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Found 24 results

  1. What are you thinking at the exact moment you read this? When I made this post I was thinking about the catchy Equestria Girls theme song.
  2. If you're here, we can safely assume that you like My Little Pony, yes? But to what extent? Some watch it just for the show, but many go further, exploring what fan-created material they can find in the vastness of the Internet. But I'm not concerned with that. For anybody with any sort of passion, that person thinks about that passion I'd say at least once a day. So, when your mind wanders off, do you think about ponies? Do think about the show, or perhaps a self-insert situation where you imagine yourself in the pony world? How about when you're sad? Does Pinkie Pie come to mind? How about when (or think about) wearing pony merch in public? Do you think of what one of the Mane 6 would do? Actually doing or not doing these things is not a bad thing, but it does certainly say something about you. I know that I imagine myself in Equestria sometimes, just to escape for a little bit. Perhaps it's more of a guilty pleasure than anything else.
  3. When making any sort of decision, which do you follow: your brain, your heart, or your instincts? There are pros and cons to each. Choices made with your brain are the most well thought out and logical but can leave you unsatisfied. With your heart you will likely feel good about what you're doing, but it won't always work out. And with your instincts you can sometimes feel extremely confident in what you're doing, but your instincts aren't always right. Personally I almost always use my head, but I trust my instincts above all else. If they give me a strong feeling about something, I never ignore it.
  4. How do you organize your brain? Where and how do you put stuff, how do you manipulate parts of it, do you have any mental constructs that assist you in day to day life, such as tulpa, or an alert center keyed into specific sounds? Where and why is your attention directed? What background processes do you have going on, such as music and/or virtual manipulation of physical objects? How do you think
  5. Hi everypony, Ginger Ale aka Widowmeiker is here! Ever wonder what Princess Luna thinks and faces in her daily life? Luckily I tried to make one. Sorry for the watermark, had to pay for the upgraded version and I couldn't. All these amazing pictures belong to their very own artists. I just added thought quotes that I wrote and tried to create an empathy as Princess Luna, sorry if I couldn't manage. It even has 1080 hp HD version! Hope you like it! Don't forget to comment, your thoughts are really special for me. Thanks for watching and sharing your precious time. Feel free to comment on YouTube too and give a like or dislike also!
  6. It's kind of odd to see someone questioning the idea of friendship within a group dedicated to it. And yet, I still question. So, what is friendship? And I challenge you not to immediately jump to the obvious answer of "magic". The show and, of course, the fandom has conditioned you to say that. But have you stepped back and considered the connections that you make with others across miles of land and ocean? How close are they? How many do you maintain? Can they be as strong as a relationship created in "real life"? But first, some definitions: Our lovely friend Merriam Webster defines friends as: a person you like and enjoy being with But you already knew that. If you didn't like somebody, you wouldn't be friends. However, this doesn't address a reciprocal relationship, so, in theory, you could simply proclaim to be someone's friend without their consent, and it would be true. Now compare that to Merriam Webster's definition of...: Love: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person Affection: a feeling of liking and caring for someone or something Magic: special power, influence or skill So, one could assume that a friendship contains at least some love, no matter the circumstances. Sure, a best friend's love is on a different level than that of a crush or the like, but love remains. On the topic of "friendship is magic", based on this definition only, I'd say that's true. Friendship can certainly influence others into doing things, and it most certainly has power. But I think that its power is hyped too far by some. I know this is a lot of information, but I'd also like to point to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. In his work, Civilization and Its Discontents, he says that love within a person is finite. You can love or make friends with as many people as you'd like, but with each relationship that you tack on, the individual gets less and less love. And considering strangers, he says the following: "Not merely is this stranger on the whole not worthy of love, but, to be honest, I must confess he has more claim to my hostility, even to my hatred." Human nature tends to hate strangers, simple as that. He also goes on to say that your strongest love at all times is that of yourself. We, as humans, as naturally egocentric. So, given the information above, what do you agree with; what do you think? How does this relate to the fandom? Consider the problems when looking at people on Facebook with over 1000 "friends". And, even here on the forums, that problem can exist. Though I don't have a lot of evidence to go off of, that problem must exist. Surely, one with hundred of friends cannot possible have high levels of relationships with them all. Granted, I have been here for a bit over a month, sporadically. I also have four friends, here, only one of which I communicate with consistently. So, perhaps I'm blind to the "magic" so many speak of. (This is not a plea to get more friends, by the way, but, I admit, a guilt trip can go a long way).
  7. Y'know how sometimes ponies have that thing where they're eyes go crazy, they do a crooked smile, their voices go all funny, their manes are messed up and they start acting all OOC? Like Twilight in "Lesson Zero", Pinkie Pie in "Party of One", and Fluttershy in "Best Night Ever"? Well, a lot of people say that the ponies are "going insane" from the "stress", but psychological problems like insanity and stress are a bit heavy for a kids' show, especially the idea that something fairly common (like loneliness in Pinkie's case) could cause them, added to the fact that MLP is generally utopian and the fact that insanity doesn't just come and go. My theory is that it's a certain psychological trait unique to those ponies when they experience a great deal of an emotion they do not usually experience. For Pinkie Pie it was loneliness and for Fluttershy it was disappointment (she was disappointed that the animals were running away; the anger came later, possibly as a part of being in "freaky-mode"). Now, for a while I thought "but what about Twilight? Anxiety is an emotion she experiences on the regular", but then I thought maybe it wasn't the anxiety that set her into that state, it was desperation. When she was just worried, that didn't set her off but she got set off when she started getting desperate and doing things like putting the "want-it-need-it" spell on Smarty Pants. If the theory is true, then the state goes away when the emotion goes away. But I have two queries about this. Would Applejack's craziness in "Applebuck Season" have anything to do with this? She did look out of sorts and was acting OOC, but did this stem from an unusual emotion and would, therefore, be in the same category or was she just tired from lack of sleep (ie had she been working at night etc and missed out on sleep?) Could this be the reason for Luna turning into Nightmare Moon? Is this character change what could happen if the state went on for too long or the emotion was too intense or too out-of-the-ordinary? Or is it what happens when an Alicorn goes through it? Or is the Nightmare Moon thing completely different? But, as many fan theorists say, it's just a theory. Or as Twilight might say "Just a hypothesis". Let me know your thoughts.
  8. Hello... I don't know-what I must to cure? *** Liver? Oh... Sometime my liver begin ill. Once upon she ill very strong... My eye's albumen became some yellow, by edges, since 2015, when I drank neuroleptics. But, if I will to cure my liver, I will can't to cure my stomach and my mind, because pills and energy drink harms liver. *** Stomach? Oh.. I have and common pain in my stomach. And, I have a hungry pains sometimes, and seldom me began fell sick. I have a gastritis (it is a inflammation stomach's mucous shell) 3 or 4 years, but I go to the doctor only in 2015 year. And I dont know now-what's in my stomage, and duodenum, because later 1-2 hours after enegry drinks and alcohol I have a hungry pains and fell sick. But, if I will be to cure my stomach, I will can't to cure my liver and my mind, because energy drinks prohibited in my diet, and pilul harms liver. *** Mental condition? My problem in my soul-I must to drink a energy drinks, and only they help me with my mental illness, otherwise I will be to cut yourself, I will be cry wery strong, and I will be to try jump in window, because my mother forbid me to go to the walk. Or... I will be to try kill yourself, or fight with parents... So, energy drinks very it's important in my life. (Neuroleptics and other pilul make me only worse..) But, if I will be continue drink them, I someday will have a carcinoma in my stomach, or liver.. But without them I can to die too. It's a one coterie..
  9. Kindness is always the best policy!
  10. What do you think would happen to your mind if you lost all of your senses? I think over time the mind will repeatedly think and calculate until it finds its reasons for every thought and wonders it had and come to a conclusion. Without new information coming in, the brain will have everything set over time. Thinking and thoughts will be satisfied and all will fade. All activity of who we are will soon be gone as we fell into an everlasting sleep. The mind will eventually disappear because there would be no more purpose to its existence as it is complete. I hope you understand what I just said, because I couldn't describe it well.. Ha... What is your opinion?
  11. Ok, so here's the game: The idea of the game is you read a single word that someone has posted and then the first word that comes to your mind you put down next, and so forth for the next person. Example: fish taco apple Alrightio then, I'll start...the word is Yellow.
  12. heard it right. You are capable of performing manipulations on soundwaves with your mind. However, only you can hear them, no one else. These manipulations work best on instrumental versions of songs. In order to perform these manipulations, you must tap into the music. This requires you to focus on EVERY detail of the music. With maniputations, you can perform vibrato, pitch bends, slides and other crazy and cool stuff. Here's a guided breakdown on how to do the basics. For the best effect, listen to the song through earbuds or high-quality headphones. 1. Pitch bend: Close your eyes and Tap into the song. As said before, this requires you to focus and block out your surroundings. Try to envision the individual sound waves. When the time is right, pretend to pinch one of the sound waves and pull it up. You should hear the pitch bend upward. To bend the pitch down, push down on the wave and release. 2. Vibrato: Follow the steps until you have pinched the soundwave. Lightly shake your wrist or arm. You should hear the note of the song modulate up and down, creating that vibrato effect. It's best to do this when you have a long note 3. Slide: Follow the steps until you have pinched the sound wave and have it in your grasp. Slowly move it to your left to slide down, or to your right to up. The slide is best used for expression. 4. Flanger: Follow the steps until you have pinched the sound wave. This time, take your other hand and pinch the bottom of it. Pull it on either sides to split it. Bring it back together again. Keep doing this process. You will hear the flanger as you go. There are many more manipulations that you can do. This thread will be posted when I find more manipulations. For now, good luck! Hope to see some great results!
  13. Ever dreamed about some timey-wimey spacetime roadtrip? Then read on. How it has all begun Some time ago I was tidying up my papers and I found my old artworks, projects of video games and other stuff I created as a child / teenager, many years ago. I was very surprised how creative and smart I was already back then. I was designing (and playing!) computer games and writing computer programs before I even had a computer! (I made everything on paper and cut it out). But I also noticed how much progress I did since then. Now I know answers to many questions which constantly nagged me back then. And then I thought it to myself: "Oh, how wonderful it would be to have my present brain back then in the past. It could save me lots of time..." I didn't know yet the power of this simple thought! Several days later, a weird stream of "coincidences" started to happen to me, and they continue to happen to this day. Coincidences First, I was bored, so I accidentally started watching YouTube videos: I decided to watch some banned cartoons which have never got past the pilot. One of them was "The Modifyers", where a secret agent girl seeks for an artifact called "The All-Seeing Eye", which was an eye-shaped crystal ball supposed to "know the answers for every question". I would never expect something as simple as a random cartoon could be important. Several days later I was watching a movie "The Charlemagne Code" (original title in German was "The Treasure of the Nibelungen"). In the movie, one of the keys they had to find was "The Eye of the Gods", which turned out to be a ball-shaped object which kings hold in their hand as a symbol of power. And it has a crystal hidden inside. (I know, this might not seem as strong a coincidence at first, but bear with me, soon it will all become clear how important and strong a coincidence it is.) Next day I was discussing with a friend about the phantom time hypothesis and I forwarded him to my post I wrote several years before on that subject. I started to read it too, to refresh my memories, and I noticed that I wrote (actually quoted) something about King Charles the Great there too. Another coincidence was even more suspicious: Several days before, a thought appeared in my mind out of nowhere; it was just this phrase: "Baby, it's cold outside". That though was continuously bouncing inside my head through several days, so I decided to do a web search. First I thought it was a title of some song, but I found nothing which caught my eye. I almost forgot about that thing, when the other day I decided to take a look at those olden generations of My Little Pony, and suddenly, when scanning through the episodes list, I saw that very exact phrase: "Baby, it's cold outside"! It was the title of one of the episodes from G1! I was stunned. This was way too accurate to be just a coincidence. And this have brought me an intriguing idea: What if seeing this title on the list and thinking about my thought from several days back actually caused this thought to appear in my head back then in the past? What if I actually can have my present mind to be sent to the past? WHAT IF THERE IS A WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH MY PAST SELF THROUGH TIME? Time loops To make sure, I tried to send this phrase telepathically to my past self into these precise moments where this thought actually appeared in my mind "out of nowhere" (well, now I at least know where it could came from ), to "close the time loop" and strengthen it up. This might seem paradoxical at first: why should I send to the past something I already know happened? Hasn't it happened anyway? Well, maybe... But what if it happened precisely because I made it to happen from the future? But this reverses the cause-effect order: I first have had this idea "out of nowhere", and then I've sent it to myself from future into past, and not the other way around. Future events cannot cause past events, right? Well, not necessarily. I'll get back to that in a minute. But now I just say that this loop could have existed all the time, as a whole, from the very beginning. The time separation is only an illusion one has when "scanning" it one-directionally from past to present. See? It could be this way: I'm walking around, not expecting anything happening; suddenly I receive an idea from the future me, which inspires me to do something, which in turn will cause the future me to send this idea into the past, and this is pre-determined from start ? a closed loop, or a "spacetime crystal" I'll tell you more about in a minute. Then it is not a paradox, and it doesn't break causality, because it is these events in the past and my own decisions and plans I make at present about what to do in the future, which will influence my future self to send me these informations so that I could receive them now. Got that? Then I realized that I have had several of these experiences in the past, when being in a dream state and hearing my own voice talking to me and explaining some scientific stuff or inspiring the solutions to some problems I struggled with. So maybe my future self is already communicating with me? :> So I started to wonder about possible methods / technologies which could make such trans-temporal communication possible. Possibilities First, I recalled an experiment of Israeli scientists with creating a quantum entanglement back in time and use it to know the quantum state of a particle which ceased to exist before they attempted to measure it. There's a way to make a quantum correlation of that particle with another particle when it still exists (just entangle it with another particle, which is not a measurement yet), then destroy the original particle, and then measure the state of that destroyed particle implicitly by measuring its entangled counterpart. Then I recalled another "quantum miracle" I once read about: so called "spacetime crystals". These are theoretical systems which are supposed to oscillate indefinitely through time, making an ordered shape throughout the spacetime. It could be a ring of electrons dancing in a superconducting ring, for example. They're very similar to the spacetime loop I had the opportunity to experience recently. I know of another phenomenon from quantum optics: so called "phase-conjugated mirror". It is a hypothetical device which could reverse the phase of light waves, so that they would bounce back to the direction they came from, going back to the light source over their own traces. Their phase would be reversed, which can be understood as "going backwards in time", since the phase is a "personal clock" of the wave. If such light waves had passed through some disturbing glass, then going back through it with a reflected phase they would restore the original undisturbed image! And then, suddenly, I noticed that I received an e-mail from a guy who often sends me some more-or-less scientific news. And it was entitled: "QUANTUM OPTICS MAKES EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION POSSIBLE", with a link to an article about some experiment of quantum-entangled brain cells of a mouse communicating through space. No, this isn't happening! This can't be! This is some serious stuff happening here, and these "coincidences" are too serious to ignore! Receiving a message about quantum optics right in the moment when thinking about quantum optics? Quantum-entanglement mental communication through space involved? What are the odds of that?! So I started to wonder which of these phenomena I could use to communicate with my past self. The Science behind Magic First, I needed a mirror. But not some simple obvious flat mirror (otherwise anyone would figure it out long ago). It has to be a mirror capable of reversing the phase of light waves, or redirecting them in a way that they could return back to where they came from. What mirror is capable to do that? A concave mirror! I once watched a documentary about a Russian scientist named Kozyriev, who experimented with such mirrors and got intriguing results, which included obtaining some symbols suspiciously similar to some old writing systems of ancient Mesopotamia. I also read about John Dee, a famous Alchemist from Prague who supposedly contacted with Angels and received several messages from them, written in a cryptic alphabet which he called himself Enochian. Several scientists have studied these messages and they seem to agree that it has some resemblance of an actual language. I was yet surprised to find that John Dee also used such a concave mirror! Here's how it looks like: Do you notice the crystal ball in front of it? It might not be a coincidence. Recall that such crystal balls has been used by many "magicians" in the past. Now it is used mostly as a fancy prop, and it is ridiculed, but what if these wisemen from the past actually knew something we don't know? A crystal ball can be regarded as a concave mirror, too, but full 360 degrees around, and translucent. Such translucent mirrors are being used nowadays in quantum physics experiments as beam splitters, to split the light beam into two separate beams in exact same phase. Well, they're not round, but what if they were? A plain old lens can produce an interesting pattern of rings, called "Newton's rings", when put on a surface of a mirror: This interference pattern of rings is also called Airy's disk, after George Airy who discovered it when passing light through different apertures. It depends on the angle of the aperture, which could be compared with the radius of curvature of the lens. I remember I once read on Gabriel la Freniere's website (when he was alive and his website still existed) that electron's standing waves in atom could be compared to an Airy's disk for a 360-degree aperture. That is, for a lens which is ball-shaped. An atom can actually be regarded a microscopic crystal ball for the light waves and electron waves which pass through it and become trapped inside as a spherical standing wave pattern, producing the effect of spherical rotation in its center which is responsible for what we call "spin". So what if a crystal ball is a macroscopic replica of atom and could make light waves to do the same, that is, to produce photons with spin in its centre? :> What if they can then jump out of our 3D space and travel through spacetime, as these spacetime crystals mentioned before? What if they can turn back and carry in some information? Or if they just can be modulated by some signals kicking around out there in the 4D spacetime? Experiments I made some experiments with concave mirrors. I didn't have such a mirror, so I used a metal bowl. And I was very surprised by these experiments! First off, there is a feeling of heat when I approach the bowl with my face, at the distance around 20 cm. I suppose it is from the infra-red waves (heat) radiated from my body and being reflected back. When I'm closer, there's a strange auditory effect: the ambient noise becomes less audible and muffled, but even the most silent sounds become clearly audible and amplified. But the most intriguing are visual effects: When I place my head at a certain distance from the bowl and look into it in a certain way, I can clearly see a spherical image resembling a hologram! As if the whole surrounding space were projected on a spherical translucent screen! (I wonder what could happen if i put a crystal ball in there.) The surface of this spherical image seems to be a kind of "boundary of space", after which the whole image flips inside out and spreads evenly over the whole surface of the bowl. I cannot focus my sight on that surface, no matter how much I try. As if its focal point was somewhere at the infinity. When I put my head inside the bowl as close as around 10 centimeters off of its bottom, I can suddenly get focus and see my own face from all sides at the same time, somewhat similar to these face textures used in 3D video games: But it also looks as if it flipped inside out; as if the outside world suddenly become inside my head, and if I flipped to the outside, looking at myself from the outside. Wicked! I wonder what would I see if the bowl has been replaced by a reflective metal sphere, full 360 degrees around me. What could I see when literally sitting inside this giant crystal ball? Could I see myself from all sides at the same time? Could I see my back, too? I tried to receive some messages from my future self through this device, but with not much luck. I got into trance and I've seen some weird images, but nothing much useful or science-related. When science and pseudo-science fails, there's always Magic to fall back ;-J So I decided to change my method. Better Methods => Better Results I recalled these dreams where I heard my own voice explaining me some stuff. I had several dreams as such in the past, so it looks like I already tried to communicate with myself. And these dreams seem to be a better technique than Science and "technology". Magic is a higher level of "technology" after all. So I decided it would be better to use which works already: my dreams. To help myself in this trans-temporal communication, I wrote a letter to myself, something in these lines: "Hello, Mike! I'm writing to you from the past (here was the date I won't disclose to you in case someone were trying to sabotage my plan in the future ). If you read this, and you already know any of the things I listed on page 2, please send it to me into the past. On page 3 I will list some date-time moments you can aim with your message." Then I wrote a list of all the things I don't know yet but I wish to know and attached to my letter as page 2. On page 3 I write the timestamps of the moments I awake from my dreams, and this list grows continuously with time. I plan it to be a roadmap for my future self of all the moments in the past I was in the sleep, so that he could aim at these moments with his messages to deliver them into my dreams. The Effects They overgrew my expectations! Since the date 0 I already have had several dreams where I was receiving some important knowledge :> In one of these dreams I shared my dream body with my future self. He didn't speak anything; he was showing me my future notebook with scientific calculations in quantum physics, and he was turning pages carefully, as if he wanted me to "photograph" them all carefully with my eyes. The other day I was listening to my own voice explaining me some scientific stuff. Today was another dream as such. I found a map for a video game level I supposedly have drawn in my childhood, and under it I found a book called "Everything about electricity and magnetism". When I opened it, I saw a lot of pictures of wave simulations explaining electromagnetic phenomena by waves on water (with foam), representing quantum waves. There were diagrams of these waves and how do they behave in loops of wire to produce another waves which we see as magnetic fields. This was all amazing! But I didn't have much time to read it, so I only scanned through all these pictures. When I came to the end of the book and closed it, I noticed... a muffin left on the table It was yummy. Why I think this was a message from my future self? Because if I were me in the future, I'd do exactly that to send the message. First, I'd plant something which would bring my attention and associations with time loops. I cannot think of a better way than some of my past artworks, since it is which started this whole time-looping idea. Then, I'd leave the actual message. A book is a good form for passing knowledge. Also, the foam on the water waves is pretty symbolic, because it is a direct reference to the famous quote from Erwin Schrödinger, the father of wave quantum mechanics. He says that every physical phenomenon is caused by waves formed from the empty space itself, and what we perceive as "particles" and "fields" are merely "schaumkronnen" (appearances, literally "foam on water"). And the muffin is just a reward and a reference to present, where I'm a pony fan. Wrapping up Phew! What a long post! I hope you enjoyed it and not get bored. It pretty much sums up my recent experiments with time-looping to send/receive messages to/from my future self (trans-temporal communication). I'm very curious what do you think about all this. Does it make sense? Maybe you'd like to try it yourself, too?
  14. Hi! Other day I watched this video (by the way, could you explain me how actually show YouTube clip here ) In short, mind-wandering is bad. It leads you to unhappiness. If you live only here and now, you are happy. The most happiest people ever don't mind-wandering. As for me, it's impossible to imagine to live without this activity. I mean, how I even be able to dream, if I should live only here and now! And what about all fiction media? How people could create that!? So, what you think?
  15. Okay, so this just came into my mind. You know how some people can do cool tricks with their mind? Well, I happen to be one of those people. So get this...I have a "jukebox" inside my head. This means, I'm conscious of what song plays in my head and I could change it wherever, whenever. "Smile Song" is now playing in my head but...I just changed it to "This Day Aria". Cool huh? Any mind tricks you can do?
  16. As a young child, I used to collect the orriginal "Bionicles" by LEGO. It was really fun to build them, make them fight, ect. Anyway, the orriginal "toa" bionicles used to come with a small CD that you could run on your PC to learn about the lore. Going over the entire first generation lore, I noticed some of the eerie similarities to MLP FIM. Here is a basic video explaining the original lore, although there are many more details that have my mind blown. (Post may be updated with more content) In case you didn't get what I'm saying: Mata-Nui = Celestia Makuta = Luna/Nightmare Moon 6 "Mighty Heroes" are the mane 6. Masks of power = elements of harmony. Makuta's Jealously that the islanders only loved Mata-Nui = Nightmare Moon's Jealously that equestrians only loved Celestia. Makuta's spell causing darkness = Luna not lowering the moon. There are also some similarities in the maps... Imagine MLP if Luna had defeated Celestia and banished her instead. It's not a carbon copy, but I think its strange to some extent that there are so many similarities. PS: Onua is best Toa. Vibe kill. Aren't you one of the guys who attempted to spam my profile? -.- Anyway, if only one or a few of the things mentioned above we're similar, than I would just shrug it off. The only thing is that there is a group of similarities which makes it even more similar as a whole.
  17. Hello and welcome to the mind of a Zygen! What is a Zygen you ask? Well frankly I don't know xD. But its my user name so roll with it ok? I just felt like making a blog, because i've been here almost a year, and have yet to do so, and i figured, why not? So yeah here I am. This blog will just be, whatever the heck i feel like putting in it frankly, if I end up doing something I feel warrants its own blog or something then i'll probaly make another for it, but if i just feel its general enough and doesn't warrant its own blog, then i guess i'll post it here. I have no actual ideas at the moment, but i figured maybe they'll come to me after making this, who knows. Anyways, um, enjoy your stay, in my mind, well actually get out! I don't want you people in my mind constantly! Only momentarily . Uh, bye .
  18. I thought of something last night... I've been told that when someone gets struck by lightning, their mind set can be altered drastically, assuming they survive. Would this happen to ponies? If so, would their cutie mark reset or be replaced? I mean, we have seen many ponies get struck by some kind of lightning bolt in the show and weren't really affected at all, nor were they really hurt. That kind of leads me to believe that lightning created by Pegasi isn't really as afflicting as the lightning that might happen naturally. Lets just say for now, maybe, in the Everfree Forest, lightning bolts that are as powerful as the ones we all know of can strike. So, if a pony were to be struck by a powerful bolt of lightning and lived, would their mind be altered? I am not exactly sure, it may just happen by chance. If it did happen though, what would happen to their cutie mark? (Assuming they have one already; fillies probably wouldn't be able to survive the blast, anyway.) Either whatever magical force created their cutie mark just reverses and removes the cutie mark, or it stays there like a tattoo and is just overlapped with a new, different cutie mark. If neither of those happen, the old cutie mark might just fuse with the new one, or it just wouldn't change, and the pony would have a misleading mark on his/her flank. I don't know if this would even happen. It probably wouldn't happen to unicorns, since their horn supposedly would act like a lightning rod. Or, maybe it would. I don't know. What do you think?
  19. Lightning Fluttershy

    Little Busters!

    For the last few months, I've been engrossed in reading the visual novel known as Little Busters! made my the company Key. There are different routes to take simply by making choices throughout the game. These routes all circle around the girls Rin, Komari, Haruka, Kurugaya, Kud, and Mio. Depending on what choices you make, you can get the route of one of those listed. There are an extra three routes in the Ecstasy version of the game, but only after you've completed the final route known as Refrain. Refrain,,, Refrain is what makes this work of art so amazing.This route, the final route, is perhaps the most powerful thing I've ever read as far as jerking the old heartstrings. Rin, who is the main heroine of the story, has her route divided into two parts, Rin1 and Rin2. Refrain is a direct continuation of Rin2. Rin2 can only be completed after completing all the other routes, which include Haruka, Komari, Kud, Kurugaya, Mio, and Rin1. Trust me, if you decide to play it, Refrain is well worth the 40+ hours of your time going through each route. Jun Maeda, Key's main man as far as story writing and music composing gos, truly shows off his talent in Refrain. I'm not going to give any spoilers in this blog, but I am going to deeply encourage anyone who reads this to play Little Busters! EX. It's around 100 bucks if you have the money or you can download a free torrent of the game. Little Busters! is without a doubt my favourite work out there of everything I've ever read or watched, it's pure art. The writing, music, and art all are beautiful. Refrain is perhaps the most emotional thing I've ever encountered in the short 16 years I've been alive. I couldn't help but cry when reading Refrain and even some parts of the other common routes. I DEEPLY recommend Little Busters! EX to anyone looking for amazing music, amazing art, or simply a tear-jerking story. I just finished Refrain a few days ago, and am still feeling the effects of it. Every time I see the face of one of the characters from the game it makes me want to cry. Not to mention, finishing Refrain unlocks all sorts of extras if you replay the common routes as well as the three new routes unlocked by completing Refrain. Download links below if you do want to play the game, I highly recommend giving it a shot. The common routes themselves are beautiful in their own right but don't compare to the final route, Refrain. The common routes are all important however as they foreshadow the events of Refrain. Order --> Free download (requires torrent downloading software) --> English patch -->
  20. So last night, @Key Gear did a very dangerous thing, he asked if he could step into my mind for a moment. This is possibly more insane than anything I myself could ever even suggest doing. So let's look into the darkest corners of my mind, and discover what awaits us. We'll talk about things I've done, things I've said, and well yeah, this is gonna be a long one so just sit right back. There are many wonders here but there are also horrible, disturbing things in my mind. You have been warned. Let's start by talking about my temperament. Generally, I'm a level headed person, and for this I have quite a bit of merit in my arguments. I'm the kind of person who argued in favor of drugs in those anti-drug programs and made valid points. Debating is a skill I have carried with me all my life. However, sometimes, I do something often observed in humans. Scientifically it is known as "Losing your shit". It has been observed in every human ever. This leads me to be a serious type when I need to be. However, sometimes, that's not what a situation calls for. Sometimes, people just take things too seriously, or, maybe, maybe someone is just stupid. Let's say for a second that someone is making an incredibly invalid and homophobic,sexist, and racist argument. They deserve nothing in response but cynicism and if they're just that kind of person, an abusive behavior report. However, I don't like to be mean spirited, most of the time, I'm just playful. At best, I can be energetic and inspiring, at worst, I can be insane and irrational. There is no black and white way to cut my mind. If you cut my mind down the center, you'd see the inside of my mind, and then you'd see police cars pulling into your driveway, but that is beside the point. Onto the more eccentric parts of my personality. Let's talk about for a bit about my sense of humor. The following is very disturbing, and you should probably leave your sanity on this paragraph and come back for it later lest it be damaged by reading the following. What do I think qualifies as funny? My ego says everything that I say is side-splitting hilarious, but that's not what I use to make people laugh. In order to truly be funny, you have to be random, yet you also have to be relevant. The best way of explaining it is that while you have to understand timing intimately. Sometimes joking about horrible things really can be funny, but before you make a joke, you need to understand your audience. You have to understand the temperament of the people you're talking to. Some people can take jokes and some can't, that's just the way things are. All you can do in order to be more funny is to embrace the audience you're speaking to. Another thing about humor is that you need to think from the audience's point of view. If you were the person you are telling the joke to, would you laugh? If the answer is no you probably shouldn't tell the joke. Although it is kind of hard to be that subjective when you don't know the person well, so sometimes you just have to take the chance and hope things turn out well. Let's talk then about some specific things and people, woohoo for shout outs, I suppose. Let's start by talking about someone I like very very much, Dawn Rider. Dawn Rider just recently became a staff member, and is already doing very many wonderful things. Dawn Rider is such a nice person, that I feel bad swearing infront of them, that is just how great they are, he knows how to take a joke, and yet he is just so pure intentioned that I can't help but not joke about him anyway. Then we have people like Marco ~ Ace Attorney, the nicest person on the Earth. He lives in New Jersey, so a lot of bad things have already happened to him, I'm sure. But he can take a joke, and I'm not afraid to joke around with him. He is level headed, which is why I think he is probably one of the most helpful people around. Key Gear appears to be the same way in that he knows how to joke around. As for my ego, this is something that has been brought up a lot. I have a humongous ego, one that might even be too hard to grasp at all. I try to make up for having a huge ego by being completely honest about it. And on some levels, I exaggerate how narcissistic I am for comedic effect, in case you were wondering. Now onto one of my flaws, I'm very raunchy. I am not able to hide that, it's just something that I have, and it's something that I'm good at controlling, but under the right circumstances, it shows, it really does. Another flaw of mine is that I hate admitting I'm wrong, if you can get to me admit I have made a mistake, I must really, really, like you. That is a bit of insight into the workings of my mind. I hope it helped.
  21. I recorded this song a while back if anyone remembers and had recieved mixed reviews on it. I decided to re-record it completely and fix the errors. VVV For comparison here's the old one,
  22. I noticed Spitfire doesn't have that much vocal music, so I wrote one out from the perspective of Dusty. Yeah I'm quite happy how it turned out. I just wanted to post the words here before I actually sang it to see if I could get some critique before I do the final product. ____________________________ I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. Sometimes I wonder... Why it seems even in the pouring rain, your fire keeps burning, It makes it hard to see It makes it hard to see When I see your face It's like heaven staring back at me. I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. A blue streak flies across my brain Wonderbolt life will never be the same When it's you me, me and you, together Flying across the sky. I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. Millions love you, this is true But do they love the real you When something comes along you'll be left in the cold All they see is blue and gold BUT I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. YOu are the fire, yes you are the fire Yes you are the fire... In... My... Mind...
  23. Hey everypony! Lately I have been working on a fanfiction called Fracture Spirits, inspired by these three four characters: Fractal Renegade Invictus Intredus Krious/Neman So just a heads up before you read, this is a work in progress and it is rather sad/dark. So be warned. It's not your typical happy life, romance or adventure fiction. Well, enjoy! EDIT: Instead of pasting it all here, I am now using FiM Fiction! Fractured Spirits, by Silver Arrow
  24. Prepare for a long confusing read. Well, today, me and my friends were discussing the human understanding of the wonders that we call the dimensions and the brain. Many topics came up, such as time travel and teleportation, thought and other things. Some things were confusing, some were simple, but the main point is I need to discuss this or my thoughts will start to confuse me so much that my eyes will derp. We all know the five dimensions, don't we? The First Dimension The Second Dimension The Third Dimension Time Space So. We got all into the subjects one at a time. We all know the first dimension is one of three; length, width, or height, although in math it is technically length. First off, what would this dimension look like? Some said it was just a line. I thought the same. But it doesn't seem logical to have a world that is simply a line, does it? We also live within this dimension, as well as the others, but would it be possible to screw with this dimension or step out of the 3D dimension? It wouldn't seem logical if we did, but technology can go so far. What if we went to this dimension on its own? What would happen? Would we still be living in the other dimensions, or would we be a frozen frame in the middle of nothing? 2D is simple to understand. Flat figures. Cartoons and such are drawn in the second dimension. We live partially in it. The third dimension. This is the dimension we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell...this is the one we majorly live in. This is what we call reality. However, as with the first dimension, technology may go so far as to be able to bend it to fit human necessity. Technically, transferring from one dimension to another would kill you instantly. The only logical way to do so is to use a method similar to that of teleportation or time travel. You'd have to convert your atoms into energy, then reconstruct that energy into atoms in the previous or next dimension. Even then, could you move? Would it be the same as this world? Time...I can't even find a reasonable explanation for this one. What is time? Sure, you'll by default say something about time measurement, but what is time actually? How does it work? What would happen if you were able to travel to or bend this dimension...? I honestly am confused beyond confusion on this one, someone enlighten me. Space? Infinite. Black holes. Not much else we know about this dimension. I need some sort of knowledge to even try to say anything on this. And, we also discussed the mind. You scientists out there may have said something like that thoughts are chemical reactions. 'TIS A LIE. THY BRAIN IS NATURALLY CONSCIOUS AND REQUIRES NOT CHEMICAL COMPONENTS TO PREFORM THE FUNCTION OF A THOUGHT. It can't be explained that easily. It just can't. Also, there was the rumor that by 2020 they will have a computer that is as fast as the brain. Maybe as fast as electric impulses can travel via nerves, but not as fast as the mind. The mind is literally instantaneous. It doesn't go by time, it just happens. You have a thought, and you can't time how fast you have a thought, either, it just comes and goes as quickly as it came. How would any instantaneous technology be possible? And...what are thoughts? What causes them? How do they happen? ANSWERS. I NEED THEM. ​TL;DR-GO BACK AND READ OR I SHALL FIND YOU AND PLACE YOU IN THE GUILLOTINE.