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Found 67 results

  1. RISKY BOOTS - " IF ISN'T SHANTAE HALF HERO LAME BUTT GENIE ANYWAY I GOT SOME MAGICAL PONIES I CAPTURED AND NOW THIER LIFE WILL FULLFILL MY TINKER AIRSHIP "! SHANTAE -"RISKY BOOTS LADY BAD PIRATE I WILL STOP YOUR PLANS AND SEND THOSE INNOCENT MAGICAL PONIES BACK TO THEIR WORLD" ! -RISKY BOOTS HAAAAA HOOOOO GOTTA HAUL BOOTY ? SHANTAE -"YOUR JOKE ARE ALWAYS FALLING FLAT RISKY BOOTS " CHAPTER 1 - TRY TO SAVE THE PONIES FROM RISKY BOOTS THE LADY PIRATE It was clear night outside very quiet as Shantae half hero genie is puzzled to why her arch nemesis Risky Boots the bad lady Pirate would want some magical ponies from another world to do her evil bidding. Meanwhile Risky Boots has caged up all the mane six ponies at Hypno Baron's creepy castle with disgusting eyeball blocks above terrifying spikes. As the mane six talk to each other saying who hell is this pirate bad lady anyway ? " I'm Rainbowdash who is that sexy purple haired awesomness goddess say's her name is Shantae ?
  2. Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Updated Video, celebrating the 10 year anniversary Of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and talking about the impact it has on pop culture and me. Comments are Welcomed #Brony #Bronies #Pegasister #Pegasisters #MyLittlePonyFriendshipisMagic #MyLittlePony10thAnniversary #MyLittlePony #MLPFiM #MLP10Aniversario #MLP10thAnniversary #10thAnniversary #10thAnneighversary #MLPFandom #4KUHD #4K #UHD
  4. I’ve been thinking and I would like to know everyone’s opinions and thoughts on ponylife? to me. I think it looks very very cute and all
  5. Here is Music In The Treetops from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: More information about them: Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Alice [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  6. And this Valentine's day gift set where this is from is Copyrighted 2019 Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #Sparity #Spike_And_Rarity #Hasbro #AllSparkAnimation #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic
  7. I know this has been posted several times before. But who confirmed it, what confirmed it? Im lost. First I heard that Lauren Faust said that her parents are dead. Then im told that the episode "Apple family reunion" IMPLIED it. Then im told that applejacks parents died due to timberwolves. Now im told that theyre note dead and thats what thye want me to think. What I want to know is, who said it first?
  8. (I may or may not be listening to various MLP show and movie songs on shuffle ) Of the different series out there, what is your favorite, or favorites, story line in the comics? Friends Forever: #29 Where Rarity and Maud Pie become close friends. This comic is so tearjerking that every time I read it, yes I read it multiple times, it just restores my faith that those who are quiet, still have feelings even when not outwardly expressed. In the part where Rarity accidentally picks up Mauds diary and starts reading it, Maud is open enough to share it with her. Rarity is brought to tears by what she reads about herself . Maud really likes Rarity and admires her outgoing and perseverance but also sees that she's bringing that out in Maud as well. Friendship is Magic: Oh man how do I choose! There are so many great storyline spending multiple contacts in this series that it's so difficult to choose from, so I'll probably have to just near it down to two. #35-#37 Sombras backstory and Radiant Hope: This backstory of Sombra and Radiant Hope is the sweetest purest form a friendship that I've ever seen. Radiant Hope really sees Sombra for the good pony she knows he is deep down inside. In my opinion the drawings in this comic series get a little graphic as we see in 36 when Sombra goes through how he changed from an umbrum to a unicorn and was placed into the pony world. Even though Hope finds out that they've made him with the intent of evil she knows the true Sombra is a sweetheart and will do anything to defend him. In the end they end up running off together playfully and it's the sweetest version of Sombra that we've seen. #43-45 Worst Assets Waters When the mane six go on what's to be a relaxing spa day at a wonderful flowing spring, trouble ensues when the next day we come to find the mane six's best features turn into their worst versions. Twilight Sparkle, knowing that she is a powerful and intelligent pony decides to become the ruler of Ponyville, Applejack becomes competitive and dishonest, Fluttershy becomes a recluse with her now fierce animal friends, Rarity becomes the most conceited, narcissistic, egotistical pony who thinks she rivals Twilight Sparkle and so on and so forth. It takes Princess Luna interjecting to help the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike out but when she herself is seemingly doused with the waters from the spring, everyone believes that Nightmare Moon has returned. But once in the castle Twilight Sparkle seems to call her out and realize that she really is not Nightmare Moon but has been done up with the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. But then it's the CMC's that outsmart the seemingly smartest pony in all of Ponyville with a simple bucket over the door trick. It's one of the few times that we get to see our girls in their worst light and actually see that everyone can have a darkside. So please friends! I'd love to hear about your favorite comic storyline, or two , and how they made you feel or see out favorite characters in a different light!
  9. New Year, New sketch book! I want to do some art trades. Anyone willing? I will do humans (equestria girls)and ponies! Some examples of my art: Ready when you are ^^
  10. Please help me I'm in search of a daring do cutiemark keychain can someone please direct me in the right direction or maby 3D print one for me?
  11. With Discord being ineligible to be in the MLP Movie it got me thinking about his future: Have the writers made Discord too powerful for his own future in the universe? With any foe or problem they face, he could ultimately fix it at the snap of his fingers, therefore making him ineligible for battle or fate of equestria episodes. does this mean he’ll be resigned to a background character, with no more stories about him or his powers? If so, what episode themes would you like to see him in? I’d love to see if there’s anyway he, Celestia and Luna could become real friends. OR I’d love to see him use his powers for good in a battle episode that makes sense for him being there.
  12. Please help im in need of assistance i have been apart of this fandom since 2011 but there are some issues i did not get to do everything i wanted when it was popular i miss those days and it bothers me so much inside to know our fandom will never be a trend or popular again i liked when i could goto the store and see my little pony all the time here are my regrets and they bother me so much 1. Telling My Family i was a brony sooner 2. Telling my school 3. Buying merch when it was. Popular and being more envolved sorry it just really bothers me i goto sleep everynight just thinking about how much i missed all because i let fear get the better of me just please somepony help me thanks i really need it (\
  13. Welcome back! And I see I'm not the only one who's changed. MLPForums is looking snazzy at best. I like a few of the features they added (like live notifications), but I see they've misplaced a few things (why get rid of the blog covers???). Ah well, I suppose there's nothing to change there. So what exactly did I do over my break? Nothing much, but I did get to play through the entire "Stranger than Fanfiction" event on the MLP Gameloft game. I managed to make it to 101st place, missing Dr. Cabellaron by 6 tokens. Disappointment hurts. (I couldn't even get QuibblePants because I fell asleep on the last night.) Other than that, I've been working Blender 3D like an underappreciated farming tool and trying to make something presentable of myself. I've been trying to work with the visual arts, but I eventually found myself running back into writing and starting yet another fiction. I simply love inspiration, never fails to hit you when you're the most busy. So what is this entry about? Why the clickbait title? (The hype for the movie has gotten to the point where the very mention of a "MLP Movie" draws attention) Well, for the sake of the movie, my dearest Scribe (the man who wrote the notes on the original Ponycrush experience entry) and I were lucky enough to get a hold of the original MLP Movie from 1986 and boy, what a trip. Before I start digging into the story and whatnot, let me just say: the movie isn't bad. It was gutsy for a girls' show at the time and it's still rather fun to watch. The animation is good and (with a pinch of delusional zest) can be rather humorous. So without further ado, let's jump into the original moments that created the phenomenon none of us can seem to get out of (not that we'd want to, of course). The MLP Movie, believe it or not, begins with singing. Who would've known? Personally, I think the songs in the movie weren't too much to gloat over. Some of them were easy to listen to while others made me want to crawl under my bed until the Smooze blew over (but you know, nothing can stop the Smooze [except the fluttershy]). Many of the songs were there for the sake of time while others were placed to progress the plot, whatever that means. They were all extremely forgettable and I'm not going to be buying the soundtrack anytime soon. --- The basis of the MLP Movie was about two (or three) witches who don't like ponies and they try to flood the land with their steamy ooze and turn the "little" ponies into toys for marketing. But of course, the ponies don't like that because they are secretly allergic to type-2 plastic and are afraid of being recycled. The witches try to calm the little ponies down by encasing them in some other kind of plastic that I don't know the name (they hang them upside down with their legs all oozed up), but the ponies still don't like it so they retaliate and try to involve the humans. Soon enough, "Big MAmMA" witch comes in and says to the other two witches, "Nothing can stop the DMCA". And so the humans were placed in a forest in the middle of nowhere and remained useless for the remainder of the movie. But that last remark wasn't entirely true as the humans run into a communistic utopia filled with glitter-loving butterflies (breezies?) who want nothing other than to indoctrinate the humans. The leader of the humans, some 6 year old girl design to represent the target demographic, says, "Okay; but first, you gotta help us dissolve the DMCA". Plot twist, the communistic society (run by Starglimmer Lightshimmer) was actually the world's number one law firm and was determined to help anyone in need of settling copyright violations. So with hooves in hooves, the Sohooviets marched to the three witches and gave them a lot of white powder and they were never seen again. The ponies sang a plethora of instant-hit songs such as: -"Nothing can stop the Hasbro" -"Fundle my Grundle" -"Keep Calm, Flutter On, and Quit Stalin" -"I Get Smoozed" -"The Foreign Far-East Song (They Can Do the Dirty Work)" And of course, the all-time favorite! -"My Little Pony: Payday is Here at Last" --- If you're in for some pre-hype MLP Movie [2017] fun, feel free to watch the movie (for old time's sake). It's not bad, not at all. It's good to be back (again). -RealityPublishing FiMFiction:
  14. Will scootaloo get her wings in season 7??????????? will scootaloo be able to fly is what i mean
  15. Hello who is excited for my little pony the movie my little pony eqg the tv series and my little pony frienship is magic season 7 i know i am lets hear it ponies i wanna hear you smile and get hype for 2017
  16. Hello i was just curious where did all the brony musicans go like you dont see much music i used to see alot of music from them but now a days its gotten quite quiet
  17. There are some people who complain over how "girly" MLP:FiM seems to their tastes, from fears over Twily's royal status, a colouring book, and EqG.
  18. Drew a set of picture of the rainbow power Mane 6 with alternate hairstyles Hope you guys like them! See these and more art at my deviantart: Here they are: Let me know what you guys think!
  19. i haven't watched mlp in a year because i forgot what episode i was on so i would watch it but i have no idea so should i start season 5 again or should i try to guess what episode i'm on please help me
  20. Since the CMC finally got their marks now, I was wondering...what will happen to the CMC now? Maybe disbandment or how to use them to help ponies understand or find their True Talent? Now you've mention it, a cutie mark DOES change anypony at all y'see, but the point is: The Cutie Mark Crusaders or I say "Cutie Marked Conquerors" are born to meet their destiny. According to the Episode synopsis, the CMC finally received their cutie marks and the Cutie Mark Crusaders struggle with the question of what's next; the three friends (of course) do not all agree at all on how to embrace their destinies. I swear IF their Cutie Marks start pulsing and we cut to the Cutie Map with their cutie marks rotating around a location somewhere in Equestria, we would be crying tears in joy for sure! But let's face it: No matter what decision they make, it is certain the CMC might disband or stay together as three. Much like Pokemon or Kingdom Hearts in here...I was also wondering IF Hasbro already has plans for a CMC toyline and that their decisions would be along the toyline instead of anything else, right? If I were a producer, I would create a CMC spinoff by ignoring the events of COTLM and future Season 6 episodes by adding Button Mash as a fourth member of the CMC as an slice-of-lice non-canon spinoff!! This could be the "Bloom and Gloom" 2.0, where the Cutie Mark Crusaders once again ask "What now?" I wonder which crusader (if any of the above) will be the focus? Well in case if you may realize, this is the CMC version of the two-parter S4 opener! For example; Scootaloo wants to become wandering troubleshooters, crossing Equestria in search of problems to solve (much like Cheese Sandwich does that all the time), Apple Bloom wants to open an advice shop in town and Sweetie Belle wants to get a Talk Radio segment to dole out advice a la Charlie Brown. Who knows, right? The other question is: Could the CMC be starting up a boy/girl scouts sorta club. You know, help other ponies earn their cutie marks by organizing events and encouraging them to work together to discover their unique talents. I mean think about it: Helping other ponies discover their special talents is...the CMC's special talent! Well just like like Squall/Leon did say in the first Kingdom Hearts game: "We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other." Looks like the Crusaders or Conquerors are receiving their own "Princess Twilight Sparkle/Twilight's Kingdom" kind of episode, quite fitting in order to start off with their episodes in the new status..or definitely not. And so we thought, will the CMC still be entertaining or will they be just as dull as Twicorn after her big change? However...their new story is about to be unfold.
  21. Hello, I'm new to the site! I thought I'd share some of my artwork, I'm TinyTeaDrinker from DeviantArt! You can call me Tiny, Tea, Moony or whatever you feel comfortable with! My pony oc is Moonstone which is the second image, if you like her feel free to check out her story here; I do commissions and I will not do requests, I'm still learning when it comes to art but I keep working on improvement! Feel free to show me your art too ; v ;
  22. Hey guys, I have been working on a new art style and I would really love it if you all could tell me what think like if I need to work on more shading or backgrounds haha but anyway here you go.
  23. today im hosting the ddk podcast on twitch at 1pm est today: we will be talking about the new mlp episode, the new peanuts movie and spectre, and other stuff that has been going on around us. I will be taking Q and A on twitter: make sure you tweet @_Drummershy_ with #DDKpodcast thx guys and hope to see you there.
  24. Is there one? If not have the admins considered one to be made?
  25. Well, I've had one hell of a time since I was last on here. My life sort of exploded in my face, and it was messy. I finally got my car, it's registered, and I'm saving money up to get my muffler fixed. I'm also sewing custom seat covers for it with MLP fabric. I call it my chaos mobile, because it's a mess on the outside, but it's fun on the instead. My best friend and I had a bit of a fight concerning getting my car, and we weren't talking for a few weeks, because I disliked how he had spoken about my mother. I ended up apologizing because it turned out he was right about not trusting her, and her not really understanding me. Then I had a cancer scare, had to run tests, had a minor surgery to implant some hormones into my uterus, and luckily it came back that it wasn't cancer, but they are keeping an eye on it. I'm still having some on going pain due to a couple cysts, but that should feel better in a few months. My Mother had gone to Alaska to meet her boyfriend, I was pretty upset with her because I was concerned for her safety, meeting a stranger in a state where people routinely go missing and never appearing again, with miles of wildness between towns so tiny you can drive right past them and never know they were there. I've been to Alaska before, it's beautiful, but it is dangerous. If the bears don't eat you, then you could just go missing because of some crazy person. Well, 10 days after she initially got there, she called to tell me she had gotten married, and I've been dealing with the shit storm of fights with my mother, and frankly, her editing and misconstruing my language and intentions towards her. Getting her to empathize as to why I'd be upset has caused a serious battle between us that has really torn us apart. I'm still trying to figure out where I'll be living and what's going on as I wont be moving to Alaska with them. All I can really do right now is focus on my work because I know that my interaction with my mother cannot be the same and I need money to start moving on with my life. Dealing with this has really put into light the knowledge that I simply can't trust her with information like I thought I could, and that she really doesn't see me as an ally, but instead as a jealous, immature girl out to seek revenge against her. Frankly, it's laughable, given anyone that knows me that hears that scoffs and says 'are we talking about the same person'. I realized I couldn't trust her to keep things secret when she told her husband, a man I barely know and have never met, about my cancer scare last month. He's perfectly nice, my anger is mostly at her for her telling him. So, I'm just focusing on work right now. I opened up my Patreon account, so I hope you check that out. My supporters get free art, and a first look at all my art and writing before I post anywhere else. All donators $5 and up get a free drawing every month, and $20 a month and you get put in a drawing for a mystery gift box with fun stuff like a knitted pony hat, custom figures, and other cute stuff. Theres also other stuff I have available, and will add more when I gain more followers, and I can afford more supplies. My Patreon: