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Found 6 results

  1. Here is Planet Zebes from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  2. Super Metroid is a side-scrolling action adventure game that released for the SNES in 1994. It released and quickly became a fan favorite not only on the SNES, but in general, and is considered by many to be the greatest game ever made. It is a true masterpiece, and my favorite video game. Metroid is my favorite series, and this game perfectly encapsulates everything great about the series. Atmosphere, gameplay, music, bosses, level design, it's all perfect. This is a game I can come back to over and over, and have fun every time, always trying to make a new sequence break, and beat my previous run time. The gameplay is tight, and very satisfying to pull off a hard sequence break, and there's just something about the wall-jumping that's fun. The boss battles are incredible, from the Spooky Phantoon, to the towering Kraid, to the intimidating Ridley, to the terrifying Mother Brain, each fight is amazing and special, all have some challenge and are memorable, even the disturbing Crocomire fight. The music is atmospheric and charming, each is special in their own way, from the low and slow paced Red Soil Brinstar, to the upbeat and catchy overgrown green brinstar, to the haunting and mysterious Rocky Maridia, to the imposing Lower Norfair theme, and the memorable boss tracks, all are great in their own way, and perfectly capture the tone of the game, and each area. Level design is also incredible. visuals are still fantastic, at least in my opinion, for a SNES game 23 years old. It's aged tremendously well, and the level design is some of the best, you can exploit the environment to sequence break, and finish the game faster. It's also a very non-linear game, you aren't told what to do, or where to go, no hints or tips. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Super Metroid is amazing, and the very core of what makes a Metroid game. Sure, Fusion and Zero Mission are technically superior in gameplay and design, but they both lack the charm of Super. Fusion loses points for being way more linear and dialogue heavy, and Zero Mission, while regaining some of the core mechanics of Super, like non-linearity and wall-jumping, it lacks the charm and subtlety of Super. I can't really explain it, but I also feel the controls are somewhat inferior. I also prefer the somber and less alive nature of Super. Super Metroid is a pinnacle of game design, and a true masterpiece. I can't say it enough, but I really like this game.
  3. Welcome one, welcome all to this thread about everything Metroid -- from the franchise, to its fanbase and even fanart if so desired. Well, Metroid tends to be one of Nintendo's lesser known franchises and I've heard several people say that the series might have more success if it were cross-platform. But yeah, this thread is meant to have a little bit of something for everyone including those who've never even heard of the franchise, let alone know the simplest of things about it. If you have any question at all about the series, feel free to ask and I will kindly answer For a quick visual representation of the series, simply look at the box art of none other than the Metroid game that most Metroid fans consider to be iconic of the series I simply picked the Japanese box art because it looks better than the western one. As for the fan projects that I'm aware of, one notable project would be Harmony of a Hunter which is a fan tribute to the series for its 25th anniversary that happened back in 2011. Basically an album of remixed songs from the games. Another noteworthy Metroid fan project would be Project AM2R which is a fangame in the works. Now have some fan art
  4. I'm a gamer. It's something I've been pretty proud of my whole life. I don't entirely fit in with the community of people who call themselves "gamers." I'm talking about the people who only play Call of Duty, who only buy Xbox or PlayStation because Nintendo consoles are generally underpowered these days in comparison to its competitors and they don't have the graphical capabilities of Nintendo's competitors. And I have to agree that this is true starting with the GameCube. Nintendo probably has a different target market. Anyway, the console war is a debate in itself that should be spared for a different time. Now I have to say that most games do present a challenge these days. There are some hard games out there. I just finished Borderlands 2 on True Vault Hunter Mode. And it was a challenge. I'm not sure that I want to try Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. At least, I'm not doing it solo like I did the previous two modes. And Borderlands 2 wasn't even that tough on the harder difficulty. Now I know there are some truly hard games out there like Demon Souls and Dark Souls. I haven't played them yet and I'm not sure that I want to spend money on a game I can't beat. It makes as much sense to me as buying Dickens' "Great Expectations" as a first grader. When I was six years old, I couldn't hope to be able to read that book. Hell, when I was 13, I missed most of it. Now lately, I've clocked a lot of hours on Borderlands 2. I mean, A LOT. I have it both on my PC and on the PS3 I just picked up a few days ago (I had to get a PS3 because after months of trying, I can't convince my roommate or my brother to kill their consoles and switch to PC and the PS3 is relatively cheap nowadays). Steam says I've got 104 hours on Borderlands 2. It's second only to Skyrim, which I've played 282 hours. But I've owned Skyrim for nearly 2 years now. I've only owned Borderlands 2 for a few months. And I know I've clocked at least 20 more hours this week on the PlayStation. So I decided to take a break from Borderlands today. In fact, I wanted to get retro with my gaming today. Now when I say "retro" I'm talking about a game on a platform that is so old that even though it looked good then, it looks like crap today, the console it was on is no longer relevant and 99% of the games on said console is all abandonware anyway. Like the companies know they won't make any more money from these games so they don't see the point in going after the copyrights that have been infringed upon. There's no profit to be made. That cow is out of milk. I started today with a little GameBoy Tetris. You know, the game with the famous A theme? Tetris has been around for a long time and everyone knows what it is. There have been hundreds or thousands of variations of Tetris. But I just like the classic play-til-you-fill-the-play-field style of Tetris. Now I generally play Tetris on my phone. I'm pretty good at it on there. So I thought I would do pretty well on the Game Boy Tetris. It turns out that it doesn't translate very well. My best game on my phone was 882,107 with 488 lines made. The best I could possibly do on the Game Boy Tetris was a meager 71,418 with only 91 lines. Button presses are much slower than finger drags in positioning a piece and the delay between when the piece hits the bottom and when it sets is much smaller on the Game Boy. In a nutshell, coming from Tetris on my smartphone to going back to the past, Tetris is a brutal game. Then I played some Super Metroid. This is actually an old game I've never played. But I did play Zero Mission on the GBA not long ago and I wanted to try it out. I just can't platform very well anymore. I can't get used to the way Samus jumps. And I keep running out of rockets! I'll be coming back to this game later, but for now, I'm done with it. Finally (after watching an interesting documentary on the coelacanth) I ended up playing Mortal Kombat II. I used to be awesome at the game when I was 7. But I haven't played the game in 14 years. The last time I played this game was before some of you were even born. So there. If that helps to put it in perspective of how long it's been. Now I can remember being 7 and the only person I could never beat at this game was my father. I did beat him every now and again but I think he just let me win that one time every hundred or so just because he knew I'd say something like, "Yeah Dad! I kicked your ass!!" just to gauge my mom's reaction. So yeah, I haven't played this game in a long time and I just wanted to check it out again after 14 years. It was easy when I was young and the game hasn't changed since it got its first release. And as it turns out, I suck at this game too. The furthest I made it was Round 2 of the second fight. I did find the difficulty settings. I turned them down to "Very easy" and went back. The farthest I made it was the 4th fight. And then I gave up. The game is that hard for me. So at the end of the day my day has been unproductive and less than enjoyable. It does have nostalgic going for it, though. I'm beginning to believe that I was a much better gamer when I was a kid than I am as an adult.
  5. I started to work on a drawing of Samus from the popular Metroid series. The drawing is nowhere near complete, and certain things in the drawing currently are liable to be changed. (Especially those fingers! Gah!) So... how am I doing so far?
  6. And here we have probably the most underrated game in the entire Metroid franchise. Metroid II: Return of Samus was released in North America in 1991 for the original black and white handheld Gameboy console. Considering that it was only the second installment in the franchise and that it was black and white... and a handheld game... Yeah, there are many more reasons why it wasn't very popular. Let us start the review. Story: Metroid II supposedly takes place sixth in the entire franchise. In the previous Metroid, bounty hunter Samus Aran ruined the Space Pirates' plans to use the newly discovered lifeform known as Metroid. To ensure that the Space Pirates can never obtain any more Metroids, the Galactic Federation sends several teams to the Metroids' home planet, SR388, to destroy them once and for all. However, when none of the teams survive, the Galactic Federation contracts Samus to finish the mission. Gameplay: Game play is relatively simple. You control Samus Aran through the planet 'SR388' from a side view (Side-Scroller). You have pretty much one main weapon which you can use to shoot enemies that get in your way. Your main goal is to try and locate all the Metroids on the planet and destroy them once and for all. The game features different save modules located throughout the planet. When you jump on one, the game will be automatically saved. Samus Aran strolling through the planet. Good/Bad? - The game definitely suffers from some poor graphics... even if it is a Gameboy game. The gameplay is pretty mediocre and could have been more fun. Even so, Metroid II is quite challenging and proves quite a task to complete. Serious fans of the series, or anyone looking for a challenging action game should totally give it a shot, though. Worth the Price? - You can download it through the 3DS Virtual Console service for $4.99. If you are really cheap and don't want to take the chance of playing it because you think you'll hate it... then that's fine by me. But I really think that for $4.99, you can't go wrong. (By the way, I got this game for free from Club Nintendo.) Final Score: It all comes down to the final score, which is: 6.0. (Which isn't really that bad. 6/10 pretty much equals 3 out of 5 stars. I hope you enjoyed this review of Metroid II: Return of Samus and check back for more reviews coming soon.