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Found 7 results

  1. I'm happy to announce that my Two Minute Review of MLP:FiM's Seasons 1 - 4 video has been featured on Equestria Daily! Check it!
  2. Call me crazy, but since this week is reading week for me, I want to take this free time to my advantage and make a stunningly convincing quick video review of the show for the whole world to see (yes I intend to make it public). The instructor who assigned me and the class the assignment for this week did not leave any restrictions as to what I should be doing, so I said to myself, why not do this? So I am doing it right now! ProJared's videos in a playlist here will be the main inspiration as to how I will tackle this challenge. In terms of quality control and professionalism, I want to make it as good as ProJared's One Minute Review videos and LittleshyFiM's "Everything Wrong with" Parody videos. Also I have never seen anyone do this kind of thing before, so I want to do it for the heck of it. What I am asking you is this, I would like you to leave your thoughts and suggestions as to what I should use and say in the review. It will help me a lot from knowing from different perspectives what I should use and say in the review that will be appropriate for the general public. Keep in mind that I am actually serious about this. Which means that I will ignore any suggestions to give up on it, because that is not going to happen on my watch. This part of my assignment is due on March 6. But I intend to get most of the work done this week. Thank you for your feedback. Update: click here to see the video.
  3. (The video link is at the bottom of this blog post) Whew! This one was a doozy! I was practically working non-stop to make this video a reality. No one else has ever even made this specific kind of video before, so I decided to make this. The research was the trickiest part. Even though I do like to research topics that peak my interest, I sometimes can get a little distracted by what I am researching about that I need for whatever project I am working on. Especially if it is time-sensitive. With some prompting and reminders, I may work a bit faster than I can without a friendly reminder. The rest of the process was not too difficult. The editing however was pretty stressful because of how much time I had to squeeze in within the time limit I have proposed. Alas I finally completed it within a deadline that I have set for myself. The key inspiration for making this video is thanks to ProJared with his One Minute Review videos {link the playlist with “One Minute Review videos”}. Without him uploading them, this video would not have been possible for me. The main message that I hoped to get out with the video was that no one is ever too old to watch cartoons. It’s hard for most people to believe it, but the fact is that you are indeed never too old to watch some good cartoons and feel young again. There are also side messages that I mention in the video that you will have to watch it for yourself in order to find them out (they should be obvious to you). Source: Two Minute Video Review (prior to Season 5) [now in distribution]
  4. Apparently Hot Topic is doing a series of "personal interviews" with the Mane Six, and the results are VERY entertaining. Here are the videos: Applejack Fluttershy Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie Anyways, I thought you guys might like it. -- *Edit #3: Thanks to @Sky Chaser for keeping this post up to date while I've been away.
  5. For those of you who don't know, the 30 minute challenge is where an artist tries to draw something in 30 minutes or less. ... I am not a fast artist. ... Nonetheless, wanting to be cool and fit in with the rest of the devianters, I picked up my touchscreen laptop and my stylus, and freehanded something :I ... I failed. ... I suppose it can only get better, right? ... Right? ... Guys? DeviantArt:
  6. This is what happens when you put me in a room for an hour. I start doing drawing challenges. This was completed in a minute 45.
  7. Was just curiously checking the Hot Topic channel just in case there was a new MLP Hot minute, and then found this. It's only just been uploaded! Three party cannons? Uh oh!