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Found 11 results

  1. I've been out of commission since around September due to fall quarter and this is the first thing that I've put together since winter break started. This is part of a much bigger picture but I decided to only show this part. I would like critique on the following: - Colouration of background objects as opposed to foreground objects - Placement of foreground objects relative to each other - Overall pony anatomy - Overall shading of background objects - Anything missing that I need to know Please note: I have tried to gauge whether or not there is a sizable audience who prefers flat design over other art styles but I haven't gotten any sort of data, so if you're able to, please leave a critique regardless of what art style you prefer.
  2. Before I begin, please feel free to post your thoughts, recommendations, whatever below once you've read through the page. If all goes well, I may also explain my method of drawing. Given that it's been 3 1/2 years since my last art thread and that there are probably a lot of mixed preconceptions on the favourability of flat design, I say screw it and post anyway. Here's a few samples. Why flat design? I've found my previous art style was very hard to maintain and even simple pony poses would take a long time to draw, and plus, it's gone stale, so I gave up on a show-accurate style and searched for a minimal style, and flat design was within the set of minimal styles. Yes, part of the inspiration came from Kurzgesagt. With that in mind, my style's not perfect. Throughout the seven years I've been self-teaching myself this, I've never been able to handle colour casts properly; the hard part for me is to make background objects use as few different colours (not including shades of the same colour) as possible. As a note, my newer images are no wider than 1366 pixels, so as to fit on most monitors. I know not everyone has 1080p screens (1920×1080 pixels), given that 1366×768 is the average minimum screen size these days.
  3. I made this piece for someone whom I really care a lot about, someone whom I fell in love with a while ago. But it's been more than a month since I last saw her, and I don't know if she will truly ever see it. As you can see, I got nothing to lose by sharing it with everyone. Here it is. Reviews are appreciated.
  4. Hey all! I love to make minimal art, and I like to put some of those works onto shirts! As such, I've Also gone and entered these designs into the welovefine Season 4 T-Shirt Design contest (Click on images to vote! below, rating's based on a scale of 1-5): Pippy Shirtified Tirek: Get Horny Shirtified: Previous entries: Derpy Fountain Twilight Time Party Ponies Apples to the Core A Small Request Thank you guys so much for checking out my designs, and I hope that with your help, at least ONE of these will win!
  5. When I first joined MLPForums, @Antismurf9001 encouraged me to post my music. I posted what I believe is my best song - The Spacefarer (, but I never got around to posting anything else. So here's another one I did a while back - a minimalist techno piece called "Snow Mixed With Rain". I had been experimenting with Acid Music at the time, and this song basically wrote itself. Please let me know what you think. NOTE: The attachment link below is broken - the forum apparently can't handle MP3s. Use this link instead: KieferSkunk_-_Snow_Mixed_With_Rain.mp3
  6. So I'm considering getting minimalistic tattoos of all the Mane 6 along with their element of harmony. I'm not sure I'll ever actually do it, but I know I never will if I don't get the tattoos designed. Would someone be willing to draw something like that up? I would plan to put them on the underside of my forearms, three on one arm and three on the other. So if anyone wants to design that for me, that'd be great!
  7. Hey guys, I've been working on some Minimalistic Posters for the show, and wanted to see what you guys think: Hearts as Strong as Horses: Geometric Mane 6 Cutie Marks: Season Four: Mystery Chest: Apples to the Core: Original Vector art: SEASON FOR CHEST.pdfMane 6 Geometric Cutie marks.pdfHearts As Strong As Horses.pdfApples to the core.pdf
  8. So, ladies and gentlemen, I decided to do something that has been done before, but with a litle twist. Album reviews! But not any album reviews, no. I decided to focus on something that's even better: Electronic & Dance Album Reviews! Now, you might not know this, but I'm a great fan of the Electronic & Dance movement. I've been listening to this since 2004, way before that thing you call Dubstep nowadays (by the way, that's not how Dubstep used to sound at all) got famous. So I know a bunch of things about EDM (no, I'm not being cocky. I'm still barely n00b compared to most of the guys I know). Anyway, in order to review albums, I created a blog here in mlpforums. But this entry is just to let you see the list of albums reviewed and also to take some review requests. This will be limited by whatever I choose, but in the end I'll review almost any EDM album you want me to. The main difference between me and any other reviewer out there? I'll write lengthy reviews, based on the journey (I'll listen to the album as a whole, and then relisten to write about it while listening). I love to give details, even though I'm a bit repetitive (I'm currently working to expand my vocabulary). The genres that I'll review (mostly) are: -House -Techno -Minimal Techno -Progressive House -Deep House -Dubstep -Electronica -Experimental/Ambient -Indie Dance/Nu-Disco -Trance -Drum & Bass This could be both pony-related music or non-pony related music. Requests: 1-"Discovery" by Daft Punk (Requested by @@Princess Twilight Sparkle & me :3) 2-"Degenerate" by Vex'd (Requested by @@Soundgarden) 3-"Killing Blossom" by M.E.G.A.L.O. Concept & Signal R183 (Requested by @) 4-"Refined Madness" by 123MRK (Requested by @@WorldAirWays) 5-"Modjo" by Modjo (Requested by @@ReGen & me :3) (If the list is full, come back later please. I have a lot of free time, but I also have a job ) List of reviewed releases(first to latest): -Sasha - Invol<3r [MOSCD290] (Progressive House/Chillout) -m1dy - Speedcore Dandy XXX [iNR006] (Gabber/Hardcore/Clusterf*ck) -Alan Braxe And Friends - The Upper Cuts [451.1041.028] (House/Hip-Hop) -M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts [9251-2] (Leftfield/Experimental/Ambient/Synth Rock) Thanks to @ for the inspiration (I'll still read your reviews), and to the great musicians creating awesome (or stupid) albums to review.
  9. And I'm back. I really like this wallpaper, mainly because of the pose that Pinkie Pie is in. It's been a bit since I posted one of my wallpapers on here. I hope you guys like it! If you'd like to download this wallpaper, I'd really appreciate it if you guys would do it from my deviantART. Here's the link ->
  10. Hey, hey, hey! I made a new thing! It's based on a drawing someone else made for me: So yeah. I just adapted it into a minimalistic version of my style. Tell me whatcha think? OH! I also made an avatar version of the one I did: Should I, like, use it here?
  11. Hey. I started making simple wallpapers with the cutie marks of the mane six. I'm putting them up here for anyone to use however they want. Just don't claim it as your own, though. Twilight: Rarity: Applejack: Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy: Pinkie Pie: I arranged the order of the wallpapers to show who is best pony,according to me. (Twilight is best pony, followed by Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, then Pinkie Pie) I might make other wallpapers using the cutie marks of OCs, but that will only be if some people ask.