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Found 1 result

  1. Wow, what can I say? This place has got the worst quality posts ever and nobody does anything about it. And if I do, then I fear getting warnings from mods for not contributing to the discussion, heck even if I do I still get a warning The problem with these forums is that it's too nice. Yeah I know there are a lot of people moaning about moderation being too strict and whatnot, but seriously it's too nice here. I'm not saying being nice and welcoming is bad, yeah I'm totally for it. We're good enough at welcoming new members and keeping discussions in a happy mood but what's not happening is that new members are not being criticised for posting like idiots (as they are expected to ). So what happens is the situation we've got now with people who have many hundreds of posts but still post in a horrendous manner. You may say, "oh! who cares if we post like this, its not as if it effects you in any way". Well, no, maybe not. But it does mean that I'll find it a lot harder to read and understand and it makes you look like an imbecile and 9/10 times I will ignore your comment. Not because I'm mean, but because you're too lazy to make me care about your comment. I can understand problems with grammar and spelling to an extent but capitalisation is just a matter of effort and really, there should be a strict rule against it (that's if you're posting seriously) Well, what to do about it? As a normal member, if someone does post like that, be careful in how you correct them, people are easily annoyed by this. Also if they quote back at you regarding that at all, completely ignore them, it's off topic and shouldn't be discussed on-thread. I also request that we're allowed to do this^ or as a compromise, we're allowed to do that as long as we have something else in our post which contributes to the thread. So basically I'm requesting that we're allowed to moan about the thread/post itself rather than the discussion. Of course this is only a small part of the "quality of posts" problem that's here, but nonetheless I hope this could be a small step forward. So overall, keep being nice and welcoming but please do not let people get away with constant low quality posts.