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Found 39 results

  1. There is a gaming platform that I recently discovered called BlueStacks, and it allows you to play mobile games on a PC. It is free software, so I would recommend downloading it. Here is the link -
  2. As the title says. Once an embed occurs for these things, I'm unable to delete links and mentions. This only happens on mobile. Is this a forum issue or a browser issue? I am able to delete image embeds by selecting the image and pressing backspace on the virtual keyboard, but a link somewhere is still stuck forever. Same for mentions, they can't be removed Mentions do even weirder things though. They cannot be deleted with backspace once put down, only undo. Editing them out of a post after the fact is therefore impossible. Doing two next to each other sometimes doesn't work, and they need to be separated on separate lines. Once separated, I cannot remove the line between them either I'm using Dolphin Browser for Android. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android 9
  3. @Jeric @PathfinderCS @DDR @Lavo This seems to me like something you might have to throw at IPS but I dunno. Yesterday I was wasting some time in front of my computer and uploaded a pic for some reason or another, and I had a look at the editing options when a tooltip let me know that I could "double-click/tap" the image to access them. Lovely that they incorporated that with v4. A few minutes ago I was wasting a bit of company time by uploading a picture to this thread from my phone and found that I couldn't access the editing options. Given the use of the word "tap" in the tooltip I figured that I should be able to do so. Tried uploading/editing another one to a status update as a test, but got the same results. The image becomes selected but no editing options will appear. I'm on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11.4.1 and I'm using Safari, for whatever that's worth.
  4. This is going to scare you, but that is exactly what the truth does. All information is directly from this website: Also, thanks to my college's Executive Director of Information Technology for making me aware of this issue through email. The following is the direct words of the website, all credit goes to them: (Quote begins) "Mobile surveillance apps and programs remain prevalent in the free apps we use every day. This problem mainly affects Android users, however jailbroken iPhones are victims as well. As of this writing, Android represents about 85% of all mobile smartphones sold worldwide. A much larger attack vector for bad actors. The main difference in Android and iPhone apps lies in the marketplaces. Google allows third party marketplaces while Apple iPhones use a store controlled by Apple (called a walled garden). All apps coming through the iTunes Store has to be approved by Apple. This has pros and cons depending on who you ask, but without doubt it gives Apple more control over the security in the apps. A jailbroken iPhone is where the owners perform an unapproved action to unlock the phone from Apple's control. This allows unapproved third party marketplaces and apps to be installed. Many Google users love the open architecture of the Android and its ability to use multiple sources for apps and content. This very openness is what opens those phones up to more security risks. There are a large number of cyber security people that are also interested in privacy. The short reason is that when you share data, use social media, allow location tracking, and allow access to your data you open yourself up to more security risks. You are creating a larger attack surface for someone to steal your ID, manipulate you, be the victim of a phish, or worse. So to me, privacy and security are related. Free apps often come with a large price tag. The ToS, also known as the Terms of Service, often give the app makers access to your private data and other information you may not be aware of. One example is Angry Birds. This popular app collected so much information that government agencies just hacked Rovio instead of hacking users to get information on private citizens, and why not? The plethora of data Angry Birds collected was impressive, all while you were shooting birds at green pigs. Some of these "free" apps can also come with surveillance software bundled in behind the scenes, secretly stealing even more information. After extensive research into current surveillance packages on the market. Here is what attackers can get from your Android phone: Turn on Microphone and Record Audio Track Device Location (Current and Historical) Record Screen Through Applications Like What's App Drop Calls From Blacklists Get Device Information (IMEI, Phone Number, Battery Life, Storage usage, Etc) Record Keystrokes (to steal passwords) Access Videos and Music Read and Delete Text Messages Retrieve Contacts Get Further Instructions So how is all this possible on an Android phone? You allow it. The phones prompt you when launching the app to give it access to this information. most users just click Yes or Okay. So to reiterate that point, this software is not an exploit. You are allowing it. Why do they get this data? So they can sell it. That is how the pay for the apps. You are not a customer, you are the product. They are selling you and your identity. So next time you want to grab a free app, think carefully." (Quote ends) That conclusion was very scary and bone-chilling. Alarming, isn't it? Well for me, it's goodbye to my Android tablet. It won't be missed. This reminds me of Facebook, how people get into your information and sell it online. Looks like it can happen on Android as well. At least we can trust Apple. How can we tell that what was said in the quote is 100% accurate? Look at your Android apps permissions, they say it all. Look at what your Android apps can do to your device. It's stupid when you think about it. Why the heck (I'm really pissed just thinking about it) would your games and apps need those stupid permissions for? Are you going to let Android hold your life in it's unprotective hands? What are your thoughts on this?
  5. I've been getting these redirects on mobile this past week. Whether it's been going on longer than that I can't say, I visit here periodically. It's odd but on posts it doesn't redirect, however it does so for the page containing all like the posts of a topic. It happens in Art Trades, Requests, even the Site Questions and Tech Support page before this one. And it occurs after I'd say 10-15 seconds. Should I just turn ads off for the time being? I've donated before (even though it doesn't show) but if ads could give this site a teency amount of extra income I'd rather have em on. Sorry if this has been addresed before.
  6. Would this ever be possible? Mostly an RP question, but also not. I'm very very often mobile, but I'm in RPs and also have PM going on sometimes that I check, but can't RP on mobile. I don't want people to think I'm posting in OOC or on the forum but ignoring them IC. Or in general ignoring them in threads having nothing to do with RP. Would it ever be possible for activity to show "Mobile: activity here" as opposed to just the normal way? This would easily tell people that this person is online but unable to make any major posts
  7. You know mobile phones and devices have those suggested words at the top when you type something the idea of this is to make sentence with only those words using only the suggestions it gives you after you typed the first word. Example word = Book Example answer = Book a table for me and my grandfather of ponies. First word = Ponies
  8. Hey guys, anypony downloaded Fire Emblem Heroes for their mobiles? If you like Fire Emblem you should take a peek. It's kinda like Avengers Alliance: Fire Emblem Edition :-P
  9. I've played MANY addicting games in my life. Lots of them are mobile. I have never gotten addicted to a console game though. The most addicting game I've ever played is one the PC. That game is none other than... Played it for 18 hours straight... not very healthy. XD If Minecraft were a girl I would kiss it... on the lips. So I am obviously beyond the point of addiction. More like obsessed. What do you find as the most addicting game?
  10. This year I plan to switch from Android to the iOS platform, namely via the supposed "iPhone Edition". IE because iOS is the superior platform for mobile gaming. So any recommendations please? Paid or free doesn't matter. And please keep Android vs iOS arguments out of this thread please.
  11. So, for the past few days, whenever I pull up the site on my phone, it's on the full version and reverts to mobile as usual. However, whenever I try to go back to full, it just brings me back to the top of the page. I look on the URL and there's a "#" at the end of the link. So it goes from to which doesn't do anything. Is this a coding issue or an issue with the platform overall? It's a real nuisance because before this, I could go to the full site just by pressing the button once.
  12. I'm trying to get back into Geometry Dash after having not playing it regularly for so long, and becoming a demon slayer, passing all the demons online no matter how hard they are. Who plays the game here? What levels would we like to share? What demon did we beat after thousands of attempts? Let's all gather 'round and talk about this masterpiece of a game.
  13. We got so far the Gameloft game, the Equestria Girls doll-collecting game, the repetive and pay-to-continue Harmony Quest, and the Backflip game Puzzle Party. Seems like the Puzzle Party game is the most getting-into to play for it's target audience, and it's less pay-to-continue than the others, although the lategame is challenging. What would the next MLP mobile game be like? I want it to be a game that plays like Brave Frontier or Summoners War, where you summon units and train them from 1 star to 6 stars. You would use the powers of the Elements as to give special buffs similar to the Goddesses from Crusaders Quest. I would expect some challenges like something based off Trial of Ascension from Summoners War, or Karna Masta from Brave Frontier. Fun fact: I seem to be the first one to come up with an idea for a MLP game that plays like this mobile genre. Imagine what would MLP: Brave Equestria by Alim and Hasbro be like. There are 5 types of common mobile games I know so far: Candy Crush-like: Mobile puzzle game where you ascend up stages and you see your friends' positions in the game. We got Puzzle Party so far. Clash of Clans-like: A game where you build empires and try to wage war against other empires to compete who's the best empire. Puzzles and Dragons-like: Variant of the Candy Crush-like game except you have monsters on your side and you fight enemies using pieces. This is probably what Alim saw that invented Brave Frontier. Brave Frontier-like: A RPG game where you are summoners and you summon a squad of units and go on quests. My favorite genre so far. Hearthstone-like: A TCG that revolves around cards taking out the enemy, except you are the target, and when you derive the targets' health, you win. You use various cards like attack cards, support cards, etc. What would you want the next MLP mobile game be like? No, I'm not talking about home consoles, I'm talking about the mobile genre.
  14. What do you think is the best mobile game? This means any downloadable game available on tablet or smartphone! Personally, I think Geometry Dash is truly amazing! Great value for money, great levels, great songs, and simple yet somehow infuriatingly complicated gameplay! Also, Jurassic World: The Game is a very fun app, despite the fact that you must wait an awfully long time for a lot of things. I enjoy battling others online on that game. There are so many I am also a fan of, like Plague Inc and Animal Jam: Play Wild. But overall, I spend more time on Geometry Dash. So, what's your favourite mobile game? And what do you think about the ones I listed, if you have played any of them?
  15. Put your Usernames and the Platforms or Games you play on here! PSN: DatSlyWolf Runescape: DatSlyWolf Steam: Rapid Miles
  16. I recently found A game called ingress. After playing it I started wondering how many other bronies played. So, do any of you guys play?
  17. I couldn't find anything online, so I thought maybe someone on the forums could help: Is there a way to watch the season 6 premier live on iOS? I am currently on a trip, and won't have access to my computer. I really watch to watch the premier. Any answer is appreciated. Anyways, I'm really excited
  18. So, the new game from Supercell went global a while ago and now it's already topping the grossing leaderboards. Personally gave it a shot, and I could definitely see why it's so addicting. A fusion between Hearthstone card battle and real time MOBA, certainly well done in terms of game mechanics. Monetization...Well, personally I never minded to wait, since the timer/energy system has pretty much became ubiquitous in your average mobile social game. Apparently people are complaining about it a lot though. It takes anywhere from 3 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, to a day depending on what reward you got from winning a match. Considering that a match lasts 3-4 minutes maximum and you have 4 reward slots, could definitely see why people are complaining. About pay to win, Supercell is in my opinion on the benign side of the spectrum, you can pay to progress faster and gain a temporary advantage but you eventually get paired up with more difficult opponents anyways, thanks to the matchmaking system. That being said though, Royale is kind of pushing further down the spectrum in my opinion, as I do have this feeling that the environment seem to favor whales a bit more compared to Supercell's other titles. Any of you tried it yet? Any thoughts?
  19. Motorola is a mobile tech company that's been around for a while. Their Moto line that started in 2013 rejuvenated the company. I have a 2014 Moto G and I am planning to upgrade to the upcoming Moto X Style/Pure Edition. I am a big fan of the company. I like the design and feel of their phone hardware. I like the near stock android OS experience the Moto line entails. That Motorola dimple. Anyone else here a fan of Motorola and own a Motorola-made device?
  20. The layout if mobile is fine for me but I hate not being able to do everything. I want to be able to update my status and jump to the last read reply on topics. It gets really annoying when the topic is 20 pages long. Not really descriptive but not much I can do considering all I want is the same abilities I have on my computer.
  21. I was wondering if it's possible to allow status updates on the mobile site? I hate having to switch to the full site to answer a status update because it's super slow and I sometimes mis-tap something.
  22. I don't know if this has been answered or not and quite frankly I'm annoyed with it, but why can't we use emotes and customizations on the mobile version? By customization, I mean like text color, making letters and words bold, underlining words and phrases, and such so on. My computer of course has them but whenever I go on the site on my iPad I can't do any of that or use any emotes. I'd like it better if we had them on the mobile site since I can't use my computer right now to use a image for my signiature. I'm sure others are annoyed about this as well and I'm not the only one. :/
  23. Often whenever I use the mobile site on my iPad and I want to customize or whatever with emotes or text color and such I request desktop for my iPad but whenever I use it to edit my "About Me", I can't even scroll down to edit the rest of my profile and it's making me feel like raging. And on my computer whenever I click to edit my "About Me", it only simply goes up to the top of the page and doesn't even open and just keeps going to the top of the page andI can't even edit at all on my computer. It's been like this all day for my iPad and for my computer all month. Also, the computer I use, my aunt's, is EXTEREMLY old and we never update it from how old it is. So old to the point it doesn't even support YouTube anymore because we can't update it and I feel it might be why it won't work for my About Me. As for my iPad, I don't know what to say but it's making RAGE not being able to scroll down to edit and the top bar with the options disappears whenever I somehow get it a BIT down. UGH...
  24. Just wondering whether there is ever going to be an app for MLPForums. Don't really know the hassle of getting an app onto the market but I'm just wondering if anyone had ever considered it. Me personally might not use it but I know people probably will. Just wondering that's all.
  25. Due to my current situation, I'm most often on the mobile site. That being said, I've been into issues with accessing notifications and PMs, as well as editing posts. I wanted to know if there's a bug regarding thus issue,and if so, is there an ETA on when it will be addressed, or should I look into my end...?