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Found 15 results

  1. I have a question has anyone seen the My Little Pony Movie Trailer in theaters ive heard some have seen it during despicable me 3 i went to go watch it and no trailer its weird i hear people say they saw it during theat movie but i didnt. Then a friend told me he saw it at imax theaters does this mean the movie will be in Imax only idk im just asking have any of you seen the trailer in your theater thanks.????
  2. Do you like the besssssssssssssssssst singer of Equestria---------------Songbird Serenade? If it's yes,join us ! RULES FOR THE CLUB 1. You can post pics,but no pics that does not make sense in this club*(except signature) 2. No cruel scenes or pics, we don't want the club be disharmonious. 3.This club is used to talk about Songbird Serenade(and also the movie 2017),so please stick to this topic. 4. Don't post too many things at a time. 5. Be free to share some songs(or pics) about MLP the movie 2017. 6.Don't post anything after 11pm,if you post it, no one can see. * the pics that's not about MLP
  3. What did you think about the new movie? What did you like? What did you dislike? Share your opinions!
  4. Towards the movies end, before "Rainbow", this mare can be seen walking alone on the Canterlot sidewalks, almost unnoticed, as the damage by the Storm King is reversed by Twilight and Tempest. She appears rather sad, or even old(?) at fist, before lifting her head up when the magic takes effect, having a "Lyra Heartstrings" like appearance. Who is this mare? Let me know in the comments.
  5. [Spoiler: Villian shown] By the looks of things, this is what part of, if not the whole original intro could have looked like. However, Hasbro decided to ditch this intro for the one that made the final cut. Personally, I really dig this deleted intro. I would have liked to have seen this intro along with parts of the final intro incorporated into the movie. This intro scene gives a better explanation to non-pony fans of who the princesses are. Plus, the deleted intro introduces the villain in a cooler more eviler way. Let me know what intro you prefer in the poll. Why do you think Hasbro dropped this intro? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.
  6. Check out this awesome 3D Printed Tempest Shadow Custom and let me know what you think! She was printed on my 3D printer and the painted with nail polish
  7. Hi there. Several weeks ago someone at spotted the Captain Celaeno figure from Walmart on some Indonesian/Chinese marketplace site called Toaboa. Apparently, it was SUPPOSED to be released on Black Friday, but apparently, it didn't come out. Now my question is: Has anybody seen her at their local Walmart? I would really like to know, as I am very interested in this toy. Please let me know. P.S I have attached a picture of the box to this post. Keep me informed.
  8. So I didn’t see this particular subject approached in a thread. I saw a theory that Discord might have been cut out becuase he might have been able to end the fight before it started. But I’m truly curious, Why do YOU think Discord was left out of the plot? I mean, it’s the festival of friendship. He and Fluttershy are besties and he’s friendly enough with the girls, so he should have been there. We see him depicted in a balloon animal AND in the dancing crowd during the credits, MULTIPLE times. Also, why not have him in there for comedic relief? Have him get frozen in stone like the other girls. OR make him have a background with the Storm King so he knows how bad it’s going to get. OR do you think it was scheduling conflicts with John de Lancie, that may have made him have to be cut? Has anyone heard or read a definite answer to this question?
  9. Yes, that's what I'm calling her, because she's one of those few things I wholeheartedly disliked about this movie. What was the point of having her here? She's not even a character so much as a walking advertisement for SIA's next album, and I doubt many of her fans even care about MLP. I don't know how much she got paid for this movie, but could you imagine how much better the result would be if that money was put towards revising the script more? Like extending the run time to resolve the pacing issues, and give every new character besides Tempest a chance to develop? They could have axed SIAbird completely, and nothing of value would have been lost. For such a highlighted part in the trailers, you'd think they'd do something interesting with her so we can see what she's about besides entertaining ponies; she was just there. I didn't feel anything for her even when she was captured. And "Rainbow" is nothing beyond epic posturing. It's emotive to the point of being over-the-top in a movie where the payoff isn't strong enough. Yes, the Mane Six had just saved Equestria from an evil bad guy, but they've done this plenty of times in the past. And any time someone burst out into song after the fact, it never felt like they were shooting to win a fucking Grammy. The Equestria Girls films had more fitting songs than this.
  10. You're an unwilling soldier in the Storm King's army. Like in the movie, Canterlot is under siege, and all the ponies are being enslaved (it's in the trailer, so no, that's not a spoiler). Except here, the Mane Six are included among the hostages. Tempest will be observing all activity between the ponies and the goons under her command. You especially. Setting the ponies free will be next to impossible. You'll be coming up with a plan to allow a few of them to escape at a time, but until that happens, you'll have to make them do SOMETHING, as the rest of the goons are. Tempest expects that from you. The favors you ask of the ponies can be anything, provided they aren't hurting themselves for your benefit. Hair trimming, shoe shining, you name it. Which ponies do you give orders to, and what? Every pony in the show is at your command.
  11. Hey everypony! I didn’t see that this was already made but I’m wondering if anyone in my area, Orlando, FL, specifically near Disney, will be going to opening day of the movie? Where, when, if you’re dressing up (bounding or cosplay) and if you want to meet up! I’d love to meet up with fellow bronies and pegasisters and I’m thinking about dressing as Rarity or Celestia. Feel free to post your area to see if people will be near you to meet up as well!
  12. The film's "Want to See" percentage has been fluctuating in the 80% area, only been 312 people who chose on it; so wanted to spread this to help the percentage go up
  13. I would love to hear your opinion on the topic. Do you think they could have a line of dialogue, or perhaps a cameo?