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Found 65 results

  1. Doesn't need to have anything to do with ponies... My largest collection are my baseball cards: Around 10,000 since I stopped counting My Pony Collection: 0, still havn't gotten my hands on a pony item.
  2. Not long ago, I discovered a single-page site from 2011 called It had a timer set for the next episode and is in need of some updates. For example, Twi needs wings! No offense to the site creator.
  3. OK, so COD Infinite Warfare is pretty much all but confirmed now. There's this cryptic trailer called Know Your Enemy. And the game's definitely going to be set in space. First of all, who is this SDF, ''Settlement Defense Front''? And how does this tie in to ghosts? Or is it completely unrelated to the Ghosts story? Or is this in the Black Ops universe? Please explain.
  4. Hello, I was listening to that Onerepublic Song, and guess what? The riff completely ripped off the riff from Art of the Dress. When I Listen to it, I always think of it. I'm not too keen on this and I wish they used a different riff. In all fairness though, Art of the Dress is derived from ''Putting It Together(State of the Art)'' by Sondheim. What do you think? I'm not too keen, I hate it when a song ripped off another song, the only songs I am OK with that use the same chords are the ''These Four Chords'' songs and the ''Doom Chords''.
  5. OK, So I was just reading an article today on the Teletubbies new house. And they have got a new Tubby Custard Train thingy, the house looks quite nice in it's renovated Decor, but here's the thing? Where's Noo Noo and the Tubby Toaster? I can see the set, it looks quite nice. How exactly do you think the Tubby Custard train would work? Basically, there are four seats, and seatbelts, connected that make the train drive, but here's the thing, there is a Control Panel. So if this is so. Then how does it make Tubby Custard and Drive at the same time? Don't you need to press a button? What is it's purpose? Anyways, so where is Noo Noo and the Toaster? And the walls are also inflatable. The house also looks smaller then it used to. What do you think? Any personal opinions?
  6. OK, so there's a new series of Teletubbies coming, probably either next month or christmas. Now, I like the fact they are rebooted it, because a few years ago I hated the Teletubbies, only because I thought they were fat and lazy. But I think I've changed my mind. You see, the Teletubbies do regular exercise. And despite having speakers, they don't control them, they are simply giving them advice like your average parent, so no, it's not communist propaganda. Now, they never even seem to get fatter. Also, they were a quintessential part of my childhood. And Jim Broadbent, who was Professor Kirke in Narnia and Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter is going to be in the series. Also, the series is going to be made by DHX, who made none other than, *drumroll*, MLP:FIM. And they know their stuff. Now, if you listen to the trailer, Po's ''Whee!'' sounds exactly like Pinkie Pie's. So is Andrea Libman, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy's actor voicing Po? Or Shannon Chan-Kent? Because Fluttershy's voice I think can also sound similar to Po's, in that it is calm and quiet. What do you think? better quality version here,
  7. Hello, I've just discovered that some music in some video games sound very similar. ''Reckless Running'' from Sega Rally and ''Waluigi Pinball'' from Mario Kart DS have the same opening riff. And a very common riff that was also in ''Uptown Funk'' by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars was in ''Rainbow Road'' and ''Around a Letter'' from Mario Kart and Sega Rally. What do you think? I also think that a lot of game songs are suspiciously similar. I also think that ''Big Chase'' from Virtua Cop sounds similar to the boss music from Diddy Kong Racing. What do you think? The reason why I think it sounds similar to Virtua Cop is that it sounds similar to the Model 2 version. As it is the same Midi as Model 2 games.
  8. So after the sad death of Jules Bianchi yesterday. I was thinking, should F1 have canopies(Closed Cockpits) or not? Here is the reason why I think so. Bianchi, Senna and Tom Pryce's(unfortunately, even if he did have a canopy, that Marshall would have still died) deaths could have been prevented if they had a canopy, as a Foreign Object entered the cockpit area and hit them on the head. Other drivers whose accidents could have been prevented with Canopies are Ratzenberger, Maria De Villota and others. As for drivers who survived these accidents, Massa's accident in Hungary 2009 could have been prevented had he had a canopy, and so would a lot of other drivers. Anyways, the only cons according to a lot of people is that the Canopy is too slow to come off in the event of a serious accident, so why not an ejection system where it ejects the canopy only? This could have safety issues. Or at least a fast Canopy open system. If F1 keeps up, I expect one death on the same day as the race by 2020. Death still haunts the circuits, and there will always be risk, even with canopies. Refuelling may return in 2017 as well, increasing risk as fuel can be quite flammable, remember Jos Verstappen's accident in 1994? That could have been prevented with a canopy, as the area around his eyes burnt. Like I said, even with canopies and closed cockpits, death will still haunt motorsport, Dale Earnhardt for example, died in Nascar with a closed cockpit. And Keith O'Dor in the British Touring Car Championship died when a car T Boned him. Here is one more thing I need to post before you start chatting about it. A reminder of these people's deaths, and that there will always be risk.
  9. OK, so let's think about this, apparently people say that FNAF has too less content or is too boring to be on a console, but what about an arcade version? The game is perfectly suited to arcades. An arcade version, with Screens on the sides showing the jump scares, specifically designed by scott and with an actual computer camera inside, would be awesome. Is it too expensive? It would be brilliant. A lot of games, such as Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and even Temple Run have got their own Arcade Games, and FNAF is acessible enough. Could it work?
  10. First Michael Morones gets bullied. And then Grayson Bruce. Even one of the people in the documentary was from North Carolina. The reason why these people are bullied i have just realized is because the bullies are rednecks. Man how I hate them. Trevor from GTA V says he hates them. So now North Carolina is taking really bad anti bullying measures for Bronies. Can anyone stop this persecution? P.S: I am absolutely disgusted.
  11. OK, so, in the wake of the FIFA Corruption scandal. I was thinking, I think that the World Cup may have to have a breakaway series, in my opinion. They are replacement series to replace the original. Formula One almost had one in 2010 called the Grand Prix series, but it didn't happen. Here is my list, in my opinion. 1. World Rally Championship. Over the years, the WRC has become too predictable, Ogier and Loeb have been winning it for the past decade. There are going to be rule changes in 2017 but I think a Breakaway series would be better. With Toyota, Ford, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Volkswagen, Hyundai, BMW and General Motors being the first companies to agree. It should be called the International Rally Championship(IRC). And no, that does not stand for Internet Relay Chat. 2. World Cup. If Fifa are so corrupt. Then perhaps the World Cup should be replaced with an International Cup by 2038, which will be the last time a champion will have their name written on the trophy. To be honest, International teams should also include immigrants, in my opinion. They could do it sooner as well. 3. Formula One. Perhaps rather than a breakaway series, a massive restructuring, fire Bernie Ecclestone, make ticket prices cheaper and races more interesting. And call it the Next Generation of F1. 4. UCI. Not a sport per se, but a sports federation. I have reason to believe that UCI are as corrupt as FIFA by dealing drugs. Even if this is not the case, they still forget to not allow drug using cyclists through, so the UCI should restructure. 5. NASCAR. Races are getting less predictable, awesome. But they still use deliberate flags and no contact, allow a new Full Contact version, with more traditional cars that look like late 90s early 2000s nascar racers, called the US Stock Car Series. More Street Races should be allowed. And no deliberate flag waving. 6. FAI Gliding Commission. Allow for a new, much more promoted gliding championship. It was going to be in the olympics by 1940, unfortunately WWII broke out and it hasn't been since, if countries had their own gliding teams and more cheaply mass produced gliders. Then Gliding could be more accessible, and their could be a Gliding World Championship, where countries enter their gliders. But much more promoted with much more better sponsors. And national leagues with clubs. I was watching a programme on TF1 about gliders. So please FAI, make it happen. 7. Race of Champions. I wish that the Olympics of Motorsports, could very much be promoted like the Olympics. Get a dozen good car companies to be partners with it, along with several large countries. And promote it, and more people will come. What do you think should have a breakaway series? If you have any ideas, tell me.
  12. OK, in X-Men Days of Future Past, there is this scene, which I personally thought was one of the best in the movie, SPOILERS AHEAD: Quicksilver manages to slow down time and precisely alter the trajectory of bullets and alter people. But if he is doing it at the Speed of Sound, then wouldn't he mostly miss on target? Wouldn't he feel it in real time? If he is doing it in real time, then how is he so precise? The reason why they use Plastic Guns is because it's immune to the Magnetism of Magneto. Another serious question, how fast was his walkman playing?
  13. OK so you know that Account Suspended message that appears on a suspended website. Who issues it? and Who designed the orange and blue? does anyone know? just curious.
  14. OK, this is one of my hypothetical game ideas I wish was possible. Redwall Warriors, which hypothetically would be one of the best Dynasty Warriors games ever, Hyrule Warriors was awesome, but imagine Dynasty Warriors Redwall. 40+ Characters and 15 made for game characters with new futuristic armour. An exclusive plot similar to Sonic Generations or Sonic Xenoverse where the heroes are sucked into a Time Warp, Martin finds himself in Matthias's History and Matthias and Slagar find themselves in Martin's history. And all hell breaks loose. The blurb on the back should read ''From the creators of Dynasty Warriors comes a new game from the world of Brian Jacques''. Problem is though, Niche audience, Hyrule Warriors probably underselled because of it's audience. And Gundam was pretty much for die-hard Gundam fans. This game would be for Furries and Brian Jacques fans only, perhaps Narnia and Hobbit fans? It could have historical battles. And Slagar and Matthias form an unlikely partnership. What do you think? Any Redwall lovers on the Forums? Even Obama loves Redwall!!!
  15. Please can you put this in the Season 5 discussion folder please, thanks. OK, so, there is no episode this week, or on May 30th or June 6th. Are they going to implement a new break system? Is there a LPS finale like last time? When will the final be? Is there a hiatus? What explains the hearth warming episode then? And how are Hasbro doing it?
  16. OK, everyone, this is an incomplete list of the greatest games ever played. A lot of them can still be played, and some of them could be resurrected if someone does something. Are there any you want to play? Daytona USA 2: This sequel to the stock car racing hit of 1993 was awesome, featuring a soundtrack by Reb Beach of Winger(not to be confused with Paul Mccartney's wings and as seen on Beavis and Butthead). And it was awesome, you could select multiple views and drift inside a Forest Dome, an Amusement Park(including a pirate ship and a Giant spider Eddie The Head from Iron Maiden lookalike) and even a City!!! It was rather awesome, you could choose from three cars. And they had differing characteristics for different players. It's quite rare though, you can still play it in some arcades, but the machines will eventually die out, the only way to play it is to use an emulator called Supermodel on a high-spec PC. Chances of Resurrection: Low, Sega could look into it, and it was said that ''they constantly review old IPs''. It could happen. Backspace: This game by Obsidian Software would use the Skyrim engine and be a cross between Skyrim, Borderlands and Mass Effect. It never happened because they canned it, Procedural weapons in a Skyrim engined game would be awesome though. It may eventually happen in the future, as Obsidian are looking into it. Chances of resurrection: Medium, Obsidian did say they were looking into it, and may resurrect it, because it's was ''Neither Cancelled nor Greenlit''. So hopefully someone will pitch it up again. Pandemic Batman: Luckily Arkham Knight comes out in two months. But Pandemic, the makers of Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans were going to make an Open World Dark Knight Game. Complete with Batmobile and everything. Chances of resurrection: Never, Pandemic are bankrupt and Arkham Knight will satisfy the needs of the Batman players. Anything else from you? There was going to be a game by Peter Molyneux called Dimitri, that evolved into Milo and Kate then Fable the Journey. Are there any games you would suggest that you would like to be made that were cancelled? Sonic X-treme is another. I'll just wait patiently.
  17. There is some really obvious evidence in FNAF2, foxy cannot be the perpetrator of the bite of 87 because Mangle replaced him and he was in parts and service!!! It was his/her fault!!! Why didn't anyone realize this in the first place?
  18. OK, so everytime I reset my Sega Saturn, I have to go through a clock screen, and my save data is deleted, and it is because the Internal Clock Battery died out. Will any CMOS battery, including those from Old Laptops work on the Saturn? or is it an expensive specified one. I need to know as I may need to repair the Saturn. Not many people on these forums own a saturn but if you do, tell me. RE: Can anyone help?
  19. So for my 18th Birthday, which was actually on Tuesday but was celebrated on Thursday. I got some presents. I Got; Sega Worldwide Soccer 97, which is awesome as it features a world cup and is way better than FIFA in my Opinion, Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition, which is a way better version of Daytona for Saturn, as the original had good gameplay but bad draw distance. Virtua Fighter 1 for Sega Saturn. X-Men Children of the Atom is around somewhere as well. Then G-Police 1 and G-Police 2 for PS1. Destruction Derby and Demolition Derby for PS1. Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War for PS2. Which features the awesome zero song and the voice work of Yuri Lowenthal and Kirk Thornton. Then I got Battlefield: Hardline for the Xbox One and Borderlands the handsome collection. A Few other presents as well, such as Hershey's chocolate(you can't really get them in the UK unless you go to a US Import shop). A Metal Gear FOXHOUND T-Shirt and Patch, and a Racing Setup for my bedroom. Now, I went to an Indian Restaurant for my Birthday and got a Metal Gear T-Shirt, and in one of my cards was a letter from Disneyland. I'm going to Disneyland Paris next month!!! Is that exciting? I might buy a Chromebook with my birthday money. Wish me happy birthday's as well please.
  20. OK. So this topic is about video game music that sounds like real music, and vice versa. I have discovered some songs in video games are very similar to real songs. What do you think? Turbo Outrun: Rush a difficulty=Bed's too big without you, Sting. Sonic: Marble Zone theme=Typical Dave Greenfield Solo. Sonic: Spring Yard Zone=Every little step, Bobby Brown. It doesn't stop there. The boss theme in Sonic 2 came before The Noisettes don't you stop the rhythm. And Super Stripe from After Burner sounds like Rhythm is gonna get you by Gloria Estefan, which in turn sounds like I Want to be starting something by Michael Jackson. Also, Michael Jackson almost composed the soundtrack to Sonic 3 so most songs in that game are based on his music. Then there is a short song in Virtua Racing that sound's like Prince's Partyman from Batman. And a song in Virtual-On called Alice In Wonderland actually sounds like the end of a very merry unbirthday in the film of the same name. And there are lots of examples in Earthbound. Including Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry. Also, Getting Muddy in Sega Rally sounds like Iron Maiden's Die with your boots on, and Night and Day from Ace Combat sounds exactly like Pink Floyd's What do you want from me? Have you got any suggestions?
  21. OK, I have a theory, what if Twilight, Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer had no parents, what if they were adopted by their parents? I know Twilight has parents but what if they adopted her? What if Shining Armor is actually her adoptive brother? OK, so in MGS. Solid, Liquid and Solidus are Triplets born in an experiment called Les Enfants Terribles, where they use Big Boss's genes to make a soldier, what if these three, are actually clones made from Starswirl the Bearded's genes? What if Starswirl is Big Boss? It's a crazy theory. But I think it works. Sunset is like the Liquid of Twilight, and Starlight is like Solidus. Starlight combines Solidus and Liquid's theory into one. Look, this may be a crazy theory you may not believe, but it makes sense to me. OK?
  22. OK, this is a thread about a cheat device(A CHEAT DEVICE TECHNICALLY ISN'T PIRACY, SO DON'T BAN THIS!!!), now, when I play MGS on the cheat device, it's sped up, is this a glitch on the device or Anti-Piracy Protection?(THIS IS NOT A PIRACY THREAD, SO DON'T BAN THIS!!!). Because almost every sound effect is sped up. What do you think, sorry for shouting by the way. But this is in no way a Piracy thread, Piracy is illegal, anyone who talks about piracy will be banned.
  23. Im posting my art here from time to time. :3 This is the first.' A time laps of the drawing.
  24. OK. So I was just thinking this. If MLP Characters were Dogs. It would be amazing. Ok so here is my list. Applejack: Collie(Like Winona). Rarity: Poodle. Twilight Sparkle: ? Rainbow Dash: German Shepherd(Because they are loyal). Pinkie Pie: Daschund? Fluttershy: Golden Retriever. Celestia: Springer Spaniel. Got any Ideas?
  25. Right, so this is just a simple quiz. With some references to pop culture. 1. How old is Shannon in the Offspring song ''Way down the line''? 2. In the Simpsons episode ''Three men and a comic book'', what does Mrs Glick say when she is watching a show on TV? 3. What is in the first paragraph of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? 4. In COD Black Ops, what deadly game are Woods, Bowman and Mason playing in Vietnam? 5. Whose guest star name was ''Sam Etic'' in the Simpsons? 6. In Metal Gear Solid, what does Gray Fox destroy on the Metal Gear?(And please no what does the gray fox say jokes). 7. Complete this Tomb Raider Line, ''Pardon me, if that was-''. No cheating, and feel free to add more questions. I'll wait for someone to come. being patient.