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Found 4 results

  1. Like the title says, do you find it much more easier to be Stubborn and Miserable rather than Open Minded and Happy? Personally, yes. Most of my reactions will end up coming across as negative and pessimistic due to the way I think and I try to not let others change the way I do things. It's very rare for me to have a happy reaction because I don't feel happiness a lot, sadness is a more contagious emotion than happiness as it can last longer than a smile. Maybe because I'm getting older and the things that made my happy in the past no longer give me the same feeling they do now, or it could be the problems I had as a child that made me feel negative about everything.
  2. Because I have. Let me tell a bit about my life. My early years (up to age 6 I guess) was a pretty bad time. I didn't have any friends, I had to attend to preschool twice (which is still a bit of a mystery to me nowadays) and overall felt bad, my mom and dad were always arguing and my dad was a bit scary those times. It ended up in my parents to divorce, and we moved far away from my dad. Since then, I've visited dad now and then from all the way up here. Ever since we came here, I did actually make a friend or two, each of them during primary school (classes 1-6), where my longest-known friend came on the 1st class. He is still my friend these days, much like someone else, but I'll tell more about that shortly. Ok so it was the 6th and final class of the primary school, at which moment I was the oldest pupil of the whole school (caused by attending to preschool twice, meaning that I'm basically a year behind). Moving to middle school (classes 7-9), and that was the worst time of my life to remember so far (can't remember much about my childhood). I was constantly bullied and I hoped I could make friends, but they were basically all just bullies. After I made it through all those years, it was time to move to college, my choice was a business college. It started nicely, the class was nice, but just recently (about 4 months ago) I had thoughts about leaving the school, because the education line I chose (IT & Customer Service I guess) wasn't really made for me. I also turned 18 (October 15th), and shortly after that, we moved again. To the city where the college is, while we had been living in the town for like 10 years. So now that I'm here, I desperately hope to enjoy my studying more in the new school, as well as get more friends - I don't have anyone close to me right now. Now, some info out of the school life. I've NEVER ever done paid job, only the necessary parts throughout school, with the easiest way possible. I'm very antisocial and I'm still a bit anxious about the thought to work someday, I'm still not sure. All this packed together reminds me of how pitiful I am. I have two older sisters, who both have succeeded in a lot of things, while I, desperately wanting friends, is struggling inside. I haven't done anything remarkable, keeping a low profile my whole life. In other words, breathing, and that's all there is to it. But no matter how bad my life has been, I still believe and wait for the better future; as an infant it had been said I couldn't have had a future at all; my life was at risk but thankfully the doctors kept me running. TL;DR I'm weak. Share your weak points of life here!
  3. Have you even encountered any story in which the author treats his characters with contempt and mockery, that he/she intends that you enjoy watching those poor, "dumb" characters suffer?
  4. Ok. So, I've been here a few days and haven't posted that much. It seems a bit of a waste to just have an account sitting there, doing nothing when none of the new or current topics are making me talk nor I am up to forum fun in cloudsdale. I got some art, sitting around. Some of these are pretty old now. How old exactly is hard to say. You can guess up to a good couple of months...maybe over half a year. I don't really pay too much attention to the time or date. Short story. Some stuff be old. I'm still new to color and that will be pretty self evident at points(I've been at it for a while but comparison to my years of drawing, it isn't even a quarter). I spent almost all my childhood and teenage years drawing in outlines with pencils rather than worrying about tints or making it bright and colorful. So, might as well put some stuff up. Not fantastic but hey...some of them can be decent at points which is some sort of achievement. -done pretty quickly, more or less just making a quicky picture for a RP character. The next one is too- (Douche pony...I made him as a joke...he was an RP character who suffered with derpy eyes-he hid via classes and forceful temp eye correction magic- and acted like a ultra hipster douche, went against the government/sisters and bashed his fans. His shirt says "I was into my band before they where cool") (portrait for an insane doctor that developed psychotic schizophrenia with dissociation tendencies after losing his wife/ being blamed for his daughter death and failing to save a young girl who had eyes like his daughter) Avatars I made for people ages back: (this one had a background but the person said she liked it more blank) (these aren't all the avatars nor are these all my pictures but its a good few of them. Yes, everyone wearing jeans. I did it as a joke to a friend that I could "get my name on everypony plot" so I made them wear jeans which people told me made the avatars look way more attractive, it was really just a ruse to brand my name there. Many lulz where shared in secret) I'll probably add some more later. Since I'm at the upload limit and I don't want to add the rest as attachments. Depends. Its pretty late. Anyway. Hope you enjoy whats here so far. I may draw more ponies at some point but I haven't really drawn at all lately to be honest.