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Found 13 results

  1. Here is the MLG Airhorn Remix of the Theodore Tugboat Theme Song. I've had this idea in mind ever since the MLG Airhorn meme was a thing, and I've delayed it for too long! So here it is, finally! Enjoy.
  2. K m8 wuts ur favorite meme? a meme can b anything. let us discus owr fav memes here m8. Le RuLeZ Swear words allowed,just no F**K or God****. memes can b mildly offensive no nazis or swastikas unless its actually making fun of the nazis,proving murica is superior to them deep fried memes allowed dankness allowed spicy memes allowed no religious memes,that’s for another thread no rage comics video memes allowed have fun and get rekt my fav meme is all of them but my most fav is 1967 spoderman,trump,political memes,and infinity war memes i won’t post infinity war memes m8
  3. It was dank memes that got me into My Little Pony after watching an MLG edited MLP video. So m90s, how many of you are also into dank memes and the (parody) MLG memes like these?
  4. What does everyone think of airhorn "remixes"? Do you find them funny or annoying, or something else entirely? ​ ​Here's the one that showed up first on Youtube. ​ ​There's plenty more. ​ ​I think they are funny, but I really can't stand listening to one all the way through.
  5. It was 5 in the morning here at the space dome
  6. MLG in everyday life. Yep. XD
  8. Post what kind of PC you own, for example I'll tell you mine. Intel i7 4790k @4.4ghz CPU Asus gtx 970 Strix 4gb gddr5 Gpu 8gb 2300mhz ram 2tb HDD Asus z87-a motherboard Evga 600w 80+ bronze power supply Im 14 so its crazy I can even afford this.
  9. Hello! So in the past months I have been working on a Discord model that goes / could go with some of the pony models out there. If you have looked for discord 3D models in the last few months you may have seen some of the previous versions. First of all for those of you who hate reading: (Images are attached below) DOWNLOAD 1: DOWNLOAD 2: (I recommend download 1) For those of you who don't mind reading: The model, texture, and rig were made entirely by me in blender ( a little for the texture) it took me about 8 - 12 hours doing everything. The model has posable eyebrows/eyelids, posable mouth, individually posable fingers, and obviously a posable body and limbs etc. The file comes with various items: The model of course. Various thumbnails, backgrounds, and renders. Parts: when I created the model I made it in small parts first; I left these in incase you wanted to customise the model, or make your own. Various textures, the textures vary in resolution, there is also the blu - flu texture (and green flu) I can link you to the throne and houses as well if you want just say so. If you use it you do not have to credit me (although I would appreciate it) but I would like it if you could link me to what you made (although you don't have to) I recommend reading the READ ME file Thanks for viewing this thread! I love to hear back about things I make, either it be about it being good, it being not so good and what to improve, or just random responses.
  10. u wot m8? i swer u are one cheeky cunt mate, say it to my face and not online and we'll see what happens. i swer 2 christ I'll hook you in the gabber. you better shut your mouth or im calling me homeboys rite now preparin for a proper rumble. tha rumble thatll make your nan sore jus hearin bout it. yer in proper mess ya nob head.
  11. These videos, which mock a community of rabid gamers and gaming clans, tend to have a lot of flashy colours, repeated usage of memes, "smoke weed everyday", and screaming: What do you think of them?
  12. I need to stop watching them.... *Pic must be clicked to start the gif*
  13. Hello little forum people. I have been making signatures for quite a while now. Using MS GIMP, and a little bit of Photoshop. Why am I telling you this? Well...if you've read the title this is going to be the thread where I basically dump all of my signatures and avatars I have made. I shall also update it everytime I make a signature, whether it's for me, or a special pony that I made it for. Here are my latest signatures: I shall post more of my older noobish ones when I'm not lazy.... (Also thank you to Chaotic Discord for giving me the idea to make this topic :3) EDIT: The font I use is Origin, sexy ain't it?