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Found 7 results

  1. So there have been plenty of shows, mostly anime, that are based on card games. Yu-Gi-Oh, Card Fight Vanguard, Bakugan, Digimon Season 3. But with the release of the MLP: CCG in 2013, should Hasbro have tried to promote it with it's own TV spinoff? Perhaps in the place of Equestria Girls? Picture it. A show in the style of Equestria Girls where the humans play the MLP: CCG, but the cast learn that the game is based off the denizens and events of a very real Equestria. Would a card game cartoon have helped expand the MLP fanbase and bring more succsess to the game? Or would it just have been a one season flop?
  2. Hi! I'm a hugely massive fan of my little pony and I love the collectible card game! Does any pony here play it?
  3. Hello Everyone, I run a MLP CCG League at Double Daggers in kenosha, WI every Saturday at 12pm. On Oct. 8th we are having our CCG Tournament starting at 1pm. It is a $5 entry and you will receive a special promo card as well as a pack. The top winners depending on how many people come will receive more packs. the address is 8503 75th st Kenosha, WI. Please let me know if you have any questions
  4. Anyone into the CCG game like me?
  5. Are any of you selling or trading any of your mlp ccg cards? If so what are you selling/trading, and what cards are you looking for?
  6. Hello everypony,i would like you all to share your thoughts about your deck profiles/combos/individual cards/info on your card database collection/which cards are you hoping to obtain/etc.
  7. Hey! Recently I wanted to get into the CCG because it looked interesting, but it looks really expensive to get a good deck. I was looking around ebay and amazon (along with a few comic sites) and to get a good deck together seems expensive. Now, I know winning isn't everything, but there are some tournaments in my area that'd I'd like to at least be competitive in. It just seems like I'll have to spend a lot if people are getting cards like this or this.