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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone I made this thread to showcase my art. All oc's belong to their respective creators and the art is done by me.
  2. Hey there! I'm new but I figured I'd make a thread to post my artwork since I draw a lot <3 I'll update this/post replies when I draw more! Expect to see mixed media but mainly digital, and although I mostly draw OCs, there will likely be official characters here eventually as well! --- +New!+ A little fanart of Apple Split, one of my fave ponies! He's super cute, I adore his colors <3 First up we have my most recent piece, just a sketchy little headshot of my vampire pony, Nightlore, as I experiment with styles. I'm actually liking this style but we'll see. Next we have my ponysona, Merry Anvil! She's blacksmith-themed since I'm a blacksmith. And finally, taking a step back to two years ago (ouch) we have this older piece of Nightlore. It's painful to look at but it's the only fullbody ref I have of him until I can manage a redraw!
  3. So, @Sunset Rose told me that there were some people around here in the need of cat horse. So I'm here to fulfill your cat horse needs! Here she is, the cat horse herself; Cheshire AKA Cheshers. Feel free to ask her anything, pet her even. Just be careful. She bites.
  4. Pitty Paws does a little Thomas Hewitt cosplay sans the Leatherface mask, but hey she has the chainsaw.
  5. Hi all, I'm thinking about changing the lead of an upcoming story I'm writing into more of a Bat Pony/Thestral character. It's a small change, and one that would fit the character. The problem I have is more a personal one. I guess you could say I feel bad changing a character I've worked with for almost a year in such a big way. She has her own personality in my mind and I feel it would be bad in some way, like when you trade in a beloved car for an objectively better one, but still have an attachment to that old car. This happens to me a lot, which is why I never get rid of anything and am kind of a pack rat. I know I'll be happier in the long run, as the original design wasn't planned out well and was a bit visually uninteresting if you get right down to it. and I guess I can always use her original Pegasus design in another way, like a background character or in an alternate universe scenario, ala the MLP Season 5 finale. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is neurotic in this way like I am. I'll post the story when I have enough of it to post. Cheers.
  6. Hello! this is my first post here! I hope I can make many friends here feel free to message me.
  7. some small parts of my drawings i did this month! thanks for stopping by :DD
  8. New idea for a character. He still needs a name. Felicity As well as some other OC's Klaxon (mare) As of yet unnamed Spider-Pony (mare) Pink Lemonade (mare) As you can tell, I like monstrous ponies over regular ones. Link to some of your own!
  9. This is my OC: Flowerflame, her cutie mark is a purple flower as her eyes and tail, she has White skin like Rarity but the nose and mouth is slightly pink i know that most of you don't like alicorns because they are overpowered and all that royalty thing. so im gonna tell you why i choose an alicorn specie: She was born as a pegasus like her sister and parents, work like a gardener for the ponys of Canterlot, just when she discovered her pasión for taking care of the flowers as her cutie mark says so. And like a hobby she begin to write a diary of all events of the day, or at less, draw them. but the most she write, the most she like to study many things of equestria. With all that knowledge. and the interest on things, one day she woke up and discovered a big horn on her head when she look herself on a mirror. So, after finish her duties, she began to investigate about her forefathers, until she discovered that her grandmother (an alicorn) was a princess of a fallen kindom many ages ago, until the queen Blizard Storm locked her in a ice cell to absorb her power and became as powerful as she. Now with that power, Flowerflame and her sister must defeat the evil Blizzard Storm and free the princess