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Found 10 results

  1. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of these legendary ponies in the upcoming episodes, so let the discussion begin! As for me, my favorite (so far) is Mage Meadowbrook. Not only is her character design lovely ("I really like her mane!"), but I love listening to her accent. I think it was neat how her legend has been mentioned as early as the start of season 5. I included Stygian in the poll as well, as I expect he's got some fans. While he's technically not one of the pillars, he is responsible for their existence, and, indirectly, the Elements of Harmony too. So, who is your favorite, and why?
  2. Yah know, we have clubs for each individual pillar, but not one for the whole group. Consider we have clubs for the Mane 6 and the CMC, it only makes sense the Pillars have one, especially considering the amazing group art the exists. Source: Source: Of course, I won't be against the inclusion as Stygian, though I'm not sure if he's counted as a Pillar as well.
  3. Think about it. Campfire Tales showed us that Mistmane was an incredibly powerful and skilled sorceress in her own right. She used a flower to revitalize an entire land and sacrificed seemingly a lot of her own life. And then she ended up in a team alongside Starswirl. Probably the most gifted unicorn in many MANY generations, and she wound up being overshadowed. I dunno, I just always felt a bit bad for her. Like, she never got the recognition she probably deserved. Kinda like Stygian in a way, though his fate was far worse until Shadow Play. I do wonder who'd win in a fight though, Mist or Star.
  4. -WELCOME TO MISTMANE FAN CLUB- In Rarity's story, Mistmane is a talented unicorn sorceress who is hailed and beloved as the most beautiful pony in Equestria. Sometime after being accepted into a prestigious magic school, Mistmane receives a letter saying her best friend Sable Spirit was crowned empress of her old village home. However, when she returns home, she finds it a dismal dictatorship where the empress keeps the villagers working all hours on her palace and takes everything with beauty for herself. Mistmane confronts Sable Spirit in her palace and demands an explanation. Sable explains that she was always jealous of Mistmane's beauty and talent, and after she left for magic school, Sable used a spell to make herself beautiful. The spell backfired, however, and made her hideous. Therefore, she decided if she couldn't have beauty, she would take it from everyone and everything else. Mistmane refuses to allow this, and she faces Sable Spirit in a magic duel. After a fierce clash of fire- and water-conjuring spells, Mistmane wins by trapping Sable in a cocoon of plant roots. Afterward, Mistmane plants a flower at the center of the village and uses her magic to restore its beauty—as well as Sable Spirit's—while also sacrificing her own beauty. Sable Spirit is so moved by Mistmane's sacrifice that she rules with kindness and compassion from then on. Though Mistmane is no longer physically beautiful, she dedicates her life to spreading beauty all over Equestria. RULES Rules of this thread;-Do not post pictures of other ponies in this thread (except the images with other ponies including Mistmane). They belong in their respective fan club threads.-Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting "Apple Bloom is better!" in the Princess Luna thread.-The global forum rules still apply, of course, so no NSFW pics. Shipping is fine, but keep it appropriate.This is the Mistmane thread, please only post here about her. Other Fan Clubs Of Interest; Rockhoof Fan Club Flash Magnus Fan Club
  5. I'm actually surprised that either very little or nothing has really been said about this series. Overall, I feel this series has thus far been the most consistently strong series in the MLP comics lineup. Granted, not everything has been perfect, but I have had little complaints! That said, we have 10 issues of a 12 issue series released with a 48-page annual issue coming in December. Much to be excited about! Any thoughts so far of the series thus far? Issue 1: Star Swirl the Bearded Issue 2: Rockhoof Issue 3: Mistmane Issue 4: Flash Magnus Issue 5: Somnambula Issue 6: Mage Meagowbrook Issue 7: Part one of Stygian's story and his journey to find the Pillars of Equestria Issue 8: Issue 9: Issue 10: Issue 11: Issue 12: 2018 Annual:
  6. Good morning, everypony! I've got some exciting news for you all this morning and I'm sure you'll feel the same way once I've shared it. Fillies and gentlecolts, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that on Saturday, December 16th from 3 - 5 PM EST, none other than Elley-Ray Hennessy, the voice of Mistmane and a couple of other minor characters in MLP:FiM this past season, will be joining us as our next Q&A guest. In addition to her work on MLP:FiM, Ms. Hennessy has 79 total acting credits to her name garnered from over 30 years of voiceover, television, film, and theatre acting, including in shows like Goosebumps, Babar, and Redwall, and films such as It Takes Two and Phantom of the Megaplex. This marks the first time that MLP Forums and Poniverse have ever had an actual member of MLP:FiM's voice cast as a guest, and we could not be more excited to have her joining us! Now, seeing as she is an actual employee of both DHX and Hasbro on account of her work with the show, we have to lay some ground rules similar to when we've hosted guests like Ward Jenkins. While you should feel free to ask whatever you want within reason, keep in mind that many questions, especially those that pertain to her work on the show, may be ones that Ms. Hennessy is unable to answer on account of confidentiality agreements with the studio and her employers. We want to have a great time with our first VA guest, not get her in any trouble with her employers or act like obnoxious or self-entitled hosts. And trust me when I tell you this based on my interactions with her, Ms. Hennessy is very excited to join us as well and really loves the fandom! If you'd like to learn more about her, you can visit her own website here, her IMDB page here, and her Twitter page here. That's all I've got for ya'll this morning, everypony, and please, share this announcement anywhere you can! We would love to have as many visitors as possible to ask questions on the day of the Q&A, and be sure to prepare some of your own before you show up. Have a great Saturday, everypony, I'll see you in Poniverse Events for the Q&A in a couple of weeks!
  7. Mistmane as we saw is pretty powerful, she was accepted into one of the best magic schools of her land, seemed to excel there, and when she returned she was able to defeat Sable Spirit, a pony who was so powerful no residents of the empire would even stand up to her. Mistmane was able to defeat her easily. Her magic is based on Life seemingly but she also has her own interesting attack magic, like with the dragon laser thing. She is clearly extremely powerful and I think in the top tiers of the show. Starswirl is considered the most powerful unicorn to ever live, he has created hundreds of spells and some of those include things like time travel. It can be noted that Starlight may or may not have created her own sub reality with Sunburst, or just warped reality, both are incredible, and she is on par with Twilight, who is said to be weaker than Starswirl. We also saw in a small shot in Shadow Play, he could lock magic with the Pony of Shadows. These two are easily some of the most powerful characters in the series, but I am curious how they would do if they fought each other. Or if they just had a contest of who was stronger. Personally I think Starswirl would win, just because we know more about him and what he is capable of, but I think they are very close, and I totally want to see more of what Mistmane is capable of.
  8. After watching Shadow Play and A Health of Information, I just realized something. Cattail is said to be a descendant of Meadowbrook, and there's this gardener from the finale who says that the garden that includes Mistmane's flower has been in her family for generations: So here's a wild theory...does that mean that these two Pillars got married and had children? Granted, Cattail could be a several-times-removed descendant of Meadowbrook, and this gardener never actually says that she's part of Mistmane's family, but that obviously doesn't rule out the possibilities. What are your thoughts? EDIT: Apparently, "removed" isn't quite the word I'm looking for...maybe a distant nephew.
  9. So, in the last episode we had tree legends of the past show up, and we're going to be having meadowbrook (For some reason an earth pony and not an "eastern unicorn"...) show up as well later on this season. Think that the Items possessed by the three ponies in campfire tales were some of the 8 magical items? (Rockhoof's shovel, flash's Shield, and that flower that Mistmane used)
  10. Kind of thinking that mistmane might be in "It isn't the mane thing about you" and not campfire tales. Specifically, we're expecting only 3 legends to be used in campfire tales, right? (One for each of the CMC). At the same time, we're also expecting the other 2 legends to be used during this season, with most people speculating on Meadowbrook showing up in a health of information. So, Rockhoof and magnus feel like solid guesses for Applebloom and Scoots, leaving somnambula and Mistmane for the remaining characters. Now, What do we know about Somnambula and mistmane? Well, Mistmane gives up her youth to save equestria, helped a bunch of Animals by getting luna to change The castle of the two sisterCanterlot's design, looked asian and fought Pony Fu-manchu, and Somnambula looks like an egyptian, has a bunch of gemstones on the cover of her Comic cover, and goes into a snake's stomach to save it. Now, think about mistmane and what she did as her biggest act, sacrificing her youth (and her looks with it) to save equestria, and then what other episodes we have coming down the line: It isn't the mane thing about you is about Rarity losing her Hair in an accident, and most probably will be her finding out/realizing that her beauty is only a small bit of why everyone loves and respects her. So mistmane would actually work incredibly well as a character to be brought up in that episode, being a beautiful pony who sacrified her age and beauty (Generosity) to help others and was even more beloved for that than her looks-- MistMANE, it isn't the MANE thing about you, ect. ect. ect. On the other hand, having a hard time figuring out where somnambula might factor into other episodes: not really seeing any episode in which she'd really fit in (though I could possibly see flash being used in Triple threat with ember), though there is Number 24 uncommon bond. Just by a matter of elimination, I think it makes more sense that we'll see somnambula and not mistmane in campfire tales.