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Found 50 results

  1. As I started doing this, it started purely by hand and on paper, but I've gotten so used to drawing on my tablet(MS surface) that if I'm sitting there while listening/watching MLP, the restriction of paper feels so empty and lifeless. So I jumped over to my tablet and of course this takes a while to get used to it, as you don't have the resistance that comes with paper, but instead a very soft and glossy surface as smooth as silk. In some of my posts on the forum. I tend to point out how I enjoy seeing Rarity lose her cool and class and just in general lose the whole "posh pony from Canterlot" fasade. I can certainly say, I work better on a tablet once I've been there for a few hours as I tend to use it for almost anything written or drawn. Don't get me wrong I have a love for every pony, but Rarity, Rarity is super special, weather it's her personality, or the fact that she has diamonds on her flank (cause I love shiny stuff!), I like her and won't say otherwise that as a creative soul myself, I hold her dear and it breaks my heart to see her have any kind of negetive emotion, even though the way she expresses herself in "A dog and pony show" after she has been called a muel. I find myself both crying along side her and laughing, not at her, not directly at least, but simply because I find it adoureble in a sick and twisted kind of way(I guess)? The picture below is a copy of a screen, still a bit rough round edges and matching the colours is not always so easy when you can't find the hex value. This took around 6 hours + one super cramped hand later. I'm pleased with it, but if I were to show it to Rarity herself, I would have cleaned it up(which I did not here, I just wanted it done!)
  2. How do yall feel about windows 10? I havent read much about it and will soon but i woukd like some opinions of what other tech ponies and non tech ponies think. How do yiu think elderly people will feel about it? I have grandparents askibg me and want more opinions before i give a statement
  3. So forewarning to fanboys: this post may contain criticisms of a machine that you like. Please try and look objectively and consider this from the standpoint of a non-fanboy. Also if you are going to come here acting offended for the use of fanboy, just remember: I am not saying any specific names. So if you think I'm referring to you, then you're calling yourself a fanboy. So the Xbox One X is riddled with perhaps some of the dumbest and oddest design choices I've ever seen in a console since the experimental days of the 90s where we had weird consoles like the 3DO and the Phillips CD-i. On the surface, the Xbox One X actually sounds like a good deal. A decently powered machine, and capable of some 4K gaming and checkboard rendering on 4K screens for other games, all for $500. On the surface that all sounds really good, but then you look deeper and you realize that for a $500 "premium" console Microsoft really made some design choices that simply... didn't make sense and are kind of counter-intuitive. There's a lot that simply just doesn't make much logical sense, but let's break it down: 1TB internal hard drive. Why? This is marketed as a console for 4K gaming, so that means games will get bigger. Why would you ship it with the same size hard drive as your entry-level machine, the Xbox One S? Granted Sony did the same with the PS4 Pro, but their games focus more on checkboard rendering which results in considerably smaller games. If I recall Quantum Break's 4K patch makes the game close to 100GB. FFXV is almost 100GB without 4K texture as well. Non-removable hard drive. This just seems really dumb. It wouldn't cost more to simply have a part of the enclosure open up and let people slide in a new hard drive. You have a system that only has 1TB of storage with games that can take up to 1/10 of that (more like 1/9 because only around 900 something are available out of the box) for a single game. This is a PREMIUM machine meaning the people buying this are going to likely buy more than 10 games. Also, it's not very "premium" to be forced to delete games to make space for other games. This means the system becomes RELIANT on getting an external almost on day 1. You have a $500 machine and you are going to make it so buying another $60-100+ device for it is almost mandatory? 4K patches should be broken into performance or 4K versions. It's insane that someone who has only a 1080p TV has to download the 4K patch for a game to enjoy the higher framerate version even if they are not going to use the 4K. This is to an extent a smaller issue on PS4 Pro because again: we are finding Xbox One X versions of games are sporting higher res textures and such, thus taking up more filesize. Jaguar CPU. The CPU was not designed for gaming, why are they insistent on keeping it? Hell Sony is guilty of this too. The CPU is already proving a bottleneck too. 4K Blu-ray drive is not being put to best use. You have a drive that can support disks that store more data, yet you are still selling games on regular Blu-rays and making the 4K patch a download when you could just sell a box with a Blu-ray and a 4K Blu-ray for Xbox One X owners to get them playing faster. Very little in the way of exclusives. Yes I know fanboys will moan about this one, but the fact remains you're asking me to spend $500+ on this hardware, but you are telling me there are no real games I can't play elsewhere? This device offers no features that a PC could not do. I can watch Netflix on my TV, or streaming services with a smart TV or even a $50 device. An Apple TV does all the media features this thing does for less. I can also have a PC hooked up to my TV to do it. This device is not offering anything for $500 that I or many others can't get elsewhere. The sooner fanboys recognize that the sooner they can actually start fixing the issues with this console and perhaps get it to start selling more. Microsoft is not even giving full sales numbers and not a single store I have been to has been sold out of the One X, even on launch day. The fact is that I don't think Microsoft had a plan for this machine, they were hoping specs along would sell this thing and now they are scratching their head wondering what to do. There are already rumors floating around that Microsoft is hard at work working on a Gen 9 console, trying to stack the deck for next gen.
  4. Okay guys so here's the deal. I am thinking about getting a new console and there are two consoles in particular, The Xbox One and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now I know what you're thinking? Why the Nintendo Entertainment System? Well that's because there are so many great games for it like Super Mario Bros 1, 2j, 2 and 3, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Castlevania 1-3, Ducktales 1 and 2, Darkwing Duck, Mega Man 1-6, Metal Storm, Sweet Home, Batman, Adventure Island, Blades of Steel, Kid Icarus, Battle Toads, Contra. Just so many great games for it, more than I can list and it's a console that, to me, is really worth getting. Plus, there are more games being made for it, like Swords n Runes, Battle Kid the Fortress of Peril, Haunted Halloween 86, Mad Wizard, Rise of Amondus and not to mention all the Rom Hack carts out there like My Little Pony: Dr, Discord's Conquest, Metroid Rogue Dawn, Castlevania Blood Moon, Simon's Quest Redux, The Legend of Zelda Ganon's Revenge. Etc. Just so many reasons to get a NES. Then we have the Xbox One, the most powerful game console in existence and it also has quite a few gems itself like Halo the Masterchief Collection, Gears of War 4, Super Lucky's Tale, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Cuphead, Stranger of Sword City, Forza Motorsport, Titanfall and of course Halo 5. I don't know, they both sound good, Which should I get guys?
  5. Microsoft finally gave us the official details on the Scorpio, now named Xbox One X, priced at $500. It is being advertised as a 'premium console experience and the price reflects that. It is the most powerful console ever, being 40% more powerful than all other systems, from what I know. I am already quite hyped for it. I love Xbox and having a long term, more powerful system sounds great. Forza 7 at 4K sounds amazing. *-* Anyone else getting it? I fully acknowledge that this thing seems like a niche system for now, with its price and such. Let's not get into any 'pc vs. console' debates here. I also feel that it should have been bundled with an elite controller, seemed like a perfect fit so that is a gripe I have. For the first time since the Xbox One launch though, I am feeling excitement for a new system and I can't wait, already have some money down for a pre-order.
  6. Well, this is quite the surprise. Microsoft has apparently announced that they will be bring a full refund policy to Xbox One and Windows 10, a system that has been a huge success on the Steam Platform. This system will allow users to receive a refund of Xbox One and Windows 10 games, under circumstances that are basically identical to Steam's version: "The requirements in place are simple- all games on Xbox One, and most products on the Windows 10 store (there may be some third party app exceptions) are refundable, within 14 days of purchase. The user must have downloaded and launched the product at least once, and total time logged with the product must be less than 2 hours. DLC and add ons are not refundable." Sounds familiar right? This is essentially Steam's refund policy entirely, except for Xbox. This is fantastic news. The Steam version of this has been a huge success among gamers and it has generated all sorts of new consumer confidence. With the also massively successful backwards compatibility and Scorpio on the horizon, this is another fantastic addition for Xbox gamers. What do you all think?
  7. The funny thing is I had recently watched a video of video games coming to the Xbox One in 2017. Scalebound was one of the games mentioned in the video and I remember thinking "Wow, that actually looks pretty cool." Of course, I would find out a week later that it had been canceled. I'll be honest, I don't think I had ever seen that tech demo that was shown at E3 2014 until recently. In fact, I had pretty much forgotten the game existed until I realized it was actually suppose to come out this year. I can't help but think this game was going to be one of the biggest games coming out for the One this year. Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves are also coming out this year, but none of those games seem to be quite on the scale(no pun-intended) that Scalebound was on. Honestly, Microsoft's lineup of exclusives looks pretty dismal this year in comparison to Sony's. I honestly thought Microsoft had some momentum going into this year because of Scorpio. It's too bad because I think Scalebound would have been an amazing game to showcase the power of the Scorpio. Here's hoping that they have something more up their sleeves this year other than the games we already know are coming. Regardless of how people personally felt about the game, l think it was a big loss for Microsoft. As a gamer, we want their to be as many games as possible released for our consoles. Losing a game is always a bad thing, especially when it is a big game like Scalebound. I don't think this is the end for Microsoft, but I'm hoping this doesn't become a trend for them.
  8. Hi, I have decided that sometime around January of 2017, I will "move" to Linux and continue my phase of slowly abandoning Microsofts product line and ecosystem (mostly because of privacy concerns regarding Windows 10, but also because now that I have tried Win 10 for almost an entire year, I can safely say that I do have problems with the stability and design of the OS). This is not the first time that I have decided to go to Linux. Last year after an "upgrade" to Windows 10 from 8.1 that did not go too smoothly on my old HP convertible laptop, I decided to create another partition on my hard drive using Ubuntu's installer app, and I believe I may have talked about it in various parts of these forums once upon a time. However, back then I was only considering Linux as a temporary replacement until I could afford a better machine, having known about the free nature of Linux distros. Since I still (unfortunately) need Microsoft's flagship product as I plan on going to TAFE next year to do courses relevant to Screen and Media, which will require the Adobe Creative Cloud, and after much research, I decided that maybe WINE/PlayOnLinux/Crossover and/or virtual machines is not a very good idea and that buying a Surface for this rather small amount of software I actually need Windows for would be financially shooting myself in the foot and will only support Microsoft further than if I just do what I did with my old laptop, and make a partition for Linux so that I can still keep Windows for what I need it for. I guess the reason that I made this post is because I am a long time Windows user wanting something different, and I only dislike Apple more than Microsoft (though honestly, they're just as bad as each other), and I wanted to hear from any Linux users on the forums any tips, advice and suggestions to help me make the most out of my "switch" to Linux. Especially since me (and my family) have been dependent on Microsoft and their product line and ecosystem for as long as I can remember. If it helps, this is my current specs: I have chosen Linux Mint as my distro to make the "switch" from Windows to because I tried it inside a virtual machine and was impressed by the Cinnamon desktop environment being so much like what I'm used to on Windows, but also more organised, I have heard lots of good things about its stability and speed (I even tried it on my old HP laptop that ran Ubuntu and Windows 10 before I had to give it to my dad, with Windows 8.1 reinstalled onto it because he needed Windows) and because Mint's source code is based on one of the major distros of Linux (Ubuntu), I thought that it would be just as good, and it turned out much better as my old machine never crashed once with it installed, compared to with Ubuntu installed.
  9. Hello there and thanks for clicking on this post I hope you can help me on my project, Its called PonyDows It is based of Windows 7 and is currently in Alpha (V1.3 Trusty Trixie) The places that are currently avaliable are as followed with there requirments below it (I tried to keep the requirments as low as possible so everyone can help) Theme Creator *Moderate skills in art *Able to make .theme files not just images Custom UI Sounds *No special requirments Wallpaper Creator *Skill in photoshop, Gimp or microsoft paint Program creator *Must be able to create apps that use a installer *Must have 6 months+ expirence in creating apps (sorry I cant have buggy apps in this os ) Registery tweak creator *Must be able to make useful registery tweaks *Must have some kind of expirence in making tweaks Linux team *Must be able to competently port this to any linux distro *Must be able to work without any help from me (I wont help the linux porting team) Beta Tester *Must be able to give feedback on bugs Download current latest release:!xpZSGSZZ!RcWIfFOCLVlavq6unm4IwKNdPgAatSPRKx95EGrRfI4!RcWIfFOCLVlavq6unm4IwKNdPgAatSPRKx95EGrRfI4 (Must select Windows 7 Ultimate on install screen) Youtube Playlist:
  10. Now this one has been going on for quite a while... A few weeks ago, my computer, companion for 9 years, finally gave in and decided to flip me off and go to the afterlife of broken appliances. Now, just what exactly went wrong with him is beyond me. I booted it, slapped it around a couple times until not only it was broken, but I felt broken. The laptop was my life for the past half year and I'd grown so attached to it, I proposed that I even bury it under the backyard tree. Of course, no one would hear of it. Instead, I grew this sneaking suspicion that what ever was going on with it, it had to do with the internals. So, being the idiot I know and love today, I took each piece apart and laid it bare on a black table where it sits today, gnawing away through plastic tubes and install disks. After I lay the motherboard on the table, I reassembled it to look as though it were back in its rightful casing. Of course, wire and whatever were scattered all over the place, but I took no matter. I was determined to fix my broken love and mend my shattered heart using... luck. Sheer cold luck. Nothing more than that. I booted it again and again, but still... nothing would become of this naked beast lying on my hard-wood badly painted black table. Finally, I got it to run, ONCE. Only once did it work and it was only long enough for me to pull out a few written pieces I had done over the last few months. Still, it was not enough; it would never be enough. I booted it again and again until, at last, they asked me for a Windows Installation disk. I was horrified, scrambling around until I realized that my beloved laptop had Windows 7 pre-installed. I was over. Finally, (tonight, in fact), I was pulling through some old drawers of mine when I found, lo and behold, my very own copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. It was like striking gold and the only thing I could say was: "I just want my clop." -RealityPublishing
  11. E3 is coming ot a close, and after Microsoft's stage conference, there has been soooo much damn negativity surging the internet. Microsoft revealed the new Xbox One S, which is an amazing deal for what you get, but so many people are saying Microsoft's vision has already killed the S with the Project Scorpio reveal, as well as concentrating entirely on both consoles AND PC. Micorosft wants to 'bridge the generations gap' and many people aren't on board with this. You know what? I am a huge fan of the Xbox One, it is my favorite game console of all time and as a huge fan, I am not worried, at all. What Microsoft showed actually excites me. Why? Because it shows Microsoft has an immense focus on gaming and gamers. For them, it doesn't matter if you game on a console or PC, we both will be getting all of those new games and in some cases,we can play together! Now what about the S and the Scorpio? That is simple. The S model is a very nice deal. For those wanting to get a fantastic video game console and a great media machine, this is a truly good deal, especially with 4K support. The Scorpio will be costly, we all know this. If the specs are true, it will cost easily several hundred dollars, so I don't know why people think the Scorpio is a direct competitor to the S. Not everyone wil l have the budget to spare for the Scorpio. Not everyone will be interested in the Scorpio at that time, so now, they will have a much cheaper alternative to play the same exact games. And this 'bridging the gaps thing', my theory is this: The Scorpio will be the next Xbox console, but still under the Xbox One name. I believe that after another 4 to 5 years, games will start becoming exclusive to the Scorpio, which will then start phasing out the old system. Everyone expects this anyways, so this seems like a smart way to go about it. On top of this, the Scorpio will have %100 compatibility with all Xbox One games, so that could be a smart move too. I could be entirely wrong about all of that but that is a theory. So many people are obsessed with the specs and what the system will mean, but for now, all we know is that all Xbox One games will work on it and other Xbox One units, of course, so that keeps me perfectly happy. In short, I am not worried about the future of Xbox. It seems Microsoft wants to focus less on exclusives and more on gaming as a whole. I don't care if a game is coming out on both Xbox one and PC, I will still be able to play the game on my Xbox One, so I really don't care where else it goes. Some are saying 'But this gives nobody a reason to buy an Xbox One!' Which that is entirely false, as people who are going ot buy an Xbox One are going to buy one anyways. 'Exclusives' are not the only reason to get a console. To me, Microsoft has a clear vision for what they want in the future of Xbox, bring console and PC gamers together in a huge community, rather than splitting them apart for whatever reason. On top of all of this though, I just want to be positive about gaming in general. Seeing Nintendo fumble as much as they are in my eyes really makes me want to be positive about gaming, so this is an attempt for that. Friggin is doing nothing but negativity, so I suggest not going there. Anywho, there is that.
  12. It seems Microsoft is creating it's own NX.
  13. Does some of you remember this game? What really surprised me was the silence around the game after the launch. No big Youtuber made a Let's play of it, almost no news, it's like the game went into oblivion. But I should've expected that since Microsoft's decision to limit it to Windows 8.1 and Windows Store exclusivity didn't help.
  14. <p>It's that time of the year. And its my third year color commentating on the event on here Live (If missed the first two post, Here E3 '15 and '14 ( But, it seem that pre-E3 is the new E3. The Schedule for your timezone. Also I have a Discord Chat set up... I Messed up the tag I fixed this later... I Messed up. Fixed
  15. And there goes one of Microsoft's IP's. They're really struggling to get it done with their IP's, like Project Spark and Killer Instinct. And they're not even selling good for AAA standard-wise. But I get the feeling that gamers are finally done with Microsoft's shenanigans.
  16. In a rather surprising turn of events, Microsoft has officially announced that Fable Legends is cancelled and the creator, Lionhead Studios, is to be shut down soon. Fable Legends was apparently very close to release so this surprises me greatly, but at the same time, Lionhead hasn't been a very profitable studio as of late. I can't think of anything amazing that they have done, besides Fable 1 and 2, which were great, but nothing earth shattering like they hyped them up to be. Still, it is a great shame to see a studio like this go under and the people there being out of a job, but they could probably apply for other studios and have their talents put to other games. What do you all think of this development?
  17. Which gaming consoles are your faves and least faves? For me I have to say that the 3ds was a huge deal for me, when they had booths touring at different places to test it out I was blown away with the 3d, even though these days people think nothing of it, back then, playing street fighter on it was amazing! The snes is another one for me, as is the gamecube, both of them have games that are some of my faves from my childhood. Mario kart, Wind waker, hell, even weird ones that were probably awful like this weird Tasmanian devil game I had on the snes. As for the worst, and I hate to say this... The N64. It's impossible to use the controller, I still have no idea how Im supposed to hold it despite a friend of mine having no problem at all and ridiculing me for it, I never saw the appeal in most of the games, like golden eye, Banjo Kazooie and Ocarina of time (Still a zelda game I hate) What are yours? Also, it's just opinions guys. Normally I wouldn't add that, but I feel like I have to protect myself a little from not liking the N64
  18. Now, before I get going, let me say that, despite these major issues I've had with my own PC. Windows 10 is actually a really good operation system. Ever since I was able to upgrade for free, I've been running into a whole slew of problems. These problems are Sound Driver: My sound driver would literally stutter then die. The only way to fix this is to restart the PC. Video Driver: The source of so many Windows 10 Blue Screens of Death for me. Not to mention that Minecraft runs like absolute crap on Windows 10 for me, but runs smoothly on Windows 8.1. Wake Alarm: What's that? It's the driver that tells your PC to come out of sleep mode when you open your laptop, move your mouse, touch your keyboard, etc. it barely worked on my laptop under Windows 10. This would cause my hard drive to spin up then spin down, resulting in a rather gnarly crash and file corruption. Wireless Driver: Before upgrading, my wireless never had problems. But under Windows 10, I was frequently booted from my home network. Freezing: Under Windows 8.1, I've never had my OS lockup on me completely. Under Windows 10, however, my OS would frequently freeze and require a hard shutdown. Now, keep in mind that my PC is rather new (it's not even two years old) and that, while I was running Windows 10, I had all of the latest Intel, Realtek, and HP drivers installed onto my computer and I was still having problems with Windows 10. I heard that Microsoft is releasing their big Threshold 2 update in the first week of November. After it's released, I might (MIGHT) give Windows 10 another try.
  19. There's a notification for upgrading to Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8.1 devices and will arrive on Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 as a free upgrade, so that will be after my birthday by 1 day I'm getting Windows 10 and will finally upgrade to that OS on my device. This one is better than it looks on Windows 8! Share your thoughts about Windows 10 OS here!
  20. My very first attempt at Rainbow Dash art....using Microsoft Paint offcourse ahaha
  21. The last time I posted this it got took down due to a miss understanding between me and the mods, This project should NOT be installed on real hardware at its current state (we do have one build that is stable but meh) also this is NOT illegal as it requires you to legally own Windows 7 anyway, so with that out of the way I let's begin I need some help for my PonyDows project, it is a custom Windows with pony themes and maybe a few pony apps and sounds if we get that far! This is built with rt seven lite for tweaks and such, I currently need people to *Make custom sounds * I changed my mind about beta testers, if you really want to you can (please use virtualbox) *Make wallpapers/themes And that's all for now, if we get enough popularity we will make a version for old hardware Footage of it running IN VIRTUALBOX: Video with download link (stable):
  22. The last time I posted this it got took down due to a miss understanding between me and the mods, This project should NOT be installed on real hardware at its current state (we do have one build that is stable but meh) also this is NOT illegal as it requires you to legally own Windows 7 anyway, so with that out of the way I let's begin I need some help for my PonyDows project, it is a custom Windows with pony themes and maybe a few pony apps and sounds if we get that far! This is built with rt seven lite for tweaks and such, I currently need people to *Make custom sounds * I changed my mind about beta testers, if you really want to you can (please use virtualbox) *Make wallpapers/themes And that's all for now, if we get enough popularity we will make a version for old hardware Footage of it running IN VIRTUALBOX: Video with download link (stable):
  23. Welcome to me trying again with the PonyDows project, it is a custom Windows 7 for bronies, development is going very slow as I am doing all the work alone, I am here to ask if I open up spaces for somepony to give a helpinghoof would anypony be willing? Before you run off to the comment section below there's a few things *We don't need any beta testers yet! I will post when and if we need them *i will not charge anypony to use this so as such you will not earn any money collaborating with me * you will be credited * this is a very early days project, no real work has gone in yet but it will once I can get a team up It would help me, speed up the creation and boost the quality of PonyDows if you give a helpinghoof
  24. I'm wondering what office software everyone uses, and why do you use it? I use Libreoffice 4. I use it because it runs on GNU/Linux, not to mention that I don't like Microsoft and their products. I'm a bit surprised that I couldn't find a thread on this topic already.
  25. It's that time of the year. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. Theirs live streams here and here The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for?