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Found 9 results

  1. Make a slightly confusing metaphor, simile or other analogy that Applejack (or any other stereotypical southern character) might say. Example: That's as dumb as a sake of flour in a pond on the first of April.
  2. At this point, there can be little doubt. Like so many others, I believed Lance was a once in a generation athlete with seemingly superhuman endurance. His interview with Oprah was carefully crafted to be the first step in repairing his image. For now, Armstrong needs to be totally straightforward with authorities on how he pulled off this deception. He'll also need to avoid the temptation to excuse it by saying “Everybody was doing it.” Cycling's recent records may have been just as corrupted as baseball's by widespread performance enhancing drug use. I do hope the Livestrong Foundation can carry on its mission. Regardless of Armstrong's transgressions on the track, he did wage a successful battle against cancer. My mother died of cancer when I was 17. I know all about the suffering it causes its victims and their loved ones. The support organizations like the Livestrong Foundation provides to cancer patients is immeasurable. Lance Armstrong trampled by a stampede of metaphors! OK, here is the part about metaphors referred to in the topic title. I know as a writer I should use more literary devices like metaphors, allusions, foreshadowing, etc. to engage my readers. But sometimes there is too much of a good thing. Read this clip from ESPN writer Bonnie D. Ford about the Lance Armstrong scandal. The whole article can be read here: Woah, come on, aren't you going to let me come up for air? Well, she does, by about the half way mark. But by then, her effort to sink Armstrong has drowned her readers in a sea of metaphors.
  3. I read that anything with text goes into this category. I hope poetry counts as Fan Fiction. "The Sun" Sweet coat of honey, with warm amber bristle; Figure divine, angel's hammer and chisel. Spoiled eyes and envy, cast swift harsh dismissal; Venomous words cause their beauty to fizzle. Some call you simple, outlandish or uncouth; Can one be so blind, to not see honest truth? Faithful and strong, such an admirable youth; An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Three scarlet apples, ripe and ready to reap; Mountains and valleys, some gentle some steep. Picked fruit of the tree, nourishment fills holes deep; Soft sweeping melody, will send me to sleep. Emerald lens, glistens softly in the light; Mirror of beauty, what a glorious sight. Its impossible, yet this moment feels right; How can the sun shine, through the thick dark of night? Thread of bright soft gold, soaking wet in the rain; Your pure burning soul, will warm me once again. The scent of straw, pervades from your tail and mane; Being one with nature, in bone, blood and vein. Pure stark white marks, upon your golden visage; Gazing upon you, inspires great courage. Six bright jewels, such a beauteous assemblage; Beacons alight, guide lost ships to their berthage. You the sun shining, keep the darkness hiding; Bearing good tidings, with five ponies riding. In me confiding, secrets speaking or writing; Memory abiding, beauty residing.
  4. That's me, isn't it? All wrapped up in chains.
  5. That's me, isn't it? All wrapped up in chains.
  6. That's me, isn't it? All wrapped up in chains.
  7. That's me, isn't it? All wrapped up in chains.
  8. That's me, isn't it? All wrapped up in chains.
  9. That's me, isn't it? All wrapped up in chains.