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Found 16 results

  1. I kind of stopped reading the IDW comics a long time ago (the last one I read was #26 of the main series) because I didn’t really like how they treat some of the characters (especially the princesses. I mean seriously, why weren’t they able to escape not magical vines? ). Not to mention the does they have introduced which are the same species as…well, a similar race some people turned into monsters for their hate filled stories. However, when I was on derpibooru I saw a very dark comic cover (#62) and read what that comic was about. Since I don’t really want to give IDW a third chance (the prequel to the movie was the second) I wondered if there is a website or something similar, where you can read the summary of the whole comic. For example why the hay they want to give Canterlot to the griffons or why the yaks thought they might be able to attack the dragons and think they could win instead of ending as grilled food. Do you know a place with full summaries of the plot of the comics? I marked this as a spoiler because of the #61 plot I wrote.
  2. For a brony such as me I would like to ask of everyone ... how are the mlp comics?*in a very proper English accent* ... *back to the normal voice which is a little on the bright side with a touch of excitement... it's not the same* I need some darn advice on it cuz I'm worried that I might be getting short little comics with none of the feeling that I get from the show. I know I'll enjoy them anyways cuz I love the show anyways. Just comment below if it's a "really good spantaculous maculous idea", ( in that order) if it a "darn why did I get that idea", (worded like that as well) or if it's a "I don't know but I'll give you a hoof anyway cuz I thought this post was funny" idea. So yeah. TomorrowI'mDoingAHowToConvertYourFriendsIntoBronysWithoutE'mKnowing!!!!! SO BYEEEE AND YAAAYYY
  3. Friends Forever's overall quality has been decent at least. Sure, you will get a bad issue here and there, but it's been more consistent. Unfortunately, I can't say the same with the main comics. Since Reflections, the main series has been a major mess outside of Manehattan Mysteries and maybe one other comic. Some comics have problems of their own, but many of them share the very same issues (no pun intended ). Some of them are: The pacing is all over the place. The chapters themselves can be too fast, too slow, putting so much in that nothing flows naturally, or putting in too little so they have to pad it with filler. Siege is the worst arc with this. Long-established characters becoming out of character, flanderized, or both for the sake of the plot. They include: a. Pinkie Pie acting like a random idiot, either to spout jokes or some other reason. Two of the worst examples include her being the vessel to mock people criticizing their work and being dumb enough to fall for a blatant trap that got her trapped in a makeshift jail. b. Rarity being flirtatious "just because." c. All of Ponyville nearly going into civil war over a stupid PLAQUE. d. Celestia for either being useless (including Luna) or completely disregarding warnings by Star Swirl just to enter the mirror and be with Sombra there. e. Twilight acting like a complete idiot who elects to let the ponies suffering suffer more and follow a law that defends the aggressors. d. Flim and Flam, Iron Will, and Lightning Dust choosing to join Chrysalis and be side-villains in Siege. They would never do this; they're antagonists, not villains, especially IW. Then, halfway through, they disappear and don't appear again, degrading the whole side-plot into filler. Introducing new characters that we're supposed to care about, but the arc and characters are written so poorly, the reader can't get invested. a. Great-granduncle Chili Pepper's absence from Rancho Bronco was a focal plot point, but how can I, the reader, care when his absence is unresolved and is backed by Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six being trapped by the idiot ball? b. King Aspen is supposed to be someone we should root for against Well-to-Do, except WtD is a strawman (written to make Aspen look better) and Aspen and WtD are equally detestable. c. Radiant Hope is written to be a flawed character who stuck by King Sombra through all of his trials. But how can I like her when she watched him kill so many ponies, lead the siege of TCE in the first place, and shows no guilt for her actions? To make it worse, she's a complete idiot who supposed to be looked at as naive. I hate using "Mary Sue," but she is one. Nearly every single arc features the entire Mane Six cast. Juggling with six/seven is troublesome enough, but they're repeating a dangerous habit in every single arc. I don't know why, but to thrust the whole cast when you could've used maybe two or three at the most and write a story way better. The destinations and journeys are extremely predictable in these action and adventure arcs. You know they'll face some kind of evil, and it's up to them to solve it and beat them. Nearly every single A/A arc since Reflections feels exactly the same with only window dressing to make it appear different. Therefore, the stories feel less like stories and more like virtual checklists. It feels like every single time IDW writes an A/A arc, it puts its eggs in one basket. As if in order to engage to the audience and differentiate from the show and Friends Forever, they must write grander and grander stories. Quality writing doesn't work that way. You don't need to write ultra-"exciting" action and adventure to wet bronies' whistles. By collecting so many eggs and hoping it'll succeed, the eggs crack, and the yolks bleed through the bark. Just write good stories! Because there are so many consistent flaws in the main comics, and the comics become apparently worse and worse each time with little effort to improve, my faith for the main series sharply fell. I stopped reading the comics entirely after the 2014 Holiday Special because I haven't had time to read it, but I took the chance to read Siege of The Crystal Empire after how much it was panned. As I read it, my heart sank. Its first four-parter arc since Reflections, and it managed to be worse than that. Cliché, but apropos: Siege was the nail in the coffin for me. Until it got consistently better, I gave up on the main series. I took a little peak in FIM #40 (which came out earlier this week). Reading the reactions and skimming the pictures made me realize that the main series wasn't going to improve. I have less faith in it than EQG; if you follow my post and status history, that says something. This edit I found in EQD's discussion blog for #40 sums up its big flaw in a nutshell: Does anyone else here feel a similar loss of faith in the main series, too? If so, do you think it'll improve?
  4. It's coming. The grumpiest, bumpiest, sugar-lump-rumpiest issue of Friends Forever like, ever. Because it totally stars the two most wonderful, amazing, wealthy, stupendous, beautiful ponies in Equestrian history. PREVIEW: So for those of you who love being special, and know how embarrassing it would be to be not special (I don't even want to, like, THINK about it), you should totally get this comic when it comes out on May 13. I can't wait...
  5. If you look on Equestria Daily it Is indicating that MLP Friends Forever Issue 21 will be Spike & Zecora team up. That got me thinking that there have been some team ups that we haven't got yet that I think would be pretty fun and/or interesting. With that being said I have a Friends Forever Team Up Wish List. If you don't agree with me that's fine everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'd also like to hear feedback and/or what team ups you'd like to see in the Friends Forever series. So with that out of the way here's my list of dream teams. Friends Forever Dream Teams: Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash Applejack & Fluttershy Rarity & Pinkie Pie Princess Celestia & Princess Cadence Twilight Sparkle & Princess Luna Rarity & Princess Luna Spike & Scootaloo Twilight Sparkle & Fluttershy Princess Celestia & Shining Armor Twilight Sparkle & Apple Bloom Princess Celestia & Cheerilee Twilight Sparkle & Cheerilee Spike & Shining Armor Twilight Sparkle & Trixie Twilight Sparkle & Rarity Rainbow Dash & Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle & Discord Zecora & Trixie Discord & Trixie Rarity & Princess Celestia Twilight Sparkle & Scootaloo Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo Cutie Mark Crusaders & Babs Seed(Post: Bloom & Gloom) Pinkie Pie & Discord Princess Celestia & Discord Twilight Sparkle & Applejack Twilight Sparkle & Zecora Apple Bloom & Zecora Princess Luna & Princess Cadence Cheerilee & Cutie Mark Crusaders Spike & Cutie Mark Crusaders Rarity & Trixie Princess Luna & Trixie Applejack & Cherry Jubilee Princess Celestia & Trixie Pinkie Pie & Cherry Jubilee Maud Pie & Big Macintosh Pinkie Pie & (Reformed) Gilda Rarity & Octavia Twilight Sparkle & Spitfire Twilight Sparkle & Moon Dancer Twilight Sparkle & Minuette (Colgate) Lyra Heartstrings & Special Agent Sweetie Drops Octavia & Vinyl Scratch Derpy & Doctor Whooves Fluttershy & (Reformed) Gilda Discord & Tree Hugger Minuette (Colgate) & Moon Dancer Minuette (Colgate) & Lyra Heartstrings Cheerilee & Berry Punch Cheerilee & Cherry Blossom Twilight Sparkle & Princess Cadence Shining Armor & Princess Cadence Twilight Sparkle & Cutie Mark Crusaders Cutie Mark Crusaders & Princess Celestia Princess Luna & Cutie Mark Crusaders Big Macintosh & Cheerilee Big Macintosh & Shining Armor Trixie & (Reformed) Gilda Spike & Babs Seed Trixie & Babs Seed Twilight Sparkle & Lyra Heartstrings Big Macintosh & Fluttershy Princess Cadence & Spike Big Macintosh & Spike Big Macintosh & Princess Luna Pinkie Pie & Maud Pie Discord & Princess Cadence Pinkie Pie & Cheese Sandwich Cutie Mark Crusaders & Diamond Tiara (Reformed) Rarity & Coco Pommel Rarity & Sassy Saddles Coco Pommel & Sassy Saddles Team Up To Happen or Has Happened Which do you like and which do you dislike and what are some of your Friends Forever Dream Teams?
  6. Any thoughts on this? It was a fun little series that had some cool ideas and, although it had some flaws, I really enjoyed this arc. I still can't believe the darkness of some of the jokes they make though. It's amazing. The moment Applejack said the next thing Twilight would do would be to bring back Tirek I immediately thought, and I mean immediately thought, Resurrection-T confirmed! I also want to say this is one of the most epic scenes I have ever seen.
  7. Hey everypony! I'm thinking of getting some MLP books for a 3 hour plane trip, and I want something to read. I'm considering getting some of the graphic novels, guidebook to the elements of harmony, the tales of two sisters, or the Daring do collection. Anypony have any suggestions? I'm looking more into the book side of things, because I tend to breeze through comics... but if the comics are popular or highly suggested I might go with them.
  8. Wow this one was good. In this comic the first one i've ever read Twilight goes into the mind of Big macintosh. The comic starts off with Twi trying to solve freindship problems and a lot too and it is driving her a little metal. Can't sleep, eat, fly, without thinking about thinking about those freindship problems. Then she has to find how to deal with a tons of work witch is relateble. Apple Jack seems like a good ideal but she has to leave but macintosh is a great ideal to and that's all i can tell ya without going into major spoilers. This comic was very funny with twilight's reaction the way the drew the comic was very good. Twilight was enjoyable in this one and overall she was freaking funny in this episode and Mac was too. The only problem is a little nit pick. SHIPPING! The comic overall is a 10/10. What did you think of the comic? Share your opion down below. Stay awsome.
  9. Just wondering if there is any order that you need to read the comics because i really want to start reading them but not sure where i should start them
  10. The My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comics won the Diamond Gem Award for "Best All-Ages Comics" Thanks to the awesome people at IDW for such a cool comic, all that hard work paid off. Keep it up guys! Equestrian Daily Article: Some other winners include "Outcast" by Kirkman and Azaceta for best new comic book series "Attack on Titan: Before the Fall GN Vol. 1" for best Manga "FCBD 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy" for best free Comic Book Day book Check out all the winners: Looks like we have some new comics to check out, but in the meantime lets celebrate for MLP!!!
  11. Voice your favorite comics here! Or talk amongst yourself about your favorite heroes/Villians in any universe! (DC/Marvel) You can also talk about the MLP comics and different they are from the show and if, to you, are any good. Comic stuff are here!
  12. Hello and welcome to the Print Media section! In here, you will find topics, discussion, threads and polls on any official MLP print media, including the large assortment of the IDW comic series and spin-off series to various books and other literature that have been released, such as the Crystal Heart Spell Book and the Journal of the Two Sisters, or any upcoming releases that you are excited to see. Please keep in mind that this section is for officially licensed material, so any fanfictions or other fandom-created content should not be posted here and would fit best in the main Sugarcube Corner section. Please be sure do not to post entire comics or stories here as well; it is quite acceptable to share a page or two to illustrate a point you wish to make or to draw attention to something you may have found entertaining, but anything more than this will not be permitted. And finally, just like any other part of the forums, all forum rules apply so please keep this in mind when posting. So, without further ado, why not curl up with a nice book (comic or or otherwise) and have a good time? There is quite a bit to discuss and talk about, so feel free to dive right in! Favorite story arc, best issue, speculation for future releases? The only limitation is your imagination, so let it soar! Have fun and take care!
  13. SCS

    Comics & Books

    In light of the large amount of positive feedback received, there is now a new subsection of Sugarcube Corner: Comics & Books. In this forum section you can discuss any official MLP print media, including, for example, the MLP IDW comics or the Crystal Heart Spell Book. Please note that discussion of fanfiction or any other fandom material should not take place in that section. Discussions centering primarily around fandom things or anything MLP-related other than print media, merchandise, or the Friendship is Magic show itself fit best in the main Sugarcube Corner forum section. There is still some finalization that needs to be done for the section that the staff will be working on, such as moving relevant topics there from elsewhere on the forum and putting up an official guide for it. If you come across any topics elsewhere on the forum that you feel would fit better in the Comics & Books section, you are welcome to report them. That being said, it is already open and ready for use. If you experience any issues with the section, or have any questions about it, please feel free to post them here.
  14. Two of my most favorite video game franchises ever are Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. I love the games, the TV shows (Well, some of them at least) and I collect the action figures. I love a lot of video game franchises, but I honestly think you can't go wrong with these two. However, there's also the comic books based off of these two franchises. Both are made by Archie Comics and both share pretty much the same art style. I may love the games, but honestly, I don't think they even compare to what Archie Comics brings to the table every month. If you like the games better, I won't hold that against you. I LOVE the games. I just think the comics pack in a more entertaining experience. Allow me to explain. Now, I'm going to speak for just about every comic book series out there. The world of comic books opens up a whole new world for a franchise. Since comic books are mostly read by teens and young adults nowadays, the writers and creators can push the limits of a franchise and get away with things that they couldn't get away with in games or TV shows. I'm going to take the MLP comics for example. In the show, Hasbro has a limit to what they can include in the show. The reason for this is because it has a certain audience. While it adds in more mature elements for their older crowd, it still needs to be on a level that would be appropriate for young girls. However, in the comics, IDW can go beyond the show and add in more mature elements. The reason is because it isn't trying to stay with younger girls. It doesn't really have a targeted audience. Therefore, they can add in these elements without having the fear of losing a certain group of people. Same goes for Sonic and Mega Man comics. Archie can get away with having things like Mega Man and Sonic cross-overs, evil tyrannies, killing certain characters, and other elements of the sort. Why? Because it doesn't have a pinpoint audience to target. It only has to do one thing; stay with what the franchise is about. They stick to what Sonic and Mega Man are about. IDW does the same with MLP comics. Whatever series it is, if creators just stick to what the series is centered around, they can go beyond the limits and make a story comic lovers won't soon forget.
  15. Did a quick search, and to my knowledge, nopony has brought this up yet. Discussing the comics is kind of a grey area. They're canon material, so they don't belong in Sugarcube Corner, but they aren't part of the show per se, so they don't exactly go in Show Discussion either. On top of that, due to the higher pay wall, there are many users who have not read, or are not up to date with the comics, even when they keep up with the show. Now, if Equestria Girls and Alicorn Twilight can get their own sections, I figured why not do the same with the comics?
  16. Author's Note: This is in response to IDW Comics confirming to have the Twilicorn, starting with the pirate comic arc. ——— Conceptually, I was fine with Twilight being an alicorn if given more than enough time for her to develop into one. However, her becoming an alicorn in season three was and will always be a factually bad idea for the reasons I outlined a while back here. In order for the Twilicorn to genuinely work, Magical Mystery Cure had to be written very well enough at the least and fantastically at its best: While it "made sense" from Hasbro's perspective, it didn't make sense from a timing perspective. And what did Magical Mystery Cure do? While I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, it doesn't change how it's a bad episode, although nowhere close to being the worst that season. (Just for Sidekicks, Spike at Your Service, and Games Ponies Play are all easily worse.) Still, with the other bad episodes, since they were self-contained, you can always skip them over. The Twilicorn is the exception, because whatever happened in that episode will follow over to season four, meaning Magical Mystery Cure had to be written RIGHT. It wasn't. MMC was rushed and sloppy; the Twilicorn appeared tacked on. From an objective quality perspective, Twilight's transformation wasn't handled well; five minutes is MORE than enough time to deliver a solid first impression to your audience. If MMC and the Twilicorn's first impression were genuinely handled as well as it should've, then we wouldn't still discuss and debate over the Twilicorn long after its airing. With the Twilicorn following into the comics, despite my vocal criticisms (especially in the Twilicorn section in the MLP Forums, where I debated there quite a bit for a three- to four-month stretch), I'm still as indifferent about her being an alicorn now as I was back then. If she's written well, I'll support it. If it's not, I won't. It doesn't matter if the medium is in the show (where the writers have much more restrictions than the fans themselves, not just because they're working under a first party's demands, but also due to content guidelines in Canada, U.S., and throughout the West) or the IDW comics. If they show me that the writers can write the Twilicorn well, follow through, and actually develop her to the point where her being an alicorn princess is worth it, I welcome it with open arms. That said, Twilicorn can't be the mere "adorkable Twilight" we're normally accustomed to. In FIM, an alicorn princess means more than just a title. It indicates a sense of responsibilities and management in not just what they say, but do, too. Cadance, Celestia, and Luna are all heralded in current Equestrian society, and Twilight will be, too. Her being the same character "with merely wings" devolves her character and all her growth from the pilot to MMC, and I hope the comics, like the show, don't toss that aside. I'm also glad the comic writers and season four are there to hopefully experiment it. MMC gave the Twilicorn a horrendous first impression. If the series was over after MMC, then Twilight's reputation is soiled. IDW and season four give the Twilicorn a chance to work, and I hope their efforts pays off. P.S.: Despite being a vocal critic, I DON'T want her reverted back to a unicorn. It's a big mea culpa and tells me as a brony that the team doesn't wish to make it work, and that's insulting to the entire franchise.