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Found 3 results

  1. MTX (microtransactions) typically exist in games in form of purchasable in-game currency, skins, boosts, items and so on, for real money. To not search far for a reference, the Gameloft's MLP game is filled with these, so you might be familiar with that type of system. So, we'd like to introduce on-site microtransactions here, on MLP Forums, in the store. It will be a great way to support the site, while receiving awesome rewards. That's true we already have the subscription system, but we'd like to give you more options to choose from, as we're listening to your needs. Please note, that the system is still a work in progress and will become available soon. So let's talk about products, shall we? We know, that you like scoring brohooves and not everypony has the time to farm these, so after listening to your feedback, we decided to give you more options of obtaining them. These packs will boost your COMMUNITY REPUTATION, simply known as brohooves or brohoofs. - receive an instant, permanent boost to your brohoof count - the brohooves WILL count towards the leaderboards, allowing you to win the day more easily - no limit, purchase as much as you like We also know, that some users are quite shy. Users, who post less because of that, but they'd still love to get the ranks they'd like to have. We have a solution to that! These packs will boost your CONTENT COUNT. - receive an instant, permanent boost to your content count - "upgrade" your rank by raising your content count - no limit, purchase as much as you like Eventually, if you're far away from your desired rank, consider unlocking them all at once! This pack will unlock ALL RANKS and allow you to switch between these at any time in your profile settings. - instantly unlock all available ranks - this skips the post requirement for ranks - ability to select your favorite rank and switch at any time in the profile settings - permanent account upgrade Oh we know you LOVE to give brohooves! What would you say to a RAINBOW BROHOOF? This purchase permanently adds an animated rainbow brohoof to your reaction pool. - animated reaction for you to use - preview: - your brohoof will stand out more than the others'! - show everyone how filled with magic you are! - permanent account upgrade We also have something for active members! This purchase grants you the GOLDEN PONY STATUS for one month! - GOLDEN PONIES raise content count twice as fast! - GOLDEN PONIES receive double amount of brohooves! - GOLDEN PONIES receive a lootbox every month! The lootbox may contain: 35% chance for brohoof boost (25 - 250) 35% chance for post boost (10 - 100) 15% for a common Post Skin[1] 5% for an uncommon Post Skin[1] 3% for a rare Post Skin[1] 2% for an EPIC Post Skin[1] 5% for a free ONE-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION (THE SUBSCRIBER for 10.00 USD) - GOLDEN PONIES are immune to the laugh reaction! [1]post skin - a colorful outline around your posts, similarly to what cast characters have for example, Rainbow Dash has a gold outline, see the first post in this thread Post Skins are tradeable. More will come in the future, so stay tuned!
  2. Gaming is becoming quite the peculiar landscape in business. Companies nowadays are trying to find greedier and greedier ways of separating us from our money for less and less content. Two of the big ways that they are doing this now, are with Microtransactions and Season Passes. Microtransactions tend to be for rather useless items in game that don't matter or DO matter and are necessary to even enjoy the game itself. These tend to cost low amounts but add up over time. A game like Halo 5 has these, allowing ofr quick access to the in-game items for customization, essentially ruining that system. Then there are season passes. Monthly bits of content sprinkled out to extend a game's life, sometimes by cutting content from the base game outright. These essentially raise the price of a game, sometimes doubling the cost, but half of that you will not see for at least 6 months or so. These also sometimes show that a developer is already planning a sequel meaning that the current game is not high on their list of priorities or its quality, but how much money can be made from and how much they can milk it. A game like Star Wars Battlefront, it is a decent game but it has a $50 season pass that essentially cuts the game in half, meaning that the game's full potential on content is lost entirely. Then there are games like Call of Duty Black Ops 3, where Activision has the audacity to have both a $50 season pass AND microtransactions. That is just incredible in a really horrible way. Now the discussion here, which one do YOU think is worse? Me personally, I think Season Passes are the biggest plague on gaming currently. They show cut content and often it is charging us for DLC before the actual game is even finished. That is absolutely pathetic and I wish Season Passes would just die.
  3. Wow. I'm literally in shock right now. Weapon rebalance makes every other weapon horrible, "sorry for our mistake have some masks" and MICROTRANSACTIONS?!?!?! Is Almir trying to kill the game? Reviews on the game have already dropped from ~90% to 80-70%. RIP Payday 2 Killed by weapon skins.