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Found 15 results

  1. So, I have the theory that in Rainbow Rocks will be focused in Rainbow Dash and this time it's her turn to cross the mirror and see for herself what happens in the human world, which also makes me guess that there will be a total of 6 EG movies, each one focused on each pony who will have their turn to cross the mirror. I mean, IMO I don't think Twlight may have reasons or even would want to go to human world again, and after she told what happened I'm pretty sure the rest of the ponies would feel curiosity or at least a reason to cross it will be given.
  2. OK, I found this pretty fascinating, and an easy to repeat social experiment for pretty much anyone willing to give it a try. Eating in front of a mirror makes food taste better. Or so say scientists in a recent study. Now I know a lot of us probably either eat alone, or in front of some computer or media device, but for the sake of it, maybe try dining in front of a mirror next time? Considering we are all friendless wanderers who hide from the sun... (oh wait.. that is just me. Although I bet it is some of you to... you know who you are! ) I figured this would be something any of us are able to do and share our results. I am not so sure I would be so easy to fool in that way, but heck if it makes dinner more tasty, I am game to try it a couple of times. I would be very interested to hear the results of anyone else giving it a try. Remember you would probably need to do it a couple of times with different types of foods to get a valid survey. I am also open to any opinions and thoughts upon it as well. I figure I will mess around with it for a week and see how it goes. Too bad i already ate a bit earlier... otherwise I could start now.
  3. We saw Twilight's mirror in the first episode, and then we saw Twilight give Starlight a mirror of her own (even though I didn't see Sunburst at all in the pictures; isn't he still a close friend a Starlight?). So does Twilight give all her friends mirrors? I'd like to see them one day in the future! What do you think all their mirrors would contain? For Applejack, I'm sure most of the pictures would contain her family. We'd get each Mane Six, a picture of her main three family members, and maybe that one photo taken at the end of Apple Family Reunion! Also a picture of Rara I'm sure! For Fluttershy, I'm sure the mirror mostly contains her animal friends, but include each Mane Six, Spike, Discord, and Tree Hugger! Maaaaaybe Zephyr? For Rarity, I know she'll have each Mane Six, Spike, Sweetie Belle, and Opal, and probably Coco and Sassy as well. But also, I'm sure her pictures also contain the celebrities she befriended in the past like Sapphire Shores! For Rainbow Dash, each Mane Six, Scootaloo, Tank, and each Wonderbolt! Maybe AK Yearling as well! For Spike, probably each Mane Six (Rarity's would have a heart drawn around it), Little Strongheart, Starlight, Thorax, Ember, and maybe a picture of when he played O&O with Big Mac and Discord! For Pinkie, let's not go there! It's more like, how much of the mirror is still seen within all those photos? XD
  4. How you think your OC would react if he/she crosses the mirror towards the human world and suddenly have to walk on two legs and stuff? Mine, freak out, fall down several times, try to crawl, lose control of his fingers, but he'll be fascinated by technology
  5. The next comic I'm making in my series has two characters standing next to a window, in an almost profile point of view. I want their reflections to be visible in the window, so does anyone know of a good method or of any tutorials that can help me create a convincing reflection? If you want me to upload pics, let me know.
  6. In other words, when you go through the mirror, do you actually transport to another, physical world, or is the world perhaps entirely within the mirror itself? How do we define its existence (ontology)? I've thought that maybe it's the later, but then how do you animate the inhabitants of the EG world?
  7. what do you think would be more interesting story the human versions going to ponyville or the pony versions going to the human world
  8. "The portal to Canterlot High, with its whole parallel universe, was created by Discord for his amusement. It is a parasitical universe that feeds on its main universe with every opening, 'once every thirty moons'. If it were to be destroyed, it could also destroy the FiM universe as well!"
  9. I’ve never really been touched or wowed by the Lion King. Is it because of the animation? No, that can’t be right. The animation was gorgeous. Was it because of the story? No, while it may have felt like Hamlet for children, it was a good story. Then maybe it was because of the characters? Not at all, the characters were portrayed really well. Music, colour schemes, storyboard, pacing, dialogue? Nope, they were all done brilliantly. So then why? Why didn’t I experience that “wow” at the end? Why was I not touched when I saw Mufasa fall to his death before Simba’s very own eyes? Why was all I could say when the credits rolled a mere ‘eh, it was okay’? I have a theory, and I’d like to know your thoughts. And if others feel the same way. I did not connect to any of it, because the characters were not human. The reason I wasn’t moved or touched by anything was because I couldn’t connect with the characters. Solely because they weren’t human. Despite the characters being human in every single way possible except for their bodies. Because of that, all I could see was “oh no, papa lion got thrown off a cliff by uncle lion and baby lion saw it”. Narrow-minded? Perhaps. Or does it just have to do with preference? Many people tend to feel worse when the infamous scenario “the dog dies” takes place. I personally think it’s sad that the dog dies, but I feel 10 times worse when the human dies, because I understand what it means to be human. To feel emotions, to be able to think, to have a future, to always be aware of life and death. To me, humans both fictional and real work like a mirror. Seeing a human allows me to instantly connect with them. It provides a feeling of unity and understanding. And to see all of that in a (somewhat realistically) drawn animal is downright impossible for me, no matter how good the story may be. Maybe it sounds weird or stupid. Especially coming from a brony whose entire fandom is about enjoying a show with ponies. Why am I capable of adoring FiM despite the characters being ponies? That’s because the way they’re drawn is too far away from realistic ponies. They’ve been altered through a cutesy-cartoonizer and resemble more human aspects more than those of realistic ponies. The big size of their heads, the big eyes, the small snout, etc. That allows me to completely forget that they’re based on real life horses and see them as a whole different kind of creature. Not a pony, but a My Little Pony - a creature on its own. Did that all make sense? Does anyone understand this way of thinking? What are your thoughts on it? I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. And even if you don’t, I’m just glad you took the time to listen. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a nice day! /)
  10. Howdy y'all, recently I was shopping iTunes when I bought mlp comic titled reflections, I bought it and read through it and so far it fascinates me. *Spoiler alert* A Mirror Universe! I love fascinating topics about mirror universe. So many what ifs all opposite to our own world. And this story arc is going to be interesting. I found two artwork online and it interest me even more. Another side note so year in part one we get to see the history of starswirl the bearded in relations to the story arc
  11. So, I'm not sure if this is ever answered in the movie or elsewhere, but I was wondering how much time the events of Equestria Girls take to Equestria; that is, what I'm really asking is if time in Equestria and in earth are the same. Thanks to anyone who responds!
  12. Is the Mirror pool in “Too Many Pinkie Pies” really cloning Pinkie, so much as it's extracting Pinkie's from alternate dimensions? The prospect of this theory arose in the episode itself, and in Equestria Girls. Of course, everyone knows that Pinkie constantly breaks the fourth wall, but what happens as Pinkie Pie enters the mirror pool and if the clones are really just that, or alternate Pinkies from other Pony universes lies shrouded in mystery. If the signs are missed by the viewers..... Pinkie Pie, in the episode, repeats her Nana Pinkie's rhyme about the mirror pool. “Where the brambles are thickest, there you will find- upon beyond the most twisted of vines.” Nana Pinkie's story goes on to state: “And into her own reflection she stared, yearning for one whose reflection she shared- and solemly sweared not to be scared at the prospect of being doubly mared” From the rhyme alone, one can assume that Pinkie's grandmother had discovered the mirror pool and used it herself, in order to be able to know how it worked. But as Pinkie uses the pool, the other Pinkie's don't seem to know who the original's friends are- from the fact that they keep messing up and mispronouncing the other mane 5's names (and have the original explain to them who her friends actually are), and ask if this new place they're in is Ponyville. Had they truly been clones, I think that they would've had the same knowledge as the original Pinkie. One point to further back my theory on the mirror pool Pinkie's being from multiple alt. dimensions is that only the original Pinkie Pie actually physically went into the pool to pull out the alternate dimension Pinkie. When further “clones” were created, the process was done by the alternate dimension Pinkies simply staring into the pool rather than diving in and pulling their alternate dimension selves out from whatever wormholes the pool had already opened up with the first Pinkie's passing through it. More proof of them being alternate dimension Pinkies rather than clones comes later in the episode when one of the Pinkie's completely reshapes her face into G3 Pinkie Pie's face. It's likely that as each Pinkie came through the mirror pool from their respective dimensions, they automatically take on the form of the pony that chooses to use it, as they enter the G4 world, but have the ability to reshape their appearance into what they looked like in their original dimension. So it's likely that one of the alternate dimension Pinkie's that were brought into G4's dimension through the pool was also the Equestria Girls Pinkie, for one of the Piinkie's in the crowd in “Too Many Pinkie's” to be able to blow into her hoof and form fingers in the g4 world, and to have the knowledge in EQG about Pinkie's friends- specifically Twilight. (This same particular Pinkie from EQG also seems to have recognized the human Twilight that came into her world, in the movie, though gotten her facts about Spike being a dog on the other side wrong, which is understandable, seeing that the alt. Dimension Pinkies didn't know much about the original Pinkie's friends, when they first came through the mirror pool, and retained the lack of knowledge about the other mane 5 when they went back to their respective worlds). The fact that EQD Pinkie so accurately explains Twilight's situation at the end of the movie could simply be the fact that Pinkies- across all dimensions are psychic (which Pinkies in both MLP: FIM and EQD say they're capable of, on rare occasions. Specifically said: “not usually”)
  13. I ask this, because she told Twilight Sparkle that she would learn more about what's beyond the mirror than she herself would. I mean, she put Sunset Shimmer in there, right? Surely, she has to know something about what's on the other side of that mirror...right?
  14. Okay So I know that Most people Hate Lil Wayne because His Lyrics Have no meaning and Full of swears, I agree with that. But For some reason I like His Song called mirror Because Its Lyrics actually Had meaning to it (Yourself is the only friend Who stays with you till the end) And It only had one Swear which could be ignored. Even If I hate most of his songs I think that He actually made a Great song, theres also His Duets with Eminem Which where about Being judged and being bullied(Drop the world. No Love) Which I also Liked. Well The One could say that Just because you Don't like something doesnt mean you will hate everything about it.
  15. This just hit me. Could the mirror lake hidden away in Everfree be used to create armies that would terrorize Equestria in a conquest attempt? If the lake was uncovered by someone other than Equestrians again, then it could spell trouble for Celestia and her kingdom should it be used for malicious purposes. Who would make enemies with Celestia, though? It doesn't seem likely, but perhaps griffons once fought Equestrians during a part of their history and old tensions will arise again because of a madman.