target and Toys R Us some time this week to see what they have.
  2. Hey guys I was just interested to see the response, because of my personal experience. So today was my first day wearing an MLP shirt in public, and I will have to admit, I was pretty scared. This day actually turned out alright and one person even said that I was very brave to wear this shirt in public but I responded with "Why man? I just love ponies" it was pretty funny. After today i'm totally going to be wearing all of my MLP shirts.
  3. I was wondering how many of you guys actually play with your Ponies or are they more just decorative. I have a shelf in my room under my tv where I keep mine but don't play with them often.
  4. Japanese company Kotobukiya has announced Bishoujo Statuettes on the Equestria Girls series are in the works. What characters would you guys like to see the most? Personally I'd want the Sunset Shimmer one.
  5. I collect G1 ponies and I wonder if I am the only one still loving G1? So far I have; Candy floss Peachy Blossom Applejack Bow tie Bluebell And three fillies, one completely blue One purple mane and pink main colour One purple with pink mane. Can I also have some help on identifying these fillies?
  6. A collection focus is when you decide to mostly collect a certain character or type of toy, like a plushie. So, does anybody else here have a focus? If so, what do you have? I've got a Rainbow Dash focus, and have 4 figures and 5 plushies!
  7. So, I was thinking of making some custom t-shirts of my OC's, and thought I'd offer it to other members on here. My (very) limited budget limits me to simple inkjet printer heat-transfer shirts, which have to be carefully worn and washed. But until I can afford a better-quality printer, it will suffice. the idea is that you would limit use of the shirts for special events, like con's or something. shirts would be limited to OC's only (no cannon characters). anyway, just wanted to see if there would be any interest, before I go out and buy a $200 heat press, lol
  8. Doesn't need to have anything to do with ponies... My largest collection are my baseball cards: Around 10,000 since I stopped counting My Pony Collection: 0, still havn't gotten my hands on a pony item.
  9. Hello everypony! Id'e like to make a thread for ponies to post videos of their rooms! (<---redundant and pointless comment) So, please, do a room tour and post it here! I feel like it would make us closer Here ya go! its gettin real personal up in here!!Here you go!
  10. This question is on my mind for quite a while now. Mainly because the show is going for its one final run with ninth season. I thought to myself: wouldn’t it be great to get something to my pony collection that would be the quintessence of the show, its culture, feelings one would have for it as a fan and bla-di-bla-di-bla. Most probably it is not going to be something that was officially released. It might be something one would craft for themselves personally. Regardless, if you thought of that then let’s try to answer on this question: What would be the perfect MLP:FiM merch-y item to have in one's possession? After some thinking, personally, I now think that it would be a pocket-size book guide that covers the most essential+ things about all 9 seasons+2specials+movie. Why? - Pocket size: you can carry it around with you. It can be some kind of talisman or even better... - a small ponypedia to remind you of something you could have forgotten about this pony or that event. (It must also contain illustrations) - book What do you think, everypony? Once more, it can be an official existing thing, something fan-made, or something any of the aforementioned two could make. P.S: Dear mods, I honestly didn't know a better place to post this so apologies if I landed it in the wrong place.
  11. I have thought about making this thread for quite a while not since out pony merch thread is so large and I know there are many anime fans on this site. So here are some questions to get you started! What anime merch do you own? What do you want to own? What do you plan on buying? Where do you buy your merch? Give us tips and suggestions! Also, feel free to post your collection! Posters, Clothing, Figures, Novels, etc! So what do you own? Let us know! Is this you?
  12. So people buy or sell on here at all? I'm a transplant from a primarily pre-G4 trading community and noticed a lack of buying/selling, even for custom plushies and art like I see sold at Brony cons. So, where do YOU buy MLP merch online? (Besides ebay and amazon)
  13. Hey all! Man it's been a while since I've posted here I was wondering where you all go to get your pony supplies online. Living in Canada it's all but impossible to find any MLP stuff besides the mane 6 (- fluttershy) 2" figs or the standard brushables. I'm talking about Brony shirts, bags, posters, customs and the blind bag figures such as Lyra and Carrot Top, and the new 3-piece sets. Ebay is a decent place to shop, and I know Amazon has a high reputation (I've never used it before) but it can be tricky to narrow down your searches to find exactly what you want. When I run the search on Amazon for instance, it doesn't show half the stuff that I know they do sell through other links I've encounters (such as on the sidebar of EqD). So I'm wondering if anyone has a good site they like to go to for all their pony needs? I really need to finish my blind bag collection Thanks!
  14. So here is a wallet that is quite awesome and quite old. Of all my time looking I never seen it show up in Google. I always hoped more would surface soI could keep it fresh looking, alas 5 years on, nothing. What I enjoy most is the blue is actually a fuzzy plush material that feels and look unique for a wallet. If I could make a poll I would, but do any of you ever recall seeing this anywhere out in the cyberwebs? EDIT: I got it from Spencers
  15. Okay, so the only MLP merch I have at the moment is the 4DE Fluttershy plushie, a Funko Pop seapony Twilight Sparkle figure, and the Funko vinyl figures of Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Sweetie Belle and Lyra. I do plan on getting more Funko vinyls but a lot of the stuff I see on Amazon is pretty expensive. I'm not interested in blind bags or brushables, which I see in a lot of different places, and I mainly want to get more Fluttershy stuff. So I was just wondering what is the best MLP or EQG merchandise out there and where is the easiest and least expensive place to get it? I was looking at some of the EQG minis, but I heard they're really fragile. Any feedback?
  16. I found this website where they apparently sell a lot of plushies: They actually don't look all that bad. However, some of these look slightly different than some of the branded ones I have seen, and they are based out of China, so I was wondering if they are just one of those cheap rip-off companies. For example, this Soarin plush's cutie mark is normally just the wonderbolt sign in the branded ones I have seen. But here on this website it appears that he has his actual cutie mark. So are these an actual brand or are they just copies? I can't find them anywhere else on the internet. If they aren't and are just copies and custom made or manufactured, do they look like they are of a good quality, or cheap? It seems like if they are just unofficial plushies, there are still a lot that you couldn't find anywhere else. Well, what do you think?
  17. With the closing of the Toys R Us website, it was obvious that the most recent Derpy Hooves brushable in the Friendship Festival Fun pack(Containing a whopping 12 Ponies, including the Mane 6) would go up in price(Hell, the whole set can cost around $120 on eBay). As a result, Derpy is once again without a single brushable available on retail shelves(The Wonderbolt one was the last one we had, followed by the 2013 Toys R Us Friendship Collection set 2 and the SDCC Derpy). Which begs the question: Will there be another Brushable Derpy? Or rather, will there be an individual one that doesn't come with any other pony, and is not a Convention exclusive figure?
  18. Has anyone checked out this website? This stuff is seriously amazing, especially the print quality. Stumbled upon it about a month ago and submitted it to Equestria Daily. Thought I'd share it here. Mr. GuGu and Miss Go - My Little Pony Here are some quick previews - hit up the link to see more!
  19. So I've been in this fandom for almost two years and I don't have any merchandise,anything I could start with?
  20. Hi everypony, I was wondering what different forms of MLP merchandise everypony has been enjoying lately? Unlike many I actually love how the new brushable ponies look, even better than before! What do you guys think?
  21. So just a little spoiler alert for those who aren't aware, it seem after seeing this picture, it look like S8 is happening. But not only that, looks to me there will be a school of friendship?? And a female changeling?? how is that possible? There's also a new merchandise as well corresponded to this.,p_89:My+Little+Pony|Hasbro|My+Little+Pony+Equestria+Girls&linkCode=sl1&tag=alabmlme-20&linkId=decd195ae8921c9c493b6c04824e08ca,p_89:My+Little+Pony|Hasbro|My+Little+Pony+Equestria+Girls&linkCode=sl1&tag=alabmlme-20&linkId=57fa55f29d63508fc5f6532d4bbd9adf What do you guys think of this?
  22. So on a Portugal FB page there are crafts of the mane six... I decided to download them, bring one into edit them around and make the true heroes of MLP (imo)..
  23. Mello, I've made some customs using the Pop! Kits, The Pop! kits are perfect for customs because of ability to swap hair and the double packs are great as they supply lots of eye stickers. To start things of it's Trixie Lulamoon and Octavia Melody (my two main pony waifus )
  24. So, the complete Season 3 is finally being released on October 9, and two DVDs containing Season 4 episodes are coming out in October 2017 and January 2018. I think it'll be interesting to see if every episode of the show will be rated a U over here. I think episodes such as Somepony To Watch Over Me and Twilight's Kingdom could possibly end up a PG. We'll see...
  25. is it true that only Season 1 DVD set has audio commentaries? if yes, why not the others?