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Found 16 results

  1. EDIT (8/2/16): I have started uploading the Soundfonts to my website (! I'm making my own high quality sampled virtual instruments, specifically to cater to those musicians who can't afford the major libraries...including myself. Everything from vintage synthesizers, to brass and woodwind instruments, to baby toys. Are there any specific instruments they you guys would like to have in your musical arsenal? You can check out a work-in-progress preview of some of the instruments, that I have built so far, in this video...
  2. HELL YES. FINALLY I GET A NEW SONG DONE! from soundcloud: "A really goofy track to be used for a fictional goofy boss fight in a fictional, actually-not-so-goofy video game, if it can ever be made. I've been at a complete landstill when it comes to creating music. Finally, after playing enough Earthbound and Mother 3, the inspiration hit me like a running train. The boss fight is essentially this: a baby. A gigantic baby. Due to recent incidents, all the babies in a fictional candy world of mine has grown gigantic, which is causing havoc amongst the citizens, especially as all the adults have shrunk in size, too! I've had the idea for a long time, but this song was really sudden inspiration, which i actually could make! That just feels so fricking great, man. Inspiration goes to the compositions of Mother 3 and Earthbound, especially Mother 3, for restoring some faith in me that MIDI tracks "can" have professional use in today's world. I won't release the MIDI this time, though. I'm keeping it, just in case it gets of some use to me. oh yeah, I also tagged this song completely, for your convenience!" fricking enjoy and all that good stuff.
  3. i've thought about doing this for the last couple of days, and it seemed feasible enough. so i did it today: a cover of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme song in MIDI. i'm sure there are other covers of it, but i don't think i've seen a single one in pure MIDI. or rather, i didn't wanna look so it would discourage me from making this one. anyway, i think it turned out well: have a link to the MIDI file, in case you wanna use it for something: nJoY
  4. Ok.... soo i know you probably see this ... ALOT! but i have no where else to turn and would like to offer my services to any one who would take me. i am great when it comes to the upper not high but upper to really low voices. P.S. i am kinda newbish at applying so some instructions on how to would be great XD. thank you for your time and i hope to be working with any of you soon. Yours to hopefully employ JMN or DoctorWhoufse if you prefer.
  5. Hello Everypony! Are you a musician who releases their songs with MIDI sound? Do you know that there's another way? Before you say "I know man, go away." let me offer you some help. I'll explain everything in a Q&A. "How?" I have hardware, a Roland JV 880 to be precise. It's MIDI sound is much better than that of Windows or any other standard stuff. "So?" You send me your MIDI file, I rearrange it to make it fitting for the JV 880 (different instrument sets, etc.) and record it on that. "How does it sound?" Glad you ask! Listen to this: This is the only song I arranged for that device and made only on that device. "But what if I want guitars?" That's an easy one. I use Guitar Pro 6, giving me endless possibilities of virtual guitars. Want to listen? These tracks have been rendered using only Guitar Pro 6. And yes, I own it legaly. "What do you want in exchange?" Nothing. But I'd be glad to be mentioned, may it be in the description or like "[insert your name here] feat. Billy Rex" or something. "Then why do you offer this?" I want to help people that don't have hard- and or software like I do or don't have the know-how to do so. Maybe it allows you to become famous in the fandom? Who knows. "Why should I trust you?" Because the brony community is all about being nice, helping each other, right? I can't blame you to not trust someone who writes a thread about giving him your music. I'd be scpetical, too. "What do I do if I want your help?" You can email me ( ) or simply answer on this thread or send me a pm! It's that easy. May the flow be with you. Greetings, Billy
  6. a thought i had a few days ago: try to make a drum 'n bass track in MIDI. did it work out? kind of! the actual dnb thing doesn't begin until later on in this track. it's more of a tempo-changing track now that i think about it. :U i think it turned out well, at any rate.
  7. i think i am becoming better at making good songs under a shorter amount of time. i think this one took me about 4 hours in total to make, and as far as composing goes, it's the best i've done yet. testing out a variety of things in here, like melodies panned to the left and right, adding a few more instruments in ontop of others... oh, and also, the title is a reference to a game series. if you've played it, you might know what it is, by replacing the words in the title with other synonymous ones. enjoy! :3
  8. i wanted to try doing a piano piece in MIDI a few days ago. went relatively fast, and after a few hours or so, i came up with this: i've had part of the melody in my head for the longest time, so it feels nice to finally have gotten it out somehow. yes i am terribad at piano stuff plz tell me how to do good heh.
  9. It is 8:37 PM. The sun is setting. You find yourself lying in an amusement tent of sorts, unarmed. You don't know how you got here, or why you'd be here. There is a joke hidden somewhere, and it's anything but a practical one. As you stand up, you feel the wind blowing... or perhaps someone's breath? Welcome, to the Jester's Tent.
  10. a MIDI rendition of an awesome song from an awesome game. :3 description: A MIDI rendition of the final boss theme from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Awesome game, awesome gameplay, awesome humour, and of course awesome music. I only added a few things to this, mostly duplicating notes and changed and re-arranged them to correct notes (the original MIDI file were all in piano and missed some things). The most "original thing" I did was making the drum track. The MIDI is using one from NinSheetMus as a base: I do not own the music and whatnot. Link to MIDI file if you want to use it in Doom or whatever:…ort%20Edit%29.mid enjoy once again. :3
  11. i made another MIDI song in 4 hours last night. i think it's pretty good, so i uploaded it to my Soundcloud. :3 more stuff from my alias Shei-La, from which i produce metal/punk stuff under. enjoy! also, have a link to the MIDI file for this thing:
  12. hurr durrs i maeds another long song and it's actually pretty good??? wtf is this blasphemy. just gonna copy-paste the description on my soundcloud to here: "Something I've been working on for the past 3 days. Well, actually, I finished pretty much the main song in just 2 hours! I just fixed it up 2 days later with panning and such, haha. It was supposed to be a remix of Not A Clever Pony's For The New Lunar Republic, but it took a drastic spin from what I imagined it to turn out like from the start. Nevertheless, the end result was extremely satisfying, and served as a good entry point for my punk/metal alias, Shei-La. Viscra's "production techniques" is the drum 'n bass driven rhythm, while Shei-La acts as the metal/punk vibe, this time heavily leaning towards the more melodic driven metal range, I suppose. All written in MIDI, by the way. Because booya, baby." enjoys and whatnot. :3
  13. after quite some time of being at a infuriating music-block, i finally broke free from it since recently, and made a new song over the past few days. It's called Ascension of Satan, and it uses standard MIDI instruments, so it's not going to sound all that amazing. but i kind of like the cheesy sound it has, anyway. (plus i can always change the instruments from it later on). MIDI file: i drew heavy inspiration of the soundtrack for the Doom 2 mod Whispers of Satan at first (hence the name, which i hastily added onto it because i didn't have a working title at first), then kind of broke free from it a little bit with the very heavy main parts of the song. as far as composition goes, this is exactly what i needed to do and is the best i've been able to do thus far. comments and such are greatly appreciated. :3 (sidenote, Soundcloud is a bit wonky-working ATM, so tell me if the song doesn't work to play for you) EDIT: track updated! now it's completely finished, and i really mean it now! EDIT 2: downloads added to first post! project is now officially finished! EDIT 3: this track has been touched up further! it is also in the Plutonia Community MIDI Project as the track on Map 21, Slayer!
  14. i made a metal-ish song in MIDI and finished it in just one day?!! what is this blasphemy??? i had a LOT of fun working on this one. the inspiration just got to me, and it flows pretty well, i think. the ending might be a bit weird, but i like it. MIDI for those who want it:
  15. here's another track i made yesterday and today, yet more MIDI stuff that's supposed to be hypothetical game music for Doom. if you want to use the track for whatever non-commercial stuff, here's a link to the MIDI file for the project. just give credit and maybe mention what project you're gonna use it for if you do.