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Found 6 results

  1. Based on an a fic I'm working on called Rise of the Empress Midnight Sparkle.
  2. Sunset Shimmer, and the monstrous form that almost destroyed her school Sci-Twi, and Midnight Sparkle Gloriosa Daisy, and Gaea Everfree While their "monster" forms are supposed to be monstrous and scary, yet they instead earned them a bunch of fans, who like them because the fans think they look hotter as monster girls. So, how do you think each of them would react and do, if they knew that people are attracted to them (or in love with them) because of their "monster" forms? Would they appreciate it with a blush, or would they be ashamed of what they used to do as monsters?
  3. Yo, so here's a random lil' sketch of Midnight Sparkle (Sci-Twi's alter ego in the third Equestria Girls movie.) It's a bit hard to identify due to lack of coloring, but I'm lazy and it's one in the morning. So, what do you guys think? Compliments, criticism? (I absolutely hate Equestria Girls proportions, so that's why she's not a stick figure, and the eyes are a bit different.)
  4. so we got some new information and a synopsis from the hasbro website On a personal note: NOT looking forward to this; all my enthusiasm dissapeared. absolutely despised FG reducing the other 5 to glorified power batteries to twilight and sunset, and we look to be getting "Friendship games 2: electric boogaloo" here. Goddamnit. On the note of timber spruce: since the info about him talks about him trying to maintain control over the camp despite magic, I'm actually expecting him to be like hans from frozen; that he'll be trying to get close to twilight and playing on her insecurities for his own gain to try and get her magic from her, which would fit with twilight's fear of her magic.
  5. Should Midnight have crossed over into Equestria, she would've met resistance, most likely from her Equestrian double in Alicorn form. Who would win in a fight between an Alicorn princess with a wide arsenal of powerful spells, and a dark magic wielding human that can rend reality itself?
  6. I loved Friendship Games and I loved Twilight Sparkle's transformation even more. So I just felt like drawing her. Still a newbie at drawing and would appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism.