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Found 6 results

  1. Bas

    Ponyvania Disclaimer: Game is not by me and I only found it by another forums member, but I wanted to share it. Obviously, a castlevania fangame with ponies. Plattform: Windows Started to play it, roughly 25% played through. Great stuff. Gilda was the hardest boss for me so far, just have beaten Gilda took me roughly 10-20 times, then it went easier for, maybe because I jsut got so much exp and bits. I am prob pretty horrible at this game, albeit I didn't do that bad in my "recent" Castlevania runs. For my defense though, I have to play with Keyboard. (For now) What does Special (Earth Pony) do? Says something about stonewall in info, but my pony just doesn't do anything. How do I do backwards dash (Earth Pony)? PS: Not sure if this is the right section or media discussion ( I am feeling it would get lost there, though. PPS: Not sure if it might make sense to re-structure for games & pony games, maybe also in finished/cancelled/unfinished or amking a sticky with info abotu a lot of pony games. @SolarFlare13@Rikifive@Merry Brony 2A @Catpone Cerberus@Tacodidra@Deae Rising Shine~@Kevin Tang@Widdershins@PathfinderCS
  2. Can You Friend Me On the Gameloft MLP game My Code 4d2a84 Thanks
  3. Repost from Here's our problem with all of these big-name companies making MLP games: Let's be honest, Hasbro is probably going to restrict all official MLP games to be E-rated to appeal to the youngest audience as possible. The last time they made "movies" for MLP, they dumbed it down to appeal to the biggest audience, because it's not on TV, it's in store shelves. Kids don't have free access to that MLP stuff like they do (kinda) on TV. They have to buy it and watch it. The reason this stuff is bogged down is because Hasbro is trying to appeal to the young audience that the show was originally intended for, and still makes a considerable portion of the show's audience. Having a big-name game company famous for creating fantastic M-rated games (Hasbro, Rockstar, etc.) will turn off parents because they have a reputation for M-rated games. Even if the game is E-rated, you can expect some more adult references to be in the game to appeal to everyone but little kids (the kids won't get it), and some parents will be paranoid and think the whole game will be like that. Or maybe I'm just rambling. IDK. The point is, the game is probably gonna be EG-level of dumbed-down-ness, so you're all probably not going to get the game you want. One last thing: Fan games made for MLP that is NOT strictly child-friendly will likely not be accepted by Hasbro. If you try to talk to them about licensing your game, they won't accept it if it is over an E/E-10 rating in content. A fighting game? Nope. A pony dies? Nope. Any adult content will be refused, and a good portion of your game ideas will be rejected because it's not kid-friendly.
  4. Watched this video on youtube and i liked it. It is new and shows gameplay of MLP. And there is a link in the description. Here is the youtube video
  5. Hey Guys! Who of you got the MLP game on their phone/tablet? I started it a while ago and I thought it was boring so I deleted it, but now that I have installed it again, it turns out to be so much fun! (I'm addicted... ) You schould really check it out, rhe game is totally based on the episodes, including changelings, cragadiles in the Everfree Forest, parasprites and so on... It's a great game and it works without Wi-Fi, which is also great! I wanted to share some thoughts about the game, what do you think of it? X me
  6. Good evening Everypony! Sēkr here, with the newest project/obsession that I've had an absolute joy to work on these past couple days. This is a new card game idea that features Lamiaponies, Diamond dogs, tricky magic, and plenty of crystals. I wanted to show my game thus far, and get any feedback from the community. If you have any additional questions, don't be afraid to comment below or even PM me. I'll try update the OP as the game is polished, thanks to your many wonderful comments. An Important Note is that I’ve yet to make all of the mock-ups yet, and as such this game is still largely theory, having not been properly playtested. This will change in the coming hours, as I complete my supplies. Mock Up cards built! Alpha testing and balancing in progress! Many thanks in advance to anybody that actually takes the time to read through all of this Crystal Caves Game