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Found 10 results

  1. As far as we know, Funko has released several characters in their Vinyl Figures and Mystery Minis line. Here's a list of who's available at this point: Princess Twilight Sparkle* Fluttershy* Pinkie Pie* Applejack* Rainbow Dash* Rarity* Princess Celestia* Princess Luna* Princess Cadence* Shining Armor* Big Macintosh* Applebloom* Sweetie Belle* Scootaloo* Spike* (The Great and Powerful)Trixie Lulamoon Discord (Regular and Blue) Spitfire Daring Do Lyra Heartstrings Sweetie Drops (BonBon) DJ Pon3 (Vinyl Scratch) Octavia Melody I heart (Derpy Hooves) Dr. Whooves Maud Pie Cheese Sandwich (*)I have this figure So far I'm guessing that the next figures to come out are Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis because they were featured in the Mystery Minis. So I was wondering: Which characters would you like Funko to release in the Vinyl Figure line? Here are my suggestions: Cheerilee Sunset Shimmer Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Granny Smith Lightning Dust Nurse Redheart Starlight Glimmer Filthy Rich Berry Punch Braeburn Babs Seed Carrot Cake Cup Cake Pound Cake Pumpkin Cake etc. Which characters would you like to see as Vinyl Figures or Mystery Minis?
  2. What are your thoughts on the new Equestria Girls Mini Chibi figures? I really like the looks of these so far. Rarity and Rainbow Dash are probably my favorites, though I love how expressive Pinkie is. Do you guys think these will replace the minis, or will these be their own thing? Can't wait for the Sunset Shimmer one to be announced. Link to the article
  3. So I haven't got much done since I've moved into my dorm. I started a bigger sketch of my ponysona but it's hardly colored since I was having trouble picking a color scheme. Thus I did a tiny doodle on a sticky note to help pick out colors.
  4. On a quest to collect the MLP Funko Series, I came across several Minis that seem impossible to locate; to be specific, Show-Accurate Dr. Whooves, Show-Accurate Lyra, Show-Accurate Spitfire, and Glitter Discord. If anyone could help me find somewhere to buy or look for them (excluding Blind Boxes), I'll be incredibly thankful.
  5. Hey what is up guys i am making a animation for MLP it will be a mini series seeing how the pilot episode goes we will decide what to do at the moment we are in desperate need of animators we have 2 at the moment but we need more if we want to make this a reality we are based in jolly old England and would love to have some people to help on this project please PM me if you want to help we also need some more script writers and some voice actors to do the voice of a common pony as the main character sorry all of you americans but it has to be A strong English accent mor info to come
  6. Thanks to everyone who watched, brohooved, or commented! It means a lot to me. It was a bit of a rush job, because I had to go to bed pretty early. yes I have a bedtime but to be fair I had to get up early this morning I find Feld0's OC to be pretty "cool" as well. I really like the design, which is probably why I've drawn him more than once. So that's who was outside the window! How did I look? X)
  7. Here are my first animations so far, but they're just animation TESTS, so it's just a bunch of previews of what I might be coming up with. I may be pretty good with animations so far, but I still may need help & tips, cuz I'm new to using Adobe Flash & I'd like help from you animators out there. Thank you
  8. @@Chigens and Kay's OC, Kaynah, as a mini pony. I think the text says "Yay!", but I'm not one hundred percent sure. Anyways, Japanese is awesome! I wish I knew it a little better so I could put in more of my art. ._.
  9. My cousin. I think shes seven. Shes adorable, calls me her best friend (and sister once) xD But anyway, the other day I was at my Aunts house and she was there as well. She just started talking to me about My Little Pony. I haven't much experience with kids, so i was surprised she could remember so much about the show. She told me her favorite part was when Pinkie Pie was leaning forward and then fell over in episode two xD She likes Pinkie Pie and Princess Celestia. She said she watched the wedding episode as well. She was also saying when Rainbow Dash raced the boy ponies, Fluttershy fell off the cloud. (The Cutiemark Chronicles) She said more, I don't remember. I asked her if she watched the episode Too Many Pinkie Pies. She said she hadn't and asked me to show it to her. So I did. She seemed to be paying attention. She kept asking me which was the real Pinkie Pie. The only pegasister I've met in person as well. So anyway, have you met any little bronies or pegasisters?
  10. Well guys, You know how I do abstract art and all. I know you've been curious as to see my works.. so I present to everypony.. MY WORKS OF ART! I really hope you guys like them. I know I didnt fully color it in.. but this is what I got so far. I might go back to the ones i didnt finish coloring. The ones I didnt start coloring yet will stay black and white. Walla.