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Found 43 results

  1. (I'm not sure if there's already a thread like this, but eh) I feel like some people today misunderstand what the military is about, and this goes for any branch (Army,Marines,Etc.) Here's an example of what I mean: A few months ago I had to go to the doctors for a check-up. My doctor who was going to do my check up came into the room and apparently one of the other nurses told her that I have enlisted into the Navy. Before she even starts with the actual procedure. She seems to be a bit mad with me and starts ranting on about how it's a terrible idea and that all I'm going to be doing is mopping the deck 24/7. Which is not true because when you enlist, you go to MEPS and they assign you a job that you choose for (based on your ASVAB scores). Then she says that I'm going to end up being poor, college is better, etc. This frustrated me at the time because just imagine having to make a decent decision in enlisting in the military that could help better you life, then have it crushed by someone that has no experience in the military telling you what you should do with your life. Another thing that happened was when i told my friends about me enlisting. Then they told me that the Navy is "useless". idk if that's just me overthinking all this, but what do you all think about the topic of others misunderstanding the military?
  2. Experienced bronies welcome, military or civilian. Lately my body has been showing some obvious and painful cues that 2-2-2 training (2 mile run, 2 minute push-up, and 2 minute sit-up. I usually follow with some pull-ups), also the standard for the Army Physical Fitness Test, is starting to take its toll. As much as I want to reach military physical standards I feel like if I keep training in this manner it might do more harm than good. So I went and did a little more online research and came across 1-1-1 training, literally 2-2-2 cut in half (1 mile run, 1 min push-up, 1 min sit-up), and the prerequisite for the APFT/2-2-2. As much as my body is telling me to cut down and perhaps go with 1-1-1 instead, I really don't want to just throw in the towel for something easier. That was until I had an idea, what if instead of training the regular 2-2-2 which seems to me to have a heavier emphasis on endurance. I train 1-1-1 in a significantly more intense manner for cardio, strength, and speed? (of course, it would still train endurance to a certain extent, but not as intense as 2-2-2) On a side note, I am not exactly considering joining the army yet. I'm just looking for a training routine that is practical for both physical fitness and, just in case, combat.
  3. Is anyone else on here a military/uniform history buff? I really like learning about the differences between uniforms and weapons over time and how combat evolved. I actually went to Military History through the Ages last year in Jamestown, Virginia and they had presentations and re-enactors all the way from the Greek Hoplites to modern Special Forces. I've posted some links below:
  4. Anyone else out there a member? Thoughts on an airship deployed parapony force? Do ponies use magic to wield physical weapons or their teeth? Can a pony even sword and board?
  5. Do you think there's a military in Equestria besides the Royal guard? And are the wonderbolts a military organization for defending the nation, or just for show? And if the wonderbolts are a military, what do you think their ranks are? Did the EUP dissapear completely or is it still in existence? And who do you think replaced Shining armor as the head of the royal guard?
  6. I noticed there wasn't a thread like this so I wanted to make it. This thread is for people in the military or military enthusiasts or just for military related posts... (Optional) As your first post put what division, battalion, squard, you were in or If you were never in the military just put what you want to be. After that just post whatever want that is military related... I want to be in US Marine Corps, I am not entirely sure of my specialty yet.... One of my favorite Combat Videos....
  7. Note: I'm very new to the series, so there are bound to be questions that overlook things in the series or go against lore. But, hey, I guess that's why I asking these things. Being the avid roleplayer I am, I want to get acquainted with the lore before I RP. 1. Is it possible or likely that firearms might exist in the world of MLP, despite not being showcased in the show? What about other weapons? 2. If there is any, what is the extent of electronic technology in MLP? What about communications? Radios, phones, carrier pigeons, etc. 3. Transportation? Is it possible that cars, aircraft, etc. could exist? I'll admit, most of this is all because I'm normally lore-hound I like to know the lore of what I'm interested in down to the last detail. Bonus: If you were the Commander in Chief/ Chief of Staff/Field Marshal of [insert a country here], how would you go about invading Equestria? If any, which factions would you ally with, and which would you make war upon? How many troops/vehicles/ ships would you requisition?
  8. What are some of the best military operation names you've come across? and what did these operations entail. There are some really creative and awesome military operation names out there and I'd like to give them some credit with this thread. I mean hats off to the guy that came up with "Operation Dragon Spear" which was basically the US Armies capabilities being demonstrated. A more bigger operation that didn't happen but was planned and devised was "Operation Downfall", which involved the US Military's invasion of the Japanese homeland. And from my understanding this would've taken place after the fall of Nazi Germany and would've involved more than just the USA. "Operation Downfall" Map Plans. Scene from "Operation Dragon Spear" Please share whatever little cool details you know about the Operation for show. I look forward to reading all the awesome stories behind all the awesome Operations you will show. There has been many, many wars throughout all of human history, many titles have been bestowed on many huge events. All this information can be found from all walks of the internet, I'll leave you to the digging for the most interesting ones you can find.
  9. Alright I am curious how many people out there are bronies and pegasisters in the military. If you are, what branch and how do you enjoy it? If you are looking to get in, what branch you looking at?
  10. So, I downloaded Paint Tool Sai this evening and decided to draw Rainbow Dash from the S5 Finale. I'm really sorry for all of the uneven lines, it's really hard to draw with a mouse and i'm not sure if PTS has the same feature as Adobe Flash where the lines are auto-smoothed. Anyways, if anyone of you that sees this likes this drawing, that'll make me happy.
  11. I am a junior Marine who just to my permanent duty station, and i was wondering if anyone else else on this site is a member of the armed forces, weather from the United states or overseas. And wondering what everyone else though of bronies in the military.
  12. To my fellow military and prospective military bronies. I've written up a marching cadence to use, if only to yourself. Add or change whatever if you can come up with something better. FORWARD MARCH! Call: What do we do to brony haters? Response: We crush em We kill em They're dead! Call: Cause when we get home we're not alone . . . Response: there's Rarity in my bed. Call: What do we do when we see Spike? Response: We tell em he's the best! Call: Cause when he gets old and brave and bold . . . Response: He's gonna kick some ass! Call: What do we do when we see Gilda? Response: We lock one round inside! Call: Don't try to fly! You gonna die! Response: Cause you made Fluttershy cry! Call: What do we do when we see Discord? Response: We get out the hammers and picks! Call: You can trust us, to pound him to dust! Response: Here's Opal's Kibble n Bits!
  13. Belated Happy Holidays to all my fellow Airmen, Soldiers, Seamen, Marines, and Coasties who are away from home. "Here's to the New Year. May she be a damn sight better than the old one, and may we all be home before she's over." ~Col Sherman T. Potter
  14. Are there any Military bronys in Hawaii? Pearl Harbor base? I've just become a fan and want to meet other people like me
  15. Alrighty then, ladies and gentlemen. This here is the MLP Forums' first Firearms/Military technologies discussion thread! Here, the fanatics of all things jet-propelled and laser-guided, to powder-loaded and long range, can discuss about military technologies old and new, firearms small and large, and armored vehicles logistic to offensive. For any members that may be here for the foreseeable future, introduce yourselves! Name off a favorite combat vehicle/vessel/aircraft and maybe a favorite firearm of yours! I'll start: Favorite firearm: AR-15/M-16/M4A1 assault rifle/carbine Favorite combat vessel: U.S.S Iowa (Iowa-class battleship) Favorite combat vehicle (ground): M1A2 Abrams SEP Favorite combat aircraft: F-15E Strike Eagle Now, let the battleposting commence!
  16. New concept Art of the future of Aero Combat by Tom Alfaro a Military and Space Technical Concept Designer. Sleek new design and state of the art weapons systems to combat all potential future threats. Fast, nimble, high-tec, powerful and game changing weapons system. Please share your thoughts on the CAS-1 below, thank you. For more CAS-1 Images visit here.
  17. Do you have anyone in your family (currently alive or not) who served in the military? I just found out recently that my Great-Grandfather was a Lance Sergeant who served as an ANZAC soldier in World War 1.
  18. Awesome video of a Black Hawk Helicopter transporting Artillery by Daily Military Defense Archive. Superb Channel to Subscribe to if you're into Military stuff.
  19. So I enlisted in the US Navy the other day and will go through basic training in July of this year and ship out after completing my senior year of high school. I know there are other military bronies out there but I want to know, what should I do? I was thinking something in the medical field. Any thoughts?
  20. If Princess Celestia suddenly drafted the Mane Six into the Equestrian Armed Forces to aid her soldiers in protecting her kingdom, how would each pony handle the rigorous training sessions and the dreadful risk of getting killed in battling monsters and enemies?
  21. So to all my Military Bronies out there, who do you bring on a deployment? I am in subs and have a Fluttershy patch that I bring on the boat and keep her in my pocket when I work. who do you take
  22. Okay, l've been fiddling around with an Idea of Changelings coming to earth, bare with me disguesd as all our favorite ponies, the Changelings start popping up all over the world. We of course could care less of what they are, they look like our ponies and act like our ponies, so what do we care, right? Well the govenments of the world Ban anyone from interacting with these creatures. With tiny pockets of inter diminsional space popping up at random all over our earth, taking things and giving things. The people who have anytype of bond with the Friendship is Magic diminsion literally, becomes infected. All the Bronies aren't in their right state of minds and start spreadding love and tolerance where ever they go. Bronies become an infectious hazard and sections of the earth with the largest density of the brony disease are quarantined, but that's not enough to stop them, their love for ponies becomes air born, tainting the air. The world has no other way to get rid of this , aside from shoving them right up Celetia's plot hole and sending them to Equestria..... So any Ideas on how I could get this story started? I had a few but ultamitly scapped them. PS~ this site blocks my auto correct D:
  23. So When I was in London I picked up some Military Uniform/Gear Its A small collection. Soviet Air Force Cap Dated 1957 GP-5 Gas Mask Dated 1971 I am buying a Uniform Soon But I'm Low on money.
  24. Ok, so let me start with saying that I know this is not the most original idea, but have you ever wanted Equestria to have a more involved military? I suppose we would desire this because of our own affiliation with violence, but do any of you really think that all of equestria is held together with two alicorn sisters? Any pony can post their ideas of what the military would be like, Hell, give your rank, and your division, maybe we could eventually put so,etching together. Ex. My idea would be to section off the pegasai as the air core, but have specially designed horse hooves (kind of a boot model) that can carry bombs. Let's talk about this.
  25. So. This is the design of the Equestrian Cavalry's armor. First off, the cav. The Cavalry is basically Equestria's main infantry force for combatting foreign threats. Their specialty is attacking from the air, and quickly moving to secure objectives. They are much like the 1st air cav early in the Vietnam war, but rather than helicopters, they ride in chariots pulled by pegasi. Their armor is protective, but allows them to move freely, as opposed to a full suit of armor. The shoulder pieces are marked with the symbol of Celestia's cutie mark, the sun. In addition to the armor, The soldiers wear leggings over their shoes, on all four legs. The tail is uncovered, as is the flank, allowing for more freedom of movement. Their weapon is a magical energy rifle. When the Changelings attacked Canterlot, a weapons designer witnessed Pinkie Pie using Twilight Sparkle as a weapon. He then set out to design a weapon usable by Earth ponies, and pegasi as well as Unicorns. This weapon was powered by a magical crystal, and the energy was converted to bolts of lethal or nonlethal energy. Other crystals are housed in a detachable 'magazine' and types of magic can be swapped simply by changing the mag. Some types may light enemies on fire, while some types might stun, or paralize them. So... Eeyup... As you can see, mares are allowed to serve as well, unlike the Royal Guard.