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Found 3 results

  1. Sometimes, the fandom itself is a faulty one, faulty enough to become its own barrel of laughs and even a show of its own, if possible. From clumsy, cringeworthy bronies to drama and overreactions over pointless things (such as Equestria Girls and how certain toys appear), such episodes can be entertaining to watch. And there are also some bronies who will immediately attempt to defend the show if anyone dares criticize, troll, or mock it, and they would even launch attacks against such people who are responsible. These very "defenders" would end up bringing in even more attackers instead in the process, and some of their fellow fans to leave the fandom (invoking more of their wasterful wrath). So, in light of all this, do you honestly think that it is alright to enjoy mocking the fandom and the show, or do you think the furious "defenders" are right, in that any form of mockery or criticism against both is downright wrong?
  2. Sometimes I like to make fun of: the Quenya Elves' obsession with stars, the Rinnarits (in my sci-fi works) and their penchant for irony and hatred of cliches, and the Imperium of Man's over-reaction to HERESY. What do you think of it: making fun of fictional cultures, of cultures that have never existed? Is it wrong, or is it just OK?
  3. I used to positively associate horses with the past or warfare. Nowadays, after MLP:FiM, I tend to make fun of horses and ponies, depicting them as disgusting or ridiculous. This is especially after I watched various GMod videos, and were influenced by those ideas. Here's an example of these influences: I sometimes imagine a fat Shetland Pony in place of the Heavy in the video. Do you make fun of horses? If so, how do you depict them as?