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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! Wow, i really never meant to let it get to May before i brought a new update on Equestria's Dawn. I promise the final pages have been scanned in and are ready to be inked, and then the prologue will be ready for publishing! I'm still debating whether or not to make a separate Tumblr page for it, it might be easier to do it that way purely because of the navigation system and i know how (sort of) to use tumblr (kinda ha ha). BUT. all is not lost, for a bring you a basic outline of what the Map of ancient Equestria will look like, the who and the where of what things will be where. of course it's going to be different to what Equestria currently looks like, i know, but please, use your powers of suspension of disbelief ^^ please forgive my horrendous handwriting. Also please note, the names at the bottom of the circles are the names of the 6 mane characters, however since then some names have changed. also, big picture is big and for that i am sorry. Also, i really must beg your forgiveness with these following pieces i've been doing - I've been experimenting with the use of Copic markers with my traditional art (not like i do a whole lot of it anymore BUT anyway...) and where I'm currently living i don't have access to a scanner. Lighting is also pretty awful, and my phones camera is a big pile of owl pellets, so please do forgive the poor quality. First up is Party Pooped - oh hush now, i really like Cheese and Pinkie together, they're so cute <3 Next is Zecora - back when i was about 14-15 years old, i became obsessed with drawing HUUUUGE Alice in Wonderland A3 sized pieces, and every single one of them had wooden frames covered in plant life and decorated like this. So i thought i'd revamp the old style a little and see where it took me. I love using the green colours and blending the shades and URGH this one was a lot of fun. Third, I've always loved the idea of Trixie, Sunset, Moondancer and Starlight all being potential candidates for the role of Princess of Friendship - they're all unicorn mares who share similar traits with their personalities, their diligence to study, their attitude towards other ponies...any one of them could've been in Twilights position. So as a part of Equestria's Dawn, I'm adding in a prophecy, one that speaks of this princess of friendship, but only says, "with eyes of the stars". What else do all of these characters have in common? a twilight/evening theme - Sunset, Starlight, Moon(dancer), and Trixie's last name is supposedly Lulamoon, but her colour and design theme also resonate with the evening. and of course, there's Twilight. bit of a no brainer there. ANYHOW. It'll be a bit of a side step in Equestria's Dawn, kind of a nudge at the FiM series going HEY LOOK THIS IS THA FUTURE WHOOOOAAAA. anyway....this one was taken in two parts because some of the closer detail got lost when i tried to take a picture of the full thing. Part One: Part Two: Also, if you'd like to know what the writing says on the side, it reads: To my Master Starswirl, It has been many moons since my last letter, and in my search for the Elements of Harmony I discovered an ancient archway and a plinth that spoke a prophecy of futures untold...that someday a Princess of Friendship would walk among us, a unicorn mare with eyes of the stars. Who do you suppose it means? Perhaps she reigns in years beyond ours. She would have to study and surpass many a challenge to earn the crown of royalty. Perhaps we should seek out candidates to teach and train... ...In the meantime, I plan to activate the archway shrine to see what may lie beyond. Perhaps I may catch a glimpse of this fabled princess... Please, Master - keep me in your thoughts as I venture forth... Your faithful student, Clover Bramblebit, the Clever. ---------------------------------- Next up, once again with bad camera focus and lighting issues, here's a few sneak peaks at some of the sketch designs for the protagonist of Equestria's Dawn, Clover Bramblebit, and her assistant Toulouse. who is basically playing Spike's role, since we needed a trusty side kick dragon. we all need a trusty side kick dragon. Please keep in mind, a hand-draft all of Equestria's Dawn's pages before scanning and digitally inking them, so the process has taken me longer than anticipated, plus with my studies currently time has been shorter for this project than i'd hoped. However i am persevering, and I will soon proudly be able to present the very first installment of this years-overdue project Stay safe everyone, -Wandering
  2. Hello again everypony! i hope the year has started off with a bang for everyone so far, and as i had such a wonderful reaction and helpful contributions when i asked for people's OC's to be possible background ponies in my upcoming webcomic Equestria's Dawn, i thought i'd put out another call - this time, i need your help in designing some ponies! One particular arc of the story features our favourite bothersome pesky parasprites (no more spoilers), and within the township they're terrorizing, dwell a large family of ponies. Now we have the Apple family, and the Pie family and the Orange family. But i need YOUR help designing the Bee family. Now the Bee family is a large family of ponies all based on our lovely honey-making buzzing little stripey friends, mostly to assist in raising awareness of how drastic the situation has become globally for bees in general - without bees to spread pollen and create honey, our environment is in danger. without bees, we can just about kiss the plant goodbye. personally, i adore bees, because all they want to do is their jobs - getting stung is usually a result of either mishandling or accidental intrusion of their personal space - it's more a defense mechanism for them; after all - if you were as small as them, wouldn't you want to protect yourself from being sat or stood on? So in this endeavour, i have decided that the Bee family, who are all bee keepers themselves, will play a generous role in Equestria's Dawn - I've had some ideas for a few of the family members, but as with the background ponies, i'm in need of assistance to design much of the family. Here are some characters i already have established, but not designed further than very rough sketches: QUEENIE BEE - head of the Bee family, she's the literal matriarch as all the other ponies in the family are her children. she's a very mature, stately and grand pony who carries herself with dignity and with grace, respected by all the townsfolk as something of the town mayor, though she doesn't personally hold the title. Queenie has a gentle heart but is firm and steadfast in her beliefs. HONEY BEE - Queenie's eldest daughter, about the same age as the main characters (late teens); she is a sweet and kind pony, but strongly defensive of her home and younger siblings, and fiercely loyal to her mother. BUMBLE BEE - Queenie's eldest son, Honey's younger brother. He means well but is often very clutzy - however when it comes to defending his family, he's a reliable and studious pony who's never afraid to stand up for himself and his siblings. BEESWAX - the grandfather figure of the family, Queenie's aging father and retired head of the family. He's often laughed at by other ponies for his silly ways and outlandish stories, but he pays them no heed (usually because he can't actually hear anything...). Mostly deaf, always smiling away obliviously. ------ I know there are almost 20,000 different species of bees, but as the Bee family is mostly made of up young/average ponies and fillies and colts, i'm really only planning on having up to about 7-8 main, named family members, and maybe up to 15 or so others as fillers. They'd all follow similar, bee-related colour schemes (yellow/orange and black/brown), in varying different tones and coat designs. Which is, my friends, you come in. If you'd like to design a member of the Bee family (be it Queenie, Honey, Bumble, Beeswax or any of the others ((you can even base them off other types of bees like the carpenter bee or the stingless bee)), ) please be my guest and show me the end result! Likewise with the background ponies that so many of you have generously allowed me to use already, if you do design a Bee, you will be given full credit at the end of any chapter where they may appear in. Thank you for reading, and i hope to hear from everypony soon! have a lovely Australia Day! peace to all, -Wandering