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Found 3 results

  1. Should there be a lego mlp set? I personally would love it (I'm a huge fan of legos), but what you you guys think?
  2. I just went to a retail store today (exclusively in Canada) and decided to look through the aisle where they sold toys for girls. I found some MLP toys. Rarity with the wings from "Sonic Rainboom" and Fluttershy with a basket and a brush for her hair. Apparently, Hasbro wants us to fix their manes by ourselves, since in the case, their manes aren't their regular shape... however, the descriptions threw me off. There wasn't anything about Rarity being a dressmaker or whatever. It just said she loved to fly... huh? And in Fluttershy's case, there is no mention of her being good with animals. Instead it just says, "Fluttershy loves gardening", possibly implying gardening is her special talent, not tending for animals. I'll also bring up the fact that the Fluttershy doll came with a BASKET and FLOWERS instead of an animal, say, Angel Bunny. Next thing I looked at was the Celestia figure that was PINK and not white. And guess what, behind the box it came with, you can clearly see that Celestia is WHITE. My god Hasbro, what were you thinking? These weren't done very well, overall. I like the idea of fixing their manes but that's about it. Bad information really hurts their sales because the brony community is growing exponentially.
  3. *UPDATE: I just decided to throw them out, there's no WAY I'll be able to hide them from my parents for years, I'm gonna really miss them. Hey guys. I have three MLP toys I got from McDonald's, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. I've hid them in my draw away from my parents, but I feel that it's just not safe enough. Does anyone out there have any idea where I can hide them until I move out of the house when I'm older, and get my own house? My parents have not found them yet, but I have a feeling they might.